Sunday, June 17, 2007

端午节 (Duan Wu Jie) 2007

It's the time of the year again. Bak Chang Festival or Duan Wu Jie (端午节) or Dragon Boat Festival. Since the festival is just around the corner, one can see 粽子/rice dumplings "everywhere". Okie okie, I exaggerated :P

I just finish watching 《阿贤人情味》端午节特备节目(Taste with Jason) on Astro AEC. Wow, nowadays they even have rice dumplings with whole abalone (of course pricey lah RM 198 per gigantic 1 kg 巨无霸粽子 with 15 types of different fillings including whole abalone & shark fins).

Miss the home made bak chang or ham yuk chung & the kee chang or kan sui (alkaline) chung. Yeap, I used to help my mum preparing the ingredients, wrapping up & tied the bak chang prior to cooking in the past. Miss those days. Yeah, some blur Sotong might not know when is the actual day for this festival - which falls on the 5th day of the 5th month in lunar calendar = 19.6.2007 (Tuesday).

With so many different varieties of 粽子 or rice dumplings available, which one is your favourite? Curi Angel's phrase : ♪ ♫ 粽子, 粽子, 我爱你 (zhong zhi, zhong zhi wo ai ni...) ♪ ♫


Will said...

wah so fast talk about bak zhang... i just makaned 2 today :P

angel said...


bak chang bak chang wo ai niiii!

I still prefer the usual bak chang, with mushroom and a bit of ham tan ;)

Bak chang and LORMAIKAI (purposely spell in caps to attract someone kkkk) quite the same, hor?

ah nel said...

i lyk bak chang!!!

*i don lyk got egg wan*

a^ben said...

i like also~ this year dunno i will make or not` if i make i take picture and show :D

mistipurple said...

i like also. but i think now i cannot eat too much because of indigestion. :(
last time my friend gave me some from hotel. small small but so so delicious. i think hard to hunt down which ones. so it is also by luck when buying. i should think homemade ones must be very good. i seldom got chance eat homemade ones. wish i stay nearer you all. but chenliu also stay far away from the rest of the gang. :(

zeroimpact said...

I also watched that just now
But then again I would not really pay 200 bucks for a chang
I think I have to wrap my own now

L B said...

Me too, I stay too far away! CANNOT <- caps! HOW CAN? (more caps) No LORMAIKAI <-see? here!! No Bak Chang either! No, no, they are so different! It's like saying Donald Duck is the same as Roast Duck rice! Kaka! Happy BCF you all! (no fair)..

mistipurple said...

hahaha LB is delirious over bak chang and lormaikai loh. faitit (tit?) make him fly back to malaysia can eat all he want lor!

Chen said...

where got fast?
in less than 24 hours it's bak zhang festival already. See? u also sapu 2 liao today :P

kkkkk... normally u sing song towards the end of comment. Today u sing song first geh? Kkkkk..

I lup bak chang with ham tan too (but ah nel weird wan, he prefers without telur wan).

Yeah, Bak Chang & LOrmaikai are just like twin - those unidentical twins. Neh, one got pakai baju daun, another one pulak nekid.

What a description, huh? :P

ah nel,
with egg wan more sedap woh

Chen said...

Wah, u so hard working ah? Home made bak chang. I haven't wrap bak chang for almost one and half decade liao :P

Bak chang (and lormaikai too) is bad for those with indigestion. Those small small chang always reminds me of kee chang, cos they are smaller in size :P

Yeah loh, I stay north, u stay south whilst the others stay in between. Kkkkkk..

I have eaten the chung at the first shop in Cintra Street recommended in the show. They even have bak chang with double egg yolk when I last visited the shop. Yum yum..

mistipurple said...

hahahaha lormaikai is nekkid bak chang!!!! wonders what Cocka and Lb will say to that! opps, i'm supposed to be sleeping! *runs to bed*

Chen said...

Kkkk.. think about it. I'm at north, Misti is at south. U r at west and May is at east. Wah.. we sort of "conquer" the whole world. LOL
*Wishful Thought*

LOL at the illustration using Donald Duck & Roasted Duck Rice. To me (as I told Angel in the comment above), Bak Chang & LOrmaikai are just like twin - those unidentical twins. Neh, Bak Chang wear baju (leaves), whilst Lormakai pulak is nekid. Same as Donald Duck & Roasted Duck Rice. Donald Duck wear clothes and Roasted Duck is nekid :P

BCF? LOL again.. cos to me BCF means Brachio-Cephalic Fistulae :P

Tick Tock Tick Tock..
He will be flying soon liao.
in 2 weeks time woh..
Tick Tock Tick Tock..

I crap again mah.. Kkkkk..

Today u so good gal geh?
Sleep so early?
Normally at this hour, u were still working woh :P

kyh said...

i lup bak zhang so muchie!!! nvr like kee zhang though.

luckily there are those cereal zhangs for vegetarians which taste equally goo! yummy! i am so hungree now!!!

may said...

is it really? time to go for a bakchang hunt in Chinatown this weekend, then!

ah nel said...

ewwww....yucks.... :P

Selba said...

Now I understand why yesterday my mom bought bacang.... had the cantonese one... so yummy..... said...

I went to Jusco and saw the abalone Bak zhang : Rm32
Vomit blood

lynnx01 said...

