Saturday, July 08, 2006


Following Carcar's footsteps, this Day Dreamer merajuk as well, wanting me to draw a day dreaming picture for her. 我看了实在有点哭笑不得,讲真的, 这个 Day Dreamer 怎么好的不学 ??? Aiyah.. good things dowan to learn but.... Mmmm... never mind :D Since she merajuk, I gave her one lollipop few nights ago ...

Picture of a little kid in pyjamas day dreaming about ice cream while licking lollipop - specially for the two little gals, namely Day Dreamer & Butt. Butt, how you like your Lime, Orange, Strawberrry and Cappuccino-flavoured Lollipop? ;)

p/s: Angel, Thanks for the pressie. I will draw something for you with that later..


may said...

uik? did she take the lollipop from my website favicon? LOL!! so the very cute cute for carcar!

*gives another lollipop*

carcar said...

i like lollipop!

carcar said...

i wonder any coffee flavor lollipop in ther market?!


i can't finish one lollipop in one go, usually i lick lick lick... (sound so funny right?) then cannot finish, i will store in fridge, then continue the licking by tmrw. !!

faint. wat am i talking about.

a^ben said...

whahahaha` everyone one cantik leh` how come mine is lion head` haiyoyoyoy` hahahah

Chen said...

aiks, now I remember your lollipop favicon.. LOLOLOL
Didn't think of that earlier on..
curi pakai for a while can hoh?

Can I have one lollipop too?

dunno ah.. never buy lollipop for ages liao :P

oh.. oh... my dear carcar..
wah.. this is how u "eat" your lollipop ???

cos u r lion prince mah..
but after your hair cut session this evening, u no longer prince liao :P

day-dreamer said...

WAHH... thank you thank you!!

*give 1 lollipop to Chen*

Can send 1 without the blog address to me? So that I can tayang and tunjuk it around... kekkekeke!

_butt said...

Eh eh, sooo cuuuuute... nice!! I like, I like! TQ TQ!! *muaaks*

Give u one lollipop oso la, durian flavor wan.. ^^

Feeel like cubiting the kid's cheek now la.. can? can?

psstt.. I keep the lollipops safe in a secret place already.. sked got ppl curi maa *LOL*

Sumore I tak sampai hati nak makan leh.. *haha*

L B said...

Where is mine?!!!!You said you were going to do for me too wan?!!!! *merajuk sotong style- with tentacles all spread inwards*

Tibbar de Gniw said...

*gasps* I turn my back for a while and now Chen starts drawing portraits??!

Very cute. ^^

L B said...

*still merajuk*

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hah? I get one lollipop too? TQ

wah... want to tayang & tunjuk around pulak? Hahhah.. tunjuk to who? LOL
I will send it to u later on tonight..

I gather two lollipops today. One from day dreamer & another one from u :P Apa flavour pun tak kisah.. Hampalang sapu.

Pinch loh as u like.. As long as u don't pinch my face can liao.

U locked up the lollipops inside the safe? Cannot keep for too long leh.. Later melt then susah :P

Hahhaha... u also merajuk ala sotong style with tentacles spread inward ? *no eye see*

Err.. I thot sotong merajuk with tentacles spread outwards .. like the spaceship :P

Chen said...

no lah, I didn't draw portraits.. Drawing portraits consume lotsa time.. Cos need to draw in detail.. Better to draw cartoon. Can kao tim in few minutes time ;)

aiks... still merajuk?? Wonder besides spreading the tentacles inward, does the merajuk sotong pouts lips as well??? LOL

thinking what to draw for the sotong yang merajuk... Mmmm... might be octopus or starfish :P

plink said...

So farnee, everybody now merajuk-ing.... Kekeke....

Luckily nobody mentioned sotong-flavored lollipop.... Kena *piak* nanti....

day-dreamer said...

What does L B have to merajuk? Everyday makan sedap-sedap... cukup lah!

:P :P :P

zeroimpact said...

Wah got lolipop n ice cream...
yum yum yum
doc done it again...
How do u do it
need to merajuk 1 eh...

Chen said...

hahhaa.. not to the extend of everyone merajuk lah (luckily) :P

Sotong flavoured lollipop? Wow.. how come I never think of that? Great idea. Must jot this down inside my PDA :D

day dreamer,
Life is more than just makan.. LOL

aiyak, boiboi also want to merajuk ah? I give u one lollipop.. Don't merajuk, okie? ;)

angel said...

Did I hear someone say durian lollipop??? *goes and look for it at some _butt's hiding plc*

Doc, nice liuliu! Simple and cute!

Liu are welcome! I'm glad the parcel reached u on 0707! LOL! No more drawings in shades of black... ;) Hope liu like it!

Chen said...

I offered Butt liulian lollipop earlier on but she rejected.. I guess she doesn't like liulian :P

Yeah, I like the parcel.. and in return, I drew something "special" for u :P Hope u like it :D

zeroimpact said...

boy boy take lollipop for now
heh heh heh
wait for August then onli merajuk
*may b can get better deal*

Chen said...

wah.. this boiboi want to keep the merajuk feeling inside his little heart ah? Don't tell me u want to outburst your merajuk-ness in August? LOL.. I sked later earthquake.. hahahha.....

Thao said...

hey, you are pretty good in drawing, I love paintings..well, I loves arts. I bought a sort of arty thingy from Malaysia that is made from rice bag and old coins. Do you know? very pretty and environmental

Chen said...

I love arts too... Art is my passion ;) It is a good & relaxing activities to pass time too. I know about the art pieces from old coins, but never notice those from rice bags. I guess I should look around more frequently then.. There are so many interesting things out there awaiting for us to explore :)