Monday, August 07, 2006

Crazy Sunday

After staying for one week plus in the Land of Hornbills, it was time for me to bid farewell. I reached KL at 11:15 am on Sunday and Angeliu came to fetch me with her super huge car :P We went straight to KL city for lunch in Hakka Restaurant. Ah May, Albie and Steven were waiting in the restaurant.. wanting to bite the late comers :P

Zeroimpact arrived next followed by Carcar and our beloved Winnliuliu arrived last.

After the nice heavy meal, the fun begins - the sukuness or sua ku or sakai or whatever u called it.. Everyone was busy playing with the cameras and the cam whoring session. There was one lenglui who was even more keng.. She hoh.. climbing up and down the chair to take shots of Angeliu & Zeroimpact !! Weirdo huh? We were amazed.. Our facial expressions at that time was PRICELESS!! Everyone was amazed & opened their mouths big big (okie okie, we didn't open our mouth that big lah..) Not only that, her facial expressions during cam whoring session was really ichiban... Mou tak deng..

Guess who was the noisiest among all that afternoon? And yeah, not forgetting, the fei chu yok was Carcar's favourite... I can still remember how she slurped and swallowed the skin and the fatty layer which melt in the mouth... Ada gaya ada sensasi... Sinful, sinful :P She even sapu the fatty layer of pork from my plate :P

Ah Winn (very good gal) was really having great fun hiding at one corner and playing with my camera, since she didn't bring hers. Luckily she didn't throw my camera up and down.. else I really No Eye See loh.. Since I have two, I let her play along with the toy loh... Syiok hoh snapping here and there :P Hahha, I haven't count how many shots u took leh that afternoon. ( I admit we were all weirdo, hahaha).

After the heavy lunch, it's time for dessert. The menu of the day was ... none other than the interesting slideshow from my PDA. Cocka & Winn were pretty interested with the priceless pictures.

The fun continues. After lunch, we went to this weirdo place called Winter Warmer at The Curve. And we have fun shooting picture again before the Star of the Day arrived.. who else but the cute boy, Lucas (the rabbit who disguise as a dog)

Welcoming Lucas aka Liucas... Suddenly he became the centre of attention. This maltese hoh.. hyperactive and cannot stay still wan (not like my Ah Boy, hahahah), jumping up and down and going left and right :D Really attention seeker, huh? But I like that :P DYK Carcar doesn't like mammals leh.. She prefer reptiles such as iguana, snakes and insects such as kah chuak (which is cockroach loh for those who doesn't know) etc etc... Tsk tsk tsk..

Liucas has lotsa saliva. Licked here and there till my face was full with his saliva. Not only that, he even licked my lips and my tongue :P I really enjoyed myself carrying and playing around with Liucas. (I missed my dog, u know???? I haven't see Ah Boy for almost 2 weeks liao leh..)

Aiyak.. who was that? So cruel? Bully Lucas? and stepping on the poor doggy? Ooooucchhhhh....

I guess Liucas was thirsty after losing so much saliva. Of course lah, licking here and there.. what to expect? LOL. Guess what he did? Curi slurping his beloved mummy's (Winliuliu loh.. who else?) drink.. Good taste lah this dog.. Really knows how to enjoy life. Only choose the good stuff to makan :) U noticed Liucas tongue is very long? And messy hoh when he licked the ice cream? Hidung kena, Rambut kena (or should we called it Bulu?) LOL

And thanks to Angel for the great shoulder massage session. Syiok! Angel is a professional masseur :)

Soon it was time to bid farewell to Cocka (heading back to JB), Winn and Zeroimpact. What was next on the list? Makan again.. (Really makan non stop). We had dinner at Pantai Seafood Restaurant in PJ.

Sambal Belachan kangkung.. seong tong Lala, Salted Egg crabs and not forgetting the crispy yim chiu sotong.. Sotong here and sotong there... Frankly speaking, I ate sotong 6 times liao over the past 2 weeks, hahaha... But who cares? Sapu also. Who can resist good food?

The highlights of the night was the flying nuts. First of all, Carcar and May tried to throw the kacang into Angel's u guess what *ahem*.. Following by flying nuts into Albie's mouth.. Successful or not? I guess they need more practise :P

And not forgetting the sucking, licking and slurping of the crabs shell which was coated with the sinful salted egg yolk.. And the scene can be replayed over and over again since it was recorded on video clips, hahaha..

