Saturday, June 23, 2007

Photo Hunters : Shiny

photo hunters

Today's topic is Shiny.

Don't cha loves ice cubes? It's refreshing to have a glass of cold beverages, especially in countries with hot climate.

p/s: This is not applicable to Maymay as she is freezing at the moment and struggling to keep herself warm in Oz.


angel said...

Why u no put pic of my wings? Lagi shinyyyy!

Icey Icey wo ai niii!

Jemima said...

I need a drink with lots of ice now. :p

Happy weekend, Dr Chen. :)

tegdirb92 said...

what a great take on this weeks theme. Awesome idea--would have never thought of that!

Chen said...

Oops... Yeah huh, but too bad I lupa take pict of your wings leh in the past.. :(

Angel Angel wo ai niii :)

Yeah, especially with the hot weathers. Lazy to go out unless necessary. I prefer to hide indoors ;)

Happy Weekend.

Thanks. How about a mug of cold beer? :)

day-dreamer said...

*cough cough cough*

Can I eat ice now?? :P

jmb said...

Well that's a very neat concept for the theme. I never thought of that one.

ehon said...

manyak creative this doktor. tsk tsk. i nvr thought that ice is shiny also.

carcar said...

i just had a glass of icey cold kopi-c with my fren over the brunch.

eve said...

You wont believe how hot it is right now in PJ..fuiyohh...I can do with those ice cubes...Ahhhhhhhhh...

Chen said...

day dreamer,
walao, sick liao & cough cough cough still wanna eat ice ah?
u very notti liao :P

Thanks. The weather is pretty hot here. I wanna have a glass of iced drink now :)

Kkkk, of course lah
I know i know u only thought of shiny bald head :P

Chen said...

Wah, Kopi C Peng.
I haven't have that for ages (cos I seldom drink kopi mah). Anyway, I always have Teh C or Teh C Peng back home - my favourite leh :)

I believe. Cos it's equally hot in Penang too. I think can fried egg on forehead. I dowan to go out unless necessary.

Sweat kaw kaw when go marketing in wet market this morning. Really beh tahan.

L B said...


Zsolt said...

this is really very creative!:) great idea

Mousey said...

very refreshing one!

happy weekend

Jenn in Holland said...

Hey! a perfect idea, and yes, I do love ice!

may said...

you just made me colder looking at those ice cubes, LOL! I haven't even finished my juice in the fridge 'cos I keep drinking hot stuff...

Winn said...

i love ice!!! ice ice ice was born in beijing.
leon maan sui!!

eastcoastlife said...

hmmmm.... shiny ice cubes. Nice theme.

ahhh..., poor May, shivering in cold Sydney.

a^ben said...

don't cha wish ur ice cubes were shiny like mine~ :P

hiaw si, make me wanna go gett cold drinks nia` : x

Dragonheart said...

Very cool. :) Creative idea for shiny. :)

Selba said...

Going to make starfruit juice and put a lot of ice cubes.... :)

Selba said...

btw.... almost forgot to tell.. finally, I bought ipoh white coffee king from checkhup, yay!!!

Chen said...

See Ghost again
I forgotten about the bling bling
Now I remember :P

Thanks :)

Thanks, Happy Weekend :)

Thanks. I consume ice all year long except when I'm coughing :D

Chen said...

Pour hot drinks for Ah May. The weather is so hot over here, very cham if no air cond. Kkkkkk, i know u need to on the heater at night :P

Wah, I lup this
Ice Ice Ice was born in Beijing
So Winn

u shout Leon maan sui
I will yell Winn maan sui instead

I dun have shiny diamond, so shiny ice cubes will do :P

May is shivering but I'm sweating over here. Hehehhe, what a contrast :)

Chen said...

Wah... this is ice cube leh, not the 24K diamond. LOL

Cold drink is good mah :)
p/s: remember the cool refreshing cold coconut drinks we have in Air Itam? LOL

Thanks :)

I'm sure u will like the starfruit drinks. It's refreshing. Hehehe, finally u get your share of Ipoh White Coffee. What is Checkhup btw?

Selba said...

The starfruit juice was really delicious.. I didn't add sugar no salt but I put the red "kiam boy" :D

Chek Hup is the brand of the ipoh white coffee. Is white coffee kinda bitter compare to nescafe?

Oh.. is it ok for girls to drink stuff that has "tongkat ali" as the ingredient? I really like the "teh tarik" from Power Root.

