Friday, July 07, 2006


I'm not refering to the Boeing 777 :P But 7th July marks the 7th anniversary for me & my beloved hubby. After so many years, we don't really celebrate the anniversaries, as long as we love each other and have each other inside our hearts every single day. Furthermore he is not in town at the moment. Well, I was in KL attending course as well last year during our anniversaries :)
My sweetheart,
Through thick and thin,
You have been there by my side throughout all these years...
Sharing together with me the laughter and the tears,
the joyful moments and the sad moments...
We have been through life's uncertain rides & roller coasters.
Although we might not know what the future has in store for us
but without doubt, I know the best is yet to be.
I love you, darling.

p/s: Winn gives me a good suggestion to celebread by eating bread today.
And not forgetting... Congrats, Winn for being aunty again.. Her niece aka 7706 has arrived smoothly via direct flight on Boeing 777 around 12 noon ;)

And not forgetting.. muacks to Angeliu for the nice anniversary greetings :)


may said...

congratulations & best wishes on your anniversary! wishing you many more to come too. :)

eve said...

happi anniversary chen...i m not late after all..hehe..

carcar said...

winn bring some BREAD,
carcar bring some CELERY.

*lets CELE + BREAD*

Alicia said...

hmm can write a nice poem for me too? xD

Chen said...

p/s: I want ice cream too.. but I dowan to lick the monitor LOL

Thanks. Arrived here via Boeing 777? You are definitely not late :)

wah.. good loh..
Ada Cele, ada bread..
let's Celebread :D

p/s: remember to bring mobile phone to work next time :P

Hahaha, I'm not good in writing poems.. Sketch or draw for u can lah.. :P

cooknengr said...

Whats up Doc,.. lovely poem and you hubby is a very nice and lucky person..besides bread, eat seven 桔子, drink seven glasses of 菊花荼..

13th Panda said...

How sweet~~congrats..

Winn said...


oh the bread so sweeeeet..must eat more ok. ur poem oso very sweet. i must read more :P

L B said...

Happy Joyous Blessings, Live Long & Prosper, make lots of Sotong, Happiness, DVDs, and some Lormaikia... Happy Anniversary, Doctor!!

Chen said...

seven 桔子 and seven glasses of 菊花荼? Err.. any special meanings for this? I’m blurred :)

13th Panda,
Thanks, 13th Panda :)

Thanks, Winnliuliu…

*Note to self: Today must eat lotsa lotsa bread :)

Winn Winn is very sweet too.. I must kacau u more :P Your 7706 very cute leh.. can I pinch her cheek? :P (Tangan gatal liao...)

Chen said...

TQ TQ :)
make lots of sotong? Wah...
okie okie, I take that as make lotsa sotong mah chai.. I'm recruting more Sotong members now :P LOL

DVDs weekend :)

Robin said...

Congrats Congrats Congrats

and may u have 7 children too.

Red Sponge said...


Chen said...

7 children? Wah.. Can I answer that with Thanks, but no thanks.. hahhaa...

red sponge,
Thanks, red sponge :)

plink said...

Happy Anniversary! Magic Seventh one also!

_butt said...

Awww... so 'lum' lah... sweeet and lomantik.. :)

babe_kl said...

Happy Anniversary to Chen & Hubby!!! Wishing you both more to come...

angel said...

Hoho!! Wish u again and again,
H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y ! !

Aiyak... where the loyar pi?? I thot tonite got laam laam candlelite dinner by the beach, (there's one very very nice, romantic restaurant by the beach beside Loh Boon Siew's bungalow! Go there when he comes back!!!) red wine, big bouquet of roses, sentimental music, slow dance, lei hon cheok ngor, ngor hon cheok lei... then after that, balik rumah *ahem ahem AHEM*...

*laam sighhhh*

Laaammmm sei lohhhh...

Dear doc, I wish you happiness, I wish you love, I wish you only the best...

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a Happy Anniversary and may there be more to come :D

day-dreamer said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Add sotong to the menu too... ;)

Simple American said...

777 is so much nicer than 666. Has a better movie with Pirates of the Caribbean too. Maybe surprise your hubby by dressing up as a pirate and then you can swashbuckle about the house. hehe

Congratulations. A toast to the next 70 years. :)

Chen said...

plink, butt, babekl, clair, day dreamer,
thanks :)

Thank you again & again..
Yeah, I just received your "parcel" this evening. Thanks for the beautiful gift & the lovely card :D

He is working outstation these few days :) Wah.. reading your nicely written agenda.. Mmm... got ahem ahem summore.. LOL. I guess this is how u gonna celebrate your valentine as well? :P

And not forgetting.. thanks for calling just now ;)

Thanks, SA :)
Aiyoh.. 666 is our Angeliu's birthday :P Special also lah the number 666. Dressing as a pirate? hahahha... i can't imagine that :P

Alicia said...

waaa so mean... xD

zeroimpact said...

Happy anniversary doc doc
very beautiful ur quote
*sniff sniff*

Chen said...

aiyak :P

thanks.. giving boiboi tissue paper to wipe his tears :P