Sunday, July 08, 2007

Random Update

It's raining cats and dogs out there over the weekend, which helps to clear off the haze. At least we can now breath in fresh air (temporary).

Received a surprised phone call yesterday night - The caller ID showed "Albie Wong". After chatting for a while, then only I realised the emperor was actually in town!! Yeah, I knew he came back yesterday but didn't expect him to land in Penang International Airport (instead of KLIA). LOL.. And guess what? he was staying in a 5 star luxury hotel less than 5 km away from my place. So near and yet so far? And as expected he had chowed down Lormaikai and several other local delicacies and foodstuff. I haven't meet up with him yet since he was busy. Well, the "longkang" date is still on and the day will come soon :)


Doreen said...

Wah~~~you two sure have one hell of a good time catching eh? Albie is actually a he right? I always not quite sure coz the name seems lika a gal's name. Me blur sotong....sorry Albie.

Jemima said...

Thanks to Albie.. he brought the rain & clear the haze (even if it is only temporary). :)

Will said...

update until dunno what title to put... so put "random update"? hahahaha

oh itu emperor sudah sampai M'sia? cool


it's raining at my home too.. and mom js washed clothes..

may said...

wahahaha! and I thought he was in KL all along! transit ka? long and winding road home ka? so odd that he landed in Penang rather than KLIA. we were all waiting in the wrong airport, LOLOL!

must give report after meeting, ok? and pinch his ka chng for me! kkkkk!

a^ben said...

wahhhhh` dun get too close with the emperor later his concubines pinch ur ka chng owh` ahhahahaha :P

ehon said...

aiseh! the emperor sent you to update kar? lol! the longkang date of the emperor and the royal doctor. lol!

Chen said...

didn't chat for very long lah..
15 or 20 minutes i think?
but the reception is not good :P

*faint at your confusion*
Albie is definitely a He..

Hahhaha, I have the same thinking too. He brought rain to Penang
(rain = water = $$$$)

It's indeed random mah
I lazy to think of the title :P

Yeah, the Emperor has arrived,
in full glory.. (or full force?)

Chen said...

Oops, u all have to hang the clothes indoor then :)

Hehehe, The pom pom teams waited at the wrong airport, huh? LOL.. He has errands to run and stuffs to settle in Penang, and will be heading to another Land of Good Food today (aka Ipoh) :)

I will only meet him 2 weeks later leh. Which side of his ka chng u wanna pinch? left or right? Kkkkk..
can cubit till oh cher? :P

Wah.. so scary wan meh?
His concubines are not so fierce wan lah :P

kakkaka.. no special order, I itchy hand only :P Kekkeke.. At least we dun have to squat by the longkang to eat laksa :P

may said...

what is "oh cher"? pinch both, but save some tender spots for me, ya! kakakakaka!

* P I N C H *

Chen said...

oh cher = black + green in hokkien = bruise. If pinch too hard, then will become oh cher loh :P

Must rub hands, and get ready to pinch, leaving the most tender spot for u :P

Will said...

hahaha pinch ka ch'ng pulak... so kinky... LOL

day-dreamer said...

Well, at least we know he arrived safe and sound and lormaikai-filled. LOL.

Ya ya ya, it rained so heavily just now to the extend that I actually felt cold. :D

Sorry my blog's been giving you pop-up problems, I never realised as my Firefox blocked all those ads. I guess it's coming from the SayBox... will try to figure out something real soon.

Chen said...

Kkkkkkk.. not kinky lah..
Previously we have io ka chng,
now we are one step higher -> pinch ka chng loh :P

day dreamer,
hahhaa, yeah.. Lormaikai filled. Yesterday night he wasn't KFC filled yet. I dunno whether he had KFC or not today.

It's good to zzz on rainy days, especially when one is at home ;)

I'm using Firefox with the option "blocked pop up windows" all these while. But somehow the pop up ad still appeared. Wonder if anyone else facing the same problem?

day-dreamer said...


Hmm... I would migrate to another chatbox which I like better, if only it could password-protect my nickname. Well, you know, I don't wanna mislead people by having impostors typing what's not from me...


Chen said...

day dreamer,
There is another chatbox - Msjbox. I used this chatbox in the past and loved it. However I have removed the chatbox from my blog for more than a year liao. One can insert his/her avatar or profile picture and the nickname is password protected, with lotsa nice emoticons.

Previously this is a free programme. I just check the website and nowadays it's no longer free :(

mistipurple said...

hehe. pinch the other side of the emperor's ka chng ok? :P

angel said...

