Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's wrong?

What's wrong with this picture?
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Spotted the picture from MMR website. . What's wrong with the picture above? It's time to exercise your eye muscles and brain cells. U gotta exercise your eye muscles, namely superior oblique muscles, inferior oblique muscles, lateral rectus muscles, medial rectus muscles, superior rectus muscles, inferior rectus muscles, orbiculis oris muscles etc. Dun curi tulang. And never squint your eyes though.. Kkkkkkk....


L B said...

Love the staples!!

L B said...

On the other hand, the stapling might have been used just to fit the two sides of the ribbon together, and then attached with double sided tape onto the packages... But then again, I am not sure if 2004 is a happy year to use.. Very 4..

L B said...


may said...

wouldn't it just be too bad if the staples created holes in those condoms... lol! I'm sure the staples are only for the ribbons, and stuck with tape to the condom. unless they were really that stupid.

angel said...

Wah... I din see the staple wor... I just saw 2004 kkkk...

U waiting for me to sing condom condom, wo ai niii, right?? :p

ehon said...

OMG!! i don't think they're that blonde ey?? hmm.. the first thing i saw the staplers i also go.. *blink blink* i saw wrongly or not?

L B said...


rinnah said...

Hahaha... I was concentrating on the wording... not on the staples until I read the comments! LOL! So anyone using those condoms would be celebrating Father's / Mother's Day loh...

Will said...

2nd condom is the odd one out

Will said...

4th one also the ords terbalik

Will said...

words... typo

ah nel said...

u wana show us how rich u r tat u can afford durex! :P

*lokter reli can...1 nite 5 times*

Chen said...

The first thing that comes to my mind when I saw the staples is non other than.. Bocor..

Hopefully, the staples are use to staple the ribbon and not to attach the ribbon to the condom package. Else really no eye see liao..
Really Bocor :P

2004.. Mmm.. expire? :P


Yeah loh, the holes will cause Bocor. Very bad huh? No wonder Aids is still prevalent lah :P
Really See Ghost liao.

KFC the staples are just for the ribbons, and not to attach to the dom2. Ini dunia semua boleh jadi..

Chen said...

Kkkkkk.. they are SIFU mah, that's why can spot the "defect" easily :P
2004 was 3 years ago huh?
Check expiry date :P

Yeah loh, how come today u didn't sing Domdom, Dondom, wo ai ni?
Wait till neck long-long liao :P

Kakakaka, we never know :P
Might be this is just a joke
Might be the staples were just to staple the ribbon, hopefully not to the condom pack. Might be... Too many might be liao..

*Blink Blink*


Chen said...

Hahaha, u ready study the picture carefully, huh? If "lucky" he or she can celebrate Father's/Mother's Day soon. If "jialat", then kena the other lottery liao.. *ahem*, which is non other than the dreadful HIV.

Ini orang lagi keng. Hehehhe...
really study the picture till so detail.
This is not asking u to spot the difference between each condom leh. Hehehhe..

ah nel,
durex very expensive meh?

u also can eat supper 5 times 1 night lah. u also can crap 5 times 1 night mah. Just as u can write blogs 5 times 1 night, and write comments 5 times 1 night. What's so difficult woh? :P

a^ben said...

I think the ribon of the middle domdom of the first row is stapled differently leh.. right over left

while the other four are.. left over right` :X

Chen said...

wah.. another hardworking chap who really analyses the picture.

Err.. nothing wrong with such arrangements mah. That won't cause "bocor", which is the main concern here :P Hehehhe..

dragonkid said...

top row middle is empty. nothing inside. correct ah?

Wennnn said...

HAhhaahha not oni BOCOR la... 2004 oredi expired la the condoms!!! No????

ah nel said...

durex no sell rm1 for 3 rubber mar! LOL

i cant eat supper 5 times a nite,crap 5 times a nite,blog 5 times a nite as not tat free like u :D

for u coz not difficult lor as guys r giving n gals just receiving so whre got difficult for u ler!

*from the reply i tink lokter can more than 5 times*



Chen said...

heheh.. i guess u didn't notice the staple then :P

i have no idea what was 2004 on the sticker refering to. Year of manufacturing? year of campaign? hehehe.. hopefully not expiry date :P

ah nel,
rm 1 for 3 rubber are those recycle rubber. u wanna use meh?

u r more free. So free till can crap and kacau people more than 5 times a night :P

day-dreamer said...

