Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Onion?

That "Dog & Cat" secretly quietly tagged me with a Gigantic 12 layers Onion Tag without any notice. Next time when I kopek onions, I must count the layers liao, see whether issit exactly 12 layers...

Layer One - On The Outside
Name: Chen
Birth Date: 2nd September
Current Status: Tired, Exhausted & Sleepy
Eye Color: Definitely not blue-eyed nor green-eyed
Hair Color: Natural colour
Righty or Lefty: Right > Left

Layer Two - On The Inside
My Heritage: 100% Chinese (not 99% nor 101%)
My Fears: I hate flying cockroach. The running or walking or limping one is still alright..
My Weaknesses: Ah Boy with his kesian look (at times only lah, not all the time) :P
My Perfect Pizza: Same as Ah Boy, as long as it's edible pizza.. Hampalang sapu..

Layer Three - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My Thoughts first thing when I wake up: Very sian ah.. can i continue zzz?
My Bedtime: Whenever i feel sleepy, I go zzz. No fixed time, be it 9 pm or 1 am ;)
My Most Missed Memory: The days when my beloved late daddy was still around..

Layer Four - My Picks
Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke (same as the sam pat Winn)
McDonald’s or Burger King: I like both McD & BK french fries ;)
Single or Group Dates: Huh? Not the more the better meh?
Adidas or Nike: Hi Tech
Tea or Nestea: What's the difference ah?
Chocolate or Vanilla:How about Chocolate Vanilla?
Cappucino or Coffee: I prefer milk (Chicken & Duck Talk again)

Layer Five - Do I..
Smoke: Tarak, dowan to add extra pollution to my lungs :P
Curse: Not my cuppa tea, I don't curse... Unless something really get on my nerves
Take a Shower: Hah? is there anyone who dun mandi wan?
Have a Crush: Crush & penget the ants ah? Kkkk...
Think I’ve been in Love: How to kahwin if not in love? This is not the ancient time liao.. :P
Go to School: I wanna cekik the person who created the Q. How I graduate if I never go to school?
Want to get Married: Can still say dowan meh? siao....
Believe in Myself: Aiyah, of course lah !!!!
Think I’m a Health Freak: Hahahha, sometimes cannot think too much wan.. Else everything also cannot eat liao..

Layer Six - In The Past Month..
Drank Alcohol: Tarak kua...
Gone to the Mall: Got.. semalam nia..
Been on Stage: Yeah.. as honorable speaker for seminar.
Eaten Sushi: Kkkk.. last Saturday
Dyed your Hair: None

Layer Seven - Have I Ever..
Played a Stripping Game: LOL.... Stripping the helpless little babies ?
Changed Who I Am to Fit In: I am who I am. But at time, 人在江湖,身不由己.. How irony :(

Layer Eight - Age..
I am Hoping To Be Married: U mean again ah? Choyyyyyyy

Layer Nine - In a Girl/Guy..
Best Eye Color: As long as not red eyes :P
Best Hair Color: Black (natural is good)
Short or Long Hair: Short

Layer Ten - What Was I Doing..
1 Min Ago: Doing this silly tag lah.. what else u expect?
1 Hour Ago: Watching TV
4.5 Hours Ago: Why not 4 hours or 5 hours ago? must alang-alang 4.5 hours ago?
1 Month Ago: Mana saya ingat woh. Should be doing this & that loh...
1 Year Ago: Dah lah one month ago i lupa liao, how u expect me to remember the things that happened a year ago? :P

Layer Eleven - Finish The Sentence
I Love: My hubby and my family, and Ah Boy too.
I Feel: Tired
I Hate: Hypocrites & Egoistic people
I Hide: What? if i wanna hide something, why u think i want to tell u? Logic or not? :P
I Need: Holidays.. (who dowan holidays??)

Layer Twelve - Tag Five Victims People..
1: Alicia
2: Mike - The Bawang Tag
3: Cocka
4: Zeroimpact - Slicing The Onion
5: Cynthia - The Onion

Zzzzzzzzzz time..


mistipurple said...

night night chen.
too bad i no prize for first place. lol.

Will said...

chup :P

mana assam laksa? :P

i love onions

angel said...

Yerrr.. u dun like my long hair? :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


shhhh.....jie discover jugak...


angel said...

Pssstt! U forgot to say that you hide ahboy's food!!!!


day-dreamer said...

Coming to think of it, I wonder if there are any doctors who smoke... hehehe.

Chen said...

good night Misti :)
supposed to sleep earlier on liao but haven't yet..
going to zzz in few minutes time
Good night

who say no prize woh?
got hug-hug & muackssss mah..

so many assam laksa stalls in Penang. Kkkkkkk

how about onion heads? :p

i didn't say i don't like woh..
the Q ask abt my preference only mah :P

Chen said...

woof meow,
apa pasal shhhhhh again?
what have u done again? :P

Mmmmmm.. Did I?
no woh..
apa pasal i hide his food woh?
I not so jahat one :P
only ah boy himself hides his food from me woh..
he sked i curi his food :P
u sudah confius liao leh..

of course there are..
Don't be surprised leh...

