Friday, September 22, 2006


Anyone remember this old Taiwanese sad movie 搭错车 /Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing (released in 1983), starring the late Taiwanese actor 孙越 (Suen Yuet)? I love the movie theme song 酒干倘卖无 by 苏芮 . This is a popular song in the 80's. Even though some of you might not know the movie, but I guess you have listened to this song in the past. The lyrics of this song is indeed very touching...

酒干淌卖无 (搭错车主题曲)

酒干倘卖无 酒干倘卖无
酒干倘卖无 酒干倘卖无

多么熟悉的声音 陪我多少年风和雨
从来不需要想起 永远也不会忘记
没有天那有地 没有地那有家
没有家那有你 没有你那有我

假如你不曾养育我 给我温暖的生活
假如你不曾保护我 我的命运将会是什么
是你抚养我长大 陪我说第一句话
是你给我一个家 让我与你共同拥有它



酒干倘卖无 酒干倘卖无
酒干倘卖无 酒干倘卖无



阿美与哑叔商量,哑叔十分矛盾,他既希望女儿有一番作为,又怕女儿孤身在外,遇到风险。最后,阿美为了挣钱帮助父亲摆脱贫困,使其晚年得到一些幸福,答应了签约。不想一纸合同,却断送了自己的自由。演出归来,她已成为红歌星,但却身不由己,不能同年迈的父亲见面。哑叔因思念爱女,卧病在床。风雨交加之夜,阿美饱含不能奉养老父的辛酸,在台上唱出了怀念的心声:"没有你,哪有我,假如你不曾养育我,给我父爱和温暖的生活,假如你不曾保护我,我的命运会是什么!" 气息奄奄的哑叔,从收音机里听着女儿熟悉的歌声,怀着思念、悲愤的心情,离开了人世。


Red Sponge said...

jiu kam tam boi bo.... sad!!!

Anonymous said...

In short what does the song mean? Sorry I can't read Chinese but I suppose the song is dedicated to the singer's father?

Kenny Ng said...

I still remember the movie, it's really touching and I was crying over the story.

Chen said...

red sponge,
woo.. u also know the song..
very sad huh? :(

yeah, the song is dedicated by the singer to her late father.. The singer was an orphan brought up by her mute & dumb father who worked as a bottle collector. This song describes her feelings and her appreciations toward her beloved late father.

I guess most people cried when they watched this movie. I remembered watching that movie during my primary school days. Indeed a sad and touching movie :(

Pink Cotton said...


Pink Cotton said...

OHO! now i knwo wat song is this liao after reading wat red sponge commented ..hehehe

jiu kam tam boi bo....~~~~

ok i know this song ..YAY! ^_^

Pink Cotton said... su nyaaaaaaa

sengkor said...

cant read wht u wrote but tht movie is disastrous.. i mean, so many bad things happened in the movie. sad to the max.

Joycelyn said...

hmmm....nice song n good movie....this movie really very touching.

during our time,i think "酒干淌卖无" and "苦心连" are the most touching n "kor lian" movie...sob sob.

a^ben said...

jiu da tang boi bo~

loktor bo cheng koh` hahahahahaha!!! :X

carcar said...

yeah i know this song and the movie...

another similar sad story is xing xing zhi wo xing.. you know ?

L B said...

*jumping about Banghra -style, shaking ka chngs and long bleks...*

mistipurple said...

my sari i use to wipe my tears..

Simple American said...

Totally unfamiliar. The missus did not see this one with me. :( Or at all.

VampireM said...

i see alien language...

anyway, i heard this song - techno dance version before...

angel said...

aiyooo... bumingbai bumingbai!
but mingbai 酒干淌卖无!

angel said...

aiyak forgot...

Ready... Camera... Action!

*dances around in the mountains (majiam Salem High Country wan) and lets the wind blows dramatically @ my white sari*

酒干淌卖无... 酒干淌卖无... 酒干淌卖无... 酒干淌卖无... 酒干淌卖无... 酒干淌卖无

zeroimpact said...

没有家那有你 没有你那有我
*sniff sniff*

Mr.Goober said...

eh why the music sounds like "jiu kai kang kai wo" ??

ah nel said...

i bought the vcd but it cut a lot of it... :(

the cute doggy save her in the end have to be beaten to dead coz broken bone... :(
her house mostly build from bottle being demolished.. :(

its reli a sad movie...

Chen said...

wai wai...
u also learn the tactic of pengsan-ing ah? LOL

if u listen to the radio in the past, sure u know this song ;) Err.. where did u learn this kiasu-ness from? :P

sad, sad, sad, sad movie :(

yeah, I still remember 苦心连, the lengthy but sad Taiwanese drama series. I watched that in the past too..

sikui ah ben :P

Chen said...

aiyoh.. the sad taiwanese drama series 星星知我心.. I know I know.. I watched that before. I still remember there is a character called 佩佩 in the series. Come to think of it, there were lotsa sad drama series during those days.. Another one is 苦心连.. I guess u had watched that before too?

