Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Finally finish packing my things.. Why I do my packing so early? since I'm leaving only on Wednesday (16/12/2005) Well... Cos I'm on call tomorrow(15/11/2005) and I have to stay in the hospital for 24 hours during my on call. And my flight is on the early morning on Wednesday. The only solution is to pack all my things ready. Won't bring much stuff, but I will definitely bring my digicam & extra SD memory cards :P (And most importantly, remember to bring the flight ticket)..

Will depart straight from the hospital to the airport on Wednesday morning after I handover the cases and on call pager to the person on call the next day :) Yeah.. it's indeed very rush, but what to do? There's only one direct flight from KL to Bintulu. I don't want to take so many flights to reach my final destination. (save time waiting for transit and save $$$ as well).


Cynthia said...

have fun!! take lotsa pictures!!! =P

Icey said...

eh, jiejie..

u type wrong adi..


enjoy ur trip..

pressie pressie pressie...

izchan said...



enough said.

Darryl said...

Have a safe trip back. Have lotsa fun. Bring pretty girls back.

val said...

hi! have a safe trip home & thanks for all the hard work & service to mankind doing your noble job!

May the Lord bless you 100 fold !

day-dreamer said...

zhu ni yi lu shun fong!!

*sorry, lazy to on Chinese Star. =P

Winn said...

bring back some hornbills.:P

King's wife said...

have a safe trip and a good holiday..

Greenapple said...

have a safe trip, and have fun! looking forward to hearing more interesting stories from you.

have a great one!

Wilson said...

wasei~~~holiday is it? will u come to kch?

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, take you mom to our house...gossip session with my mom. Enjoy your trip.

Sam I Am said...

Have a safe trip,

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Have a safe trip, great time and send our greetings to everyone there!

Oh, and take a nap on the flight there too.

Take care!

Chen said...

sure... I brought 1 512 Mb SD card and 2 256 Mb SD card... Sure will tangkap lotsa pictures :P

What did I type wrongly? I don't understand :)

Video? Post picture can liao.. :D
I will only post the picture when I came back home to Penang. Using dial up back home at the moment. So it's quite slow...

Back home is always fun :)
Pretty girls?
For u ah? U have lotsa in Ipoh already :P

Thanks :)

Day Dreamer,
Aiyoh.. Cannot be like that lah..
U can write well in Chinese mah :D
Nice to read in Chinese character... Kekekeke...

Muahahha... how to bring back hornbills? Protected species woh.. Later i kena tangkap.. Bring back picture can lah..

King's wife,
Thanks ;)

Thanks.. Will write the updates later on.

Yeah.. Will be going to Kuching as well.. for few days(from 22nd Nov night till 27th Nov). Want to meet up ;)?

We will then gossip about what CooknEngr does in US :D

Sam I Am,
Thanks :)

Furkids in HK,
Yeap... I take a short nap on the flight.. Too tired cos on call the day and night before..

Thanks for your wishes

Loc Kee said...

hoh... didnt notice u r a doctor lo... :p
on call have to stay in the hospital ka? so cham...

ya let us see the faces of Bintulu hoh...

Chen said...

Loc Kee,
Depends on what department the doctor works in. Those on passive on call can stay at home. Those on active on call have to stay in the hospital.

Cham or not? Used to it already after working for so many years :)

Will post the photos when I come back from my vacation :)

Icey said...


jiejie ter-type 12 instead of 11 ler..


Chen said...

Tell me early lah what I type wrongly.. Waste my brain cell thinking what I type wrongly pulak..

Type that in a rush.. Didn't realise the mistake. Anyway, when working, I don't have sense of time... :(

mercuri2000 said...

Active and passive calls? kekekeke, long time already

Chen said...

yeap, I know u have left the govt service already and now on practice your own :)