Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I haven't eat Pulasan for years. I went to Chowrasta market last week and saw few street vendors selling pulasan (RM5 per kilo), next to the roasted chestnut stalls.

Pulasan with bright red to dark red skin and soft spikey "hairs".

White, translucent flesh. Closely allied to the rambutans (I presume they are cousins).

side note : I can consider using Pulasan to piak people in the future. :P


may said...


I've never had pulasan before, would you believe it? I think I'll go get some before the year's over... still in season ah?

VampireM said...

where's chowrasta?

ah nel said...

i saw it last sat when i went sunday market and tot of took picture of it but i didnt...

i tot it was lychee then saw the name pulasan and dowan took pikcher ledi...hehe

_butt said...

people, beware of Chen's super pulasan piak!! :P

i'm not sure if i've eaten pulasan before oh.. spikey hairs, hence 'wilder' than its cousin rambutans? *LOL*

Chen said...

go go :D
This one taste better than rambutan (my humble opinion loh.. and the flesh is more juicy and doesn't stick to the seed). Still in season, I just bought it last week :)

Chowrasta market is located in Penang Road :)

ah nel,
Pulasan taste better than lychee :D
And the good thing is there's no preservative on the skin loh (compared with lychee or longan).. kkekekke

if i can't get pulasan, i might use rambutan instead :P Yeah, looks wilder.. ada style and more bergaya than rambutan loh ;)

L B said...

Waaaaa, very interesting piakking tool for the future! Please consider using that instead of sotong! Wait... sotong still the best.. but can use pulaksan from time to time to add spice! I know misti or angel will love it!!

ah nel said...

nvr try ler as i saw it then din bought it...i think tis sat i went thre again might grab some of it but depends on mood...lol

King's wife said...

I never had this before, but looks 10X better than the rambutan!
And piak-ing with this will hurt. Ouch!

angel said...

Adoi adoiiii!!! Sakitttt!!!
*LOL @ LimpBlue*
Hahaha!!! Becum PULAKsan pulak... kakakaka!!!

but seriously, i dun quite like it loh... i prefer rambutan over this anytime!

Chen said...

hahhaa, so the main piakking tool will still be sotong :D Pulasan is on the KIV list when we are running out of sotong. LOL at the "add spice" session. YEah hoh, piak with pulasan can give some "special effect" :D

ah nel,

this one is not hairy, but more spikey LOLOL. Good to throw at people too besides piakking :D

PULAKsan sounds very japanese hoh? Later become LB San, Angel San, Misti San pulak... after the Kaur & Singh trend...

Angel prefer the more hairy fruit ah? LOLOL

mistipurple said...

watashi wa come oredy!!! wah, LB San wants to ask liu piak me and Angel San with pulasan ah? sotong not in season is it? lol

Winn said...

huh wat is this har ? rambutan's bro?

Chen said...

now is pulasan season loh.. :P
I just wonder... whether we can pulas the Pulasan or not? :D

I only know it's rambutan's close relative..

dunno whether it's rambutan's cousin or rambutan's brother..
or rambutan's sister..
or rambutan's aunty..
or rambutan's uncle..
Whatever lah liuliu...
it's rambutan's relative :P

sengkor said...

i also never had pulasan before. pulasan got it's own distinct taste or taste like rambutan also?

nyonyapenang said...

seen lots but never tried.
you wanna use that to piak people ah? then use it as catapult 'bullet' lor - guarantee blue-black mia. LOL

Kenny Ng said...

is it the brother of rambutan ah? saw b4, but never eat b4.

Chen said...

taste similar as rambutan, but more fleshy and the flesh won't stick to the seed, but much more expensive loh comparing with rambutan.

nyonya pg,
muahhaha.. what a brilliant idea :D

close relative of rambutan :)
taste similar as well, but much more pricey.

mistipurple said...

i small last time ever eat. ya, flesh don't stick to the seed so much. yum yum.
i oso like mata kuching. easy to peel. my fingers not good for thick skinned fruits!

ah nel said...

*closed eyes*


13th Panda said...

@@ the pulasan is less sweet than rambutan hor

Cynthia said...

i thoght thats rambutan? how come call pulasan one?

Chen said...

misti, the mata kucing or longan in Sarawak is different from the one here (refering to the skin, it's texture and colour).... I haven't eat the local Sarawak longan for years liao :)

ah nel,
Let's see how long u can close your eyes, hahahha :D

13th panda,
The pulasan are supposed to be sweeter than rambutan. The pulasan I had here are sweet.

The rambutan are more hairy and Pulasan are more spikey :) They are close relatives. Taste wise is quite similar, but pulasan are much more expensive ;)

ah nel said...