Soon, we had to bid farewell to the tall lady aka Carcar from Singapore (*Note to self*: not to stand next to her in the future, but can sit next to her or do whatever lah except standing.. :P)

The night was still young.. After dinner, we head on to Mamak Stall in Padang Kota in PJ for another round of drinks.

We had a brief session of sharing ghost stories (real life personal encounter experiences) etc as well as photo shooting again.. taking few interesting shots of Angel with her yau yeng & gaya mia post etc etc.. Playing monopoly on my palm Tx..

And not forgetting these great shots ... You know who is this, don't you? ;)

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Sien woh... Cos have to start working tomorrow liao :P After resting for so long, now I become malas oledi..


_butt said...

Nicey!! SO many incredibly, sinfuly, tremendously, extremely, outrageously delicious.. *chup take a breath first* .. food!!!

Did I hear ghost stories sharing?? I love!! *weird*

_butt said...

Oh, btw.. met Lucas b4 in Winn's blog *hehe* cute!! ^^

13th Panda said...

wah..u can really makan la...LOL

nvm..ciak si hok (hokkien)

Red Sponge said... lovers meeting.

Though Lucas looks clean clean...but i think i better cabut first! 'x' really enjoy la!
tsk tsk tsk...sure u cant get used to work on tomorrow. Luckily U din go back to work on Monday! 'x'

Winn said...


*chupping top of my lungs*..

i got 2 lungs hor?

angel said...

kakakakakakakaka!!!! OMG!!! beh tahan!! so liuuuu! :P

*comes back later to read*
*now go makan*
*hungry lerrr*

But say goodnite to u first... u sure go zzzzz early wan... :D

angel said...

whoaaa!!! these two ladies on top of me so liuliu fast wan! just now got 3 komen, now got 6 liao! in split seconds! LOL!

Winn said...

hahaha...aiya i no more secrect liao.

actually that wasnt the real me..

the normal me is sit one side and read fictionary book that kind...

*dunno carcar will come and stalk your comment box here or she can make notes for the private investigation study...kakakak*

Chen said...

yeah.. hold breath deep deep huh.. :P
wah, u like to hear ghost stories ah? very brave lah u :)

Liucas is indeed a cute dog..
Oops.. cannot praise other dog here.. later my ah boy dengar, he jealous :D

13th panda,
The makan trip has ended liao..
Today I will start dieting, hahaha..

red sponge,
should be food lovers meeting and the dog is the honourable guest of the day :D

yeah hoh, I remember u tak suka anjing and other furry animals, same like carcar leh.

Pengsan loh if asking me to go to work today.. hahahha..

Chen said...

yeah, u have 2 healthy lungs..
u can chup top of your lungs, but don't cough out your lungs, okie? :P

Cos i dunno how to treat that, kakaka...

so late tak makan dinner lagi?
walao.. I sakit hati leh..
so fast good night liao?
yeah hoh.. in less than an hour time, is good morning liao.. hahha..

they very cekap one mah..
in split of seconds ;)

I didn't say that was u woh..
I say a lenglui doing that only mah... didn't mention name woh..
why u admit ah ?

i know, the real u is very quiet one.. sit at one side and reading book quietly :P

private investigation study?
hahaha.. yeah hoh.. she has lotsa things to investigate, kakakaka...

may said...

wahlauehhh!! suku-ness? I likey!! didn't know you ate sotong so many times in the past 2 weeks, should've eaten 3 more just for the heck of it! wakakakaka!

LOL @ "match the boob with the butt" photos... ROTFL!!

rest well doktor, time to work again tomorrow... (and me too... sigh!)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

wohhhh Liucas is a rabbit masquerading as a dog? LOL my second rabbit used to think she was a cat. The first one thot he was a dog.'s my wok...

Chen said...

suku-ness is good, hahha..

sotong here and sotong there mah..
tat's why :D I remember Angel saying how come there's no sotong dimsum when we had dimsum this morning, LOL :P so, Sotong cannot Rules yet ;)

I have more boob photos but scared to put up here.. later kena bombard, kakaka..

aiks.. dowan to think about tomolo..
sien sien.. sien kaw si :(

Liucas is everything :D
Liucas is a good actor too.. LOL

Simple American said...

I know how you feel Chen. Back to work after two weeks vacation is so much like trying to drink marmalade in a tall tall thin glass.

Looks like you had a good time. Gosh, Liucas is everywhere. I must meet this fellow.

Cocka Doodle said...

What's up, Doc?
Nice meeting you and let's do one bloggers' makan tour in Penang one of these days.

