Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Aftermath of Blogging...

Bernard wanna knows whether I'm suffering from Blog Dependency Syndrome (BDS) or Blog-itis or Blogivitis or Blogaholic or whatever u named it. I presume it has something to do with someone who is addicted to blogging.

I will answer it in my own way.. Hahhaha, dun have to follow rules and regulations all the time. Presenting The Aftermath of Blogging. This is the blog culture and words used within the sam-pat community.

*cabut* Hide Under Table SamPat Sot sot See Ghost Dotdotdot NBTD ... No Eye See Tick tock Tick Tock hugs & muacks piak with sotong LIU LD LD ti(p)u Klang klang Lidi lidi suaku Faint Kaw Kaw jialat 你是最好的你知道吗 Kkkkkkkkkk Laff Die Me +ve and -ve chi EFND Fatt Hao Aitelyu point point finger Ocipala pom chak chak Shalalala crap giggle io ka chng raining Liucat & Ah Boy Mischu Twit Twit beh tahan PIAK Fulamak Hungwee Die Die also Must Eat Shake Leg See See Look Look 吹吹风 Yattaaaaa...Flying Peanuts Heartchu BUKU MUKA HowCome Giggle Under Table Sikui *COUGH*
ThrowYourStar Garfield (copy cat) BBBB Oh My Sky (OMS) TCSS stewpig NBTD KFC

Do all the above phrase sounds familiar? If u know what I am yakking about up there, then welcome to the community, with flying carpet red carpet. If u still catch no balls, do hang around more frequent and surely u will get what I meant ;)

p/s: I'm not tagging anyone :P

Addendum (January 2008) : OMS (Oh My Sky), Garfield(copy cat), KFC (Keep Fingers Crossed) , Stewpig, ThrowYourStar and BBBB


Will said...

the "sam pat" really stands out.. hahaha

Jemima said...

HUGS!!! :D

rinnah said...

All also I know... pass with flying colors hor? *wink*

Chen said...

Hahhaha... cos sampat is the latest in-thing. My favourite phrase I used bold large fonts ;)

Hugs :)
Hope everything goes on well :)

Great, pandainya ini Rinnah..
u are Grade A student then, pass with warna terbang woh..
Cikgu manyak suka liao :P

ehon said...


will: cos the blogger is sampat herself mar! kkkkk *cabuts*

my blogivitis not so serious yet. cos i duno half the words. kekekekekekekke!!


what is flying peanut?

may said...

so sot sot sampat lidi lidi pcc io ka chng!!

Wennnn said...

HAhahhah sampat queen!! Man sui man sui man man sui!!

Chen said...

There are others who are more sampat that me leh.. Neh, that sampat-er person... Kkkk, This sampat word starts somewhere else wan (in the past lah) :P

with your level of sampatness,
soon, u will know more and catch up liao.. Kkkkkk...

Flying peanut origins a year ago, during one of my previous meet up with my dear blogger friends. The story is available here, if u are interested :)

*ahem*, and the 8-8-8 continues ;)

wah.. sampai man sui man sui man man sui pulak? Tonight I sure insomnia kaw kaw liao.. LOL

a^ben said...


io ka chng big big green green lagiks~ *bangga* ahahahaha

Simple American said...

There is so many memories on your comment. I think I learn a few Malaysian terms because of this. Kkkkkkkk! *piak*

Chen said...

of coz must put it big big
io ka ch'ng is your trademark mah
We always associate Ah Ben with IKC

and the new trend is Pinch Ka Ch'ng
*looking for more victims :P

Hehehehe...memories are made of this. So much fun thinking and recalling of what we have gone through together so far ;)

Hehhehe.. Hope u enjoy your "lesson" here. And not forgetting your misunderstanding about Ah Beng (& Ah Lian) in the past.. LOLOLOL

Kok said...

This is interesting! hahaha! I think..ermm..I'm half having this disease. :P

AceOne118 said...

