Sunday, April 22, 2007

Local Exotic Fruits

These are some of the local fruits I managed to sapu during my last visit back home (to Sarawak).
Buah Rambai
This is not langsat nor duku nor dokong... I dunno the name :( Thanks to Slurp for enlightening me with the name Buah Rambai & Selba for the name buah Menteng/Kepundung (in Indonesia)

Even the flesh resembles langsat. But the taste is totally different. The edible flesh is minimal, and it's sour, unlike the sweet langsat/duku/dokong. (when I say sour, it's really sour...)

Buah Tampoi
This is another cute looking fruit which resembles a cute little pumpkin. Can anyone enlighten me the name? Thanks. Thanks to Slurp & Kristopher for the name of the fruit :)

Thick dark-orange skin with yellow flesh. The taste is unique - Sour with tinge of sweetness.

Buah Isau
Buah Isau (which many mistaken as Longan). Buah Isau has thin, brittle shells covered in small bumps. The translucent flesh & single round seed looks exactly like longan, except the flesh is thinner. They are sweet and juicy.

Dabai (black olive) are oblong in shape with thin, edible dark blue-black skin. The flesh is yellow in colour which covers a single, large three angled seed. The flavour is unique. The fruits are prepared by soaking them in hot water for several minutes until softened. Eaten with soya sauce or salt or together with rice. The kernel or nut is also edible. I know someone loves this. I prefer the nut/kernel than the flesh :P


carcar said...

not langsat nor duku?

ia duku langsat

Will said...

eeee... weird fruits :P

Will said...

agree with carcar on the first one... not duku, not langsat, should be duku langsat lor :P

Kenny Ng said...

Weird species of duku? LOL...or they from same family?

psy00060 said...

Wah.. all the special ones u got!

may said...

I think I should put up photos of strawberries, peaches, apricots, blueberries... exotic to you mah, hor? kekekekeke!!

Monk[+]Icon said...

me like sour sour!!!! make into juice lagi best! gero~

Chen said...

duku langsat?
really playing with names liao..
apalah.. can I *&^%$ here?

not weird leh..
i've been eating buah isau (the longan like fruit) since small liao..

u cincai lai wan.. :p
now i feel like eating langsat tim.. :P

From the external appearance, seems like they are from the same family.. but the taste is totally different from duku or langsat :)

Chen said...

There are several more exotic fruits available out there...
just that they are not in seasons...

Good idea, indeed exotic :P
I love peaches, strawberries bla bla bla..
err.. I never tasted the fresh apricots & blueberries yet leh..
So cham :(

I seldom see guys who enjoy eating sour stuff leh :)
The flesh is very very minimal, just a thin layer nia..
not sufficient to made into juice..

angel said...

Next time hor, bring for us also lar... see pic oni kenot eat, so sanfoo oh... :P

a^ben said...

apa hal banyak pruit peliks hahahahahah

Selba said...

For the first pic of fruit, we called here in Indonesia as "Menteng." It can be found easily here like duku.

Yes, it tasted sour sweet :)

Chen said...

perlu tengok nasib wan..
Those are seasonal fruits leh,
macam liulian & langsat :P

ai si...
dun tell me u never eat those fruits woh...

Buah Menteng? Thanks

I found out another name for it --> Buah Kepundung.

L B said...

So many KLANG KLANGS!!!!!! In heaven!!! I see Ah Boy's black nuts too!!! Very keng! PC loves them? No wonder, even if not pink... And the orange mangosteen!! Got ah, in Penang ion July 14th?

plink said...

Yay! AhWongKor got book flight liao!

Yum, dukulangsat/notlangsat, buah isau, all also look nice. My list of reasons to go Sarawak is getting longerr!!!

King's wife said...

aisay..all also I belum eaten before!

zeroimpact said...

Black olives, I stop eating after I found them covering one of my pizza

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


can i have some ?

Selba said...

Wow... I'm not so sure whether people here in Jakarta are familiar with the name "kepundung" but yes, true, I just found a site of it

I guess, kepundung is more a formal name of it :)

Pink Cotton said...


but the rest ive never seen before wo...hehehe how weird...

Monk[+]Icon said...

lokter... u r seeing one now! a guy who likes sour! asam masin simboi all i can sapu one day... gero~

mistipurple said...

i scared to eat anything sour. my eyes will close small small and my face will look sama sour prunes when i eat... er... sour prunes!

Chen said...

LOL.. klang is various sizes & shapes
Kkkkk about the black nut :P
and wah.. orange mangosteen..
can temporarily use this name liao for the fruit since i dunno the real name ;)
Penang tarak woh..
I never see all these in Penang

AhWongKor started counting down weeks ago liao with lists of things to eat & things to do ;)

Go go go..
Cuti-cuti Malaysia :P

Don't worry..
u r not alone leh..
*point point finger*
many of those above & below u also never makan those fruits woh..

There are many more local fruits over there but sadly not in season when I balik kampung time (which I haven't eat for several years liao) :(

Chen said...

