Saturday, July 07, 2007


070707 - Nice date, huh? Today (7th July) marks the 8th wedding anniversary for me & my hubby. Yee Hon, do u still thinks I'm only 26 years old? :P And not forgetting many thanks to BabeKL for the advanced greeting. She had just celebrated her 9th wedding anniversary few days back, on 4th of July (= US Independence Day).

7th July is an auspicious day cos it also marks :
-Reece's (Winn's mia niece), the crying baby, one-year-old birthday. She arrived last year on Boeing 776
-Papercrazy's two years old birthday or blogiversary.
- Live Earth Concert to create awareness on global warming.
- 070707 or triple seven. Nice mah the number.

What u did at 7:07 am on 7th July 2007 (= 07:07 at 07.070.07)? Still Zzzzzz? That was what I did. Wake up few minutes late to witness the 0707070707. Nope, I didn't buy nombor 4 ekor. Kkkkkkk...

p/s: Last year, someone suggested to celebrate celebread my wedding anniversary by eating celery + bread. *faint* Luckily she didn't ask me to celebread by eating celery + bread on Boeing 777 :P
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angel said...

happy bday to u
happy bday to u
happy bday to chenchen
happy bday to u.

oops... wrong person... kkkkk :p

happy anniversary!
happy 070707!
happy happy!
i'm still typing in my zzzzz kkkkk...

tonite go eat something nicer than bread and celery k??
and then go pom chak chakkkkk!!!

seven seven wo ai niiii!

Wennnn said...

Happy Anniversary Chen!!! 070707... hmmmm just passed it...

may said...

Happy Happy Anniversary to you and your hubs!
Gung Hei Lei!
Chook Fook Lei!

and all those good stuff... heheh!

too bad it isn't your 7th anniversary, otherwise all 7 7 7 7... waaaa, dem syok then! or 8th next year, on 080808... fatt tatt lor, that time!

ah nel said...

so long ledi married so don used those durex rubber liao... :D

its time to let go ah boy!

i suggest tis year ur wedding aniversari u cook up ah boy n eat so next year i wil see ur baby blog...

muahaha said...

Happy Anniversary.
Is that really your ring?

My ring .... maybe I should blog about it, haha

laundryamah said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow u passed the 7 years eh-hem... First time heard of cele-bread....kekekeke

a^ben said...


great auspicious day~!!!

happy anniversary` got go KS at the SYF? ahahhahahaha!!!!

mistipurple said...

Happy Anniversary Dr Chen and Hubby! Wish you many more great years to come! woof woof! hehe.

Chen said...

kakkakka.. TQ TQ for the birthday song. Yeah loh, u should sing to Reece mah. Her one year old birthday. Make sure she dun cry when u sing the song. Have to associate her with ham bao after seeing Winn's Crying Baby post. LOL

Thanks for your greetings
Wah.. u haven't tidur yet meh?
faster go Zzzzzzzzz liao
very late liao loh.. or should it be very "early" liao? ;)

*Happy Happy*

Yeah, tonight no celery and bread.
Will eat something else instead

thanks Wenn :)

Chen said...

Hahhaa, thanks :)
Sounds like CNY greetings :P

Mmmmmmmm about the 080808
hehehe, changing date liao?

888 is a good number
sure many couples will register their marriage or get married on that auspicious day ;)
very fatt
hopefully not very fat instead :P

ah nel,
Who say wan? Mostly only those yang tak kahwin use rubber, if not those who have affair :P Are u included?

btw, I have to point out this. Please take into consideration what u say about Ah Boy. Cos the things u say about him lately are very disturbing. I hope u can put a stop to it. Thanks

Chen said...

