Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Transvaginal Cholecystecytomy?

Recently, one of my colleagues sent me a link regarding Transvaginal Cholecystecytomy. My first response when I saw the word "Transvaginal Cholecystecytomy" is ... o.O & Huh, followed by My goodness !!!!!!!!

For those who doesn't understand what is it about,
Transvaginal Cholecystecytomy
= removal of the gallbladder through the vagina. (Don't tell me u dunno what is gallbladder or vagina)

First of all, is the Conventional or Open Cholecystectomy,
Subsequently, the less invasive Laparascopic Cholecystectomy,
And now... the experimental Transvaginal (Laparascopic) Cholecystecytomy..

*Speechless* NES? FKK? Mmmmm..... ;)


Kenny Ng said...

So chim... pain or not?

angel said...

I pengsan first, ok?


*still peng*

L B said...

Not only NES, but also no iPort See!!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


ape tu? dun un


may said...

ermmmm... *pretends that there's no such thing*

mistipurple said...

read already hin hin.
tries not to imagine graphically...
eeek too late!!! so much blood. all red and raw color!!!!
*wake up*
wah so clever hor nowadays, so experimental, but as long as patients feel better, i guess it's an advancement.
*faint back*

Bernard said...

Chen, i just found out from May that you highlighted this too.. great minds think alike, eh?

The Indians have performed trans-gastric appendicectomies and cholecystectomies before this.

The trans-vaginal route has been used to drain abcesses and perform other procedures before. It heals well and is theoretically relatively painless compared to trans-abdominal (now have to specify this already) route. I expect the learning curve will be quite long for now.

It's an exciting new development. Someday, open surgery might be a thing of the past... with a specialty called "open surgery"... since minimal access surgery might have become so mainstream that "open surgery" is sidelined to a sub-specialty.

Will said...


Pink Cotton said...


the space big enough to get out the gall bladder meh???


macam giving birth like that? 'x'

Chen said...

u can click on the given link & read the article. This is something new & still in experimental stage.

dun pengsan for too long leh..
I haven't see Skunkie for long time liao, might be it's time to bring Skunkie out :P

very very very NES
I quote this from the article I read "Dr. Bessler said he and his colleagues had been doing practice operations in the laboratory on pigs for the past year, removing gallbladders, spleens, kidneys and stomachs through the mouth or vagina."


Chen said...

woof meow,
which part u dun understand?
I put it in layman language already up there, Transvaginal Cholecystecytomy = removal of the gallbladder through the vagina. Don't tell me u dunno what is gallbladder or vagina :P

Pretends never hear or read :P
Ignorance is Bliss...

so much blood?
u cincai imagine again :P
Blood loss is minimal leh for gallbladder removal surgery ;)
advancement ah?
disgusting also leh..
no yucks meh? :P

The "conventional" laparascopic cholecystectomy is more acceptable & sounds much better ;)

Pink Cotton said...


Pink Cotton said...

oiiii y reply comments alang2 punya

hmph give u more comments to reply!


*siao mood*

Redsponge said...

i think the idea no need to cut here and there is good la..erm but i hope they wont leave anything in there...boohohohoooo it is like my mama taking out the organs from the chicken!

let's be vegetarians!

Chen said...

Yeah, I read about the news regarding appendicectomy via the oral cavity in 2004. All these sounds "extreme" and "unacceptable" to many. The transabdominal laparascopic route still sounds much better than laparascopy via natural orifice, be it mouth, vaginal or rectum. ;)

say something lah :P

pink cotton,
They did an incision at the vagina wall, which is is around one inch mah, sufficient to remove the gallbladder out liao.

apa macam give birth?
lain lah..
lu cincai fikir :P
Giving birth, the baby is from the uterine cavity, not from outside the uterus... so lain sama sekali :P

Pink Cotton said...

hi! red sponge! u r also here

lets play barbie here while dr chen not in

Redsponge said...

LOL! but wa cin kia le...got blood!!!!!

Pink Cotton said...

like that hor?

ok la we meet at ur place

come come come...