*stil closing*


Thao said...

My all time favourite fruit!!!! I luv them...But I thought they were rambutans? they look like rambutan though

L B said...

*piak-piak angelsan, mistisan, Winnsansan, maysan, plinkusan, carcarsan, & Chensan with new toy*
~ The Pulaksan Death Balls!!

Pink Cotton said...


i never knew wat is pulasan ..mwehehehe

*dodge chen's flying pulasan*

Pink Cotton said...


ur 44,444 oredi over leh! :(

zeroimpact said...

Yes, pulasan...
I had that last week too
So nice hor doc
So still got left ah... can courier to me ah

Red Sponge said...

hmmm ... pulasan? hmm ... rambutan?

hmmm ... nvr eat before 'x'

mistipurple said...

*ducks LBSan's Pulasan Balls!*
how come lopsided wan ah? i think he lost one lup at AngelSan's place. *grins*

Chen said...

ah nel,
sure u will open your eyes one..
u can't close your eyes forever :P

yeah, they looks like rambutans, and taste like rambutans too ;)

now u made it sounds so kinky pulak..

pink cotton,
kekkkee.. so u learn something new again, huh? Buy some loh from the Satok Tamu Market. Must try it out mah since u never eat it before :P

that 44,444 offer is specially for u only, but u terlepas liao..
Too bad, there goes your free buffet :P Good for me cos I can save $$ :P

Chen said...

Pulasan is yummy..
I makan habis liao lah on the same day I bought the fruits.. no more liao :P

red sponge,
aiyayayak... go and get some for yourself.. go to Satok Sunday Market this coming weekend..
Go go go.. ;)

Bola yang senget ah? Imbalance kua? :P

mistipurple said...

liu must be liuzzing soon. i come and wish liu nite nite.
LBSan play too much at bbq. that's why imbalanced. don't say i say. shh..
nite nite! :)

Joycelyn said...

i think rambutan also almost that price leh.
really nice r?hmmm...will try it.

Simple American said...

I tot it looked like lychee too. You say it is better. Something that I have to wait until I go there to try.

ah nel said...

can worr as whenever i read this post i will closed my eyes... ;P

Chen said...

yeah, I liuzzzz early yesterday night cos gotta wake up early this morning :) Oooh… that is the case ah? No wonder lah.. hahaha…

Rambutan is much cheaper and much lighter too comparew with pulasan..
The taste is quite similar as rambutan, but the flesh is thicker :)

from afar it looks like lychee too, but it has spikey hairs loh :P
This is seasonal tropical fruits, hope it’s in season when u visit Malaysia :) When u wanna visit Msia? Next year is visit Malaysia year 2007 :P

ah nel,
wah.. u can read with closed eyes ah?
I salute u

may said...

sweeter than rambutan? ok ok, if I ever pass by a stall with it, have to buy and try oredi!

alamak, kena piak from LBSinghSan pulak...
*brings out tennis racquet... piak the pulasan back*

babe_kl said...

pulasan not ask effective as lulians for piakings :p

ah nel said...

i got the 6cents mar and can feel it...LOL

Chen said...

buy some for me too if u wanna buy :D

kkakaka.. can play tennis games with pulasan pulak. I don’t have tennis racquet, can I use my vintage squash racquet instead? :P

wah wah wah.. piaking with liulian?
Very very kejam..
But sounds interesting leh.. :P

*imaging a flying liulian.. *
so scary :P

ah nel,
your 6th sense so accurate one ah? :P

ah nel said...

i carry eveliday with me my 6cents.. LOL

L B said...


Chen said...

ah nel,
cheh.. 6 cents ah?
lain cerita :P

liuliu loh.. i'm lost :P

ah nel said...


velverse said...

wah... i have never heard or seen anything like this. Seems so amazing!

may said...


Daniel Yiek said...

same same as rambutan but different.

Chen said...

ah nel,
u carry 6 one cent coins? :P

huh? Do look out for Pulasan next time when u passed by fruit stalls. Pulasan is now available in the market since it's now Pulasan season :)

wah... deuce ah?
*kan cheong*
*smash pulasan*

Pulasan terkopek cos I smash too hard :P

same-same but different.. that's a nice and unique description for the fruit :D

ah nel said...

everyday i carry cents and sense... :P

velverse said...

wah got season one ar.. Okay okay.. I will try to get one and try. but it still looks a little scary

Chen said...

ah nel,
I thought u will carry ringgit & sense :P

yeah, it's seasonal fruits, just like rambutan. You should give it a try :)