Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nyonya Nyonya Nyonya

I met up with my beloved Nyonya again on Monday night. This was the 6th time I met up with her and the followings were the cheong hei & cheong si-fatt "records" during our previous meet up. Take note of the duration of time we spent together. Kkkkk...

1) King Crabs Restaurant, followed by KTZ dessert shop (from 8 pm till 1 am) = 5 hours
2) Deustche Gashauss followed by karaoke and sha-lalala at RedBox karaoke (from 7:30 pm till 3:30 am) = 8 hours
3) One Noodle followed by Thong Kee Restaurant (from 1 pm till 9:30 pm) = This one break records. 7 hours inside One Noodle followed by another 1:30 hours, in total 8.5 hours
4) New Lane (from 7 pm till 10 pm) = 3 hours
5) New World Park ( from 7 pm till 9:30 pm) = 2.5 hours
6) New Lane ( from 7 pm till 10 pm) = 3 hours (18th June 2007)

No one will feel bored when nyonya is around. We can talk and yak till the cows come back home. Moooooooooooooooo...

And these were the food and drinks both of us had that night (2 orang aje makan semua ni)...
1) Chee Cheung Chuk
2) Oh Chean (Oyster Omelette)
3) Chee Cheung Fun
4) Penang Fruit Rojak
5) Curry Mee
6) Apom Manis (5 pieces) - Nyonya's all time favourite
7) Muar Chee
8) Almond Tong Sui
9) Ais Kacang
10) Carrot Milk
11) Starfruit juice

Keng Mou? No photos of hawker food cos I malas ambil gambar :P

Thanks nyonya for the gigantic 巨无霸 Bak Chang. Don't play-play woh. I purposely place a 10 cent coin next to it as comparison of size. I weighed the bak chang cos curious mah. Wow.. a freaking 1.25 kg !! Nyonya carried 5 gigantic Bak Chang back home to Penang (I saw 5 gigantic chang from her post. Mmmm, the total weight of all the gigantic bak chang should be heavier than her luggage. Kkkk

What shape is this ah? This is the first time I savour such a huge bak chang. *Grin*

So far I have only eaten 1/3 of the chang. To be continued tomorrow :P
Nyonya, nyonya, wo ai ni...


angel said...

Big Lormaikai!

My bed, my bed, wo ai nii! nitenite!

angel said...

Oh forgot to add... actually she's the only wan to talk la... we only listen kkkkk... *cabut to zzz*

L B said...

Is that an entire sausage inside that Big Bak Chang?!!!

a^ben said...

wah` not bad` can qualify for FFC too` hahahahahahha!!! :P

mistipurple said...

i haven't had any bak chang yet :(
all the bak chang blogs are not helping. never mind lah, i can lick the screen. *adds salt to screen*

ah nel said...

khaimah!!!khaicai wan those bak chang!!!

btw u eat so much u can fight with ah ben liao...muahahahaha...*add 46200 calories*

kyh said...

i tot nyonya is a guy tim! LOL!

walao the bak zhang so huge!!! i m so hungree now! :(

may said...

I think I give up on looking for bak chang. there's always next year, heheh!

Winn said...

heeeee! wo ai my bed tooooo!
wah 2 of u can eat!!!!!!!
looks nice la the bak chang. inside got 4D or not

Simple American said...

Today I am missing glutinous rice so much. I see it every blog, but I cannot eat it any more. *snif snif*

And you get to meet a blogger for the 6th time. I still have not met my first. haha

giddy tiger said...

Such a gigantic bak chang! No need to eat for the whole day liao! :P
I was at New World too... wonder if we were there at the same time!

yenjai.net said...

Wah. One of that can be your lunch + dinner + supper

Bibik Nyonya said...

I think all the nyonya in the world is memang loud one. This nyonya also equally as loud...ha ha h aa!!!

Chen said...

not only big, but gigantic
Kkkkk.. I can eat it as dinner for tonight and tomorrow night :P

U zzz so early geh yesterday night?
Didn’t do your usual "shopping" rounds ah?
I mean blog hopping lah :P

Nyonya is great, isn’t she?
We all lup nyonya :D

I only dissect 1/3 of the gigantic bak chang.
Kkkkk.. Will dissect another 1/3 tonight
Yum yum..

