Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mono-the- Poly

What is the easiest way to become rich? By playing Monopoly (百万富翁). If not, another easier way is to change all your $$$ to Indonesia currency Rupiah. ;)

Enough of craps, Monopoly is one of the board games I used to play in the early days. Simple but addictive. Nowadays I can play it anytime and anywhere, on my pda with my constant opponents "Fox and Malcolm". Scottie Dog is my favourite token, followed by Battleship.

Reminiscing the moment playing a kan cheong heart pounding game of Monopoly a year back at Padang Kota Damansara Mamak store. Ah May, Ah Angel and Ah Albie, when can we have another round of Monopoly game?
Go to Jail?? Really See Ghost liao
Do not Pass Go. Do not collect 200. Nah...... Ti(p)u.

And somehow this reminds me back of the forgotten "censored" flying peanut scene again. Time really flies...


L B said...

LOLOL!!! We must organise another rematch! Not fair, that time, you sapu the whole world, and won hands down lagi, even with flying peanut distractions!! Kaka!! Ok, ok, we must do it again! In Sydney too..

L B said...

*throws one more peanut*

day-dreamer said...

If only the millions from Monopoly can turn into real cash... hahahaha!!

This time if L B wins, treat him to lormaikai can already la... :P

Chen said...

Kakkakaka... That one is a ti(p)u game huh? So fast one year liao..
Yeah, we must do it again !!

talking about flying peanuts reminds me of the licking crabs episode. Must replay back the video clips liao. Kkkkkk....

itu peanut jatuh kat mana?
Everyone looking at Angeliu

day dreamer,
Kakkaka... If only..
That's the beauty of the game..

p/s: Lormaikai with lotsa peanuts as side dish ;)

L B said...

LOL!!! That video is XXXrated liao!!

L B said...

Aiyah, how to carry on packing like this? All these flying peanut distractions!!!
*slops a bottle of peanut butter onto Chen's lap*

day-dreamer said...

L B, don't pack, just come back like that, but remember our souvenirs can already.

Correct anot, Chen? KKKKK!!

Yeah, IF ONLY. Sigh...

Pink Cotton said...

i love monopoly too!

last time when i was little i used to pester the che2s and koko to play wiht me but they always refused :(

Chen said...

18-SX video clips.

Dun have to pack so many things mah
Most importantly remember to bring your passport, pda, flight tickets and $$$$$$.
u can buy most of the things here mah. Might be a new camera and a new handphone too :P

Ah Boy busy eating peanut butter..

day dreamer,
Hahhaha... Good suggestion :D
Yeah yeah yeah.

Yeah loh, if only...

pink cotton,
Kkkkk... now u can play the game by yourself liao.. with computer as opponents.. Neh, u can play with Fox and Malcolm :P

may said...

wakakakaka! that flying-peanut, monopoly night! who could forget? all that salted egg crab too, and getting out of jail free! must find online version where we can have a rematch in different locations. like Literati. ooooh, wouldn't that be just grand?

*waits at airport for Mono-the-Poly kakis*

*pops flying peanuts everywhere while waiting*

rinnah said...

I like to play Monopoly, but I usually lose... not a good builder I suppose. LOL!

Chen said...

That was almost a year ago but it all seems just like yesterday. Still giggle over the flying peanut episode. LOLOLOL. Kkkkkk at the salted egg crabs too.

Hopefully one of these days we can play the online Mono-the-Poly. And Ah Boy wanna partakes the flying peanut games

*Tick tock tick tock*

Playing Monopoly depends on luck too. Money come, money come.. I love the double bonus when landed on Go ;)

angel said...

KAKAKAKAKAKA!!! Really TI(P)U ppl big time wan! KKKKK!!! Really Tengok Hantu!!!

OK, To All Monopoly Kakis, I, the KL Monopoly Game Organiser have found another really Finger Liuking Good crabs in PeeJay!! Faster mari, mari! Rematch!

*reminds ownself to wear turtleneck this time*


ps: Ei... I hv NOT seen the SX video wor... :(

ah nel said...

i noe lar u got palm while i cant afford it!


ehon said...

loktor!! i also used to play monopoly. :D

wahh!! it was soooooooo good to hear ur voice!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D Carcar is the first blogger I meet, and you're the first blogger I talk to on the phone! Kekekekeke. :D But u keep giggling!!! -_-!!