Pink Cotton said...

oh dr chen!

i got one question!

then this surgery cannot be performed on MALE lor???

or isit possible too?????


Chen said...

pink cotton,
ocipala pilipala?

siao mood?
who chi kek u just now?
till u become siao? :P

red sponge,
the transabdominal laparascopic cholecystectomy also doesn't require much cutting mah..
Only 3 small incisions..
the transvaginal laparascopic cholecystectomy requires incision via the vaginal wall too..

The nurse will do the swab & instruments counts prior to closure. Don't worry ;)

suddenly vegetarian talk pulak :P

psss... i go drink tea for a while, then only i continue reply the rest of the comments

Chen said...

pink cotton,
play barbie?
u wanna kena piak, issit? :P

red sponge,
u phobia of blood ah?
These are not major surgeries..
minimal blood loss nia :P

pink cotton,
wah.. u make this into pasar liao :P

via rectum or backside :P

They wanna use the natural orifices woh.. including mouth, vaginal & rectum. They even had the record of removing the appendix via mouth leh in the past..
Geli or not? :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

those words too canggih liao mah....

read read oso feel pain liao...


a^ben said...

ada tengoks tarak fahams lolssss

Simple American said...

That just sounds uncomfortable. Can dilate the vagina for this kind of procedure?

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
Don't understand at all

papercrazy said...

hahaha....men dun have vagina, so cannot perform this operation...

Transsexual = having 2 gender characteristics

Transvaginal = having 2 vagina?? LOL

mistipurple said...

er.. sleeping thru the procedure never mind la. only wake up ewwek ewwek from anaesthesia.
i no loctor donno implications but as patient, i think i can accept lah. but if rectum parts must come out through mouth, that different lah. maybe infection 99 all the shit in mouth. LOLOLOL. opps.

yenjai.net said...

I wonder how much training will be needed

narrowband said...

The patient had a scar near the abdominal area - no wonder the surgeons used this method..

Sounds scary though.

Chen said...

woof meow,
Read liao can feel pain?
These means u understand lah..
Cakap tak faham pulak..
U tipu liao :D

If lidat.. baca dua kali, then u will faham more :P
If still tak faham, baca lagi till u faham :P

Nope, doesn’t need any dilatation.
Vagina is a readily stretchable canal.
It can accommodate even a baby leh..
Remember? baby can pass through this so called stretchable canal during childbirth ;)

Chen said...

If tat is the case, re-read the article again till u understand!!

Hehehe, men have other natural orifice mah..
can use different approach :P
Transrectal.. via anus & rectum ;)

Walao, lu cincai give definition wan..
Trans means "change" or "across" or "through" lah.. siapa cakap it means "two" woh? :P

Since u talked about two vaginas,
I have seen once a patient with two vaginas leh, and not only that, she has two uterus too ;) Ini dunia semua pun ada...

Chen said...

Cannot imagine the scenario regarding rectum parts coming out through the mouth
That means from one end to the other end?
(as mouth = entrance; anus = exit)
Such a long passage to do something which is accessible easily via the other end?
The "surgeon" who perform this particular procedure/surgery must be gila liao…

Not only that, the surgery time will be much longer..
Especially under inexperienced hands…
The anaesthetist will be "cursing" non stop inside the Operating Theatre :P

Not everyone can accept this sort of surgical approach..

Btw, the degree or severity of adhesions varies between individuals. :)
Some might have several surgeries done in the past but with minimal adhesions.. Some unlucky ones, develop severe adhesions despite minor surgery such as appendicectomy (removal of appendix)

papercrazy said...

i did not cincai kong...this is what was said in the Oxford dictionary lei....

2 vaginas??? Aiyoh.....ho wlike dat?

Simple American said...

Baby goes through the canal because the vagina dilates. That is the term I hear the loctors use when my children are born.

Chen said...

Oxford dictionary ti(p)u u liao

Ini dunia semua pun ada mah..
Lotsa things are beyond our understanding :(

The part that dilates is the cervix - the opening of the uterus which connects to the vagina.
The vagina itself is a readily stretchable, which doesn't require any dilatation.