Monday, July 02, 2007

Duku Langsat

Introducing The Hairy Prince Rambu Tan Rambo Tan's twin sister. *Ahem*, The Hairless Princess, Duku Langsat. Actually hoh, Duku Langsat is Rambo Tan's unidentical twin. How come one is so hairy whilst the other one is hairless?

Mmmm... Easy lah.. Dun have to crack your head so much thinking of the answers. Why ah? Coz Duku Langsat gatal and went for numerous waxing, plucking (ouch) and epilation sessions, hence now she becomes totally BALD aka BOTAK.

The Hairless Princess also has confused identity. Mmmmm... Too many confusing names - Duku, Langsat, Duku Langsat, Dokong and not forgetting Buah Rambai. HELP!! Can someone help this poor princess? She is totally confused !!!

Fear not, she still inherits white-coloured sweet and juicy flesh similar as her non identical twin brother, Rambutan.

What's up next? Where are the parents? Stay tuned....


angel said...


u ok boh??

Will said...

huh??? duku and langsat mana ada sama? and duku langsat supposed to be a cross between the 2...

ini doctor sudah siao? :P

Will said...

and how does rambutan relates to duku langsat?

*scratches head*

Winn said...

next is ....pamelo?

Will said...

or manggis?

ehon said...

-_- princess. i know they're only called langsat? and are u serious that they're related to angmotan?

may said...

winn, next is all the klang-klang longans!

actually hor, I like the sweetness of the duku langsat but I get tired of eating it quickly. not as fleshy as the hairy rambutan, not so enjoyable after awhile... lol!

Chen said...

Of course I okie. U know I'm okie by reading my reply to your questions regarding Mint & Impotence in the previous post :P

siao your head ah. LOL
This is categorized under craps & humours. So, don't have to take the things here seriously, hahaha :P

Must be creative mah.
Cannot be so dull and boring wan.
Everything is possible mah :P
No need logic, cos these are craps.

got prince and princess liao, what's up next leh? Kkkkkk...

Chen said...

very good guess woh..
pannai pun :D

This post is categorized under Craps & Humour.
So what do u think leh?

Wait till u see the big picture of the whole family. Don't pengsan woh :P

I didn't eat longan the last few weeks woh.. Longan reminds me of the ti(p)u longan aka berries at your place :)

Talking about duku or langsat, something that i dislike is the milky and sticky sap. Really mengacau :P

Jemima said...

duku? langsat? rambutan? longan? pomelo? pineapple?

put them all together.. they become malaysian version of tutti frutti??? LOL

day-dreamer said...

Wow. I really ROTFLMAO. Beh tahan nia...

Chen if don't wanna be doctor can consider a career in story-telling. :D

ah nel said...

its call langsoot lar!

mistipurple said...

bald princess?? kakaka. not all princess botak thank goodness. *looks at princess anjali* *cabut*

Simple American said...

That looks good. Like leisi (not sure about spelling) fruit from China. Only find it in cans here. Found it fresh in Vancouver and Toronto.

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

but not all duku or langsat or watever you called them are sweet leh...

some hor, very sour 1 leh...

today jiejie macam senget senget abit...keke...


L B said...

I see many klang klangs!!

rinnah said...

*waiting for ah pa, ah ma, ah kong, ah poh to be introduced*

eve said...

Ada makan je..tak pedulik dukung ke tak dukung...haha..never bothered to find out the family tree ..hehe..

Leonard said...

Duku Langsat can be very sweet one..

but hated the fiber in the center!

Giddy Tiger said...

Another fruity post! I must MUST do one soon too....:P

Doreen said...

I didn't know langsat got relation to rambutan. How come? They so different ler. Colour different, taste different, one got many seeds and the other only one seed.

Chen said...

so many names geh?
now I feel like eating pomelo tim..

Hehehe, and yeah, one big happy tutti frutti family :)

day dreamer,
Don't laff too much woh..
I scared later u might ter-dislocate your jaw due to excessive laughing :P

讲故 can earn $$$ meh? If can earn good money then i wanna change job liao :P

ah nel,
apa pasal called -soot? o.O
eat liao the fruit can become black like soot ah? :P

Chen said...

u wanna kena piak by Princess Anjali ah? I no eye see liao :P

Mmmm...Is leici = laicy?
The fresh has similar appearance as longan, but thicker.

woof meow,
If u get sour langsat or duku, then consider yourself unlucky liao.. Most of them are sweet mah :D

Senget your head ah.
I'm telling stories only mah :P

Chen said...

Yeah, lotsa klang klangs
manyak bola..

Klang Klang rocks :D

One big happy family, huh?
Ah Kong & Ah Poh not staying together with the rest of the family members. At the moment, I only can get hold Ah Pa & Ah Ma :P

Sapu saja hoh?
Dun have to care so much..
Makan aje.

Chen said...

I hate the milky and sticky sap more.
Made the fingers sticky and dirty :P

giddy tiger,
Yeah, now is the Fruit Seasons..
durian lah, rambutan lah, mangosteen lah, langsat lah, chempedak lah..
so many lah..
Must eat more fruits liao.. :D

Hehehe.. This is a crapping post under Craps & Humour category ;)
Just for a good laugh only :P
Don't take this post seriously

SomebodyHasToBe said...

oooooooooooooooo....i love duku langsat!!! they are better than langsat=P

King Ung said...

duku langsat? i havn't eat them for 2-3 years already. but i like rambutan better. haha...

Hello Chen. I am being born in sarikei as well. and as well grow up in sarikei until form3. nice to meet you.

sorry, i am quite busy with exam. hope we can get to know more soon thru blog and other communication method.

thank you for dropping by.

Simple American said...

Probably. I am not familiar with the Romanization, which can vary too. Something to make it harder. lol

kaypoh Jie Jie said...

wah, fruits also go shave head like cancer event hair For Hope last week in spore.

Eh Are they Ah Boy's cousins ? wink wink

ah nel said...

then called it lanhoot lor! :P

Bernard said...

Dokong has become the favourite lately. Big and fleshy. Mmmm..

Kenny Ng said...

next will be Pisang? :P

mistipurple said...

*brings you cough syrup*
*brings you pillow + lots of sayangz*

Chen said...

I too prefer duku and duku langsat than langsat.
More urmpphhhh..

King Ung,
It’s hard to find those tropical fruits overseas.
Not only that, they cost a bomb :D

Wow, so u r born & grew up in Sarikei. Mmmm.. that’s interesting.
I haven’t go back there (Sarikei) for 3 years. The last time I went back was in 2004.
Nice knowing u :)

Hehehe… the best thing is using photo or picture to describe.
Since a picture can speak a thousand words, and clear all the doubts and queries we have :D

Chen said...

Kay poh jiejie,
Ah Boy is not hairless or botak leh.. He has hair, just that it’s short hair :D
And he is not fruit either

ah nel,
this one somehow sounds vulgar :P

Especially those with seedless big and juicy flesh, huh? :D

LOL… Let’s see if Pisang can get into the royal family or not :D

Acutally hoh I dun have cough lah..
I *cough cough* to get attention only
kkkkkk.. But I do need the pillow
Thanks :D

_butt said...

now rambo tan's sister pulak... kkkkkkkkkk

got twins or not? :P

Chen said...

rambo tan's sister is his unidentical twin mah.. :P