Fuyoh! so many new words I have learned today. Tenkiu

angel said...

*cough cough cough*
*beh tahan*


plink said...


Laff Die Meeee!!

Giddy Tiger said...

Hey, you forgot the CHUPPPP!! :P

nyonyapenang said...

oh, all the words extracted from your 'blogtionary' wan ar?

gua ada faham sikit...

eve said...

The first word I saw was SAMPAT...kakakkaaka...

rinnah said...

Cikgu, cikgu... you've been tagged!

Chen said...

so u r partially infected?
Hahhaha... hope u can find the remedy soon :P

u r mostly welcomed ;)
Hope u enjoyed the "lesson"

*ahem*, how can i forget about *cough*. Fast-fast edit my post & include in *cough*. Kkkkkk...

*sayangz kaw kaw*

Chen said...

hi hi, long time no see liao leh..
so happy to see u back in action :)
How's Skunkie? ;)

Kkkkkk... Don't laff too laugh woh
Dowan u to wake up Skunkie mah..
I heard he is taking his afternoon nap at the moment :P

giddy tiger,
Hehehe, I didn't include CHUP in the list cos I hardly use that word mah :P

nyonya pg,
LOLOL regarding Blogtionary. Might be I should write one soon, hoh?
Then all the sampat people will buy the dictionary for reference. Kkkkkkk...

Bagus kak nyonya faham apa yang gua merepek kat sini ;)

Chen said...

Hahhahha... sampat people will notice the sampat word immediately, huh? Kkkkkk.. Don't piak me :P

Those in bigger, bold fonts are the words i used more frequently in blogging (not in real life lah) :P

Anak murid yang disayangi, cikgu sudah buat tag itu leh.. pada awal bulan Januari tahun 2006. Kkkkk...
Cikgu memori bagus mah, boleh ingat sudah jawab itu semua soalan :P

yenjai.net said...

You are in your element :P

eastcoastlife said...

You forgot the : Hungweeee.....

So, you got the Sampat Queen award oledi? It must be you lah!!!

Chen said...

wake up wake up..
I am who I am ;)

Err... hungwee is up there liao mah (if u see carefully) - located at the 8th row, green coloured italic font, next to fulamak

Didn't keep tract of the award liao coz lazy :P

mistipurple said...

faint kaw kaw... i state my case. :P

Chen said...

Kkkkkk... wake up, wake up..
u back to Spore oledi, or still in KL? ;)

Bernard said...

So sampat! Haha. Clever.

Chen said...

i learn the sampat-ness from my sampat sifu :D

_butt said...

the ocipala got me laughing Kkkkkkkk... can definitely relate to some of the phrase hehe

Chen said...

kakkaka... The OCIPALA is indeed outstanding, huh? The biggest font and located in the center of the post. I didn't realise it earlier on till I published the post. I didn't purposely made it that way :D

Besides OCIPALA, there's PILIPALA too.. but I didnt include it inside :P

mudpie said...

hahahahahahahha... GOOD ONE!!! Must make this into the HOKWAIFARN motto!

LB said...

oops, forgot I am still guesting on mudpie's computer!!!

L B said...

LOL!!! Really EFND™!!!!

mistipurple said...

*wish i am in kl*
laff kaw kaw still reading back!

Chev said...

Kkkkkk... LB the Mudpie :P
hahahha, looking at the date of the comment, How Come i missed out these comments in the past? HOW COME? :P

very EFND.
But now i'm hungwee again..
And i want to eat Lok Lok !!!! :(

Kkkkk... nowadays can fly with Air Asia to KL liao. Wanna wanna? ;)
I wanna go KL too ;)

L B said...

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk™... really EFND™!! Throw Throw!

Chev said...

Throwing Peanut...
Throwing Star...

And i just realised...
I didn't include in BBBB earlier on!! How Can?
That's Ah Boy's favourite phrase leh