Will said...

haha remind me of the olden days... used to long for school holidays because we're only allowed to play monopoly on school holidays

a^ben said...

lai lai lai~

who wanna buy properties from me :P

Chen said...

who ti(p)u who?
*innocent look*

And not forgetting this
Beh tahan :P

Yeah !! We finally have a Monopoly Game organiser & Finger liuking Good Crabs organiser. I want to eat salted egg crabsssssssss...
Liuliuliuliuuuuuuuu :D

LOLOL.. but if u wear turtle neck, then no fun liao.. How to play flying peanut leh? Now is peanut fever season woh :P

Eeeeeeeeeee.... apa pasal u still haven't see the 18sx video? Sudah satu tahun liao leh.. Kkkkkk... Historical video clips liao :P

ah nel,
u also have palms lah..
don't tipu :P
summore u have 2 palms :D

Chen said...

Those who never play are considered as.... as what leh? weirdo? :D

Surprise to hear from u leh..
Didn't expect u to be in Singapore, summore together with Carcar :D
If u talk to Angel on the phone, u will hear even more giggling.

Wah.. Monopoly can be considered as a luxurious game liao in your context, only allowed to play during school hols :P

ah ben,
What properties are u selling?
rubber hotels and rubber house?
or metal tokens?
or paper money?

Wennnn said...

Walau eh playing monopoly at mamak??? Cool never tried tat b4 neh!!

mistipurple said...

i want to play too. i am a robot. i can play i can play..

L B said...

*still LOLOLOLing, even hours later, thinking back.. to the Mamak Match*

ah nel said...

those 2 palm for me to play with my lilo brader not to play monolopy n its din chop palm... :P

Doreen said...

monopoly...haven't play for ages. It was a popular game when I was a kid. (^_^)

Winn said...

i love monopoly tooo! so how much u won last time? win dy din belanja so kuhon oneee

Will said...

memang luxury... because mum thinks a game of monopoly takes too much time... and time is meant for studies :P

giddy tiger said...

I love making everyone bankrupt at monopoly! Muahahahahaha!!!

zeroimpact said...

I want to play this also on my palm
Where to get
Where to get
Then we play together gether k

Chen said...

We were not playing the board monopoly game lah.. Kkkkkk... If we did that, there were be many pairs of eyes watching liao :P

Playing the electronic monopoly game on my pda ;)

Wah.. now u naik pangkat and transformed into robot liao? I remember few days ago u were ostrich and earlier on u were wolf. KKkkkkk...

Play play play..
Oops, sound like playing robot instead of playing monopoly tim :P

And not forgetting the butt and nipple shooting scenes too.. Kkkkkkkkkkkk..
This time no see ghost liao :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
your palms function is to play with the lilo brader only meh? Sure got other function also mah..

Might be it's time to play the game again? ;) I have been playing it over & over again over the past few days.

The amount I win is virtual $$$ only leh. Not enough to buy even a glass of teh tarik or eating one piece of roti canai tim :P

Next time we play with real $$$ huh. Wah.. imagine winning 10,000 bucks. Fatt tat loh...

Chen said...

Indeed it can be time consuming.
Can go on for hours and hours...
But syiok mah..
Sometimes playing 2 roles, as banker as well as participants.

giddy tiger,
Wah.. u r always the big winner and millionare?
So keng chau.
Sometimes i win, sometimes bankrupt, sometimes draw... :P

u wanna? I can sent it to u.
Nice game to pass time or when u feel bored..
Another games that I like is Chuzzle. At times I played Bejeweled too.

ah nel said...

u mean dig dig!!!

*lokter nowadaes so hiao*


_butt said...

i missed monopoly!!! :D

me and my cousins used to play when we were little, but i always kena tipu one... always the first person go bankrupt :(

Chen said...

ah nel,
dig what?
dig gold ah?

Hahaha, so easy to ti(p)u you ah?
Must play monopoly more often with u liao :P

L B said...

i oso wanna play monopoly with butt!

Chen said...

Kkkk, let's have flying peanut (but not flying teh tarik) while playing monopoly with Ah Butt :) said...

I like the 大富翁 with 金贝贝

Chen said...

Mmmm... who is 金贝贝 btw?
I'm lost :P