Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cute Piglet !!!

I went to Sunshine Farlim yesterday evening and saw these piglets waving their "imaginary hands" at me... I stopped by to have a look. Finally these piglets charmed me to buy them back home. Remember, don't look at the big round eyes creatures for too long.. They can hypnotize you without you realising it. Dangeorus tsk tsk....

Gosh, these lotus-paste "mooncake" are just too cute. So adorable. How to resist them???

Big round eyes.. All things with big round eyes are cute (including Ah Boy (my doggy) and Puss in Boots )

Round piggies, macam bola.. (Big round eyes, round snouts, round bodies).

Look!! They are wagging their little piggy tails :P Gosh...

One sentence to conclude.. Too cute to be eaten. I really feel sayang to eat them.. Mmmm.. Someone out there, please tell me what should I do to the piggies??? Should I give them away? Hahaha...


IML said...

Soo..cute!!!! close your eyes and savour it. Don't let it go moldy. Wonder if they are also selling at sunshine over at bayan baru.

_butt said...

oooo.. cute!! send them over to me, chen.. i promise will 'jaga' those piglets for you.. free of charge!!

*evil grin*

mistipurple said...

i am also round and have a round snort. want to keep me for a week?

Chen said...

sounds kinda "cruel" to eat the cutie thing :D kekkke.. see how things go :P
I bought the piglets from one of the stalls outside the Sunshine hypermarket (not from Sunshine) I guess it won't be available in Sunshine Bayan Baru then..

Woo.. u will jaga the piglets with your stomach or ??? kekkekeke

Mmmmm... round + round snort..
Mmmmmm... can I eat u? :P

L B said...

send to me too, along with misti!!

ah nel said...

i sure will help you take a good care of it in my stomach... ;)

Chen said...

thinking of how to stuff and seal the piggies together with Misti inside the air-tight package :D

but hoh.. I scared by the time the piglets reach Italy, u will see colourful mold on them.. kakkkaa... if not, they might become flat liao, cos too fragile :P

ah nel,
wah.. poor piggies..
Ah Nel wanna eat them..

_butt said...

hehehehe.. must keep it 'safe and sound' maa.. :P

ah nel said...

i no eat them ler as i help you keep them in warm and inside tummy da best place...LOL

Chen said...

Mmmmmm.. that "safe & sound" sounds tricky.. Sounds like got "tulang" inside your words, hahhhaa :D

ah nel,
then they sure kena digested kaw-kaw by the enzymes inside your stomach leh.. Gone lah all the piggies :P

RIP :(

sengkor said...

blindfold and eat..

habis cerita.. haha

Red Sponge said...

chen chen chen, u know wat?

I suggested to give them away. Who to give? *AHEM* Well, maybe the color of the ribbon can tell you who to give to.


Winn said...

wah so cute.

i wan i wan...
i like to eat this more than the mooncake coz mooncake too sweet this halal? hehe...

or2ng3s said...

chen, u eat the eyes, then the rest gimme!!! :P

Chen said...

Good idea :D
Might be I will do that one of these days :P

hahhahha, so coincidentally the colour of the ribbon is pink colour & red colour leh.. I really didn't realise that.. LOL. So I must give to someone with the name pink & red liao? :P

clever lah u ;)

kekeke, how to give u woh.. unless u r in Penang loh :P

Is this halal?
wahahaha.. good question ;)
the answer is u know i know lah :P

why u so "cruel", ask me to eat the eyes? LOLOLOL... Later the eyes come & haunt me, then how? hahahhah

Red Sponge said...


yeah!! sure pinkcotton will skip later when she find out! 'x'

mistipurple said...

*trying all ways to contort myself into a smaller round ball, to fit into Chen's package to LB*

Pink Cotton said...

so cuuuuuuuuute

feel like korek the round beady eyes out ... the eyes really got hypnotising effect le


hehehe ya ya! agree with red sponge!..the first thing that came to my mind was the color of the ribbons..PINK n RED..muahahahahaah

looks like us too 'x'

Chen said...

trying to imagine how a skipping cotton looks like.. A cotton that skips woh.. must take picture of that :P

if still cannot fit in the limited space properly, can I flatten the ball ah? LOL

eeee.. why u so ganas geh?
wanna korek the eyeballs out?
liuliu loh..

pink & red.. hahhaa.. next time when I see something pink & red in colour, i know what to do liao :P

mistipurple said...

can can, i'm always agreeable to most things. wait ah, let me loosen some sari knots..

mistipurple said...

btw, you did a great job fixing up LongBlek again. :P

_butt said...

Eh chen, wut tulang.. no no, tak de tulang punya.. me very 'terus terang'.. lol

I might pinjam your piggies to put in my blog can ma? too cute laaa.. wana show it to other blogger friends too.. *hehe* :)

angel said...

loktor, i oso want! and if can, tapao LongWhite, can ar? the other one is too blek liao... :P

nyonyapenang said...

they are getting better ledi. last time always see those flat fish-shaped ones only.

Simple American said...

Can you give them away? You seem to attached to them. Just close your eyes and eat em. I won't tell.

