Saturday, June 16, 2007


Whenever I use the abbreviation KFC when commenting or chatting @ YM or MSN, I will get the following response from those Blur Sotong who catches no ball - What's that KFC? Why KFC out of all sudden? Some cheeky one might reply me with McD pulak. Mmmmm....

I am NOT referring to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken is not my cuppa tea. Never...
Nope, not LB' favourite finger licking good ayam goreng KFC.

What I meant by KFC is none other than... Keep Fingers Crossed.


day-dreamer said...


Really KFC that Chen won't zha us like that again.


Wennnn said...

Wahhhh KFC hungry kenot look soo much.. okie okie hv to go downstairs and get KFC

Jemima said...

Last time I had KFC was in July last year. :p

L B said...

Last time I had KFC was in July last year too! Ok, also in August!

L B said...

And the next time I will have KFC will be in July this year!! And August too!!

ah nel said...

i tot is Kambing Find Cocka.... ;)

angel said...

I shall KTC or KHC or... suddenly I thot of KKC pulak ... kkkkk!!! FKK!!

Chicky chicky wo ai niiii!

mistipurple said...

LOL at Angel! kkc pulak!!! kkk.

nyonyapenang said...

okie...okie faham liao....this wan lokter language...KFC

ehon said...

u coined that abbreviation one har? everyone know KFC for KFC, where got fingers crossed. :P

_butt said...


like that also can?

why don't like kfc? kfc nice wutt :)

_butt said...

looking at the pic, now I crave KFC for breakfast!! lolol

Doreen said...

Eh, can't blame others who are new to this term ler. I would have thought about the KFC chicken too. Hehehehe. See, I learn new abbreviation today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining KFC. My late ex-husband was a store manager at KFC, and you don't want to know what happens inside one of those stores. Eek! Of course, this was 30+ years ago; I hope they have cleaned up their act since then.

may said...

what? you mean I've been getting it wrong all this time? it's not Kali Finger Chup?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I were got zha u woh :P
I think i never mentioned about KFC with u in the past yet.

Let's KFC that we can go McD :P
(I prefer McD mah)

Wah.. u have KFC downstairs?

I couldn't remember when was the last time I had KFC. I prefer McD and Burger King than KFC outlet, especially the french fries. Well, I'm not an avid fan of fried chicken :P

Chen said...

LOL. Can start tick tock tick tock tick tock again. Countdown.. Wah, less than 2 weeks time liao :D

Will u have your first serving of KFC inside KLIA?

ah nel,
Tat one is for u leh

Apa tu KTC and KHC?
My turn to catch no ball liao
*scratch head*

*really faint kaw kaw*

Chen said...

your char bo kia very keng huh?
My mind lingering now...
I'm still thinking what is KTC and KHC.
Issit Keep Thumb Crossed and Keep Hands Crossed??
Looks like it

Hehehhe, let's KFC we can sapu lotsa yummy food tomorrow night.
Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Kkakakka.. I'm thinking if we substitute the word chicken with other animals which started with the letter C, we can come up with Kentucky Fried...

Crocodile, Crawdads, Cat, Chihuahua , Chimpanzee and might be Cock too? So many varieties besides Chicken. LOL

ah nel said...

y i wana find him?no used wan find him as teach me bad onli.... ;)

Chen said...

Me no like KFC
Kkkkk.. I don't fancy KFC lah
So oily

I prefer Kenny Roger's ayam & Peri-peri ayam. Anyway, now is Bird Flu season woh, better dun eat so much ayam. Kkkkkkk..

Wah.. KFC outlets dun open so early wan, right? I dunno what is there operating hours. I only know McD has Mc Breakfast. LOL (Cos i was forced to take that several times liao during my transit time in LCCT)

LOL, u all are brain washed with Kentucky Fried Chicken already. But never mind, from today onwards, you all know KFC also stands for "KEEP FINGERS CROSSED".

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by :)
I have heard stories that employees in fastfood chains or outlets normally won't touch the products cos they know the "inside stories" and see the "unseen" scenes how the things are prepared and cooked. Mmmmmm...

Yeah, KFC that things are better now :D

I ter-read u mentioning about Kali Finger Chop pulak. Kkkkkk..
What to chop next?
Not the rubber stamp chop chop :P

ah nel,
cos u like to meet up with batang mah, as u always mentioned :P

ah nel said...

definately not tat hamsap batang! :D

a^ben said...

cravings for the salty fried chicken!!!!!!!!

zewt said...

ahh... now, that's something new.

rinnah said...

I thot your post is all about KFC... make me think about KFC only... Cheh...

Chen said...

ah nel,
haha, u both gaduh liao ah?

Dun eat so much salty stuff leh
bad for health :P

We learn new things everyday :)

My post is more on Keep Fingers Crossed, not about Kentucky Fried Chicken. LOL.. Don't kena tipu by the picture :P

papercrazy said...

Burger King

Chen said...

u forget to include in "Swiss Mushroom" :P

Anonymous said...

I've never had the opportunity to try KFC eventhough I would like to. There simply are no KFC's in Belgium.

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by. KFC is very popular here in Malaysia. We have original & hot & spicy fried chicken. Too bad KFC is not available in Belgium.

Simple American said...

I cross my fingers when I eat chicken. Honestly! *runs away*

Chen said...

cross your fingers on behalf of the chicken? LOL