Sunday, November 13, 2005


Riding motorbike is fun. Previously, I owned a Yamaha Sports 100 cc (I bought it during my Clinical Years in university, cos it's more convenient (for transportation purposes as we had ward teachings at irregular time and weird hours like 8:30 pm or even 9:30 pm at night) Why is it so? Cos our lecturers beside giving lectures, they have to see and treat patients in the clinics and hospitals as well, just like what the other doctors do. So, our ward teachings depends very much on their free time or their flexible time, normally only after they finish/complete their clinical works. If they are busy, then the ward teachings will be postponed to the later time or to another day, even at the very last minute. Sometimes we have to stay back late to observe or to assist certain procedures/operations or to conduct deliveries as well. I remember there were few times whereby we had to stay back till after 12 midnight in the hospital, and the latest one was till 5:00 am in the morning..

my beloved Yamaha Sports 100 cc

That particular incident was because we wanted to observe the ERPOC (evacuation removal of product of conceptions) done for abortions.. eg. incomplete abortion, missed abortion etc etc..
The Operating Theatre in GHKL was busy during the daytime; So most of the time, ERPOC will only be performed after office hour.. Initially these few procedures were scheduled to be done around 10 pm at night. So we stayed back and waited for the procedures. However, that day is not our day :( There are few emergency cases coming in, eg. acute appendicitis, leaking ectopic pregnancy etc. The more urgent cases had to be done first...

Only after complete doing all the real emergency cases/surgery, then only the O&G on call did the ERPOC. The time was already 3:30 am by then. There were few ERPOC done which ended around 5 am in the early morning. After getting all our procedure book (aka log book) signed, we changed our OT attires to our working attires and weared our clinical white coats. I got on my motorbike and rode to the medical faculty which is located opposite the hospital to get my helmet as I put my helmet inside my locker. On arrival to the faculty, much to my dismay, the gate was LOCKED! The guard was not around (sleeping else I presume?) I shouted for a while but there's no response. I was very cold at that time and shivering as well although I wear my clinical white coat on top of my working attire. (That's 5 something in the early morning).

I was thinking whether to go back to the ward and spent few hours over there while waiting for the gate to be opened or just rode back to my hostel without wearing my helmet. My friends who came by car had all left already by this time. Then I finally made up my mind ~ to go back to my hostel with my clinical white coat on without the helmet :D (I prayed that there's no traffic police on the road at that moment..). (Since I unbuckle the front button of my white coat, I think my white clinical coat was flying on the air when I rode my motorbike back home... Hahaha... Something like batman?) When I reached my room in the hostel, I dropped straight on my bed ~ ZZzzzzzz... Cannot tahan already :P

I really MISS my motorbike. Those were the days........ :P


Cynthia said...

i used to have Honda EX5.. my bro is using now in Msia. I took Kian go jalan jalan in my motorbike few years back,that Mirian scared till his sh*t out..yea, I was laughing my head off!! LOL

Chen said...

Hahhaa.. How fast u ride your bike? Till Kian feel so scared? :P

Amstaffie said...

Wow, what a schedule! My schedule is boring compared to that!!

I finally rode my bike for the first time on Friday. I rode it to the park above my house. Rode it around the parking area for about an hour, just to get use to it.

izchan said...

yeah ... a biker doctor.

that really fuels the imagination.

Cynthia said...

Er.. not that fast, maybe 40-50km/h in kampung area? I used my dad's motorbike too.. abit dodgy. but great fun.

Darryl said...

Some say girls who handles a bike well is HOT. Of course it has better be a girl with skimpy leather jackets and a hot bike. :D

JoeC said...

ohhh, the kap-chai is a very handy bike to putt around, no worries...except the rain. nowadays got many auto scooters, nice and trendy.... cheers!

my, aim is to ride the 1000cc mother of rocket, a Kawa ZZR... i think i gonna crash it.... maybe.

day-dreamer said...

So cool ar you, doctor...

*sob sob* My parents will never, ever allow me near a motorbike. They'll allow me to take up driving lessons next year, though, I think.

Chen said...

It's fun riding bike, right? But need to be careful :)

Hahhaa.. U never see any doctor(s) riding motorbike before? ;)

Oh.. okie :D
The fastest speed on motorbike I rode was something like 100 km/hr ~ Don't dare to go faster than that cos see too many accident cases liao in the hospital :P Normally I ride around 60 to 80 km/hr.


Rainy days or rainy seasons is really traumatic to bikers..
I kena many times already previously... :(
I don't fancy scooters, cos the wheel is too small... (doesn't looks stable to me) :P

Day Dreamer,
yeah.. lotsa parents don't allow their kids to ride motorbike, cos it's indeed more dangerous comparing to driving four wheeled vehicles. And furthermore the accident rates for bikers are much higher.

Winn said...

people always asked me why i penang lang donno how to speak penang, and duno how to ride motorcycle shameful lahhhhhh......

Chen said...

Ha, u don't speak Hokkien ah? :P
That's indeed weird loh...

Regarding riding motorbike..
issit Penangites supposed to know how to ride motorbikes?
I don't think so lah..
Lotsa my Penangites friends also dunno how to ride..

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wtg biker doc!

I have to ashamedly admit that I only just got my motorcycle licensce - at the age of 44! And I still haven't made up my mind which bike or scooter to get. And to think that I grew up with bikes (dad had at least 4 bikes throughout my childhood)

No need to miss la, just buy yourself a new one (or two)!

Take care!


Sharl612 said...

I am one of the odd one among my peers in my town to not have a licence for motorbike. The first time I rode, I got into the drain. Broke the license plate *shesshhh*.

Chen said...

It's always not too late to do anything..
If there's a will, there's a way ;)
Congrats on getting your motorbike licence. Take your time to choose your bike/scooter ;)

Might be.. (who knows?) I will get myself a bike again few years later on ;)

Yeah, I do recall most of the Sarawakians have motoribke licence :)
Sorry to hear your traumatic experience of riding into the drain..
Hope u don't get phobia of riding motorbike after that :P

I know someone who drive inside the drain as well on their first driving experience :)
(the four~wheeled car)

babe_kl said...

whoa terror merror, lucky din get caught!

Chen said...

babe kl,
Previously we always do lotsa crazy things.. used to not wearing helmet when riding around in the hospital.. but outside hospital in Jalan Pahang etc.. that is the first time loh.. :D

Like I said, Those were the days...
Those good old times :P

glutton rabbit said...

Doc, haha. So funny like batman. I didn't know you can ride a bike... some more without helmet. Samseng oso har you?

Chen said...

Glutton Rabbit,
It's very common for medical students during my time to ride motorbike. And I tell u, it's FUN!
U won't know what u miss until u start riding it :D