Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My nephew

Yesterday is my nephew's birthday. I called him yesterday afternoon and wished him Happy Birthday. This is his 11th birthday. (Well, I was on call yesterday. Have been doing few EOD (every other day) on calls this week. On call tomorrow as well). He is currently in Standard Four, but school holidays just started. So next year, he will be in Standard Five already. How time flies ....

There's something special after this nephew of mine. He is kinda different from other kids. First of all, he doesn't drink carbonated drinks ~ No cola, 7 up, pepsi, sprites, mirinda etc etc.. :) This is since small time already. He hates carbonated drinks... I still remember when we go for Chinese New Year visitations to friends and relatives house two years ago, he will request for non carbonated drinks like Chrysanthemum tea or soya bean drinks.. If these drinks are not available, he will opt for plain water (yes, plain water for a 8 year old kid !!!) :P Well, he does eat other snacks, junk food, sweets, jelly or keropok like other kids, but just that he hates carbonated drinks. I don't know why... :D

Another special thing about my nephew is he likes reading.. even from small time. Each time I ask him what he wants for his birthday present, he will only mention one thing ~ story book :) He will request the same thing from my sister(his mum) and my mum(his grandma) as well. Even at the age of 6 or 7 years old, he starts requesting for story book as birthday present instead of toys. This really give me a shock when I asked him for the first time. Cos I will expect he will mentioned something like car or robot or some sort of toys etc etc.. But instead, he requests for story books. He enjoys reading very much :) He does play around and enjoy outdoor activities like other kids but just that he loves reading. So, I bought few story books for him already.. It's sort of belated birthday gifts.


Cynthia said...

Is he a potential nerd? future doctor? genius? LOL These nerdy kids put me off a little bit.. study too hard. Apprently in this tv show "australian brainest kids".. when the host asked one of the kid, "what is your favorite books"... I expect the little gal would asnwer "oh! I like Harry Potter" or something like that. hell know she said.." I read DAN BROWN!" (what the hell?) and She is only 6-7 years old. I wanna pengsan already! I feel bad. Oh,speaking of carbonated drink or the "kek hwa" water.. hehe.. i dont drink any of them even during CNY.. i have plain water all the way I go collec my ang pow. =) Whats your nephew name ar?

Chen said...

Hahah..i dunno lah what's his ambition :)
Definitely I won't encourage him to become a doctor :P
His name is Brian :)

Cynthia said...

Hmm.. thats interesting. Most of the doctors dont encourage thier son/daughter or relatives to become doctors, but MOST of the Chinese Herbal medicine or pharmacists will mostly encourage their family members to do Pharmacy. why ar? is that a formula? =)

Winn said...

But is it becoz his mother warned him of the danger of carbonated drinks before thats why he's cautious?

kids like brain gotta be genius. I wish my nephews dont drink carbonated drinks and read story books i can have those drinks by myself and that my old books wld be taken care of by ppl who'd appreciate them .

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wow, I think Brian sounds like a great nephew!

A physically active, studious and health-conscious child - the future sounds so bright for him!

My human should be ashamed of himself. He still pouts his lips when he doesn't get his can of coke first thing in the morning. :(


Jellyfish said...

ooOOOoo... i see he likes jelly titbits

Winn said...

aiyer jellyfish dam perasan:p

day-dreamer said...

Jellyfish, jelly is different from jellyfish har...

Actually, not trying to modest or what, I read story books too. LOVE them since I was six. Can't live without them, as the saying goes, 书是人类的精神粮食. Still addicted to story books right now... Haha!

Also, I think I might be able to explain why your nephew don't prefer carbonated drinks. Maybe he cannot tahan the fizzy-fizzy feeling when the drink touches his tongue. Dunno. You have to ask him.

babe_kl said...

cool fella there, wished my child could be like him. mine cant sit still

Chen said...

yeah... u r absolutely correct. Most doctors don't encourage their children or relatives to become doctors...

Nope, my sister never warn him regarding the danger of drinking carbonated drinks. In fact, my sister told me he doesn't like carbonated drink ~ I dunno why. Next time I will ask him why so :D

Hahhaha.. u teruklah.. want to sapu all the soft drinks by yourself and dump the old books to your nephews :D

And, yep.. Jellyfish is damn perasan :D

Yeap.. Brian is indeed a great nephew. I have 3 nephews btw.. The youngest one is just 2 months old :)

Cream, Your human so cute lah.. pout lips? I'm trying to imagine how he looks like when he does that :D

I also like to eat jelly woh..

day dreamer,
to jellyfish, everything that has the word jelly in it is his "relatives" Hhahaha... the jelly family :P Including jelly beans :D

U are book worm as well? :)

I dunno whether that is the reason or not? I will ask him when I meet him :)

Babe KL,
your boi boi still young :)

glutton rabbit said...

Wah! So good a kid. Really hard to find. Lucky are the parents to have such a nice boy. I don't take carbonated drinks too - sugar content is too high! But I do drink some Diet coke sometimes, but don't really like it cos aspartame is not good for the brain? Anyway, happy belated b'day to your nephew ; )...

Amstaffie said...

Brian sounds like a smart kid. When I was a kid, I liked story books, but only if they were being read to me!! :) Sending birthday wishes to him.

PS: Does that mean jellyfish is related to jelly doughnuts? *giggle*

Chen said...

glutton rabbit & amstaffie,
Thanks for the birthday wishes (on behalf of Brian)
I bought few story books for him :)

jelly doughnouts? Hahhaha..
Yeah...He is related to all the jelly products :P

Winn said...

I have a friend who's never tasted carbonated drinks until he graduated from college, coz his mum did not allow it.

He's very different now. - Indulgin' into all sorts of things he wasnt allowed to do then. heheh

Chen said...

Hahaha.. your friend is so "cute"... trying to compensate for his "lost" ;)
That's not the case in my nephew.

Yeah.. my nephew doesn't like soya sauce (kicap) as well :P

day-dreamer said...

If any jelly is related to Jellyfish, I once saw a can of hair gel with "JELI" written on its label wor.... Muahahahaha!

Text book worm, not me. Story bookworm, maybe! ;-)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Text bookworm or story bookworm is still bookworm..
so, u are from the worm family :P