Thursday, September 21, 2006

My primary school - SRB St Anne

Most of my chinese coursemates in university thought I'm from Chinese school since I can read, write and speak Chinese fluently. Despite explaining several times to them 我不是华校生 ... They still kept on forgetting, so I finally give up explaining. I still remember they constantly asked me whether I skipped Remove Class /Kelas Peralihan (for those from Chinese School), cos I am one year younger than them.

I had my primary education (Primary 1 to Primary 6) in SRB Saint Anne, Sarikei. By just looking at the name of the school, you will know that is not a Chinese school, right? I had my secondary education (Form 1 till Form 5) in SMB Saint Anthony, Sarikei and did my Form 6 (Upper six and Lower six) in SMK Meradong.

How I get to learn Chinese? Chinese language was taught as one of the language subject during my primary school days, just as English language and Jawi. Malay Language is used as the teaching medium for all the other subjects. Although I stopped learning chinese after I completed my primary school, but because of my passion and my love for chinese language, I still continue reading chinese novels and story books and even chinese newspaper till today.

I still remember reading 兒童樂園 (er tong le yuan) and 小叮噹 (xiao ding dang) when I was in primary 2 or 3 time, reading the 西遊记(Journey to the West) thick novel when I was in primary 6 and reading 卫斯理系列小说 during my secondary school days. I am glad I didn't neglect Chinese language all these while cos it is indeed a very useful language and communication tool. (Psss.. I prefer reading Chinese novels than English novels. The descriptions in chinese novels are much more lively & interesting, don't u think so?)

I learnt Jawi as well during my primary school day (from primary one till primary six).. Jawi is a compulsory subject :( We had exam too for Jawi and I remembered once I even score 100 marks for Jawi. Hahahha, unbelievable, and I don't know how I did that. I can even write my own name in Jawi during those days. But now what I can remember are only - alif, ba, ta, sa and lam.. that's all.. Nothing more and nothing less. All returned back to my primary school Jawi teacher.


mistipurple said...

first chup!! read later, paiseh. i go LB now. don't know why Angel Kaur wants both our bums there!

Chen said...

wah.. got something going on there ah?
Since Angel Kaur panggil, must go there look see look see :P

L B said...

LB singh is here too... You need to learn Hindi now, or is it Tamil?...

L B said...

hmmm, I rather like LB Singh... not too bad huh?

Chen said...

yeah.. after learning Chinese, English, Malay and Jawi.. now it's time to learn Tamil..

We have few students liao..Misti Kaur, Angel Kaur, Winn Kaur, Zero Singh & Chen Kaur.. awaiting for our teacher LB Singh to teach us Tamil :P

L B said...

Doviamo imparare italiano prima!! Singh Singh a Songh, Singh Out Loudh, Singh Out Stlongh!..

L B said...

What's the new trend with the Kaurs that Angel Kaur started up?!!!... Wanna do Hindi Singh Songh in the Park again?

Kenny Ng said...

u terra la, jawi also sapu! I really paiseh la, i'm from chinese school but now my chinese really karat! that day tried to write a chinese essay and i just manage to start the first 3 words only then i forgot how to write chinese characters already... =_=

Chen said...

wah.. lei chiong kor chai ah?

kakkaka.. u wanna know the origin?
read this..

angel : loktor! :hit for your liuliu post! :)>-

Chen : aiyok... timbul benjol liao kat kepala *adoi* :P I thought I clarify there for u liao mah..
it's pure misunderstanding cos of the misleading statement :P

misti : haha. quikly brings bandage to pau loctor's head

zeroimpact : LOL... no scandal ah... nm. I help pau pau the head...

Chen : dont pau pau my head till become like singh punya turban woh.. :P

angel : loktor, the knock is to bring yr neck back to its original position cos u say u wait till neck longlong wat... =))

angel : loktor, how about the name Chen Kaur? kakakaka!
female version mya singh maa... apalah.

Chen : Chen Kaur? **pengsan**

angel : ya, loktor chen kaur...hehe... no nice meh?
takkanlah loktor chen singh?!
liddat means u tukar seks liao...

