Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Books...

The cute little gal Pink Cotton wanna knows what are the books I have on my bookshelf. Sorry lah, I have to let you down cos all the books on my bookshelves are those boring medical textbooks and handbooks :P Good for those who have insomnia ;)

Hehhee, I curi tulang and dig the photos from my old post (Is it difficult to study medicine). Since I have taken pictures of my bookshelves in the past, so I might as well use back the same photo lah :P Pandai, kan? No need to take out camera & shoot again. Pink Cotton, don't piak me nor scold me, okie? :P

Hahhaha... of course I have other books too, like Dr Slump Comic Books or IQ 博士, Garfield comic, 卫斯理系列小说 (sci-fiction chinese novels) etc etc.. but I don't keep them up on the shelves (cos of limited space) - all these comics and novels are nicely kept inside the boxes. Mmmm... I hope the irritating silverfish didn't eat up my books. Yeah, not forgetting.. I also have my NIV bible on the mini shelf inside my bedroom ;)

Mmmmmm... I malas nak tag orang lah.. Sesiapa yang nak buat tag ini secara sukarela amat dialu-alukan.


L B said...

OMG a CHUP! Fast fast fast.. Read a book, and chup a fook..

Red Sponge said...


Pink Cotton said...

*slumps on doc's desk and zzzzzzzz*


u r rite!! is a good cure for insomniacs...


aiyo y u no read novel hor?nvm....nxt time i write a story for u , will u read it??LOL LOL..i ever wrote a story for red sponge..she said it is i guess its UR type of reading material...BORING stuff...wahhaha

Red Sponge said...

Oh u like 卫斯理系列小说...hehe...i dun really like but my bro likes. So i read some too...;p

Pink Cotton said...

sikui red sponge!!!..beat me to bcome 2nd?!!?


Red Sponge said...

Mwhehehehe pink cotton, ur story is dull...


Pink Cotton said...


i will show u dull!!


Pink Cotton said...

oops sorry that was for red sponge :)

WAHAHA i m spamming!!

Chen said...

wah wah wah..
u r indeed very very fast
got hidden radar somewhere ah?

red sponge,
卫斯理系列小说 nice mah
my favourite

pink cotton,
wai wai.. little gal,wake up ah..
jangan tidur kat meja..
i have no strength to carry u to bed leh.. :P

i malas read novel lah..
err.. ada juga lah..
i do read chinese novel occasionally :P

wanna write a story for me?
good good..
i'm waiting..
u can draw one priceless drawing for me too :P

wah.. don't beat ah sponge lah.. kesian her.. must sayang each other mah.. No fight-fight, okie? ;)

red sponge,
PC punya story i thought is very interesting one.. dull ah? Mmmm...

Chen said...

pink cotton,
hak sei ngor..
I tot u kick me just now :P

wah.. so fast learn how to spam liao?
learn from who ah?


mistipurple said...

i want to sleep liow. wake up a little later to spam all of liu. nite nite loctor.
and you very tidy leh. but i guess being loctor must be liddat. imagine halfway, looking for big sized needle and searching for thread. :P

Kenny Ng said...

aiyooo... books! I lazy to read books la. I'm BTC 1... kekeke.

zeroimpact said...

So many books :)
Doc ah... I tag you also wo
come come see

angel said...

no wonder the pics look familiar... cheh...

sengkor said...

so neat one ur books.. sure got clean up b4 taking the pics one..

Chen said...

nite nite Misti Kaur :P
Thank u very muchie for accompanying chen kaur to the market to buy ghee to make prata for zero singh. LOLOL

Some of my things are tidy, some are not, in fact some are messy.. depends :P

u really BTC meh?
Sure there are certain books that might interest u or catch your attention, right? ;)

kekkee.. This is only part of the medical books I have. Some I gave away and some I sold out :)

wah.. just habis answering satu tag, ini pulak kena tag lagi? okie okie.. I will go over to have a look what issit about.. Hopefully not something difficult loh :D

Chen said...

Hahhaha.. lazy to take new picture mah.. Morever those are the same books, in the same racks, with the similar arrangement... So use back the same picture loh..

pssss.. luckily pink cotton didn't piak me with mineral water botut for using the same picture.. kekekkee

I always arrange my medical books in order.. Easier for reference mah.. I arrange them according to categories.. eg.. Physiology, Pharmacology, O&G, Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Opthalmology, Paediatrics, Anasthesiology, Radiology, ORthopaedic, Anatomy etc etc... and not forgetting another compartment specially reserved for handbooks :)

Joycelyn said...

i have read some 卫斯理系列小说...wah...until i tot wat he write is REAL leh..