Albie kor dancing in the wrong place liao ah? kkekekeke... dancing Bollywood with Chinese songs playing in the background? :P

*tukar bollywood music*

provide another extra sari..
this movie is too sad liao..
needs lotsa lotsa kleenex and sari to standby :(

Chen said...

This was one of the classic movie in the past, and this movie had won quite a number of awards :)

wah.. techno dance version?

mingbai 酒干淌卖无 can liao..
but hoh you 70% mingbai plus that someone's (who is that ah? plink or misti? I forgotten liao.. kekke.. sorrie sorrie) 30% mingbai adding together then can become 100% liao..

*take ready camera & video cam too*

Chen said...

u wanna the mp3?
I can send to u..

mr goober,
can i piak u with mooncake?
(give sotong a rest this time)
u must have eaten too much mooncake liao :D

ah nel,
oh... why they censor woh.. :(
I didn't re-watch the movie, the last time I watch was in the 80's ..

sad sad sad movie ...

ah nel said...

they cut it short the movie ler...

the last time it shown on tv around early 90's when my mom still around...i try to look for u in kenyalang if not i burn for u as i got it at home... ;)

i think i gonna rewatch it again... ;)

Chen said...

ah nel,
thanks :)

u wanna watch the movie again?
U gotta prepare kleenex before watching :)

_butt said...

ohh.. I know this song!! sadd.. I think I watched the movie before.. and even if I dun get to watch it, mom will tell me about the story.. haih.. which is how I get to knw some of the old songs.. even when I'm not borned yet.. nice.

Chen said...

During those days, there are lotsa sad movies and sad drama series. This is one of the touching ones. That's why I still remember it up to today :)

ah nel said...

i will pass it whether the original copy or burn mia when i meet liuliu 1 day so she cant help me pass to u...

no need kleenex lar as my selimut can ledi coz nowadaes all price hike...

i kept all sad movies...

*tien luok you ching*

*fly me to polaris*


Chen said...

ah nel,
confused plus plus.. who is that liuliu? :P Wah.. u wet your selimut with tears then at night u have to cover yourself with a wet blanket liao? :P

Red Sponge said...

I only know the song but not the drama for 酒干淌卖无.

But I watched 苦心连 when I am OH-SO-LITTLE...all i can remember is pang ge ge (the fat koko) *giggle*

Chen said...

red sponge,
Hahhaa, I can agak-agak how old were u at that time ;) But I have forgotten about the character in 苦心连 liao.. I can only remember they always eat 地瓜 cos they were poor and couldn't afford to eat rice :)

LP said...

I thought the movie was she felt ashamed to have a father who was collecting the glass bottle as a living..something like that. I remember I watched the movie

Chen said...

yeah, she did have the sense of feeling uneasy earlier on, and added on by the pressure she faced from her singing company.. and she is not allowed to meet her poor father :(

ah nel said...

its angeliu...muahaha...

last nite i went kenyalang then the taukenio say got in dvd n its last one but when i bought back n play it its a drama and 25 episode of it...i din watch n i watch the movie ehhh... *sad*

domesticgoddess said...

cried buckets last time i watched the movie... even listening to the song now makes me teary.

Chen said...

ah nel,
hahha, okie okie..
cos most of us here has the nickname ****liu :P And liuliu can be anyone ;)

yeah, nowadays there's a drama series based on that story, but I haven't watch the drama series yet.

That movie gave such a strong impact. I had watched several movies over the past 10 years but I can't remember the storylines. Even the drama series that I watched few months ago also I can't remember the endings. But that movie is different :)

ah nel said...

ohh...liuliu can be anyone even my named ended with liu oso...LOL

i had the drama but haven watch coz its 25 episode...wuahhh...wana cry 25 days mer... :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
yeah yeah.. everyone here can be liu :) Don't cry for 25 days lah..

ah nel said...

25 episode worr...then cry 25 times lor... :)

Chen said...

ah nel,
then u better watch few episodes a day, so.. no need to cry for 25 days ;)

passerby said...


just accidentally bump into here
just to share with you
you might like this site that i visit very often for those songs abt 10-20 years ago


Chen said...

thanks :)
err.. u forget to include in the link for the site.. :)

passerby said...

err,,, so sooory forgot to include the link

see here

Chen said...

thanks for the link :)
I have visited the link, there's indeed lotsa nice songs over there.

kikkii said...

I loved this movie and the song "Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing" so much. but I can't find it.

Who has this song? please upload.
Thank You.

Chen said...

The song is already available on this post. Click on the "play" button to enjoy the song :)