Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sotong oh sotong

Life is all about Sotong? Sot sot.... All these sotong will come in handy for Angeliu who wants to piak quite a number of us with sotong.

I make the poor sotong giddy by holding the sotong upside down :P (Bully the helpless sotong)

These big round eyes reminds me of.... intracranial hemorrhage.. The black ink inside the eyes looked like blood :P

Whatever it is.. the squid still ends up in the kuali. That's an acceptable ending, right? Food are mean to be eaten. If we don't eat them, they will feel humiliated. Last but not least, is this a Dog-eat-dog world Sotong-eat-sotong world? Life is all about Sotong? You go and figure out :)

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_butt said...

chup!! awwww.. poor sotong..

mistipurple said...

i chup first then read.
quite raw hor? the sotong i mean.

pisang said...

sotong bakar is indeen good....

zeroimpact said...

Yah, makan sotong, makan sotong
So doc make what sotong for me ah

may said...

I'm certainly going sot-sot-sotong at work, pulling tentacles out, and trying not to become fried sotong!! wakakaka!

Chen said...

sotong is not poor lah..
but might be also hoh..
since they don't have $$$...
u r correct :P

ada yang raw dan ada yang tak raw..
the one used for piaking are the raw sotongs... dengan liuliu ink sekali ;)

reminds me of the sotong bakar in Hadyai, Thailand :P But now cannot go there liao.. at least for the next few weeks... :(

u wanna eat sotong kangkung aka joo hoo eng chai? I love that :P
cham... now i feel like eating it now.. in the middle of the night summore.. pergi mana cari?
liuliu loh..

poor Maymay :(
gotta stay overnight in opis :(
don't pull out tentacles woh...
u can scratch it gently, but don't pull out.. no tentacles how to become sotong sister leh? :P

eeeee... no fried sotong at workplace lah.. :P

Simple American said...

So how you gonna cook em? No claw bands? Good!

L B said...

Hmm, those sotong will sure come in handy for the angel's piakking sessions.. but, better curry sotong eh? Or even just plain fried, with a dash of lemon.. YUM!!

Kenny Ng said...

fuahhh!!! really got sotong ah?! come bakar it, goreng it, steam it, rock n roll it... anyway i seldom eat sotong coz sked of cholesterol.

Chen said...

plain fried after marinate with seasonings + corn flour :P Nope, no claw bands :P

If Angel cannot find sotong, she can use the sotong here for piaking, FOC summore :P After piaking, can cook the sotong & makan. No wastage of food.

kekeke.. yeap, but all these picture were taken almost 2 weeks ago liao :P Sotong Rocks.. Mmm... Rock & Roll Sotong? Wah..Yeah, Sotong has high cholesterol.

angel said...

OMG! liu belum tido???

i want to look for more slimy creatures for the Piak-ing Session...

mistipurple said...

Angel looking for slimy characters ah?!!
*looks again* oh, i read wrong. :P

plink said...

Eat sotong, sleep sotong, drink CocKa Ckola!

*alamak, bad advertisement*

nyonyapenang said...

those sotongs you jiggle them yourself?

Chen said...

becoming night ghost once in a while mah.. :P
more slimy creatures?
Helping to search …
U want sea cucumber?
How about ikan?
Or Siput babi?

muahahhhaa at the slimy “characters” :P
Angeliu likes slimy things ah?
Oooh… Mistiliu read wrongly earlier on ah?
Slimy character reminds me of Slimer, the gluttony green ghost in Ghost Buster ;)

Wah… this is classic :D
I can quote that in the future, LOL

nyonya pg,
yeah yeah..
I hold the sotong with my left hand and hold my camera with the other hand ;)

ah nel said...

sotong...errrr...not my interest but sotong flavour can accept kok... ;)

Pink Cotton said...


the sotong is still alive ka???



ah nel said...

sotong flavour keropok... ;)

zeroimpact said...

Me wan to eat the fried one
Don't want with sauce
Like crunchy crunchy

papercrazy said...

I love sotong however it is cooked.....(I love all kinds of seafood)

I used to deep fried the sotong but everytime after frying, I sure got blisters all over my body from the hot oil.....