Drew said...

Those are great. I love the way you captured them.

Whirlwind said...

What a great idea! I love the picture!

Gattina said...

What a very good idea ! I never thought about shiny ice cubes !

kyh said...

a refreshing glass of fresh fruit juice pls!

those sports enthusiasts will avoid icy beverages as much as possible...cos they said can affect their stamina wor...

Wennnn said...

My favourite is ICE ICE ... Luv it.. feel it... kenot leave without ir!!!

ah nel said...

seem more lyk melty than shiny!!!

Doreen said...

Eh? I thought I've left a comment here no? Geez....don't tell me I mistakenly left it in other blog. *embarrassing* said...

Chen, how creative of you to think of such shiny cubes!

Mama Bear June said...

Great photo!

mistipurple said...

sniff, i nowadays cannot drink cold cold. like the stomach stop digestive system. :(

Autumn said...

love that!

Bernard said...

ICEEEEEEE! Love it. Joseph loves to crush them and eat them plain... just like me... and my grandma. :-)

Chen said...

Starfruit juice is refreshing, especially the iced cold drinks ;)
I won't say it's bitter than nescafe but the taste is different

I presume it's alright to drink stuff with herbs such as tongkat ali as ingredient. Well this is just my personal opinion.

drew &
Thanks. I love the shot too

Come to think about it, there are several shiny things in our household, especially in the kitchen :D

Chen said...

At the moment, I only have a bottle of coke and two cartons of fresh milk inside the fridge :P

Mmmmm... we are not sports enthusiasts, so we can still enjoy the iced cold beverages ;)

Iced cold drinks are so heavenly..
Yeah, can't live without it except when suffering from severe cough, then no choice loh :P

ah nel,
Even though partially melt still also can shine mah.

Kkkkk... I experienced that before too. Thinking I have left a comment somewhere but at the end didn't :P

Chen said...

Hehehhe, cos I dun have any shiny kitchen cookware nor utensils :P

mama bear june,
Thanks. You have great shiny dress too.

Poor Misti. Must take good care of your health loh. Ah Boy will share his warm milk with u :)

Thanks :)

Crushing and eating plain ice?
Hehehe, Joseph is such a cute boy.
Ooooo, He inherits this habit from his daddy and his grandma. Hehhehe..

Crystal said...

Now that's a cool photo!

Neat take on the theme. :)

Chen said...

Thanks for your compliment, Crystal

ah nel said...

porridge oso called rice mar when u go eat porridge... :P

CRIZ LAI said...

Wow...very creative photo. Floating ice cubes :)

srp said...

I had to sit and think about what these were... my first flash thought was of a macro shot of mercury droplets... glad this is ice... much easier to dispose of; just drop mine in that tall glass of iced tea please!

Melissa said...

Ice ice baby... :) Great shot for "shiny"

meeyauw said...

I LOVE that pic! What a great and creative photo.

Vader's Mom said...

That's a creative take. I love ice.

giddy tiger said...

That's an artistic shot, especially coming from a doc! I found myself guessing what it could be, before I finally gave up and was astonished to find out they were ice cubes!

Chen said...

ah nel,
chicken & duck talk ah?

criz lai,
Hehhee, it should be melting ice cubes on the glass table ;)

mercury? Oops. Hehehe, dun worry, i won't expose myself to mercury droplets as it's poisonous ;)

Enjoy your glass of tea with generous servings of ice cube ;)

rinnah said...

Doc is so smart to equate shiny with ice cubes! I wouldn't have thought of that. *grin*

Chen said...

Ice Ice Baby reminds me of a dessert shop we have over here in Penang :)

Thanks for your compliment :)

vader's mum,
Ice is great, especially in hot sunny day.

giddy tigers,
Thanks. Photography is my passion ;) Hahaha.. I wonder what comes to your mind when u first look at the picture

Chen said...

i dun have any other shiny things in the house mah. Shhhhhh.... :P

plink said...

*curi ice cube for kopi peng*

Chen said...

dun curi all woh..
leave some for me & Ah Boy :P

Bernard said...

Chen, his papa and MY grandma. Haha. :-)

_butt said...

shiny shiny ice! I liked to chew on them sometimes. lol. bad habit I know.

Chen said...

LOL. Sorrie sorrie
salah tengok :P

u sounds like Ah Boy.
He loves to chase after the slippery ice cubes and chew on them too :P