Ah Boy begging and looking at me with his patethic big round eyes with his polite "please" gesture by lifting up one paw yesterday night when I makan the chang :P

u r searching for members to join TFFC ah?

Chen said...

apa pasal add salt pulak?
U lick bak chang screenshot with additional salt wan ah?

ah nel,
tat night when we makan at New Lane, there’s one lady selling bak chang who approach us on & off asking wanna buy bak chang or not. Nyonya suggested I should put up the gigantic bak chang on the table to show them we already have more than sufficient supply liao. Kkkkkk..

u from which "school" one?
How come nyonya can become guy?
Nyonya means female mah..
*faint again*

The bak chang has beans inside too.
Scoop the portion with beans for u to savour :D

Chen said...

Hehehe, dun have to wait till next year lah. Bak chang is available all year round mah..
Err.. u r now in Oz huh, not Malaysia :(

I lup my bed too
Ah Boy lup his bed too
We all heart our beds

Tonight must dig hard to see whether got 4D or not inside liao.
I only hantam 1/3 of the chang :P

The taste is similar to as lormaikai but not exactly the same
If u visit Malaysia, u can sapu more chang, since it’s available all year round.

Must "add oil" liao.
Kkkk, wonder who will be the first one u meet up with :P

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
Thanks for dropping by :)
Haha, but too bad cannot eat chang continuously. Else will feel jelak.
Have to eat it portion by portion.
Can last up to Thursday. Hehhe

We were in New World Park during our previous meet. This time we went to New Lane :)

Hahahha, cannot it continuously for one day lah. Else I will phobia of bak chang for the next few weeks

I will only eat it during dinner time. Likely the gigantic bak chang can last till Thursday :D

bibik nyonya,
Have you meet up with Nyonya Penang in the past?
If not, u should..
That would be fun
I wanna join u all too :D

Bernard said...

Uahhh.. how do two young ladies wallop so much food in one day?

Ish ish ish...

Chen, I tag you liao! You're infected.

rinnah said...

Such a big chang! 0.0

*makes big round pleading eyes and raise one (paw)hand gesture like ahboy*

And I still notchet eat chang for this year... and last year... and the year before last... *sad*

eve said...

Uih..besarnyer...Not a gila fan of bak chang..and I esp like the ones made by my mom oni..sigh...* I wanna go home*

ehon said...

duno if my previous comment got through.

ehon said...

oh no, it didnt!!!
:( but anyway, O_O at the bak chang.

day-dreamer said...

You two memang geng! Hahaha~

That bak chang really very big!! I think eat one can feel full for the whole day liao. :D

Give some to Ah Boy leh... ;)

Doreen said...

Wah seh, you two gals really can eat a lot eh. I want that bak jang!

*Doreen touch touch the bak jang*

ah nel said...

tat mean khaimah come back from penang sure got 1 for me liao lar?


Chen said...

hehhehe.. I'm amazed too, coz not one day but within 3 hours :P

kena tagged?
Wah... so many tags being piled up liao, hopefully haven't reach the ceiling level yet :P
Kkkkk, I will do it, but not so soon loh :D

I O.O too when Nyonya passed me the chang. Kkkk.. Surprised mah seeing such a gigantic chang :D

Wah, u haven't eat chang for 3 years liao? How come geh? So weird liao :P

what chang your mum usually made?
I missed those chang my mum made in the past too, those with dried prawns filling. She stopped making chang for several years oledi :)

Chen said...

Wah !!! Blogspot can makan comment too ah? True also huh, I remembered my comment kena makan few times too in the past. Grrrrrrrrrrrr...

u want some? I still have 2/3 inside the fridge. Will steam a portion later tonight.

*Chang Feast* :D

day dreamer,
One of Nyonya's trick is dun order drink first so that can have more empty space inside the tummy. Kkkkkk... Clever huh? :)

Hard to finish one whole chang by yourself in a day leh.. Sure jelak kaw kaw wan. Must share with others or eat it in small portion, for few days. Then oni syiok mah

I sked Ah Boy might have indigestion leh. This is glutinous rice mah. That's why I didn't give him.