You said;"I have more boob photos but scared to put up here.. later kena bombard.." I hope you are not implying to those surgically removed tumored boobs pictures in you PDA.
**runs off to puke**

domesticgoddess said...

kihkihkih... who's butt is that?

Selba said...

Oh my!!!! Lucas is so CUTE and adorable!!! He must be the centre of everyone's attention, no? :)

Chen, next time... when there's a gathering, maybe you can bring Ah Boy along, yah? :)

L B said...

OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! My lawyer will be contacting yours shortly!! LOLOL!! Wakakakaka!!! Really nice meeting you, Doc.. Must do it more often, but only on a social basis, yeah?

Chen said...

What a day :)
First day working is always "torturing".. Summore my big boss is not around today and my second boss is attending meeting this whole morning.. So I'm the acting boss for the morning, hahhaha..

U must meet Liucas, and not only that, u must meet everyone of us too... LOL

Nice meeting u too :)

Blogger makan tour in Penang. That's great. Please come :) Penang welcome u with opened arms and big hugs :D

Talking about boob photos, depends on what u want, hahaha... I have those photos too.. The fungative ulcerated advanced breast cancer in my desktop, but I never save that inside my PDA, cos that was too gross. This one see liao u might puke..

Chen said...

who else? hahaha... the one who wanted to ask his lawyer to contact me loh.. None other than LB :D

Lucas is indeed very cute. He is such a darling :) Very affectionate..

If gathering in Penang, might be I can bring him out. Might I don't know how he will behave in the public in front a huge group of people :D

Lawyer? I better hide behind the chair then.. haha.. Nice meeting u too, of course lah on social basis, and not meeting in hospital or clinic, huh? LOL

JoMel said...

I so wished that I was there. Hope there'll be another chance to meet you ya? another porgy?

lynnx01 said...

Sometimes I wonder.. are all the things doctors try to scare us with real? When I went for attachment or talk to docs, they all discourage me from going into medicine. No life lah, this lah, that lah.. but you're having so much fun! You seem to have a fantastic life, blogging almost everyday.

sbanboy said...

Wow yummy food and cute dog :)

eve said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhh...sin mou sei yan lor....kat KL never call me oso..but then tat kinda jadual..where got time la hor? time..

zeroimpact said...

Sorry for not making it for the dinner...
I had a lot of fun :)
Sorry, been busy today so will try to send the pics to everyone tonight... hopefully

Winn said...

my second and direct boss not around too..i m so lazy to work today. the internet connection sot sot dei..i so wanna go back now. but i m scared for i havent finished my stuff for tmrw's meeting.

at moment like this i hope i m a 'doctor' ..

can issue mc to myself.

Kristopher said...

Hakka of the most expensive restaurant in town..hehehe..being dere once for the fatty lemak 3 layer pork.... :)

Chen said...

I remembered u were eating the yummy Peking duck when May called u :D *slurp* Don't worry, there were always be another "next time" or another porgy ;)

What they said are indeed real. That was what I had been through over the last 8 years until I decided to give it a change :) I'm really tired with what I have been through in the past. Well, I'm not getting any younger and no longer as energetic as when I was in my mid twenties. U can read my life as a doc in the past in my archives when u r free and my experiences during my on call times. I won't encourage my relatives to become doctor as well.

Bila u nak mari Penang?
after exam? :)

Chen said...

alamak, paiseh woh... :P
I scared u no time to answer my call leh, since u r so busy.. Can I call u this coming weekend instead? :D

boiboi, no need to say sorry so many times lah.. i know u r busy. But at least we have lunch & tea time together liao :)

I hate meeting.. I hate hate hate meeting :P Damn sien hoh, hahaha..

Ini Winliuliu always come up with great ideas. I suka woh.. Aiyoyo, doctors cannot issue MC to themselves leh.. Not valid mah. How I wish I can... cos if can, I will issue lotsa MC for myself liao, kakakkaka :D

u also like the sinful sam chan yok ? ;)

day-dreamer said...

Yor... so bad~~

Bloggers' meeting up also didn't include me. :'(

*drool again*

Red Sponge said...

doc, carcar dun like dog? 'x' Heee...ok i go her blog!

lynnx01 said...

Alright, I'll go take a look at your archive. :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
oops... forget u r in KL/PJ liao mah..

red sponge,
she likes reptiles such as iguana. She doesn't mind snakes & kahchuak..

u have to dig slowly..
got 400+ posts there :P
u want a spade? ;)

kat said...

