Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yummy Sweet Potatoes

So many tags piling up (luckily haven't reach the ceiling yet), I better clear some before things went out of control. I will oblige to the Fansi, Fansi, Who Art U? aka sweet potato tag by LB. Since this is an easier one, compared to other tags :P

I feel like listing everyone here but too many liao. Let's see how many sweet potatoes I have. (Bought those cooked orange, yellow and purple sweet potatoes from Cameron Highlands during my previous visit in 2006). 7 sweet potatoes visible in the picture, so I will pick up 7 sweet potatoes (note : to be eaten later). namely sweet potato Ah May, sweet potato Ah LB, sweet potato Ah Angel, sweet potato Ah Daydreamer, sweet potato Ah Misti, sweet potato Ah Butt and sweet potato Ah Ehon.

#1 sweet potato Ah May

# 2 sweet potato Ah LB

# 3 sweet potato Ah Angel

#4 sweet potato Ah Day Dreamer

#5 sweet potato Ah Misti

#6 sweet potato Ah Butt

#7 sweet potato Ah Ehon

Who am I tagging? Those sweet potatoes who were listed up there but haven't been tagged yet, consider yourself tagged. And to those who have been tagged but not yet do the tag, consider yourself being tagged again.Those who have answered the tag, u can join me eating the remaining sweet potatoes. The Tag is simple. List your Fan Shue Fan-see. Fantasize about them if you must. Paint a picture. Kkkkkk... jom, mari makan sweet potatoes. Yum yum.


angel said...

kkkkk! i'm so schweeeetttt!! kkkkk...

fanshue fanshue wo ai niiii!!!
cheni cheni wo ye ai niiii!!

ps: U know why I so schweet bo? kekeke...

mistipurple said...

want to know why Angel so schweet! lol. cos she is sweet potato!!!
i oso i oso. want a purple bite?
i haven't done so many tags oso. cham ah. slowly forgetting them oredy. never noted them mah. :P

i lup my purple fanshue!

a^ben said...

aiyo I also have this one haven do..

Winn said...

hehehe!!! i stil dont understand this tag la

L B said...

Hahaha, why my fan shee kena potong wan?!! What happened to the other bit? Who bit me? Am I a lesser fan shee because of that? Should I lodge a complaint to the Fan Shee Dept? Can I have a bite too?

Thanks for humoring us, darling Doctor!

Will said...

har? so many fan shue

Will said...

why day dreamer's fan shue more purple than mistipurple's? hahaha

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... I'm your fansi leh

day-dreamer said...

Oh no... Chen is going to eat us!! *cry*


ehon said...

why i hidden one? must be im too shy.. kekekeke. lb's head kenak chopped off! wahahahahaha. :P

may said...

wahahahaha!! I'm an orange sweet potato, just like my site! so the matching!! now can I get some tongsui to go with that?

mistipurple said...

*put fresh batch of fruit juice for doctor to drink*
take care. hope fever's gone down. :(

rinnah said...

Hahaha... I'm really falling behind in my tags liao... haven't done this yet.

Eh, why DD is more purple than misti and ehon is so small can hardly see one?

papercrazy said...

ermmm....u said the potatoes u bought from Cameron in 2006? and only now u rebus???

Hope u dun break a tooth from eating it later...hahahahah

ah pui said...


angel potato should change with lb...

the out look cant look rite for her n its beter for him...LOL

giddy tiger said...

you know I have seen so many sweet potato posts these past few days that when I go shopping and I spot those purple Japanese sweet potatoes, this "fansi" tag comes to mind!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

those potatoes so cute ler...

jie really makan them?

Chen said...

yes, u r very sweet
very very sweetttttttttt....
tim tim dei
Good to cook fan shue tong sui

Angel angel wo ai ni tooo…
Ah Boy singing the same song too
He happy leh cos u called him 2 nights ago :P

Kkkkk.. the answer is given by Misti liao

Hehehe.. I purposely choose the purple-purple tei sweet potato to represent u
Tags are piling up..
Kkkkkk… I have few to answer too
Including one given by Angel ages ago :P

Kkkkk.. u still remember who tagged u for the tag, right? :P

Chen said...

