Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Royal Family

Who are the parents of The Hairy Prince (Rambo Tan) and The Hairy Princess (Duku Langsat)? The parents of the prince and princess are of course not any ocipala fruit person lah.. Who else if not The King and The Queen of Fruits? The Royal Family mah.. Logic or not? Who else will qualify if not them?

Presenting the Daddy or Papa aka King of Fruits - Durian aka Liulian

And also the Mummy or Mama aka Queen of Fruits - Mangosteen.

This is their lovely son, the hairy prince, Rambutan which had appeared on the big screen few days back.

And once again to those blur sotong out there, this is their beloved smooth skin hairless princess, Duku Langsat.
*End of Craps, Time to Zzzzz...*


L B said...

*begins the Ice Blended King of Fruits...*

*crunch crunch pong pong*

giddy tiger said...

After this, will there be any aunties or uncles or not?

I thought LB should be packing! LOL

sengkor said...

i just had the raja kunyit durian.. damn expensive but sedap sehingga menjilat jari..

Chen said...

what time is your flight ah?
finish packing oledi or not?

*crunch crunch yum yum slurp slurp*

p/s: Ah Boy zzz liao..

giddy tiger,
kakakka... dunno.
I took those photo quite some time ago liao. If there are demands, might be the Ee Mah Ku Cher will come out too.. LOL

Too much distraction out there mah.. that's why LB can't pack in peace :P

Nowadays so many different spesies of liulian. Till i konpius kaw kaw liao :P

p/s: u got share with Liucas or not?? or u sapu sendiri? :P

ah nel said...

u din help prince trim bulu kar? LOL

day-dreamer said...

Yerrr.... Chen always tempt me with all these fruits...

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said... left out the twins leh...lychee ne?

later miss lychee angwee ler...


Chen said...

ah nel,
if trim his hair, then the prince will lose his identity liao. How to become The Hairy Prince if his hair is trimmed? :P

day dreamer,
u can always get those fruits in Ipoh also mah. Why say I tempt u woh? :P

Anyway, those photos were taken few weeks back oledi liao. Now I feel like eating those fruits too ;)

woof meow,
Lychee is not local tropical fruit woh.. All those on the screen are tropical fruits which are now in season mah :P

ehon said...

why kch don have all those foood? :( i am sad. i had belachan bee hoon today!! slurrrpppp!

angel said...

really crappy... crappier than the King of Crap! kkkkk...

I'm not happy this Flyday becos Mistipurple's going away...

Doreen said...

Aiya, of course lah. Why didn't I thought of that. This reminds me of the orange colour so called "mountain durian". yum!

may said...

where's the Court Jester? I want the Banana!!

sbanboy said...

Wah din know they were related ...hehe

ah nel said...

got other hairy prince mar! *wink wink*

rinnah said...

LOL at May's comment! Yeah... what role does the Banana play in the Court? And how about the Ciku? Can pair him off with the Princess?

babe_kl said...

missed the durians at balik pulau :(

anyway, wishing ahead first.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! May you and hubby have many more tim tim mutt mutt years to come.

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

aiyer...cincai cincai lor...

lychee looked like rambo tan also mah...

cousin lor...=P

ehon said...

Re May's comment

*puts up my hand*

Court Jester is here!! :D I'll get the chief dessert maker to make it right away!

eve said...

Have you noticed?..Local fruits are more expensive than imported ones?..haihss..

Robin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog at "Robin's Empire".

I have decided to close this blog and start it as "robin's karma" on 070707, 0707hrs.

I acknowledged your visit and thank you for your comments in my final post for "Robin's Empire"

Thank you for being a friend.

_butt said...

hairless princess... *pengsan*

Chen said...

u mean Kuching dun have liulian, mangosteen, rambutan and duku langsat? How can? U sure boh?
or u went to the wrong market?

Belachan bee hoon really very nice ah? I haven't have it before yet :(

Crap post have to be crappy mah
serious post then only serious loh

Hopefully Misti is just taking a short break and will be back soon loh.. Must KFC liao (not the ayam goreng KFC btw :P ).

*sprinkle Happy dust*

Chen said...

Talking about the mountain durian or jungle durian or whatever u name it, I missed those fruits too. I think the last time I had it was... a decade agao? Mmmmmmmmmm...

Court Jester ah?
Zzzzzzzzz kua..
Might be he is busy eating liulian? Kkkk...

*Searching for banana boat*

Hahaha, although this is a royal family, but they have complicated relationship :)
It's a Durian World !!

Chen said...

ah nel,
apa pasal u wink wink?
habuk masuk mata ah?
*apply eye drops using eye-mo* :P

Wah.. this is getting more and more complicated. Luckily "habis cerita liao as indicated by the caption "End of Craps".. Phew..

Might be Banana and Ciku will appear in Season Two of The Royal Family series :P

babe kl,
Yeah, I remember u wrote a long review regarding the durians in Balik Pulau ;)

Thanks for the wishes.
So sweet of u :)

Chen said...

woof meow,
lychee looks like rambutan meh?
I thought lychee looks more like longan :D

Walao.. since when u become Court Jester???? Dun ask the chief dessert to do lah. U can do the job yourself mah. More sincere mah

Yeah, the prices of the local fruits have gone up. Sad huh?

A new title and a new beginning.. All the best, Robin :)

Why u pengsan woh?
U made the hairless princess sad
She starts crying liao :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

ya kah?

but got once my cousin shout " wah, got rambo tan" and point to the fruit stall....den we turned our head towards the stall lor...guess wat?

its not rambo tan but lychee...hehe...=P

Chen said...

woof meow,
LOL. Looks like your cousin need to check eye sight and need to wear spec liao. If he/she already wears spec, then he/she kena change new spec liao

eastcoastlife said...

There are so many varieties of durian in Malaysia ar! I keep learning new ones! How to keep track liddat? And the list of food to try in Penang is getting loner.....

carcar said...

i will blog about the liulian nex week, hehe...

but super 'heaty' now.. aik..too much of sho-kor-la-tte...

'cho-co-la-te' it is...

Kenny Ng said...

Eh... no Pisang ah? :P

a^ben said...

lets go balik pulau makan liu lian~ :X

Monk[+]Icon said...

wah... this fruits are so fruity fruitful! I like all of em except durians... soweee... my late grandpa owns a dusun.... i got phobia of durians... gerori~

Chen said...

Too many till I also dunno what is what. Talk about durian, the last time I had it was... almost a month back? Hahaha, there are too many things to try out in Penang. Must set priority liao which are the MUST :P

Chocolate + Liulian = Super Sinful
Drink more leong char loh
Dowan u to be heaty for so long woh :)

Pisang is busy playing around on the Banana Boat :P

Chen said...

now u syiok Balik Pulau liulian liao. The liulian there really rocks, huh?

I lazy to drive all the way there, normally I just buy the liulian from the durian stalls elsewhere (but the supply are from Balik Pulau lah)

I miss the jungle or mountain durians in Sarawak leh. Neh, those with orange and yellow flesh with super prickly thorns and dark chocolate seeds mia durian :) Didn't see it elsewhere woh.. :(

Eeeeeeeeeeee... how can u dun like durians? U can pass your shares to everyone here. Hahhaha..

Is the dusun still around? Can we visit your dusun? LOL