LOL... these "black olive" is different from the olives in pizza :P
U dun like the black olive ah?
Yeah, it's one of the toppings in pizza ;)

woof meow,
Too bad...
everything is out of stock at the moment liao..
u can only drool at the pict while waiting for the next season

hehehe, the link u enclosed here was one of the websites that I browsed & went through just now after I google the name ;)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
i know u heart dabai...
the rest u never see before meh?
Not even Buah Isau?
that is what locals always refer to as local longans woh..
available in yellow & green colour woh..
I have eaten that for years since my childhood time liao ;)

Sure u will like the refreshing ambla soey boey drink liao ;)
I presume u love the preserved fruits or jeruk too? ;)

Trying hard to imagine your facial expression when u eat sour things..

mistipurple said...

one thing must ask you, loctor.
how come when eating sour prunes or sng buay if we laugh, the sides of our mouth very sng liddat? something secrete inside mouth then chemical reaction hah? that's why if someone laughing in this condition, must hold side of cheek and go ouch ouch ouch.
hehe, you're going to imagine me again! haha

day-dreamer said...

Wah, really very weird.

You sure eat already won't or tou one hor?


carcar said...

why is it so exotic, after makan wil turn erotic?


dino said...

just know about the duku langsat, other fruits... i got no idea..

cutiepie said...

can i tapao some?

Monk[+]Icon said...

uhhh...jeruk yes!!! now my saliva is droolinggggg....

eastcoastlife said...

The first fruit looks like duku wat.

Very exotic fruits hor. I go to Sarawak I want to try them.

Chen said...

yeah, as u say..
i'm trying to imagine your extreme expression again !!
Abuthen.. sorry woh, i dunno the answer to your question :P

day dreamer,
ai si...
u think those are poisonous fruits meh? LOL..
Must piak u with Buah Isau liao.. The number 3 and number items I had eaten them since small leh.. for decades liao.. :P

My dear Carcar, u study too much till become sot chor ah? :P
cool down, cool down..
don't panic woh..
Poor Carcar :P

Chen said...

aiyak. The first fruit is not duku langsat leh... :P

Tapao ah? Mmmmmm...
Might be u can tapao the picture temporarily :D

And not forgetting, Happy Birthday once again to dear Nellie :)

preserved mango is the best..
At least, that's my favourite :)

It looks like duku, but the taste is different. Duku is much much much much much much sweeter :)

Hehehe, those are seasonal fruits. Hopefully the fruits are in season when u visit Sarawak :)

nyonyapenang said...

eee....never seen these fruits before. suakoo hor?

Chen said...

no woh, u r definitely not suaku :P
most of those who commented here also never see the fruits leh..
so u ada manyak kengkawan :D

Simple American said...

Thanks for introducing me to those fruits. I never have seen them before. Must try when I go there.

dino said...

then, how ah?

cutiepie said...

virtual no taste ... :(

thank you ..

Chen said...

u r mostly welcomed..
u have great companions here since u r not the only one who dunno the fruits :D

it's not duku langsat loh..

I get the info from Selba that the fruit is known as Buah Menteng in Indonesia. The other name for it is Buah Kepundung.

Have to use your imagination liao..

slurp! said...

just trying ok, dunno if i ID correctly
1 - Rambai [i]Baccaurea motleyana[/i]
Yes, it suppose to be very sour
2 - Kandis [i]Garcinia spp[/i]

slurp! said...

alamak, i think 2. is tampoi (Baccaurea macrocarpa)

i tasted another type called Ucong (Baccaurea angulata) while i was in satok market.

Chen said...

wow.. fantastic.
how u find out @ remember the name of those fruits? :)

fruit # 1 = Rambai (also known as menteng/kepundung in Indonesia)
fruit # 2 = Tampoi

Thanks :) I have tasted Uchong too, but i dunno the name of the fruit in the past. Btw, did u get to taste Buah Engkala?

slurp! said...

no luck! i was looking for strange fruits to try at satok, only uchong aroused my curiosity.

the trip was further shorten by the evening thunderstorm grrrrrrrrr maybe next time lor.

but i finally tasted langsat susu there (tot i'm not sure they are local or from indonesia), they tastes much better than duku, longkong etc

Chen said...

Great, u managed to visit Satok market. The Satok market was opened throughout the Saturday night till Sunday noon :) Did u manage to catch a glimpse of the sago worms in the market?

Langsat susu is sweeter.
I dunno where is the origin too ;)

slurp! said...

no maggots *oops* I mean sago worms kekekeke, no pitcher stuffed with rice. see lots of jungle fern (i sampled some at a resturant). also sampled Manok pansoh, umei, they were delicious! of coz also the usual, kolo mee lah, laksa lah, the beef soup noodle was good too! hahahaha

too bad, it rained heavily the whole night.

p.s: oh ya, lugged back home a small bottle of tuak and packet of Bario rice too LOLz

Chen said...

LOL at maggots :P
The sago worms are very cute & adorable.. and they are fat & juicy :P

Nowadays we can buy bottled tuaks in supermarket. I bought one bottle when I was in Kuching, but didn't bring back any to Penang.

Kristopher said...

the second fruit is call Tam Pui or something like that. Donno how to spell. very hard to come by also.

sbanboy said...

Wah now can see the photos got bokeh effect already hehe...finally putting your 350D to good use ??

Chen said...

yeah, the second fruit is called Tampoi. I get the info from Slurp in the earlier comment.
Thanks :)

Hahhaha, no woh..
i use my old camera Minolta Dimage Z2 to take those photos. I haven't bought the 350D during those days yet. I took the photos during CNY time.

And I didn't bring the dslr camera when I go back to Sarawak for this current visit too, cos too bulky.. LOL

Wennnn said...

Wah me too never see thiese kind of fruits before wor... Wah must go bek and U take us there and try la....

Chen said...

u gotta visit Sarawak to try out all those, at the correct time too (cos those are seasonal fruits mah) :P