Hahaha! I saw this in another med student's blog first.

Cynthia said...

the date of the condom is 2004. so old can? expired liaw lah!

and..where got ppl 'poke' a hole one? can cause sperm leakage one, ok?


Doreen said...

Looks like the staple is for the ribbon only. They wouldn't be that dump, wouldn't they?

JL said...

I'm not surprised if it's prepared by M'sian :P

ah nel said... naturel!!!

soli lor i kacau u as u wana wana make bb but u must gib ur partner a break mar as i noe u veli "hiong" wan :P

_butt said...

haha.. I cheated and look at the comments instead to spot the answer. so it's bocor and expired. :P

papercrazy said...

no lah...i dun think durex people wud be so sitiupid until stampled on the package...

if really they stapled tru, then this one sure ti(p)u lor

Chen said...

day dreamer,
So, u exercised all your extra ocular muscles twice?

Hahha, I have no idea when was the picture taken. If manufacture in 2004, sure expire kaw-kaw liao
Summore Bocor kaw-kaw :P

Hopefully it’s just for the ribbon only. Must KFC, hopefully it’s not the other way round :P

Abuthen, there are smart Msians too leh :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
I know u only think about that all day long. Sudah 62 liao but heart still 18-22 :P

p/s: BB is so troublesome.
Super mahuan punya fellow
Thanks but no thanks.

Bocor liao…
Butt main ti(p)u, peep at the answer

This is not done by the durex people leh..
Noticed the red ribbon?
The condoms are “supposed” to be distributed during the World AIDS Day. But what’s the “actual story” behind this we dunno liao..

eve said...

Who's bright idea issit ar to staple the packet?...hehe..

ah nel said...

which human no tink tat wan as those act innocent ppl r the most "hiong" wan... :P

ps:i noe bb so mahuan tat y u post tis post so eveliwan noe u lyk sitobehli flavor wan... LOL

Chen said...

Some brilliant people :D

ah nel,
your head ah.
wah, u go and eat or lick it meh?
else how u know how it taste like?

ah nel said...

lokter act innocent again...when u buy pink pink kaler they no tel u the taste o u paiseh just granb then throw money n cabut! LOL

Giddy Tiger said...

I was concentrating on the wording too, until I read the comments on the staples. tsk tsk...spoiled liao the condoms.

Chen said...

ah nel,
throw money & cabut?
that's how u buy ah? :P
apa pasal so kuei kuei shi shi?

giddy tiger,
These are the Holey Dom Dom
Full of Holes..
Guarantee Bocor :P

eastcoastlife said...

Must be students or youths who did the stapling lah! They innocent mah, dunno tat stapling will make the condoms bocor. hehehe....

Chen said...

hahhaha.. Abuthen, students and youths nowadays are no longer innocent, unlike students and youths of yester-years. Those were the good old days :P LOL

ah nel said...

i not lyk u mar as i so paiseh wan...u so dare post out wat type u used n how many piece per hour u used...LOL

slurp! said...

maybe durex doesn't guarantee the product efficacy if it have been removed from factory packing (referring to the box) for individual sale or distribution *ROTLAO*

Chen said...

ah nel,
if u very paiseh wan, then the sky will drop liao and the sun will come up from the west liao :D

Kakkaka... true also huh? :D
No 100% guarantee
proceed at own risk :P

Simple American said...

I was focusing on the year. Actually I though it was a pin and not a staple. So stupid. But then you have to be stupid to pass out condom for anti-aids. The aids virus is smaller than the latex molecule and can still slip through. Right doc? You prolly know this better. Abstinance is the best antiaids.

kaypoh Jie Jie said...

Bocor, no lah !
Maybe put on can make different sori guys
Reminds one of mac nuggets izit sweet sour sauce or bbq sauce leh !may have wasabi hot hot too.
Never got chance to talk dirty or talk crazy or dare to. Now must try try leh.

Chen said...

Yeah, abstinence is the best method. But how many are compliance with that? There are many out there who don't even bother to use condom. And the worst ones are those having extra marital affairs and subsequently transmitted the HIV virus to the wives and their kids. After they died from AIDS, they left their loved ones behind with the deadly virus :(

kaypoh jiejie,
Welcome to my place.
Hope u enjoyed yourself here :)

Mmmm... how come u suddenly think of Mac Nuggets geh? :D