Friday, June 29, 2007

Photo Hunters : Sweet

photo hunters

Today's topic is Sweet.

The Sweet Indulgence of Swiss Liqueur Chocolate with Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac Syrup Centre.

Chocolate = Yummy.
Chocolate + Liqueur = Heavenly.
Do I need to elaborate further?

p/s: Btw, this is not a sponsored post :P


angel said...

Pssttt... I still eating your Big Bar of Choc! :p

Choco choco wo ai niiii!

yenchiew said...

a photo that can kill already..

mistipurple said...

choco choco wo yea se ai niiii!!
but i no drink liquor, so milk or plain all i sapu!

a^ben said...

I like choc~

dark choc me no likey~ *push dark choc away~*

*munches lindt fruit and nut* NYAMS!

Chen said...

That was so long ago liao...
in January, right?

choco, choco, we lum u :)

Hehehhe, Scary liao..
The photo can become murderer liao LOL

so many people lum choco
choco sure very happy liao
sure insomnia kaw kaw tonight :P

u no drink liquor ah?
searching for white choc & dark choc inside the fridge :D

Chen said...

i half way replying comment, tiba-tiba u muncul..
Luckily not See Ghost...
else really kia si lang :P

Dark Choc nice leh..
not so sweet mah :P
I know u love sweet stuff

Dun take so much sweet stuff leh..
Not good for health woh :P

may said...

ahhh, my kind of mabuk sweet! might as well get a little tipsy while you're at it, hor?

ah nel said...

i don take alcohol as bad for health!

lokter should noe tat!


PPPP stand for Piak Piak Piak Piak lokter!!!


L B said...

I want LORMAIKAI!!!!! Can? Think I don't have that long to wait now..
Siew Chay... Yat kor pei tan chuk, leong kor siew mai, sam kor har kao, sei kou lormaikai! Tong mai ngg kor tan tat! Yat woo kam heong char tim! Kar seet!

Chen said...

mabuk sweet !!!
To some, it's known as headache sweet too.

ah nel,
i know u dun take,
u drink only mah :P

apa pasal piak piak piak piak?
later sakit tangan i dunno liao

wonder if there's any chocolate LMK, chocolate siew mai, chocolate har kau, chocolate tan tart. Hehehe, the chocolate dim sum ;)

ah nel said...

i no drink alcohol wor as its bad for health... :)

*nearly drank 1 jug of stout now*

i piak with sotong so no sakit coz u lyk sotong n sotong ur family... :P

sbanboy said...

CHOCOLATES !!!!!!! My favorite !!!!

Opal: Vegan Momma said...

What a fabulous sweet. Happy Photo Hunting!

day-dreamer said...

*sings along with angel*

Choco choco wo ai niiii~

Liquor chocolate rocks! But the price also "rocks" too. Hahaha!! I only had it twice in my life leh...

Leonard said...

erm...if i eat the chocolate and drive, will i be charged for drink driving...haha..just kidding!

CRIZ LAI said...

I missed the liquor filled chocolate. I should buy more when I'm i Langkawi...haha. Have a nice weekend :)

tegdirb92 said...

those photos look good enough to eat!! mmm..great job!

Melissa said...

That picture made me want to lick my screen! Yummy!

cheche said...

i love chocolates! though they trigger my migraine, i still heartily eat them =D

jams o donnell said...

Sweet and tasty! Happy weekend

mousey said...


that is really a tempting sweet one lol!

Jenn in Holland said...

Oh, yes! Sweet indulgence....

Mama Bear June said...

Looks good enough to eat, no doubt about it! :-D
SWEET Photo Hunt

ehon said...

chocolatteeee chocolatteeeee!!!! :D :D me want toooo!! :P

Doreen said...

chocolate.....I am not a choc craze and would only have them once in a long while and must be bitter bitter one, also with nuts

Paulie said...

It doesn't surprise me that several have had chocolate as their sweet theme. . .

Although I am not crazy about chocolate, my entry has to do with chocolate too --chocolate pizza and a sweet girl eating it. Got two photos actually. Come visit.

Montserrat said...

I LOVE chocolate! Nice photos

Chen said...

ah nel,
u no drink but u drank..

