Monday, September 25, 2006


Zeroimpact tagged me not long ago with this Tag of Songs. I have almost forgotten about it till today. Luckily this is a simple tag and not asking me to write an essay or a poem :P I just have to list out seven songs, which can be in any genre; with or without lyrics; that I enjoyed listening to, without getting bored.

Here it goes...
1. 女人心 (Anita Mui 梅艳芳)
2. 你怎麼舍得我难过 (黄品源)
3. 夕陽之歌 (Anita Mui 梅艳芳)
4. 童年 (刘文正)
5. 水中花 (Alan Tam 谭咏麟)
6. 从开始到现在 (Jeff Chang 张信哲)
7. Christian songs by Don Moen

I just realised most of the songs I like are sad songs :P Well, I have to tag seven people now to see what are the songs they like :)
1. Redsponge
2. Cynthia
3. Ah Nel
4. Kenny
5. Mr Goober
6. Carcar
7. Misti

女人心 (Woman's Heart) is my all time favourite. Click "Play" if u are interested :)

女人心 /Woman's Heart (梅艳芳)

看着眼前的人渐散 而在那喧哗过后
只有忽然倦透的 是我的一对手
努力向前谁没有 谁料歇息的借口

谁自愿独立于天地 痛了也让人看
你我却须要 在人前被仰望
连造梦亦未敢想像 我会这样硬朗

看着眼前人睡了 和幸福多接近
等了多年这角色 做你的女人
我没有权来令你 承受太多的情感


angel said...

chuppp ahhh!!!
song boh cameron? :D
welcum backkkk!!!

_butt said...

here comes the tag!! :D

L B said...

Good song that! Love it .. a bit.. but can't shake like Kaur Kaur wan...

or2ng3s said...

oh i like the 2nd song "ni zhen me she der wo nan guo" ... it's meaningful

Pink Cotton said...

all chinese songs again!!

aiyerr wo hen tau yian ni ah!


Pink Cotton said...

i only know

ni zhe dau wa zai den ni maaaaa???????????

hee i used to think it meant DO YOU KNOW I M WAITING FOR UR MOM?


Chen said...

makan here, makan there..
summore hols mah, no need kerja..
of course song :D

kekkee.. I know u did the tag liao :P

cannot shake, but can use one of the corners of the handkerchief to wipe tears :P

hehee, great to know that u know the song too. That's one of the old songs (released in 1990) :D

pink cotton,
bu yao tau yien wo lah :P
chinese songs nice mah :D
not all are chinese songs lah, some are cantonese songs woh..

i know that :D
u r not the only one leh.. cos some of my friends telling me the same thing too, kekkeke...

Kenny Ng said...

aiksss!!! i oso kena tiak (tag) ah? if i know earlier i dunwan visit here lor... LOL. sei lor, too many my favorite songs in my mind... anyway, use wat to input chinese words ah?

Red Sponge said...

wahhhhhhhhhh u like anita mui alot ho????

how come u dun like her "qing mi ai ren"? I like that one very much.

Btw, I like sad sad songs too! 'x'!!!

mistipurple said...

ah yo cham cham. i like chinese songs but don't know most titles. *scratch head* i see how to do this tag..

missed liu yesterday. u go cameron highlands ah. i went there before also. very nice, clouds come in the room thru window. liuliuliu. that's the furthest i have ever been all my life.

Chen said...

too many fav songs ah?
choose 7 loh..
close your eyes and pick 7 :P
I didn't install any chinese software in my pc, I use this website for Chinese words input :)

red sponge,
nice mah her songs :D
Ooh.. I like that song (親密愛人) too, in fact i like quite a number of her songs.. but since only list out 7 songs mah, so I gotta choose loh :P

sad songs are nicer than happy songs, hoh? :P

Chen said...

kekkeke... I would like to see how u describe the songs then, since u dunno the title mah :P

Missed me ah? so the liuliu...
thanks for your banana cake woh..

Wooo... this time we went there mainly for makan-makan and buying some food stuffs back home :P Didn't go jalan-jalan loh, cos we went jalan-jalan most of the places liao in Cameron Highlands last year.. exactly a year ago (we went there in September last year too)

may said...

good Doktor, sad songs are sometimes nicer than happy ones... *wink*

*sandy & sticky hugs*

Simple American said...

Wow! You picked Mui-Yin Fong twice for your favorite songs. I love her voice too. She had the cutest nose too. Maybe it made her voice so special. keke

Wish she had not passed on. She was just starting to show up in American movies.

Winn said...

yeah we all know u like nu ren xin....hehehe....

but no matter how many times u said u like nu ren xin i dun think they guys here understand.....

coz they see a lot more food here in ur blog:)

ah nel said...

7 early 8 early i tot got nice post to read as so long din post manalah tau kena tag...

duhhh...i more prefer chinise song but duno how to write so can skip this tag lar ho? :P

Chen said...

welcome back, Maymay
*sotong hug*
hope u feel refreshed after the "short vacation" :)

listening to sad songs can put us into deep thought too :)

Yeah, her voice is kinda unique ;)
I have most of her songs - cassettes, CD and mp3 :)

u know i know can liao mah.. :P
Food? yeah.. more food posts on the way :D

ah nel,
can, of course can..
no rules here cakap u must do :D

ah nel said...

if do then i had anader post worr...:P

see how lar... LOL

zeroimpact said...

I like her song very much too
I like all the old old song

Chen said...

ah nel,
hahha, up to u loh :D

Old is good, old songs are still the best :)

zeroimpact said...

Yes doc...
Next time we trade song ah
I also got some old song collection now liao
We listen and sing sing to the old song k!

Chen said...

I listen u sing loh..
kekkee :D

carcar said...

oh nice song, i like no.6 too.

yeah you been telling us you like anita nu ren xin 3000 times already :P

Chen said...

keekkekek... so many times liao meh?
I thought 1000x only? hahaha
I can't remember loh :P