Everybody wants to pinch his ka chn'g... I want to B I T E his ka chng hehe...

It rained in KL earlier this afternoon too :)

Chen said...

Kkkkk... instead of yum char session, now it has become pinching ka chng session liao? LOL

sure oh cher kaw kaw loh if lidat :P

wah wah wah..
manyak ganas :P
instead of thumb print (or oh cher "prints") u will leave behind teeth prints. Kkkkkkkk

Rain is mostly welcomed during the "sauna" season, and hopefully can shoo away the hatred haze..

How come u didn't sing "rain, rain wo ai ni" geh? :P

angel said...

aiyak... blur blur liao... cos got so many blogs to read :p

ka chng ka chng wo ai niii!! :p

nyonyapenang said...

aiyoh.....pity albie lar....or cheh...or cheh every where.

and 2 weeks time, you gonna have some 3 to 5 hours mum-mum sessions with albie. enjoyssss lar....

and talking about rain, it reminds me...the last trip i was in penang on 18th to 20th June, freak thunderstorm lar. read in the papers, got sampans and fishing boats overturned and many big trees uprooted also. gua takuttt....

Wennnn said...

Waaaaa U hv heard from Emperor liao lor!! Huh so fast he is gobbling up all the lormai kai's... KAkakkaka

mistipurple said...

*still giggling over last night* kkkkk

L B said...

OMG, Doreen! Everyone will think I am a lesbian now!!!

L B said...

LOL at Mis-Longkang Date too!! Poor ECL!

rinnah said...

All hail the Emperor! The Emperor is in town!

It rained in KL yesterday... no more haze liao!

Hijackqueen said...

Wah, after gatecrashed landed in the longkang!

Leonard said...

the indonesian just couldn't listen to instructions.

hope the haze won't pop by here...

eastcoastlife said...

lb arrived safely home liao! hehe... the date is still on yah?
Counting the days, drooling, drooling.....

Chen said...

KKkkkk.. and your "shopping" list is getting longer day by day. u know what i mean by shopping, right? Kkkkkkkkkk... :P

laff kaw kaw at the ka chng ka chng wo ai ni song

Dun have to pity him yet cos we haven't start pinching mah. Who knows he might wear the protective gear for protection from oh cher leh? Hahahha..

More than 3-5 hours leh.. Should be the whole day. Depends on what time he arrives :)

That heavy rain episode which occured on Bak Chang festival was indeed kia si lang. I saw the photo from newspaper. *Cold Sweat*. Thank God I was working at that moment and not somewhere near the beach. Phewwwwwww...

Chen said...

Lormaikai is a must mah..
Hahhaa, since he was so deprived of LMK over the past few months :D

Kkkkkk.. can sleep boh yesterday night. Hopefully no insomnia. U have a sweet voice leh. Nice chatting with u :)

Hahahaha... Not totally lesbian leh, since u did the Titanic Pose with Cocka & pinching each other's butt. Laff die me again :P
*Scandal scandal*

That mis-longkang date is really another pengsan-ing episode. Luckily we found out early ;)

Chen said...

The emperor really brings rain. LOL
Prosperous Emperor huh?
Since water = money :P
Hooray to "No Haze" ;)

hijack queen,
Huh? cracking and scratching head thinking hard.. :D

Haze has become an annual event in Malaysia. So sad... :(

The date is still on. Luckily u didn't fly here on the 13th. Else really See Ghost liao on Friday the 13th :P Hehehhehe...

sbanboy said...

Wah eating session again ...haha

Make sure u stuff him up real good :D

Giddy Tiger said...

He came and left Penang so suddenly!

Chen said...

Everyday is eating season
I guess by now he has stuffed himself with generous servings of good stuff liao ..

*Thinking of those yummy mouth watering Ipoh foodstuff*

giddy tiger,
Very mobile
Highly dynamic indeed ;)

_butt said...

doc chen, someday we will have our longkang date too. wait for me ya!

so LB is here in malaysia already! *happy*


Chen said...

ini ah butt, so near yet so far.
Bila u nak mari Penang woh?
KL is very nearby Penang only mah

Yeah, the Emperor is now somewhere in Malaysia. Dunno whether he is still in Ipoh or back to PJ liao :)

Simple American said...

So cool. Cannot wait to see all the pictures of almost seeing people's faces. hahaha

Hug him for me. *hugs for loctor too*