I saw the expensive huge abalone zhang... a bit too much lah that one! Normal middle class people where can afford..

papercrazy said...

I love bak chang 365 days a year and 366 days for leap year

I like especially the traditional salty bak chang with just pork and mushroom in soy sauce....the sarikei or sibu bak chang....yummy

Now i miss my late grandma gigantic pillow type bak chang....sob sob sob

_butt said...

I also prefer the usual bak zhang, not the gan shui one, the plain one where you have to dip in kaya or something hehe

Chen said...

u like bak chang?
or u mean the vegetarian version of bak chang?
I tried that few weeks back in one of the vegetarian shop.
Quite tasty :)
Can’t remember the price though..

yeah yeah..
Stock up bak chang
I presume the bak chang is pricey is Oz
Might be I can set up a stall there selling bak chang
Can generate good income, right?

ah nel,
So nice, yummy :D

Chen said...

Hahha.. now u know :P
Another version of Cantonese chang is the one with mun beans.
Dunno what is that called in English.

RM 32 for one abalone chang?
I better eat something else with that amount of $$$ :P

Hehehe, those expensive chang are not for middle class people
I myself never eat abalone too..
So cham huh?

Chen said...

Walao, avid bak chang fan here.
Not jelak meh, eat so many chang?

I remember those days during the bak chang festival. (heheh, we used hay bee or dried prawn as fillings besides the pork & mushroom). Since we cooked lotsa homemade chang, I had several chang a day till I felt muak kaw kaw..

Wow, I haven’t had that gigantic pillow chang for ages.
When was the last time I had it?
I think during my secondary school times…

gan sui one not so oily, and u won’t feel jelak..
can dip with sugar too :P

The normal one cannot consume in large amount.
I take one I feel full oledi
If take two, sure jelak liao..

Doreen said...

I luv 粽子 especially those with pork, sambal and chestnut. aiyo, so yum can die! You made those 粽子?

rinnah said...

So fast it's time for bak chang festival liao... I must go and find some chang to eat. Kekekekeke!

Winn said...

i havent makan bak chang this yr yet wor!! yerr! faster dhl one over!

Chen said...

I miss those homemade粽子 with lotsa big crunchy hay bee (dried prawn).

Nope, I bought those from the market. Stopped helping out in making bak chang since I enter uni more than a decade ago.

Yeah loh, time really flies.
Soon it will be mooncake festival liao :D

Faster go makan liao.
Time is running,
Tick tock tick tock....

Btw, Ah Boy told me Liucas makan bak chang liao and yet u haven’t eat? Kkkkk.. notti Liucas :P
Must be he curi makan his mummy’s bak chang liao :P

King's wife said...

I love the original, with the salted egg.
But then again, I also like the nyonya one with the dried shrimp.
Come to think of it, I also like the kan sui one, eat with sugar. :)

kyh said...

i oredy like bak zhangs (without yolks one cos i dunlike preserved yolks) when i was not a vegan yet la. and now being a vegetarian, i lup those vegan zhangs oso. so tasty when dip in chilli sauce! YUM!

Lrong said...

Looks so good leh... talking of missing the food at home...

cutiepie said...

happy bak chang festival!!!

day-dreamer said...

I'm really interested in the abalone+shark fin chang... did you buy and try? Hahaha!

Anyway, 端午节快乐!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Bak Changs Day!!!

Never thought of buying the abalone, scallops or sharks fin filling bak changs. That is not so bak chang already! I prefer the normal filling types.

Let's freeze some bak changs for lb!

Pinky_piglet said...

eat quite a lot bak chang, so kong bu....wo bu yao kang dao bak chang again....

Pink Cotton said...

yayyy happy duan wu jie!!!

yeah u made me rembmer how it is called in chinese...bcos of that i din blog abt it lor..cos dono wat it is called..ROF

Kenny Ng said...

I missed it again for 5 years! Arrgghhhh... I missed bak chang very much!

Chen said...

king's wife,
So in summary, u lup all the chang.
Hehhehe.. Hokkien Chang, Cantonese Chang, Nyonya Chang, hampalang sapu :P

seems like quite a number of people dun like bak chang with yolks. I normally dun dip my chang in chilli sauce. Prefer to eat it plain :)

I think the things that most people missed when they were away are the FOOD.

Chen said...

Happy Bak Chang Festival :)
Did u eat lotsa lotsa bak chang?
Though the festival will be over in less than an hour time, but we can still savour the delicacies all year long :)

day dreamer,
Wah.. no lah. I never even eat abalone. If i wanna try out abalone, i better eat the whole abalone dish and not the one mixed with chang :P

Happy Chang Chang festival :)

Happy Bak Chang Festival. I heard u were in KL last Friday. Enjoy, huh? :D

Nowadays, there are all sort of bak chang in the market. Reminds me of mooncake with several different types of fillings. Might be soon, we will have strawberry or cheese flavoured chang. LOL

LB prefers Lormaikai than Bak Chang . LMK is his all time favourite. Die-die also must eat :P

Chen said...

pinky piglet,
wah, u made lotsa people jealous liao. Especially those staying overseas wan. Kkekkee...

pink cotton,
The name Duan Wu Jie also u can forget geh? Never mind, as long as u remember it's Bak Chang Festival can liao :P

5 years?
o.O Kenny oh Kenny. You are in Malaysia woh. How come u missed it for 5 years?????????
*catch no ball*