Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunset @ Jerudong

I came across these shots when I browsed through my photo galleries. Taken when I was in Jerudong, Brunei several months back.
I love sunset. Love those awesome, stunning scenes...

Magnificent & Breathtaking.

I love sunset, don't you? ;)


ah nel said...

lokter sure those u take wan or just a postcard? :P

L B said...

Doctor in romantic mood?

*sings angel's fave song*

ehon said...

aiseh. jerudong. miss that place. loktor, ur pictures are very the nice! good camera skills huh!! wad camera u using har btw?

Chen said...

ah nel,
sikui ah nel.
Of coz those pict i took myself wan lah :P

I'm now in sleepy mood.
Might be hungry mood too.
Feel like wanna eat something (Dinner time liao) :P

Can get cheap & good fresh seafood there.

Thanks for your compliment :D
I took those shots using Minolta Dimage Z2.

a^ben said...

in brunei hor? hehehehehehe

pandainye ambil gambar :D

may said...

sweet sunsets. I get a few here too, from my room! but not as picturesque lor. got TV antennas wan...

cynthia said...

nice shooot. very postcard quality.

freeeezing over here.

day-dreamer said...

Wah... nice...

*imagine being in that picture*

Leonard said...

awesome photographs!!! *applause*

Will said...

i prefer the sun dawning... :P

Kenny Ng said...

Lovely pics! I always love sunset too coz it looks romantic.

angel said...

*wonders what is my fav song*

Near... farrrr... wherever you are? :p

Pssttt... lormantik mood can make BB liao... kkkkkk

BB BB wo ai niiii!

mistipurple said...

lol at angel!! *cabut also*

Wennnn said...

Veli lomantik ah Doc!! U jalan jalan with Ah Boy ah??

dino said...

nice photos...

dino said...

do u going for any professional training???

Doreen said...

I love sunset too! It's romantic and calming.....the "salty egg yolk" is just beautiful.....

Chen said...

yeah betul.
Kkkkk.. proven u pay attention and read the caption :P

Wah, seldom see u comment in BM leh
Terima kasih :D

Wah, u have nice view from your room. Just presume those tv antennas are flying birds loh :P

Thanks. I’m lucky that evening to catch such a scenic view.
Winter in Oz. Here is hot, contrasting weather.
Abuthen, heavy rain this morning and certain areas were flooded.

day dreamer,
Photoshop and insert Day Dreamer inside the picture.
Kkkkkk.. Clever or not? :P

Chen said...

Thanks :)

Mmmm… After sunrise, have to go to work liao leh..

Especially sunset by the beach, huh? :D

u dunno wat is your fav song meh?
I also dunno woh
Ask the emperor :P

Itu sunset gambar taken few months ago liao wan..
Sudah kisah silam

Chen said...

*pull Misti*
u cabut for what reason?
See Ghost ah? :P

Tarak jalan-jalan with Ah Boy woh.
This was taken in Brunei few months back liao. Ah Boy didn't go there.

Thanks. No professional training lah. I learn as time goes..

Talking about salty egg yolk…
Made me wanna eat niah.
Kkk.. will search for salty egg later today :P

eastcoastlife said...

It's beautiful but I prefer sunrise.

I am almost in my sunset liao. And I'm not beautiful. Doctor, how to reverse aging arh?? :(

Winn said...

ah boy toook those photos?

giddy tiger said...

Very nice. I have heard about Jerudong, especially the theme park there. But I didn't know there were so nice sunsets too...

eve said...

I love it too..but too bad..too short la..By the time you whipped out your camera and get everyone to pose and smile..laaaaa..sunset pun dah tak better just ambik the permandangan mia pic oni..

Chen said...

Sunrise indicates the beginning of a new day.
u r a morning person?

Aiyak, sorry lah, I dunno how to reverse aging. If I know I will be super rich liao by now :)

Not Liucas meh? :P

giddy tiger,
The previously well known and famous theme park is currently deserted and empty. Pity though.. I just passed by the area, didn't enter. I dunno how’s the maintenance inside there.

Yeah loh, no need to pose lah,
take the scenery pict is sufficient liao. That’s what I always do :P

zeroimpact said...

I love the sun, so does that count ah
Next time I share share some of my sunset with you k
Ask may to join

Chen said...

count, of course count :D
Great, Good things must share-share mah. Looking forward to that :)
Yeah, get more people.
The more, the merrier :D

Anonymous said...

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rinnah said...

I like the first pic... the leafy fringe is so stunning against the sunset backdrop. Really must take lessons from you liao... Hehehe.

The Yongs said...

Sunsets in East Malaysia is really spectacular. Now that we are in KL, we miss those sunsets at Piasau beach in Miri. *sigh*

King's wife said...

Yes, and you have captured it very well. :)

Jackson said...

wow... u took a nice picture of sunset!!

kyh said...

wah manyak cantik wor!!! hou leng ah!!! *lummmmmmmmm*

so lokter, did u *kiss kiss* with ur hubby upon seeing that? :P

papercrazy said...

sunset makes my eyes very set....set to sleep mode


Chen said...

Thanks, I love those pict too :)
Take lessons from me?
Hehehe.. I’m not qualified to teach you leh..

The Yongs,
The widely available landscape in KL are those high rise buildings
And the polluted air.
Sad huh?
Beaches are so far away…

Thanks for your compliment.
Lately I can only see dark and cloudy sky. Hopefully no heavy rain nor flash flood tonight. I hate traffic jam :P

Chen said...

Thanks for your compliment :)

Terima kasih manyak-manyak
Tor cher, Tor cher.

Tarak kiss-kiss lah, just see-see look-look at the scenery and snap-snap photos
It's a tiring day after all, after the long journey...

Wake up, wake up.
Today is not Sunday leh
U still have to continue working :P
Jangan Zzzzzz

JL said...

nice shots.. especially the 2nd 1... so dramatic.. i rike..

_butt said...

beauty. I can just stare at the pictures all day and the sun looked as if it won't set...

thanks for sharing, doc chen. :)

Chen said...

Thanks. I likey too :)

Hehhehe.. u stared at the picture till Mr Sun sked of u liao :P

you are mostly welcomed ;)

simmie said...

those are great pics!

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for your compliment too :)

slurp! said...

how long you stayed in brunei?
is Jerudong park still operating?

brunei sounds a bit sleep now, but i think they are gearing up for Visit Brunei 2008! hope to be there one day!

Chen said...

few days, can't remember the exact duration. The Jerudong Park is still operating but with minimal visitors. It has been deserted for quite some time.

Yeah, nothing much to do in Brunei. 2008 is Visit Brunei Year? I dunno about that. Thanks for the info.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Thanks for posting these. They are exquisite.