Chen : ini angel :D sejak bila saya tukar jadi kaur?
saya orang cina leh... :p

angel : loktor, u sendiri yang cakap dun pao yr head until becum singh wan...:))

misti kaur: accompanies chen kaur to the market to buy ghee to make prata for zero singh.:)) angeliu kaur wants some prata boh?:p

sengkor said...

i also attended chinese classes during my primary school days but how come I still can't read chinese..? hmmph!

Chen said...

not terror lah..
if terror i will sapu the other foreign language liao :P

Lotsa my other friends also forgotten about the chinese language they learned earlier on.. One will lost touch with the language with time.. Sad hoh?

cos hoh...
i dunno.. :P

might be u didn't follow up? :P
u must love the language first mah.. or else u will lupa loh :P

Pink Cotton said...


dont know why i m coughing and sneezing when im reading this post...


hee chinese is a useful language har? :P

kekekeke...dont know le...i don think my brain is built to learn chinese characters...the strokes just CANNOT go into my brain :(

at least i can speak mandarin la ho ho??

Chen said...

pink cotton,
ai si loh,
u haven't recover from your cough ah?
no more cold drinks, coca cola & ice cream for pink cotton liao.. hahhahha..

chinese of course is useful language lah.. we are chinese mah.. :P

Hehhe, not only u can speak mandarin, u can scold people using mandarin too: :D

mistipurple said...

got bengali hip dance lessons at LB's. :D
bring own skirt..

L B said...

No need, no need to bring skirts...

LOL@ the Kaur Beginnings!!!... Dr Chen Kaur, MD.

Red Sponge said...

chen, i read 兒童樂園 too! heee..
Oh, u know why chinese novel is more lively? Because they do not describe something using the same adjective or phrase all the time. er..not sure u get what i mean not. bleks tata

p/s: you are right, pinkcotton is super fluent in mandarin when scolding people! ;p

angel said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wa beh tahan liao!!! I'm laughsingh till got tears liao!!!
*wipe tears*
*rub rub the sore jaw*

Ekskius hor, Kaurs & Singhs speaketh in Hindi, not Tamil hor... kakakaaka!!!

Waaa! Got bellydance class?
*geleks with misti kaur into the class*
Who else coming har?

Chen said...

what else i gotta bring ah?
*looking up and down*

Liuliu hoh the origin of these chen kaur, misti kaur, angel kaur etc :P

yeah.. another 兒童樂園 reader :P
I still have the comics leh in my old house in Sarikei few years back, but since my family shifted house liao.. I guess all the comics are now "gone with the wind" liao :(

I know what u mean, that's why chinese novels rocks, kakkaka :D

p/s: don't say so loud woh. later we both kena marah pulak. Maklumlah.. she is fluent when scolding orang in chinese :P

don't laugh lah.. we dunno mah..
never learn hindi nor tamil before leh.. :P

gelek-gelek :D

Joycelyn said...

Ya 兒童樂園 ,小叮噹 and also 老夫子 少年乐园 are my favourite during primary school...:D....really miss that.

Simple American said...

Not surprising that you enjoy Chinese better than English. English is really an inefficient language when you compare it to other languages.

slurp! said...

good that you still in touch with chinese. though i can read, i'm finding myself evening to lose ability in write chinese.

guess its too much time on computer keyboard. time to take out pen & paper liao! :)

King's wife said...

LOL @ LB Singh!!
Yeah, I remember those Jawi. Ugh!!

Chen said...

can't remember what is 少年乐园 :D

I remember u r learning Chinese too at the moment, right? ;)

I still read chinese articles and newspaper all these while. Dunno, it sort of becoming a habit already :)

hehhee, u learn jawi too in the past? ;)

pisang said...

very waste you forget read jawi liao
if not
you the man......

ah nel said...

jawi compulsory mer?

it seem like forcing like that in ur skool...

Mr.Goober said...

being known to have studied chinese when you don't is better than being known to not know chinese when you've studied!

like me!

