Saturday, November 12, 2005


I come across these while surfing online...

It takes 15 trees to produce the amount of paper that u use to write in 1 exam. Join us in promoting the noble cause of saving trees.


The second one is related to some simple mathematic equations :)

study = no fail —— (1)
no study = fail —— (2)

study + no study = fail + no fail

study (1 + no) = fail (1 + no)

study= fail

So in conclusion, baik tidur (better go to sleep).

Hahhaa... those are really great jokes to cheer up those stressful people who are sitting for exam. (Exam are always stressful btw, and I hate exam as well, but it's something unavoidable). And, to those who are sitting for exams at the moment like Day Dreamer, Sban Boy and Cynthia etc.. All the best to u all and I pray for wisdom, peaceful mind and good health to all of you throughout these stressful period. Hope you all excel in your exam.


Jellyfish said...


these equations are phD level.
me still STPM level, couldn't understand how u derive those...


Cynthia said...

thank you so much!!!! Im so so stressed out yet so touched. *cry*

Winn said...

wow this is way cool!!

no eat = no fat —— (1)
eat = fat —— (2)

eat + no eat = fat + no fat

eat (1 + no) = no eat (1 + no)

eat= fat

Chen said...

don't be so humble lah..
sure u understand all these crap equations :D

Hug hug... Take good care of yourself & Kian Seng during the exam period :)

Hahhaha... U are so clever :P

Chen said...

from your equation,
eat = no eat = fat

so either eat or not, also will become fat,
so bettter eat loh, since the outcome is still the same ...
kakkakak :P

King's wife said...

hah, cool equation...

hornbill said... hahahaha.... agree lah...

Chen said...

king's wife,

Hope your students won't tell u these things in the future :P

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wa! Must tell my human this eating formula. Maybe then I can get more treats. :D


glutton rabbit said...

Doc, so funny your equation *LOL*... but like something not tally wor...

day-dreamer said...

You sure make my day, doc!

I just received the first one via SMS hours ago. Apparently, the sender has altered it to support our government's campaign against smoking. So, the last sentence read, "Say No to Exam. TAK NAK!"


Irzan said...

hi there doc *not sure what name should I call u*

thanks for the comment, and telling me on how to cope up as a medical student :)

I really appreciated it...

I guess I really need to learn up until the day i die, just like u said..


that's a VERY VERY VERY long way to go baby!

cooknengr said...

Young girl, here's the html trick

Chen said...

Furkids in HK,
Faster tell your human :)
Might be u will get more treats :D

Glutton Rabbit,
Hahahaa.. anyway, the one who invented that formula is indeed clever ;)

Day Dreamer,
:D, Did u reply to the sender with the reply "Say No"?
Since the sender ask u to Say No to Exam? ;)

Yeah, Doing Medicine is a life long, no ending learning process..
We learn till the day we retire or some say till the day we die
There are so many new diseases and new treatment/drugs/management emerging everyday..
Keep up your good work :)

SLeeK@ER said...

ya, thanks for shared the wisely link!

Chen said...

U r mostly welcome :)