Friday, November 11, 2005

卫斯理 (Wisely)

I enjoy reading novels, especially Chinese novels; but not the romance or love story novels :P. I like authors like 倪匡(Ni Kuang) and Stephen King. During my childhood time, I enjoyed reading Enid Blyton's books :)

倪 匡 is well known for his interesting sci-fiction novels (科幻小说), which is simple, addictive and interesting. His writing is unique, different from other authors. Some of his well known novels series are like 卫斯理, 原振侠, 亚洲之鹰罗开, 年轻人, 木兰花 etc. Out of all these, I like 卫斯理系列小说 or "Wisely" the most :) I read most of the novels in this series already.. He has wrote more than 100 novels in the 卫斯理系列小说 .

some of my collection of 卫斯理系列小说

Why is his novels so interesting? Those who read the novels (卫斯理系列小说) before will surely agree with me. The novel is indeed very addictive. I will read the whole novel before I go to sleep at night time (during secondary school and university time). I won't close my eyes before I finish reading the last page. I can finish one novel within few hours :) I start reading his novels during Form 5 or Form 6 time. How I get to know this novel? Just through some random picking of the books from the Sarikei District Council Library :) After reading the first novel, I get hooked and addicted to it. Some of my favourites are such as <寻梦>,<尸变>,<木炭>,<病毒> etc.. His novels are interesting but the ending is always sort of "disappointing", cos the ending is always related to aliens or creatures from the other universe.

For 卫斯理 aka Wisely fans, u can download the chinese novels from this websites

I still prefer his earlier novels compared to the novels which he produced lately. I found the recent novels not as interesting as his earlier writing. (? run out of ideas) The novel is being made into movies as well as HK tv drama series. In the movie Wisely has being played by Chow Yun Fat in Seventh Curse (1986), Sam Hui in The Legend Of Wisely (1987), Chin Kar Lok in Bury Me High (1991), Waise Lee in The Cat (1992) and Andy Lau in The Wesley's Mysterious File (2002). The series has also being adapted into TV drama series, such as "The W Files" ~ currently broadcast at TV3 at 6:00 pm. I watched the series earlier on in Astro last year.

Who is this 卫 斯理 (Wisely)? He is an independent, intelligent and adventurous investigator/detective with martial arts skills. He is really an intelligent guy and full of wisdom; He can converse in several language and dialects.

U read the novel before? And what's your favourite novel(s) or who's your favourite author?


ay said...

I've been reading Ben Carson's books recently and would like to recommend them to you.

Chen said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I searched online and noted some of Dr Benjamin Carson's famous publications are like The Big Picture, Think Big, Gifted Hand. I will search for those book :)

cooknengr said...

What's up doc, that is so cool. Now I don't have to buy the books which are so expensive here more than $10 apiece.

You know 倪匡, 金庸 and what's that lady's name ?亦舒.. are brothers and sister, right ?

Chen said...

The chinese novels are sold at affordable price over here in Malaysia. Previously can get 4 novels for RM10. Now can get 3 novels for RM10. Less than US1 per novel.

I do know 亦舒 is 倪匡's sister, but I don't know 金庸 is their brother as well. Thanks for telling me. Wow.. the whole family are great authors :)

day-dreamer said...

Ever tried Dan Brown? If not, Popular's doing a sale now. Get four of his bestsellers (when I say "best", they're really BEST) for only RM 99.90!! The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, Deception Point. Before the sale, it was more than RM 32 per book. Really a bargain! Worth the investment, trust me.

But... with reference to the Da Vinci Code, some Christians find it offending. But it's plain fiction. Depends on how you interpret it.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
So many books? It will take ages for me to finish reading them :P

Cynthia said...

er.. my favotite books.. Pharmacy Test books by those bloody old old lectures and printed by old old Curtin School of Pharmacy. *smile*

Chen said...

oops... :D

Trying to imagine hard Cynthia loves books like Basic and clinical pharmacology by Katzung, Goodman and Gilman's pharmacological basis of therapeutics bla bla... (*wink)

Hahahha... I know what u mean :P

Jellyfish said...

i read comics one... novel too many words to read

Loc Kee said...

ya i like his early stories instead. me especialy like 'the hair'.

btw he's discontinue the story lo... :<

Chen said...

Hahhaa... Nowadays, I seldom read novels as well ;)
Talking about comics, Garfield comics is one of my favourite :)

Loc Kee,
His early stories are nice & interesting..
Might be he runs out of idea liao..

glutton rabbit said...

Doc, wah, so bookworm one you : ). I used to love 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carol ;p... very strange story but nice to read...

Chen said...

Glutton Rabbit,
Those were the days... :P
I seldom/hardly read novels nowadays..
If I read, I will read those boring medical stuffs :D or some light reading materials like comic ;)

SLeeK@ER said...

i used to read his novels more than 100s le...haha, i love " bai shu"!!! yes, we hav the same favoyrate author!!!!!!!!!1

Chen said...

白素 is a great character...
Very intelligent lady and full of wisdom. Very calm as well ;)

Anonymous said...

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