Chen said...

We only eat lidat once in a blue moon. Hehehhe, if eat lidat frequently, very jialat wan. I'm not a big eater by the way. Normally I eat in small portion :P

touch-touch only ah?
dowan to eat meh?
kekkekkeeke :P

ah nel,
I think she habis distribute to all her relatives liao. Bak Chang festival over oledi mah.

Wait... u dun eat rice wan, right?
Might be can get a potato chang for u. Use potato instead of glutinous rice. :P

Monk[+]Icon said...

wah... those Bak Chang is SO HUGE! omg~ i miss home... :(

ah nel said...

i no eat rice but i eat a lil bit of bak mar since in bak chang all more to rice chang coz lil bit of meat nia... :P

ya lor...end liao but i stil haven eat...

mistipurple said...

sayangz chenliu. heard you not feeling up to mark. *puts ginseng soup, chicken soup, watermelon juice, papaya juice, starfruit juice on table*
choose only one or two hor. not all at once wait lau sai.

Leonard said...

OMG...this is sure HUGE!

is this from HK, 4 of my auntie colleagues was sharing one huge bak chang, although i didnt check how it look like.

it say it has pigeon meat in there~

sengkor said...

not tht big la tht bachang.. i got confidence can hantam the whole thing.. can i try..?

_butt said...

wowie!! bak chang fever!! and you counted how long have been your encounter with kak nyonya... how thoughtful :D

2 people makan so many greaaat penang fooods!!! jeles!

zeroimpact said...

I kind of miss nyonya
Love her stories and talks

Chen said...

Should be pricey too, judging from the size :)

ah nel,
so confusing geh?
Mever mind. Bak chang is available all year long. U can savour it anytime u want :P

Yeah loh, i'm not feeling well.
Thanks for the nutritious soup and fruit juice. Okie, I won't mix up all the drinks. I will drink one by one :P

pigeon meat? Wow....
Might be soon in the near future, we will have deer meat, ostrich meat, rabbit meat etc bak chang. Hehehe...

Chen said...

I see-see look-look from different angle, i still think your mouth is not that big leh.. how u gonna hantam the whole thing? :P

i really have fever liao :(
But not due to bak chang lah.
Very easy to recall lah, cos dun have to list out the dates. Just the location only mah. Kkkkk

Bila u nak mari Penang?
Still waiting :D

Nyonya is great, isn't she? ;)

giddy tiger said...

New Lane is also one of my favorite haunts, or used to be la...can hardly find parking there!

lynnx01 said...

I love oyster omelette too! But then, they are usually expensive without many osters.. eggs nia.. tipu orang.

ah nel said...

my front name is confucius so mayb u wont understand wat i tok much...u skool too high liao so low skool lyk me wan hard for u to understand... :P

Pink Cotton said...

wah u cut and eat it like cake aH??
kekeke wheres the candle? 'x'

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
There's ample parking spaces near the temple (opposite the Sunway Hotel) but have to pay more - RM2 per entry. I always park there, safe the trouble of looking for parking lots at the roadside :)

Hehehe, the oyster omelette in Penang has generous servings of fat & juicy oyster :)

ah nel,
Mmmm.. never mind then. Dowan to get more confused :P

pink cotton,
if not, how to eat the chang woh?
so huge woh. I dowan to bite on the chang before cutting it.

Candles pulak? nobody's birthday woh. Oh, ya huh.. Your bf's birthday. Kkkkk..

slurp! said...

eeeeeeeeeeek monster bak chang!!!

i read a company in china (yes again china, very happening hor) was caught "recycling" last year bak chang & repackaged them for sale this year *fainted!*

big or small neber mind, lucky we don't have "recycled" ones in our region kekekeke ...

Chen said...

I remember the incident about China recycling & repackage the last year mooncake in the past
Now they do the same thing for bak chang?
Wah.. bak chang can keep for so long wan meh?
Won’t fak mou?
Must be full with preservative agents..

The consumption rate for bak chang is very high in our region