Thanks, yenjai :)
Yeah, that's my wedding ring.
No diamond, nothing fancy :D
Just a simple ring, but simple is good. LOL

Looking forward to read about your ring ;)

laundry amah,
Thanks :)
If anyone feels itchy, I can prescribe them with antihistamine or piriton or sapu with calamine lotion. LOL

Ah Ben Ben.. Thanks..
Abuthen u wanna kena piak ah?
SYF pulak? LOL

Thanks Misti
Hhehehhe.. today u have transformed from robot into doggy?
Woof Woof

ehon said...

LOKTORR!! Happy happy anniversary!! Aiseh, yet another year gone by. Many many many happy returns! :D

Ok lar, now I know you roughly how old liao. Kekekekekekekeeke~` :P

Actually, that day after talking to you I can roughly guess liao. :P I still remember your voice AND YOUR GIGGLES! Hahahahahahaha~` :P

Jackson said...

Happy anniversary!!

Jemima said...

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to you & your darling hubby. :)

May your love for each other continues to grow.

Happy 070707!

Chen said...

Thanks Yee Hon :)

Wah.. u can guess how old is a person just by listening to the voice meh? without seeing woh?
Sure boh? :P

U should roughly know my age earlier on liao mah. I'm not Doogie Howser. I dun start working at the age of 13 or 14.. Hahahah

Thanks, jackson :)

Thanks Jemima.
And Happy 070707 to u too :)

day-dreamer said...

If Dr Chen is 26 this year, it merely means she got married at the young age of 18. KKKKKK! :P

Still young, still young. :D

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Chen & hubby!!

And happy 070707 too!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

oooo...Happy Anniversary oh...

happy happy returns...=)

as of 7.07am...still sleeping lor...dreaming sumore...kaka...

Pink Winnie said...

hi.. happy anniversary o..

i also thought u r 26-28 years old.. keke..

cooknengr said...

Whats up Doc, Happy Anniversary! He is the most caring hubby and I don't mean he's 怕老婆 type either :) Many Happy years ahead.

Jee said...

Happy anniversary.

Pink Cotton said...


I ALSO WANTO KAHWIN ON 070707!!!!!!!


Monk[+]Icon said...

Happy ann anniversary! gerori~~

miracle8 said...

Congratulations Dr Chen!! May you and your hubby have many many happy days and anniversaries ahead!

Will said...

happy anniversary!

giddy tiger said...

Happy Anniversary! Actually Happy Lace Wedding Anniversary, since it's the 8th one!

carcar said...

time flies...

happy anniversary to u and yr lao gong! ♥


long time never eat bread with peanut butter liao... i think my last time was the time loh.. that we eat and blog together. hehe...

good old days... old good days...

ah nel said...

i naturel wan whre got used wat wat rubber!!!

seem lyk u more cared ah boy than just an animal n i hope u understand ;)

ah nel said...

lokter!ah nel just an ah nel...farking guy!

so u wan me quit on tokin on ur precious lil black...

well..u got it...good bai... ;)

Doreen said...

Happy Anniversary! Wah~~8 years, I'm like so far behind. Hehehehehe

And Happy Birthday to Reece, the cutie too! (^_^)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
nowadays nobody wants to get married at 18 years old liao, unless... :P

Thanks day dreamer
hehe, I'm not that young but on the other hand, not very old too

woof meow,
Thanks :)
dreaming of what ah?
dreaming of food? LOL

pink winnie,
Thanks Pink Winnie :)
Wah.. u also think the same thing?
I'm not that young, but not that old too :P

Chen said...

Thanks Eddie :)
What a compliment u gave him :D

Thanks Jee :)

pink cotton,
ada orang nak kahwin liao !!
who is the one who is hiao si then?

When will be your turn leh?
your good ji mui Red Sponge married liao leh..
Dun piak me :P

Chen said...