If you are into the mood of chewing a rubbery taste sotong, go to Country Court the next time u r in Kuching and order the buttered squid....Guarantee no need to visit dentist for the next 1 year (Done enough exercise on gum)

Chen said...

ah nel,
sotong-flavoured keropok? Nice meh?
I prefer fish keropok than sotong-flavoured keropok ;)

pink cotton,
die liao lah..
I’m just playing around with the “dead bodies”
Errr.. sounds gross if I say lidat :P

Why u so ganas?
Pull off head & cut open bodies?
Doing autopsy on sotong ah?
Okie okie, I will take the biopsy from the tentacles for u :P

U want calamari rings ah?
I prefer those with sauce :P

Since u like all kinds of seafood, I guess u will like oyster, clam, cockle, mussel, scallop etc etc too. I like shellfish :)
Blisters all over body sounds like a big oouch.. That’s painful ..

Rubbery sotong? I guess not..
I dowan to have gum ache after eating the rubbery sotong :P

dino said...

i like sotong...
chen, any suggestion on how to cook a nice sotong?? hehe

ZeMMs said...

Be strong little sotong....

a^ben said...

y ur sotong so plain one` din deep fry it or cook it with asam curry meh?~?~?~?~?

ah nel said...

i prefer fish keropok oso but what i mean those junk food...

ROTONG or HOBE made of sotong flavour... ;)

Mr.Goober said...

cook em with oyster sauce, and some chillis!!!


then, piak people with it.

Ladydin said...

Groovy yummy sotong! best when cooked 'sambal sotong' style! Nice blog btw, just visiting...

JoeC said...

Make it deep fried sotong with spices and onions hmmmm... best! but got plenty of calories :( ..... who cares! Cheers!

Chen said...

if the sotong is nice, then u shouldn't cook it.. U can only cook the sotong if it's nasty :P Kidding lah..

I will use what is available in the kitchen to cook the sotong :P

The sotongs had already RIP :)

ah ben,
this is plain sotong.. no batter, not deep fried, no chillie, no sambal.. But nice as well :)

ah nel,
I know what u mean lah :P

Chen said...

I never cooked sotong with oyster sauce yet. Can try this new recipe new time, with lotsa lotsa chillie :) I love hot & spicy stuff..

Don't waste the cooked sotong lah.. after piak, how to eat the sotong? Must piak with the raw sotong; then can recycle, wash & cook the sotong mah :P Hahhahaa

hi ladydin :) I love sambal sotong too.. especially if eating together with nasi lemak or nasi kandar ;)

counting calories..
but occasionally we can close one eye, right?

ah nel said...

*piak lokter with the unfresh sotong*


Chen said...

ah nel,
sikui.. why u use "unfresh" sotong to piak me? :P

izso said...

Have you checked your cholesterol levels lately?


ah nel said...

ehhhh...coz "unfresh" sotong much more cheaper... :P

Anonymous said...

Wah... Chen take a picture of herself (Neh... the sotong there leh...!) and posted it in her blog!


But, sotong is nice, I like! :D

Lrong said...

Hahaahaa... indeed a Sotong-eat-sotong world, my friend, especially for men only?

Chen said...

hahha, seems like u are very concerned about my cholesterol level, cos I remember u asking several times the same question :)

Yes, I just checked my cholesterol level last month :) My Fasting Lipid Profile taken in August 2006 are as follows :

Total cholesterol : 4.1 mmol/l
Triglyceries : 0.5 mmol/l
LDL cholesterol : 2.5 mmol/l
HDL cholesterol : 1.4 mmol/l
% HDL cholesterol : 34%

ah nel,
si kui ah nel..

day dreamer,
wah.. big discovery hoh? kkakaka
Macam lah u never see pulak :P
Sotong of course is nice :P

hahaha... Might be loh :D

carcar said...

LOL making sotong giddy!!!

you very crappy leh...pandai dengan cakap yg bukan bukan!

Chen said...

true mah.. holding the sotong upside down woh.. of course will feel giddy lah.. kekkeke...

crappy hoh? :P