Chen said...

now u become "oval" shape liao :P
flatten, flatten...
or should i make it completely flat? :P

Err... u r the good assistant who assisted me in the procedure, right?

hahaha, okie dokie :P
sure, no problem. Ambil loh :D

Looks like gonna chop those piggies into pieces to distribute around liao.. So many people wants the cute piggies :D

Longwhite ah? angmoh punya ah? :O

nyonya pg,
nowadays, they come out with all sort of sizes and shapes. Nice to look at, and sayang to eat them. LOL

Yeah hoh.. Just close my eyes and.. Shhhhh...

Winn said...

if they make a hamsup woman body shape one cocka sure buy a lot and keep at home ..hahah

ah nel said...

wont digest mia as it will grown bigger nia...LOL

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
Keep! keep!
Keep them

Kenny Ng said...

just eat it, u keep it also rugi only. if u tak sampai hati to eat then give me eat... kekeke.

Mr.Goober said...


first time see so comel one..
don't eat them ok...:P

put in cold ice storage and some preservatives

carcar said...

so cute! but a little bit too fierce leh :P

is ok, send one to me pls, send another one to misti and lb, let them share.

i need not blindfold to eat one, i blindfold the piglet and eat them! wahahahha!!

13th Panda said...

you can give them to me, then i'll eat it..MUAHAHA

Cynthia said...

they look very GARANG


i also bought one. i show u next time ya? =)

Cocka Doodle said...

To eat something so cute liddat, you must first bite off the head. Then it won't stare at you in the face anymore and your conscience is clear. LOL

YD said...

I wan dat wone!

Aww... How come I didn't see it when I was in Sunshine Farlim last month? Perhaps too early haha...

L B said...

Where are they now? At this very moment, ah?

mistipurple said...

Carcar Kaur, i brought liu a slice of banana cake.

Chen Kaur, you liuliu bz today hoh, neber mind, i keep another slice of banana cake for you in your fridge.

Er, LongBlue Singh, i don't think you would want a piece.

izso said...


papercrazy said...

Isk isk isk isk....see Chen, that's the problem in buying something edible but cute and irresistible....

Eat, eat, juga salah....Can't help u lor like dat.....

*geleng kepala sambil imagine eating the piglets*

King's wife said...

eaten yet?

carcar said...

WAH!!! mistipurple is bribing me with a banana cake!

*throw away the pigglet and run to misti*

mistipurple said...

haha come come Carcar, i oso got chocolate fudge cake in my fridge. want satay oso? wait ah, i go panggang some for you. :)
*carefully avoids the banana leaf wrapped package on bbq pit*

Chen said...

hahhaha, if that is the case, he might not only buy a lot, but lick them before makan-ing them, kakkakka :P

ah nel,
mmmm... something wrong with your digestive system ah? Food won't get digested inside but growing instead? LOL

I will keep for another day and see how things go.. kekekke

I guess so ;)
But hoh, might be need to blindfold my eyes before eating them :P

Chen said...

but hoh.. food are mean to be eaten
might be I will let my dog play with it, kekeke

wah.. blindfold the piglet?
so that the piggy won't see u eating them hoh?
so that they won't die in horror hoh?


13th panda,
eeeeee... why u wanna eat the cute piggies? Errr.. Piggies remind me of Oink-oink

they gotta be fierce mah so people won't bully them nor eat them :P
yeah yeah.. I wanna see yours :D

Chen said...

Mmmm... must behead the piggies?
sounds so cruel :O
might be I should start eating from the tail & the butt, hahaa
then I won't notice the piggies looking at me while I eat them:P

wah.. u r there last month ah?
Still too early kua, I guess the piggies not available yet loh at that time..

They are still playing happily on the table, cos I was away for the past two days. Just came back home today.

TQ very muchie for the banana cake. Haven't eat that for long long time liao. I just came back from Cameron Highlands :)

Pink Cotton said...



Chen said...

Must hypnotize myself before eating them ;)

hehhee, that's true. Next time cannot buy something edible but cute liao..

thinking of how to eat the piglets

king's wife,
Not yet :P
I was not around for the past 2 days. Just came back today :)
Might be..
tomorrow is the DAY? ;)

Chen said...

wah... u make the poor piglet pok kai leh..
now berkecai liao..
poor piggy now really RIP liao..
not inside your tummy but on the dirty floor pulak..

whatever u have..
satay or ketupat,
mee goreng or nasi lemak,
capati or thosai,
char koay teow or assam laksa,
scones or apple pie,
cheese cake or black forest cake..

bawa keluar aje :D
We will sapu everything :D

pink cotton,
why u macam teacher pulak?
luckily u tak bawa rotan, or else i will b sked of u liao :P

ah nel said...

tat y i eat solid food i will vomit...even rice or mee as the flour will kembang...

Chen said...

ah nel,
mmmmm... that's why u eat potato every night?

Thao said...

so cute ;-)

Chen said...

in fact, too cute to be eaten ;)

ah nel said...


babe_kl said...

ahem, you can give it to this babe in the city :p

Chen said...

ah nel,
and oats too :P

yeah hoh, can give it to Babe ;)

ah nel said...

yeah and i just bought a packet of it ystdy... ;)

dino said...

very cute piggies....

Chen said...

ah nel,
so... have u murder the piggies? :P

wanna have a bite? :P

dino said...

chen, they r too cute liao..
better keep them inside the fridge than biting them..

Chen said...

kekkeke.. keep them inside the freezer and make them into frozen piglets? :P

Pink Winnie said...

wa.. really cute o.. if it's me, i also don know how to eat it.. hehe...