What a pity I missed you. Ne'er mind, this weekend I'm going to Penang. Can give some recommendations for good hawker food?? Must scour your archive for good eats!

BTW, how does one fracture a penis??

carcar said...

eh? i thought i put down my comment here this noon?

arh... siao liao!!

hey u have very detailed writting here, and the flying nuts, hahahah...

and the beautiful pict...

and have me beautiful blogger!

*pls show some respect, stop vomitting pls*

Chen said...

we can always meet up some other time :) What hawker food u want to eat? Too many selections here, and I will give u some recommendation depends on what u want to savour in your list :)

penile fracture can occur when an abnormal force is applied to the erect penis. Trauma during rough sexual position is a responsible for majority of cases, especially with female on top position.

I guess carcar didn't have enough sleep yet, that's why blur blur a bit.. :P

Must write in detail mah, so that I can come back & read again later on in life, hahahha... Forget to include in the massaging session :P

syiok hoh the flying nuts. Angel really get a shock when u throw the first nut at her cleavage.. *nyek nyek* I can still remember her facial expression, kakakak :D

nobody vomiting woh.. cos u r indeed beautiful mah :D

plink said...


*Ekskius ah, I'm investigating AhCarcar*


Carcar likes samjan bak and kachuak. OK, set.

Why LB mya lor yao kena fotograf? Io kach'ng too much oredi!!

Chen said...

hahha.. so u manage to get some facts about Carcar here :P
Not bad, not bad :)

LB that night fatt hao mah.. He hiaw kao pua si
that's why loh... LOL

plink said...


Uik! Just read the post again and I have to ask angel:
'Carcar and May tried to throw the kacang into Angel's... *ahem*...' not uncomfortable ar?

angel said...

LOLOL @ Detective Plinku!
Plinku, they so jahat neh... especially tat carcar larr... first time tak masuk, 2nd time pun tak masuk but 3rd time... s c o r e...

BTW, doc, I'm gonna copy & paste your sentence abt the penile fracture in my blog ok? Kakakakaka!

Chen said...

wah.. u open eyes till so big-big ah after reading that? LOL

not only carcar throw kacang at u leh.. May also throwing.. kekekke.. I can still remember your facial expression at that moment. LOL

how u remove the kacang which masuk goal ah? kekkeke..

copy & paste loh.. no problem..
wonder what u gonna write, kakakka..

L B said...

chup from Ipoh

Chen said...

chuppie chuppie :D
reminds me of carmistwinanplinktitokichen again... LOL

plink said...


*faster zip up top*


Kesian angel.... =D

Pink Cotton said...

hmmm u kno what they say?

a dog's behaviour reflects the dog is also siao dog..jumping around...skipping around..shouting around..hmm..

as for winn's lucas hor...*cough cough* we also know lor...wahahahaah

day-dreamer said...


Yor... you guys really mou sam gon lo... :P

Chen said...

u should see Angel's facial expression at that moment :P
hahhaa...indeed kesian but fun loh...imagine.. *goal*
syiok hoh?

pink cotton,
dogs’ behaviour reflects the owners? in other words, u mean u are also siao as well? Jumping, skipping and shouting around?

No wonder my ah boy so good boy liao la..Hahha.. like the owner..
perasan pulak I .. LOL

talking about Lucas & Winn.. kekkeke.. I guess true kua..
Since Winn Winn also climbing up and down the chair that day :P
Like owner, like dog ..

day dreamer,
my heart & my liver is still here lah.. still in good shape :P
anyway, u have good time with your friends too last Saturday night mah..feel so high summore.. kakkaka
so u didn't lose out anything loh :P

L B said...

Kakakakakaka!!! Such wonderful memories!! OMG! My nipple!!!

may said...

LOL @ LB! looks like I'm not the only one who came back here to reminisce the flying peanuts, crab shell licking and nipple shot! and that lor yau!!

Chen said...

Didn't realise here got extra comment tim. I sampat and come back here again for the rerun, since the meet up anniversary is coming up soon.. LOL

Now u have another extra nipple tim :P

Hehhehhee.. so fast time flies huh?
Almost one year liao ;)
Tick tock tick tock..

*searching high & low for the video clips* :P

L B said...

LOL.... *fart* OMG... *close eyes, no see ghost* My Backside!! That WAS a GREAT day! :-) *throws peanut into your bra*

Chen said...

*Licking Crabs*

*Throwing Peanuts*

Reminiscing the SCORING moment
poor Angeliu

Sengkor said...

almost 10 years ago!