Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fear Factor???

I had one unforgettable and disgusting experience related with ants in the past. I shared this somewhere in the past but no harm sharing it again. One fine night, long long long time ago (in the late 80's) in a faraway land, One smart and thirsty fella went into the kitchen for a drink. I lazy to turn on the light at that time cos.... lazy. I poured the plain water into the drinking mug in the dark. After drinking one mouthful, I can felt something crawling inside my mouth and the throat. I quickly switched on the light and walao... The drinking mug was full with ants. I could see a thick layer of black ants floating on top of the plain water inside my mug. I can't imagine myself drinking that !!!! Luckily I didn't pengsan there and then. Really felt like vomiting at that moment. Utterly disgusting. Absolutely gross.. Yucksssss... No more drinking in the dark following that. Hahhaha.... Now I can laugh reminiscing back the event that occurred 2 decades ago - My version of Fear Factor.
Snapshot of Red Ants taken in Taman Tumbina during my previous visit to Bintulu, Sarawak.

Ants, ants, ants... Those little fella. Either u loves it, or hates it.. I hate them, don't you? Anyone has any memorable encounter(s) with the notorious ants?


L B said...

Ants fear me! Or used to. When I was small, and I am sure everyone has done this at some stage.. pull off their feelers or antennas and make them fight with each other! Or vaporize them with a magnifying glass.. Thinking back, that was kinda cruel.. Especially if you have watched Bugs, or Antz..

day-dreamer said...

Yucks! Yucks yucks yucks!! But I salute you for drinking ants... LOL!!

Speaking of ants, they just love my house. Wonder why...

angel said...

Me too! I mean ants also takut me! :p

Any ant that comes in my way shall be squashed to its death muahahaha... cruel, but true... esp. those red ants... and those small small smelly ants that crawl very fast... and those black ants.. grrrr!!!

antsi antsi, wo hen niiii!! :p

but i din do like L B... kkkkk...

may said...

I accidentally stood on top of a red anthill once when I was young. they started crawling all over my bare feet (I was in slippers) and biting me... ouch!

did I cry? can't remember, so long ago liao. but I remember the sting of each bite. if only I could've zapped them with a magnifying glass like LB. my brother used to do that! must be a boy's thing...

ehon said...

wah lauu!! loktor, u memeng fear factor champion ler! *shudders*

ehon said...

lb so cruel!!!! LOL!!

Doreen said...

Ants is alright, for me I think but spider is even disgusting! Stay away, spidey! STAY AWAY!!

ah nel said...

i drank thousand of ants then 1 hr later it craw out from my nose :P

mistipurple said...

eeeeeeee loctor!!! can't imagine that black ants coke float you had!! *faints*
wah, if they bite the inside of your throat and the inside tissues.. *faints again*

Chen said...

Hehhee, u r very....
Mmmmm... cruel in the past leh. Abuthen, I remember Pink Cotton did the same thing in the past :P

I never did that before in the past but I did pull off the grasshopper's hindmost jumping legs and pouring salt on the snail or siput babi. Equally cruel too :P
I think nowadays the kids dun have the "luxury" to do such things ;)

day dreamer,
I will never touch the mug if I knew there were hundreds of ants inside. Hahhaha...

Ants are such a nuisance, aren't there? I always kill them whenever I see them :P

Chen said...

Hahahha.. Hi 5. I always squash ants whenever I see them. If not, there is a possibility that they might "infest" my house - jialat loh if lidat :P

Luckily u didn't sing antsi antsi wo ai ni, else I really pengsan liao.. Kkkkk..

LB is the master or sifu mah, that's why the methods he uses to torture ants are far more superior than ours :P

Ouchhhhhhhhh... I can imagine the pain. Ants' bite can be painful and I experienced that several times. Don't under estimate those tiny little insects.. LOL

Squash squash squash..
Piak piak piak and penget kaw kaw
Have no mercy on ants :P

Chen said...

I won't dare to touch the drink if I know there are hundreds of ants inside.. LOL

u didn't do that in the past?
I meant torturing the ants ;)

I will squash the small spiders (which are seen rampantly) but not the big and gigantic ones :P

ah nel,
LOL.. what a scene :P
Did u happen to drink any other insects or bugs?

Dun imagine.. I dowan to imagine either. It's just too gross :P

Wah.. don't lah.. I presume those are dumb ants. They are not intelligent enuff.. LOL

Pink Cotton said...

never experience that b4...but if there was only a few ants...i will gobble them all up..MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA 'x'

ah nel said...

yeah...leeches,grasshopper,worms... :P

sengkor said...

ants got any nutritious value or not one..?

