Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Hairy Prince

Introducing The Hairy Prince, Mr Rambutan. His actual name is Mr Rambo Tan, and some blur sotong mistype his name and becomes Rambu Tan, and subsequently the name Rambutan derived. Well, well.. He is also known as Ang Moh Tan (红毛丹) within the chinese community.

Ang Moh Tan (or Red Hair Tan) loves to wear red-red tei baju. Ever wonder why he is so hairy? cos Ang Moh are normally more hairy mah... That's why.

At times he wears other baju - Green baju, Orange baju, Yellow baju, Light Red baju, Dark Red baju etc... So colorful, so Ah Beng :P

Whatever it is, Mr Rambutan is very Lengchai, right? :P

p/s: Don't over consume Mr Rambutan as he places a "heaty curse" on those who over makan his relatives or his species.

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L B said...

Save some for me ok? Dont let Ah Boy sapu hamplang before I get there! Also the canned ones with the pineapple inside.

babe_kl said...

din know docs can be so creative hehe

ehon said...

isit ang moh tan season noww??! :D :D i don't like those that stick to the seed ones.

why 'tan' hor? hmm..

_butt said...

lengchai lol!! his hair umm.. so geli to touch leh :P

angel said...

Rambo rambo, wo ai nieeee!!!

I love ang moh tan! Very likey! Hv u tried the ones yang sudah awet dengan garam for about 1 wk? Wahh... syiok ohhh!

a^ben said...

I am MOH tooooooo hahahahaha

Chen said...

Oops, I habis makan those angmoh tan two to three weeks ago liao. I dun sapu all by myself, Ah Boy gets his share too, although just a little bit :P

Canned ones nice ah? Never makan that before.

babe KL,
Hahaha, this is more of talking craps.

Ang Moh Tan in season for weeks liao. Ah Boy also dun like those that stick to seeds. Mmmmm, I guess nobody likes that kua, including dogs. Very leceh, very ma huan :P

Why tan ah? Cos the surname is Tan mah.. Oops, craps again :P

Chen said...

Ang Moh Tan very happy liao cos u praise him lengchai. His hair very soft wah.. Nice to touch and cuddle. Just like BB's hair. Kkkkkk..

*Crapping again*

Angel lup Rambo
Rambo also lup Angel
Kkkkk... So sweet huh? :P

Never tried tat before leh, in fact i never heard about it. Sounds very yummy.
lau nuah liao, all your fault :P

Yeah huh, true also :P
Ben Moh Tan on the move

rinnah said...

I also dun like the ones which stick to the seed... taste like eating wood! So I prefer the tin ones... lazy mah. Hehehe.

mistipurple said...

got Hairy Princess or not ah?

nyonyapenang said...

when buying ang moh tan, must try and see the fruit 'lekang' or not.

L B said...

I have a rambo tan tree in Ipoh! very lakang! we go gasak all?

Chen said...

Me too. LOL at the description "taste like eating wood", but true also leh..

Aiyak, so lazy meh? Eat the canned rambutan? :P

No hairy princess woh..
The coming "princess episode" has smooth and silky skin..

yeah yeah yeah..
"Lekang" is the word
Keep on thinking wat is the word earlier on but couldn't recall :P

Good GOod
Ipoh, here we come :P
GASAK !!!!!!!!!!

13th Panda said...

I like Mr Rambo Tan!

but cannot have too much of him, make me sore throat niah


day-dreamer said...

LOL! Rambo Tan --> Rambu Tan. KKKKKKK!

Pink Cotton said...


who said he is lengchai?????

never shave ... so much hair! where got lengchai!!!


Chen said...

13th panda,
that's the curse of Mr Rambo Tan aka Mr Rambu Tan

day dreamer,
crappy leh..
keng leh..
all these names just came spontaneously wan :P

pink cotton,
having goaty can be cute also mah..
no necessarily licin or wat luet luet is cute
what am i crapping again? :P

Pink Cotton said...

guys got keep GOATY wan IS SAM SENG KIA u kno???

don like don like...*shake head*

btw i also don like to eat amg moh tan ...cos hor...hate it when the skin of the seed sticks to the flesh when u bite it off...and the other reason is ...i dono how to kopak it...MUAHAHAHAA

Chen said...

pink cotton,
aiseh... later everyone with goaty will come after u cos u call them "3 Star" kia :P

Must choose the correct Rambo Tan..
Must see whether lekang or not :P

dunno how to kopek ah?
easy only mah..
worse come to worse, use knife loh
else, ask your boy boy to kopek for u :P

zewt said...

doc, got something to ask. have had a bad cough for almost 2 months and it has stopped lately.

then... nowadays, when i wake up in the morning and i push my elbow in front of me... like doing a self hug... i will feel a bit of chest pain. it's only for a while... then the pain will be gone for the whole day...

anything to be worried about?