Thanks :)
Guess u must be busy watching Transformer ;)

Thanks Miracle8. Hope to meet up with u again soon :)

Thanks Will.
Bila nak mari Penang to claim your bowl of Penang Assam Laksa? :D

giddy tiger,
Thanks giddy tiger :)
I dunno about all those fancy names cos didn't pay attention to it. U can become my walking dictionary liao :D

Chen said...

yeah time really flies..
u are now in your new company for how many months liao? :D

the bread and peanut butter thing ah? Hahhaha, I remember someone is a copy cat leh :P

Old days are good.
New days are not bad either ;)

ah nel,
Not sked of accident meh? :P

When u have a pet dog time, u will know they are more than just an animal. Even dogs have feelings and emotions and they care for the owners :)

Thanks Doreen. Time flies. Soon it will be yours, hahahha..

Hopefully Reece has stopped crying by now.. LOL

Winn said...

wahhhhhh tqqqqqq on behalf of the crying baby:P

Kenny Ng said...

Woah... Happy Anniversary to you! One of my colleague celebrating with his wife for 7th anniversary leh... really keng!

0707070707 that time ah? I was mandi get ready to work... LOL

slurp! said...

Happy belated Anniversary to you & your hubby!!!

yeah, 777 sure got many weddings. in fact, i was attending my friend's wedding. another surprise, i met a trunk with number plate 7777 while driving to the wedding dinner LOLz

Dancing Queen said...

Hi Chen!
Leaving a comment for the 1st time! Happy anniversary to you & your hubby! :)

May you have many many more wonderful years together! :)

babe_kl said...

hmmm if this year is 7th anniversary then mai leng leng kekekeke... hope you guys have a wonderful time :D

papercrazy said...

Happy anniversary to chen & hubby

eh...not 7 years meh??? Aisehman, patutlah u asked me who the 7th anniversary is?

rinnah said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to you and your hubby, chen! Wahhh... if it was 7th anniversary, really see sevens liao. :o)

I also wanted to comment that you CAN be 26 still... got married at 18 can mah... Kekekeke!

Chen said...

Luckily u didn't cry together with the crying baby. Kkkkkk..
*ang koo koo*

Thanks. Wah, that is 7777 for your colleague liao. More keng than Boeing 777 ;)

Thanks Slurp :) I read from The Star paper today that 77 pairs tie the knot on 7 July in Penang :)

dancing queen,
Thanks dancing queen. Welcome to my place. Hope u enjoy yourself here :)

Chen said...

Thanks BabeKL. If that is the case, really can buy number liao - the 7777 :P

Thanks papercrazy. Yeah loh. Who is the one celebrating the 7th anniversary on 7th July as written at your blog ah? LOLOL

Thanks Rinnah. Abuthen, If u still remember my recent post, I mentioned I have worked for 9 years plus already. And I dun start working at such a young age woh ;) Kkkkkkkk...

King's wife said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! :)

Chen said...

Thanks, KW :)

water_angel said...

happy anniversary! 070707 is a very nice number!!! I love number 7! =)

You mean the babe was born on the plane? then get free flying for life ler? *cool*

Chen said...

water angel,
Thanks Water angel :)
I noticed u have a Moo Moo gang and domain too. Moo Moo rocks ;)

Nope, the babe was not born on the plane. The statement I put up there is misleading.. The baby was born in the hospital. Just that she arrived to this world on 7.7.06, so I put it as she arrived on "Boeing 776"

_butt said...

ah, no wonder! I remember you post a comment on day-dreamer's blog long time ago about this date... hehe

07.07.07 was also my friend's wedding. :)

happy belated anniversary!!


Chen said...

Thanks, Butt. Issit so ah? I forgotten liao what I mentioned there. Kkkkkk

Congrats to your fren who tie the knot last Saturday. There are 77 couples in Penang who tied the knot on 07.07.07 :)

Simple American said...

You look like you are 26 sweetie. ahaha

Happy anniversary!!!! Big hugs for you both!!!

L B said...

Waiting for 080808....

Chen said...

Thanks SA.
Very sweet of u :D

Tick Tock Tick Tock
Will Ah Boy get married on that auspicious day? Hehehhhe