I prefer makan prawns and crabs and lobsters and lala than sotong :P

Hehehe, wondering what is the food that u dislikes :)

Vegan Momma,
Sweet and delicious. Thanks.
Have a wonderful weekend :)

day dreamer,
The price indeed rocks !!
Luckily won't coz tsunami yet.

Chen said...

Hahahhaha... good question :D
Might be we should rephrase the "don't drink & drive" to something else liao. Since this is considered as eating & not drinking, huh? :P

criz lai,
Too bad we can't get this in other outlets or choc shops. Aiyhhhhh..

Yeah, I feel like eating it again.
The photo was taken few weeks back :)

Hehheheh.. How about some dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Chen said...

Oops.. chocolate is bad for migraine. Hard to resist choc since it's so yummy ;)

jams o donnell,
Have a Sweet weekend :)

Tempting, sweet and "sinful" chocolate :D

Jenn in Holland,
Very sweet.. Hehehe...

Mama Bear June,
Chocolate really rocks :)

Chen said...

I want Choco Latte too :D
(not Cocka Latte btw :P)

Bitter Indulgence? Hehehhe..
I prefer dark choc than milk choc :D

Chocolate pizza?
Wow.. That's something new to me :)

Chocolate... We're lovin' it :)

rinnah said...

Liquer chocolate! Yum! Is it dark chocolate? That goes best with liquer. Mm mm mm... *breaks off a piece to try* said...

Have to clarify this it not PPP

Bernard said...

Hic! Got high-high tei or not?

Chen said...

Can't remember the details liao cos i ate that few weeks back :P
But I did remember it tasted heavenly. Kkkkkkk...

Hehehe.. of coz must clarify :P
later ppl might mistaken this is a sponsored post by Swiss Liqueur Chocolate!! LOL

actually huh, i put that caption up just for fun. Syiok mah :P

I should indulged the whole box of liquer choc. No high-high tei effect since I only sapu 2 pieces. Now wanna eat also dun have liao since the photo was taken few weeks back :P

Barbara H. said...

Oh, my, that's mouth-watering!

eastcoastlife said...

Liquer chocolates. I don't drink liquor.

Chocolates make me high, the added liquor will make me mabuk and sprout nonsense. hahaha.....

Leesa said...

Yes.. very yum! Great shot :)

Chen said...

Yeah, there are so many chocolate lovers around :)

Hehhehe, after getting high-high tei, besides sprouting nonsense, might be we can dig out secrets from u too.

Delicious & yummy, and finger licking good too ;)

Karen said...

Mmmmmmmm......that looks YUMMY!

letha said...

Oooo, Swiss chocolate yum.

ah nel said...

anyhow u stil a aotong!!! :D

Helen said...

Say no more, say no more. It's going straight to my thighs! lol

Chen said...

Yeah, no doubt :)

Heavenly & delicious treat :)

ah nel,
Aotong? you need to wear glasses liao for typo. Likely u have hyperopia liao :P

okie okie. We will keep quiet and just admire the picture.. LOL

Whirlwind said...

It looks very yummy!

meeyauw said...

Wow! That is fancy chocolate! Great photos of it, too.

Vader's Mom said...

No need to elaborate...but it would be nice if you'd share :)

Hijackqueen said...

Wah seh! Not only sweet. Can get mabuk somemore. *hic*

_butt said...

mmmmm.. *busy enjoying the choc*

Giddy Tiger said...

Sweet! And very tempting indeed! I really miss liquer chocolates :)

Chen said...

Mouth watering stuff ;)

Heavenly stuff too ;) Thanks.

vader's mom,
Hahaha, you are right. Furthermore, sharing is caring ;)

hijack queen,
That's why it's heavenly :D

Can share-share ah? I finish eating my portion liao :P

giddy tiger,
Too bad we can't get it easily except in duty free shops. Aiyhhh...

Simple American said...


No eating chocolates for me now. :(

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Looks like some very good chocolate!

Chen said...

yeah yeah, I remember u r on diet :)
and progressing well with your dieting programme :)

Cats~Goats~Quotes ,
Yeah, yummy and delicious liquer choc

Bernard said...

Only two? Aiyo, kesian. I think I saw this in Langkawi, or something similar.

Chen said...

I think those liquer choc are only available in duty free shop.
Too bad huh?