I know several guy doctors/colleagues who smokes ;)

mistipurple said...

haha. thought you already in bed. nite nite again!
*takes hugs and muacks and put in a big bottle for emergency use*

L B said...

You know that question about Tea or Nestea? I've since discovered that somewhere along the line, someone 'dropped off' the Lipton in front of Tea! So, really it wanted to ask you if you prefer Lipton Tea or Nestea.. but, still no difference, hor? LOLOLOL!!! Come, come, take shower...

Monk[+]Icon said...

aiks! i tot i can escape from tags pulak...kena... gero~ ok will do tomoro when i am free-er..ok gero~

kat said...

In HK serials and US police dramas, all the courtroom witnesses always remember what they were doing months/years ago!! Die-lah if get witness like us who cannot remember what happened last month!! LOL

may said...

...and just yesterday, I saw a teeny tiny kahchuak in my kitchen!! eeeeekkk!! I quickly BAM BAM BAM till it died, before it grew up and flew all over the place... *phew*

Simple American said...

hahaha I love your answers. But I am laughing cuz I misread your my hates. I tot you hated Hipocates. kekekeke What a thing for a doctor to do! :P

Wennnn said...

Hehheh I also kena this tag from LB

ah nel said...

lokter younger than me 1 days only worrr!!!

dino said...

this remember me of the A&W onion ring... yummy...

mistipurple said...

haha this morning can wake up or not? :P

Leonard said...

phew, this is one tough tag to clear...

lucky me did'nt get tagged! said...

Haha. I like your chicken and duck talk ^-^e

Pink Cotton said...

hehehe wanto laugh at the married part...hahaaha

ok so if given a chance...u still wanto get married or not??


cutiepie said...

qspeaker? pass me your profile okay!

Chen said...

Wanted to go zzz earlier on liao..
But tak jadi :P
Must seal the hugs & muackss in the air tight container woh..
And then seal the container with a kiss..
(so sampat, huh?)

U very rajin liao…
go & trace along the line ;)
No wonder lah..
Who so itchy hand go & drop the word lipton? :P
Must the the rival !!

Spray water.........
(i can see ah boy hiding)

Kkkkk… mana tau kena huh?
Dun worry, u can take your sweet time :P

Chen said...

Hehehe, those are indeed drama series...
If u ask me what I did on 25th March 2007 (cincai choose one recent date), I also can’t remember liao..
Forget about those months or years ago..Unless those dates are certain significant dates lah.. :P

Two nights ago, I see one big fat kah chuak on the wall in the dark..
(I didn’t on light mah since wanna tidur liao..)

Luckily it didn’t fly.. Kkkkkk.. I spray at it kaw kaw with ridsect :P
Then I dunno where it disappear liao since I’m in the dark :P

My answers are sampat answers..
And some are chicken & duck talks
Glad u like the answers ;)
U misread as "hate Hipocrates"?
must be u didn't wear spect lah !!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

what again wor?

i did nth leh..

i shhh shhh cuz i dowan tell jiejie got tag mah...

den got excuse "wat" makan...


Chen said...

And not only that..
u very rajin..
U answered it twice woh :P

ah nel,
Me "younger" than u "one day" ah ??
I remember your coming birthday is birthday yang ke-62 woh..
Does that means...

If lidat, then my little nephew is one day "younger" than me too :P

Nice ah the A&W onion rings?
I never eat before leh..
I so suaku liao…

Chen said...

Quote the answer I gave for the onion tag..
My Thoughts first thing when I wake up: Very sian ah.. can i continue zzz?

I will give u the same answer..
"I can wake up but after waking up.. Very sian ah..Can I continue zzz?"
Too bad, as u know…
Like it or not, I have to wake up..

Not really hard..
It all depends on how u tackle the answers..
Since this is not exam questions,
there’s no hard & fast rules on how to answer the questions ;)

Goodie goodie :)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Laff ah?
I should have tagged u & see what answer u give then…

Wah… your question so “cheem” geh?
Come come…
We discuss underneath the table :P

Why woh u wanna my profile?
Wanna hire me as “speaker” ah? :P
Or as MC for Nellie’s birthday party?

woof meow,
Aiseh..Dowan to tell pulak?
U r supposed to inform the person that u tag woh instead of keeping quiet.. That is how thing supposed to be done. :)

mistipurple said...

haha no wonder the DNA profile you everything choose the sleeping on bed wan.
er, sound right or not ah? also cabut better...

Chen said...

issit ah?
I didn't realise woh..
Abuthen, Zzzzz is essential mah..
very healthy hobby leh :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

oh...itu macam...

excused laa...1st time mah..

now you tell me, i noe wat to do liao if got nex time...


Winn said...

umore sampat! ahahah

Chen said...

woof meow,
next time tag someone else :P

u notice jugak i said u sampat?

zeroimpact said...


Bengbeng said...

i clicked on yr comment in tnchick's photohunters don't know why it doesn't work. yr meme on layers is hilarious :)

Chen said...

thanks :)

huh? might be some error with blogspot again...

thanks for liking my answers for this meme ;)

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