Simple American said...

It's like deja vu. hehe! Where have I seen this post before?

Kenny Ng said...

ahh... i use to have photography magazine, but i retired from photography so all the books gone. now only keep some of engineering books only.

Chen said...

His novels are very interesting & unique. Previously, I will finish the whole novel and read till the last page before I go zzzzz.. Hahhaha, cos the storylines are just too interesting, but the endings are sort of disappointing :P

hahhahaha... u indeed have seen the pictures before, haahahha... but not the writings lah :P kekkekke...
*this is a new post, this is a new post, this is a new post* LOLOL

wah.. lidat still call BTC?
this is called WTC liao :D
just wondering.. why u retired from photography? :)

Joycelyn said...

i know BTC...but wat is WTC?

Anonymous said...

i retired photography coz now days all into digital world, i'm still prefer using analog (film), the cost of processing n developing it too expensive now n somemore no more time, so i stop play it lor.

Kenny Ng said...

i retired photography coz now days all into digital world, i'm still prefer using analog (film), the cost of processing n developing it too expensive now n somemore no more time, so i stop play it lor.

ah nel said...

no cooking book??? :P

or2ng3s said...

why r u not opening up the doors of the little compartments and let us see what's inside? :P

Mr.Goober said...

hehehe also can start opening up library liao.. :))))

do you read those when u can't sleep??

Anonymous said...

At first when I see the pictures, I see something very similiar leh... no wonder la, you plagiarise from your previous post.... hahahahaha!!

p.s. Yay!! Finally I can comment properly although having switched to Blogger Beta. Hurray Blogger team!

lynnx01 said...

Quite out of topic, but it's about books anyway..

I am on the journey of getting so many books yet not enough place to put!! Btw, is Netter's Anatomy good? Planning to buy.. expensive and I'm broke. :(

Chen said...

WTC is not World Trade Centre :P
WTC is the contrary of BTC, which means Wu Tak Chek :D

Photography is a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Yeah, nowadays everything goes digital.
I still have my film camera (pentax) with me, which I bought in 1995
(The camera is now lying inside the drawer)

ah nel,
cooking book ah? I have one if I’m not mistaken..
but I dunno where I put it liao :D
cos I tak baca pun… :P

the little compartments ah?
I store most of my gadgets inside there..
My digital camera and video cam, SD cards, mini DV tapes, CDRs, rechargeable batteries, charger bla bla bla…
yeah, and not forgetting the photo albums too :)

Chen said...

Nobody wants to borrow those boring books lah..
Hahhaha… If I have insomnia, I will just pop in one tablet of diazepam :P Lazy to wake up & search for the “suitable” book :P

day dreamer,
since those are my own pictures, so boleh lah I do that.. kakkaka..
blogger beta finally resolved the problem liao.. yeah :D

U will buy more and more of books along the “journey”. I didn’t use Netter’s Anatomy in the past.
So I can’t give any comment on that book.

Well, I learn anatomy in 1993, during my first year and that was more than a decade already..
The book recommendations during my time might be different liao :)

Medical books are expensive.. :(

Anonymous said...

Haha I ran out of space to put all my medicine books ... haha

plink said...

All big-big thua poon chek wor!


Chen said...

same here... some I piles up on the table :)

can sleep on those books too, hahahha.. and drool saliva on it while zzZzZzz? :P

Thao said...

Hve you seen the new Garfield movie? so funny. I have not read the comic but I like the movie very much

Chen said...

nope, I have't watch the movie yet. I haven't watch movie for quite some time already :)

Simple American said...

I hypnotize too easy. I better protect my money. Thankfully Chen is honest.


Where's my wallet?

Chen said...

hhaha, your wallet ah?
neh.. over there
*point point*

I didn't do anything, okei? ;)

Bernard said...

Wah, your bookshelf is really neat hor?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

That's interesting. I love seeing people's bookshelves.

And also their rooms I guess! It may or may not be reflective of various things. Heheheh.

I ran out of space! I have too many books.

Chen said...

my bookshelf is neat but my table is messy :D

Hahha, I better down show anyone picture of my room, cos the table is sort of messy :D

I stack up some of my books on the table and some inside the box. Limited space in the house, what to do? :)