Monday, November 14, 2005

I miss....

I miss my mum, my eldest sister and brother in Kuching; (I'm going to meet them soon)
I miss my second sister as well as my nephews in Bintulu; (I'm going to meet them soon as well)
I miss my late father...
I miss my mummy and my daddy's cooking ;
I miss my hometown... The last time I step my foot on Sarikei land was in early 2004 (during CNY time) ~ Dunno when is the next time I will go back to that place again..
I miss my old friends (ex secondary school classmates and schoolmates from SMB St Anthony and SMK Meradong) ~ whom we only get to meet once a year during CNY gathering ~ the time where everyone will go back home..
I miss my ex coursemates in university... (we shared all those sweet and sour moments together for 5 years..)
I miss those days ~ strolling in Titiwangsa Lake in the late evening or jogging together with my friends...
I miss playing squash in the middle of the night; yeah.. in the middle of the night :P (during my uni days)
I miss riding motorbike (yeah, my Yamaha Sports 100 cc bike)
and... hahahha..... I miss riding motorbike without helmet :P (Those were the days....)
I miss my mountain bike as well :P
I miss the yummy and delicious Milin Fern (I can taste this yummy, tasty and super duper delicious dish again in few days time).

Cos the good news is...
I'll be flying back to Sarawak soon..
in less than 40 hours time :)
~ Home Sweet Home ~
I was eating the famous Penang tambun pneah when I write this posting :D


Winn said...

Have u tried the orange and coffee tambun biscuit in penang?

Only that shop - opposite peng hwa sells them. Try the orange one it's VERYYYYYYYYYYY good!

Jellyfish said...

i still remember this peah.
u gimme when i came to penang last time


Chen said...

Nowadays, I see lotsa different flavour of tambun biscuit in Penang..(by Sheng Hiang)
orange, coffee, yam, durian, orange, mango, nutmeg, redbean, pandan, corn, grapes, pineapple, green tea, haybee sambal etc etc...

I bought some as well, but haven't taste it :D

I remember buying the 4 different flavours pneah one for u.. ;) how u like it?

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Yep, nothing beats home sweet home, home cooked food and the bed that you had for all these years.

Congrats on going home, and hope you have a fantastic time!

Don't forget to take tons of pics.

Have fun!

Sharl612 said...

Enjoy your trip home. ;)

Chen said...

Furkids in HK,
Thanks for your wishes...
Sure I will take lotsa lotsa pictures ;)
Won't miss the chance this time :D

Thanks :)

Icey said...

enjoy ur trip back yar, jiejie.
safe journey..=)

err err...pressie wor..


Chen said...

I learn this tactic from your papa & mama liao..
Will get u some e pressie :)

babe_kl said...

happy holidays back home! enjoy yah

Cynthia said...

I dont normally miss my parents and home that much since I left home when I was 15 years old. I know, i am so "boo liong sim" =P I will only call them when i run out of money. ekek.. *cough*
But , yesterday, all the sudden I miss home so much.. aiyo, exam + miss home.. kinda like 1st time for me. sigh

carcar said...

hi chen, wat a timely article u put up...i am down in home sick too...last night, i felt loneliness attack me again..i loitered on the street for don't know how long, then i decided to buy myself some fish, to be my companion...
i fell to sleep after all...wake up this morning, i feel like crying, and even right now, i am holding tight to my tears...
home sick not only to my family members, but my frens, and my life in kl...

Icey said...

kenot lei , jiejie..

rememer i told u last time..

dat biji thingy?


day-dreamer said...

Is that Him Heang tam bun pneah? Why didn't buy pong pneah? Ha ha!

Looks round and shiny!!

Bon voyage doctor! Don't forget to come back with tons and tons of pepper... Reminder: update your blog while you're on holiday! ;-)

Jellyfish said...

i love it!
so next time buy more for me ar?

Chen said...

Thanks :)

Hahahhaa... I like the way u describe yourself ~ "boh liong sim" :P But that's not true also lah.. Since u mentioned u suddenly miss home so much :P

Btw, bila nak balik kampung? Remember to call me when u balik kampung.. FYI, I saw durian again few days ago in Penang before I fly back to Sarawak

Find some time to balik kampung when possible loh.. I know your schedule is tight.. But hope u can made it :)

Home is still the best :D
Home sweet home ;)

Why cannot?

Day Dreamer,
I buy lotsa different varieties of biscuit.. Will write about it later on when I came back to Penang ;)

Pepper everywhere also got lah :P
Hahahha.. I lazy to go shopping also :D Go there to rest & relax and play with nephews :) Great time :D

Buy a lot also no problem,(as long as u pay the bill, blek... :P)

Hahahha.. no problem..
Which brand u want?
Got lotsa different brand and different flavour :D