The tag is simple.
List out your fans = fansi = fan shue = sweet potato
that's how sweet potato come about

Kkkkkk, I didn’t realize that :P
I just count count how many fan shue available :P
Might be one of the fansi curi makan your fan shue without me noticing? :P

*tick tock tick tock*
Fan Shue countdown :P

Yes, this is The Sweet Potato Club
KKkk… cos her name is long, that’s why I allocate a bigger fan shue for her :P

Chen said...

yeah yeah, u r definitely a fansi
Too bad I run out of sweet potato
Else I would like to name more fan shue :D

day dreamer,
Kkkk.. what to do?
Fan shue is nice to eat
Yum yum :D

cannot put u upfront
else everyone will start laffing again
48 hours not over yet, right?

Must be u r the one who curi makan LB’s fan shue :P

Chen said...

Orange-orange tei is good
Yellow yellow tei & purple-purple tei is equally good too
They are all yummy fan shue

jom makan colourful fan shue tongsui :P

Thanks :)
Fever down already
Pop in two tablets of panadol this morning, now no more headache liao

Heheh, u r always very fast with your tags. This time u lag liao

Day Dreamer name very long mah, that’s why I need to dedicate a bigger fan shue for her

Ehon ah? That fan shue is not small, just that it’s hidden behind the other fan shue. That’s why relatively it looks smaller :P

Chen said...

Kkkkk… The photo I took last year in Cameron Highland
Now I just dig my huge gallery collection for the photo :P
All the fan shue above so soft and so gentle
Definitely won’t break teeth wan.

ah pui,
kakakka, I didn’t think so much when I label the fan shue :P

giddy tiger,
Hahahaha.. Blogs are influential
Aren’t they?
Love those purple Japanese fan shue :)

woof meow,
Food are meant to be eaten mah
If dun eat, they will feel sad
Of coz makan lah :P

Doreen said...

Those sweet potatoes are undoubtly sweet. Can make into yummy kuih muih? Hehehehe. Congratulations to those 7 sweet potatoes!

dino said...

huan joo... yummy...

ah nel said...

btw i tink u label the huan cu by the size!!!

muahahaha...i can read ur mind...

veli bad lokter!!!

*next timw u bisit kl can bling some huan cu for me?*

kyh said...

yer means i'm bitter lo??? :(

can i curi makan ur 7 karerful sweet potatoes so that i can become sweet again? :P

_butt said...

poor ah butt kena hempap by everyone else on top of her... *pengsan*

glad to be your sweet potato!! hehe

looks like everyone also kena sweet potato-ed already wor. how leh.. :P

mistipurple said...

nitenite biggest fanshue head! *cabut*

_butt said...

doc chen, why this week no photo hunters yet geh? :D

Chen said...

Yeah, very sweet
Cannot consume in large amount though.. :P
*Kuih Ubi Kayu*
*blink blink*

Congrats to the seven sweet potatoes cos they are going be eaten soon? LOL

huan joo huan joo wo ai ni :P

ah nel,
where got label by size?
I simply hantam aje :P

Bring huan ju to KL ah?
Cameron Highlands huan ju are more tasty. And their jagung can be eaten raw. Very tasty loh.. yum yum

Chen said...

who say u r bitter?
where where where?
must piak liao :P

Kkkkk.. Yeah, u r mostly welcomed to "makan" the colorful sweet potatoes :P

quote "poor ah butt kena hempap by everyone else on top of her...". LOLOLOL, i can't help but laffing upon seeing that. Kakakkaka... I just simply label nia. Didn't pay attention to all the details, eg ah butt kena hempap and LB's kena potong etc.

kena liao can still kena more, then will become sweeter sweet potatoes. Oops, i merepek again :P

fan shue head?
Kkkkk... I zzz very early yesterday night :P

Initially i malas to post, but since u asked, i will comply loh. Kkkkk.. Since this is a special request from sweet potato mah :P

eastcoastlife said...

You keep your purple sweet potatoes from Cameron Highlands during your previous visit in 2006 until now ar?

Sweet sweet potatoes. :)

Chen said...

hehhee, sorry for the misleading statement. I bought those sweet potatoes and snap the photo last year when I was in Cameron Highlands. I consumed the steamed sweet potatoes on the same day :)

_butt said...

LB kena potong!! Kkkkkkkkkkk

I looked at the picture again and can't help laughing too kekeke

thanks for complying sweet little potato request hehehe

Chen said...

Kena potong sounds too serious liao,
Actually he cut hair only lah..

you are mostly welcomed ;)
Pinch sweet little sweet potato's cheek. Kkkkkkkk..