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Aiseh, really o.O liao
I dunno u makan ants :O
Even if there is only one ant inside my drink, I will take the trouble to remove it. :P

ah nel,
u should participate in Fear Factor then :D

Got.. ada protein, ada vitamins, ada mineral & bla bla bla.
Are u interested? ;)

Winn said...

muahahh!! i remember u told me that. nx time bring ur hp. simply press a button sure got light. hah

slurp! said...

adoh! you didn't wash you mug properly lah. come to think of that, come to think of it, the dirty mug more scary lei LOLz *kidding*

ants should taste spicy lor but don't try the red ants, the bites are painful, heard those bites from fire ants (i think there are another species, hopefully not found in asia) can kill!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah...that picture so arty ler...keke..

i dun like ants...ants bity bity..pain pain...

my cousin once bitten by poisonous ant which make his arm swollen for days..

Will said...

hahaha i also remember you told me this before...

ants still ok la... full of protein :P

papercrazy said...

ptui ptui ptui....too much consumption of ants can make u high wor

zeroimpact said...

Bitten by them reds one
So itchy but then hor, I still love them in a way

13th Panda said...


I hate red ants though, they sting..

_butt said...

had a similar experience.. but one ant only, lucky. and it wasn't me who kena, was my sis hahaha! :P

Giddy Tiger said...

Ish, I hate ants... gives me the creeps. Just reading about your experience is making my skin crawl inside out. EEEK.

Chen said...

Kkkkk.. u have very good memory ;)
Use handphone light ah?
Waaaaaaaaaaa... good idea woh..
How come I never thought of that leh?
Malaysia BOLEH :D

Hahahha... as long as there's no fungal ball inside the mug, can liao :P

I will kill the ants whenever I see them. No mercy. Sounds cruel, huh?

woof meow,
The ants were greeting each other by touching each other's "antenna".

Kena bitten till swollen arm ah? Poor him. That's why we shouldn't have mercy on ants. See one kill one.. :D

Chen said...

I remember u said the same thing in the past too..
Regarding ants are full of protein

not everything full of protein is okie to eat leh.. Too much protein also useless, cos excessive protein or amino acid will be broken down and converted to urea :P
Kkkkk.. waste product leh :P

Wah.. ini ajaran siapa?
Ajaran PaperCrazy ah?
how much is too much woh?
any specific measurement ah?
Kkkkk again :P

Red ant bites are painful..
really sakit kaw kaw
Those who kena will remember forever the sting..

u still LOVE them in a way?
Wah... :D

Chen said...

13th panda,
I wanna see one kill one
but too many leh..
so better cabut fast-fast if see them
Abuthen, I still stop and take my own sweet time to take photo

Hehehhe.. Ah Butt so notti geh?
Laff at her poor sister pulak?

I think most of us consumed ants before, but in small amount. Eg one or two unnoticed ants inside our beverage :P

giddy tiger,
I can still remember the incidence although it occured 2 decades ago. The impact was great, huh? KFC that was the first and last time :D

angel said...

*ask irrelevant question*

DD said hor... mint can make men impotent wan arr? I dun believe her.... so I said I'll ask u... hehe... :p

Chen said...

i don't believe that lah..

DYKT some of the viagra soft tablets are mint flavored? If mint can cause impotence, then they won't use it in viagra for erectile dysfunction liao.
True boh?

angel said...

kkkk.. yalor... cheh... DD ti(p)u me liao...

Will said...

as a matter of fact, i think i read it somewhere that excessive consumption of peppermint do cause men to be impotent for some while...

of course the keyword is "excessive"

day-dreamer said...

Eh, I also innocent leh... People tell me like that only mah...

Summore narrowband also think like that! :P

rinnah said...

I dun like ants when there are many of them! If one or two still ok lah. If got a lot I will stomp on them! Muahahaha!

Simple American said...

So what to do ants taste like. Do they have peptides? Good source of protein. Ever have chocolate ants?

Experience with ants. Always chasing fire ants in my backyard. Sometimes they chase me. Ouch! Ouch!

Chen said...

I think she also kena ti(p)u by someone else loh :P

Everything also if taken excessively also will become "poisonous" or "dangerous" liao :P
just like over consumption of ice cream can get tummy ache and lao sai

day dreamer,
If really lidat, then no one dares to take mint liao :P

Chen said...

stomp stomp stomp
pijak kaw kaw
If too many, Ridsect will be handy

May the Ants rest in peace :)

The ants taste like.. ants

Chocolate ants ah?
Thanks but no thanks :D
I want my liquer chocolate, not chocolate ants :P

I hate those fire ants.
Jialat if kena bitten.
So painful... :( said...

I have similar experience, TWICE!

But even then ... sometimes I still lazy to switch on the light ^-^

Chen said...

How can you?
Kena twice liao still lazy to switch on the light?

U are a suitable candidate for Fear Factor liao :D


i experienced the same thing years ago

Chen said...

That was a disgusting experience, right? Hopefully history won't repeat again in the future :)