Chen said...

The pain is likely due to costochondritis, which will improve or resolve within few weeks. If the pain persist or worsening with time, then u should get proper medical consultation.

Kenny Ng said...

I call it mor mor tan... :P

Will said...

so sampat :P:P:P


ah nel said...

i lyk rambutan n can eat few kilos sometimes... ;)

Wennnn said...

Ang Mo Tan, Rambo Tan, Rambut tan... all also I wan!! Whether red, green or yellow all also I sapu!!!

Doreen said...

I like those ang moh tan with spikey but short short hair one. Hehehehe. Ar? Didn't know got curse ler, lucky I didn't eat too much earlier this year. Hehehehe The Rambo Tan theory is true true?

Winn said...

that reminds me that there used to be a rambutan tree in my hse. i love rambutan last time.

they used to be popular hor? now ..not so/..haha

may said...

I used to be crazy over rambo tan. now he's too high maintenance - blardy $12 for a small pack of him. dowan to "kau" him anymore... for now.

papercrazy said...

I love Mr Tan!!!!!!!!!!

I dun care wat baju he wears, most important what he can offer me inside.....lol

yummy yummy....I prefer the longan typed rambutan....kacukan punya

mistipurple said...

i got new rambut. now to find mr tan.

Giddy Tiger said...

Cannot mix Rambo Tan with Doori Anne lo - really will pengsan from heatiness :P

eastcoastlife said...

er... I nearly want to name my son Rambo. Serious. Until my husband said, "Excuse me, you know my surname is Tan or not?"

Oops. hehehe....Dun want my ah boy's friends to laff at him.

Chen said...

Hahaha, that’s a great name too.
Mor Mor :P

wrong liao,
u should say So Crappy instead :P

ah nel,
few kilos?
Walao… u have big appetite leh.

u also hampalang sapu ah?
Just like Ah Boy

p/s : red, yellow, green rambutan reminds me of traffic light rambutan :P

Chen said...

The shorter spikey and less hairy rambutan is less sweet, with tinge of sourish taste. But I kinda love the taste.

Somehow, this reminds me of pulasan.
This one is really spikey :P

We should eat everything in moderation mah. Cannot over indulge. LOL

Err... Now still popular leh..
Fruits are always popular wan.
Cos got people like me who always eat fruits.
Liucas loves rambutan too, right?

Chen said...

ang moh tan in ang moh countries is beri beri expensive huh?
Now u can "kau" straw punya beri & blue-blue tei beri can liao..
Lower maintenance :P

So, your statement sounds so…. *ahem*
Apa tu longan typed rambutan?
I really catch no ball liao, cos I never eat that before :P

Kkkkk.. Miss Ostrich finally cut hair liao…

Miss Ostrich + Mr Tan
= Ostrich Tan
= Ostrich Egg?


Chen said...

giddy tiger,
LOLOLOL.. it’s fun to play with names :D

Rambo Tan is Chinese
Doori Anne is Indian
"Mixed marriage" liao if combine both of them together..
extremely "heaty", sure will quarrel all day & night long :P

Hehehe, else Jaymes will become Rambo ;)

This reminds me of Michael Tan
= 卖鸡蛋

Doreen said...

So the one I like is actually pulasan then. I didn't know it has different names, thought it is just another variant of rambutan

papercrazy said...

longan + rambutan = longan typed rambutan lor...kacukan wan lah...like pomelo orange

the flesh is much more juicier and crispy.....yummy

Chen said...

hehehe, u learn one new word today then = Pulasan :)

I see. I suaku liao, dunno got such thing :P

Bernard said...

Heaty is nice. A little heaty :-) I'm going to hentam rambutans and durians on Saturday! Can't wait liao.

Chen said...

hehehe, where u wanna hantam the rambutans & durians? I can hear the fruits beg u to have mercy on them :P

ah nel said...

fruits i owes hentam so much wan coz i no eat lice eh mar...im tarzan mar as don cha forget im from whre those ppl staying on top of tree wan... ;)

Chen said...

ah nel,
mmmm... trying to imagine u sapu few kilos of liulian :P Nowadays u dun stay on top of the trees liao mah. Itu kisah lama liao

ah nel said...

i no eat liulian coz when it bloated it wil make me vomit :(

zewt said...

the cough has stopped for some time already... but the chest pain seems to be getting worse... i will see a doc soon.

Chen said...

ah nel,
how about banana?
can lao sai if consume excessively :P

Yeah, better see a doc soon & get a proper check up since u experienced worsening pain.

Bengbeng said...

Very original. clap hands. I am impressed with yr rambutan post

Chen said...

Hahhaa, I'm glad u like the post :D