VampireM said...

wow... primary school young young already thak chek kia... -_-"

zeroimpact said...

I should've paid more attention when the teacher taught mandarin
wasted 6 years of mandarin class

Robin said...

you are lucky,

I tot at one stage, Chinese was not offered in Govt school.

eve said... least jawi i think i stil remember more than u la..alif , ba , ta , sa , jim , cha , ha, kha , lamalif..tu je....i think my chinese lagi teruk..last time got bahasa ibunda class..but everytime after my mom dropped me in school , i will say my bye bye then..i go menghilangkan diri to next door kedai mamak...until she kambek to fetch menyesal seribu la...

mistipurple said...

i don't know Jawi but i know ichibum, nibum, sanbum, yonbum, gobum, hahahahaa
you can ask your patients their bums itchy how many times per day!! *cabut*

mistipurple said...

er... on second thot, better tell you it's supposed to be ichiban, etc. hahahaa

Chen said...

i don't mind :D

ah nel,
I think it's compulsory in some other schools too.. seems like there are few others here who know jawi as well :D

mr goober,
i thought u r a banana all these while, mmmm... so u r not a banana after all? ;) or previously u r not, but now u become one? :D

well well.. I enjoy reading since young :)

Chen said...

u can still pick up the language now if u have the will ;)

My school is not Govt school ;) It's sekolah bantuan (partially subsided by govt, or is this called semi-gov?)
SRB = Sekolah Rendah Bantuan &
SMB = Sekolah Menengah Bantuan

wah.. u can remember so much..
u love jawi in the past, huh? :P

wat liuliu language is this? LOL
the bumbum language hoh?

mistipurple said...

Long Blek Singh bbq garden party tonite. Womanfolk must be earlier. must prepare the meats mah.

Chen said...

BBQ garden party?
BBQ kambing ah?
can BBQ prawn, sotong, kentang boh?
searching for sotong :D

Joycelyn said...

i cant get the picture of the book liow....err..maybe i get the name wrongly?...getting OLD liow..hehehe

Simple American said...

No. I have not been to Chinese class for 7 years now I guess. Now I'm learning Singlish and Manglish. keke ;)

VampireM said...

i didnt have the luxury to learn Chinese in primary school, cos they dont offer it

and my parents tak pandai mandarin as well... therefore banana i am

Chen said...

hahha, issit 少年日刊?
I also can't remember most of the titles of the books/magazines I read in the past, except those more prominent one :)

LOL about the Singlish and Manglish..
is this considered as good or bad influence? :P

I have few friends who dunno Chinese too but they managed to pick up the nese language in university (cos everyone was talking in Chinese during those days, so no choice but have to learn :P) Now they can speak quite fluently in Chinese. One of them, her mum get a shock when she heard her talking in Chinese on the phone :D

Bernard said...

Dik ari Serikei? Nemu jako Iban?

lynnx01 said...

My cousin from St Anne also much better in Chinese.. I also studied chinese in my BM school but it all amounts to nothing now.

How come you're younger one year? Last time no PTS leh.

Chen said...

yeah, I'm from Sarikei, but currently working in Penang. I understand little bit of Iban :)

cos they are Chinese educated and those from Chinese school has to study Remove class or Kelas peralihan before entering Form 1. I don't have to study Remove class cos I'm not from Chinese school.. So after primary six, I can enter Form 1 straight.

What is PTS?

cooknengr said...

What's sup Doc, I agree with you, Chinese Novel is a lot more dramatic to read and speed reading works really well with Chinese novel.

Chen said...

yeah.. more dramatic and lively description :) That's why chinese novels are nice to read :D

lynnx01 said...

PTS is the exam the education ministry introduced sometime in 1996-1999 where students in primary 3 who can pass the exam get to skip their primary 4, then go straight to primary 5. I missed that exam by one year.. who knows I could skip? hehhe.. cos I heard the exam isn't hard. It's just the matter of grasping the skills of answering the type of questions they ask.

Chen said...

no wonder i dunno what is PTS liao.. kekkeke... cos I'm already in university liao in 1996