Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bintulu, Sarawak

Finally back home already... I'm now in Bintulu. Reached Bintulu yesterday around 3:30 pm.

Have a nice nap during my flight from Penang to KLIA. Didn't realise it reached KLIA already till landing time.. Cos there's a sudden "jerk" during the landing ~ and this woke me up from my sleep :D Sleepy cos I was tired from my 24 hours on call the day and night before.. Reached KLIA at 9:55 am.

Waited for 3 and half hours in KLIA for my flight from KLIA to Bintulu. Strolling in KLIA, visiting few of the shops there... And bought some chocolates as well from th duty free shops :) Seeing the McDonald outlets in KLIA reminds me of events that occured way back in 1998; During my trip to KL to attend my convocation. At that time, KLIA was still new. Previously we were using the Subang airport. My friends (from same university but different course) sent me to airport in the early morning around 3:30 am to catch my flight back to Sarawak. I was working in Sarawak General Hospital at that time. This was the first time we went to KLIA as the place was just newly operated. We waited for a while till the McD opened (at 4 am in the early morning) and have some light breakfast there. So fast... 7 years passed already.

My flight from KLIA to Bintulu was at 1:30 pm. Didn't manage to sleep on the flight this time cos next to me was a group of "noisy" aunty and uncle.. They speak very loud in the flight most of the time. *Headache*... Reached Bintulu around 3:30 pm in the afternoon. My sister together with my nephews came to fetch me. It's nice meeting back my family members and all my nephews. Have a great time chatting with them :) Will update more later on, together with photos ..


Jellyfish said...

fast fast post bintulu pics

Cynthia said...

Those noisy uncles and aunties must be "foo chow people"..ekeke.. Jackson, my buddy also foo chow, he said foo chow ppl talk very loud one.. LOL.. Kidding

h said...

My first thought.

Flight to Bintulu - must take the small plane. Did not realise there is a direct flight there.

Take a good rest and hope to see some photos.

Winn said...

wanna see hornbills!
mogok for hornbills!


Loc Kee said...

havent read your new post yet... :p

u gave wrong info on ur last la...

leaving on (16/12) but packing so EARLY!! tats y i said u so cham la, need to stay at hospital for so long... :D
now i paham la... haha

JoeC said...

hippy holide! take care ya. cheers!

day-dreamer said...

I join Winn.

Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills!


Icey said...


i oso join in lar..

Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills!Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills! Hornbills!


sbanboy said...

Hey chen ... have a great time at home... and thanks for all the encouragement during my exams ....

Chen said...

I snap quite a number of pict liao.. Will post it later on :P

This time that is not the fact loh.. Those noisy aunty and uncle speaks Cantonese, guess they must be from KL and going for vacation to Bintulu. I presume they going for group tour cos I see someone that looks like their tour leader :P (from their conversation, this is the first time they fly to Sarawak.. They speak so loud that I can hear clearly what they say.. hahahah...)

The plane is not the fokker plane :P It's just like the other normal Boeing plane from KL to Kuching..

I will post the photos later on :)

Loc Kee,
Hahha... I never realise I type in the wrong number.. Cos I wrote that in a rush :P Anyway, when working, we don't have sense of time ;)

Thanks :)

Winn,Day Dreamer and Icey,
Want to see hornbill ah? Visit my friend hornbill first loh.. Kakkaka....

Hope u do well in your exam :)

izchan said...

my advice to anyone going home (Regardless of where) ... is to ... SLEEP!!!!!!

and EAT!!!!!!!

and BENGANG!!!!!!!

its a requirement and done in that specific order.

enjoy yourself.

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Great to know you had a safe flight, albeit a bit noisy on the last one.

Have lots of fun and share it with us next time you post!

Take care.

humblewarrior said...

Have a good time there and spend lots of quality time with your family and friends. Don't forget to snap pictures and share with us.

Cousin Daniel said...

Flights within M'sia are so short. You have reached your destination even befoe you warmed the seats. Sarawak photos pls. No dead hornbills from bird flu though. Try S'wak laksa - diff from Penang.

nat said...

so much hush hush and u r back in S'wak. R u a medical practitioner btw? Enjoy ur holidays =]

Sam I Am said...

thanks for sharing,

glutton rabbit said...

Doc! Wah! Go back to hometown? Hope you enjoy yourself. You'll be eating sago worm ah?

Jellyfish said...

eh... many ppl wan hornbills ar?

me join in the crowds also :P


waaaahahaha =)

Chen said...

I know about the eating and sleeping part, but bengang? Is it necessarily? :D

Furkids in HK & Humble Warrior,
Sure, I will..

Cousin Daniel,
Regarding the Sarawak Laksa, sure I will eat that since I will only get to eat it something like once a year :) It's one of the must try item each time I balik kampung.

yeah, u r right :)

Sam I Am,
U r mostly welcomed :)

Glutton Rabbit,
Regarding Sago Worm, I ate that few years back already :D I wrote a post on that as well.

U interested to try it? :P

Frankly speaking, I haven't even see a single hornbill yet.. If u want hornbill, go to the zoo loh :P Hahahha...

hornbill said...

who want hornbill? Visit my blog a... Sorry chen...hehehe....

Jellyfish said...

eh... got hornbill speaking wor

Chen said...

Hahhaha.. hornbill, no problem.. and in fact, I already advertise for u earlier on (refer to one of my reply above when everyone asking me for hornbill..

Want to see hornbill ah? Visit my friend hornbill first loh.. Kakkaka....


Hornbill is here all the while.. Just that u didn't realise her presence only, cos u too sibuk doing something else :)

Gasman said...


when you will be back to Penang GH?

izso said...

Where dem pics? :D

Interesting.. the pics aren't even out yet and you already have 23 comments!

Chen said...

Will start working on 28 Nov.
When's your wife's EDD?

Will post the pict later on together with the details :)