Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Betulkah Angel sudah kahwin?

This post is specially dedicated to Angeliu. Lately, one of the hot topic is regarding our dear Angeliuliu getting married, and she has honey with the moon (honeymoon lah) in UK. Angeliu denied. Mmmm.. I guess our dear Angel waktu tu tengah geram, wondering how the rumours come about. And she wanna piak those who congratulated her with the huge gigantic sotong. (hahaha, who gives her the idea to piak innocent people with sotong? *ahem*)

Quote Angel punya suara hati :
"and no, I'm NOT "mooning" with any sort of "honey" here!
I wonder who was the liuliu rumour monger...
*prepares Giant Sotongs to piak that fella*" unquote

I wonder whether she knows how the rumours origin... okie, I will reveal the truth here. Don't piak me, Angel ;) The truth is out there. It all started when Angel gave us the misleading statement, so Angel cannot blame us for misunderstanding her, kakkakkaka. Don't understand what I say? Liak Boh Kiu? Catch no ball? Proceed & you will get what I mean.

** The following comments and statements are arranged in chronological sequences. Text in blue coloured italic fonts are Angel's answers to the comments given to her :)
*Angel said - 4.09.2006 11:46 pm...
i’m at my fren’s place (the place i’m staying) and guess what? there’s broadband here! heh heh…
just got the hubby to help me connect it to my notebook… i feel so alive with internet connection! *LOL* terrible, terrible… but how can i get so sleepy now??? it’s not even 11 yet!

*plink said - 6.09.2006 11:53 am...
‘….just got the hubby to help me connect ….'
O.O angel is married?!

*Chen said - 6.09.2006 02:17 pm...
angel is married?? o.O
ini angel curi-curi kahwin kat UK, mana boleh.. tak bagi tau kita orang :P

*L B said - 6.09.2006 04:20 pm...
Wai plink ~ Didn’t you know? Angel didn’t say?
Wai Chen ~ I guess C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S are in order then! Now you all know the real reason why angeliuliu is in London.. Her honeymoon!! And you wondered why she was already feeling sleepy so early in the evening. It was all that *ahem.. ahem*

*Chen said - 6.09.2006 05:00 pm...
oooo.. must congrats her liao :P

*L B said - 6.09.2006 05:41 pm...
Wai Chen ~ Hear No Evil.. See No Evil.. Speak No Evil..
Yes, yes! Must!

*L B said - 8/09/2006 12:50:52 PM ...
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your W E D D I N G ! ! !
Sneaky! Ran off for hunnymooncake, never tell us wan!
Darling L B,
*prepares to piak with Giant Sotong* So Y O U were the monger!!!

*butt said - 8/09/2006 02:29:51 PM...
angeliu, u getting married??? waaaaaa..
see you so syiok bercuti.. *jeles*
Darling butty,
Oi! Prease dun listen to the liuliu rumour!
Bercuti of cos syiokkkk! :P

*butt said - 8/09/2006 02:32:02 PM...
shud be honeymooning.. kekeke
Darling butty,
*gets ready more Giant Sotongs*

*Chen said - 8/09/2006 05:46:40 PM...
since everyone congratulating Angeliu, how can I tak congrats leh?
I kiasu on & off mah.. :P
Darling doktor,
*orders more Giant Sotongs for Piaking Session*
This is gonna be a looooong piak-ing session...

*plink said - 8/09/2006 07:00:51 PM...
:D Congratulations to angel!
Tengok fotos of the blushing bride/groom?
Darling plink,
My previous comment to doktor, ditto to you *blekkkk*

*mistipurple said - 9/09/2006 02:35:25 AM ...
hahaha *conpused whether to congrats or not* scared kena piak by sotong. but sotong nice to eat mah.. so Congrats!!! :D
*runs far far*
Darling mistiliu,
Oiii!!! Liu oso so bad follow the bad liulius!!! *bawls*
*rings for more Giant Sotongs*

*consuela said - 9/09/2006 08:21:12 AM...
wedding? wedding? honeymoon? any truth to this? if so...
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!
*hugs hugs hugs*
Darling c o n s u e l a,
Of course there's absolutely NO TRUTH to that rumour! If it were my honeymoon, I wanna do Hawaiiiiii!!!! Yeah! Aloha!!! :D
See? The truth is out there. Hahhaah... Angel, don't piak me :P

***Awaiting the upcoming Sotong Piak-ing Session***


mistipurple said...

i chup first. read later. want first place mah. :P

mistipurple said...

hahahahh later sure got plenty sotongs eat oredy!!! i prepare baskets catch catch!
*stands from a distance after placing all the baskets*

Winn said...

chup me second! yeah angel getting married? or married?

wahhhhhhhhhhhh wheres my invite????

ah nel said...

the postcard are wedding invitation???

Mr. Goober said...

sotong piaking of lovers??

hoi, save them all up lah..can send them to kuching for me to eat much better.

Pink Cotton said...



this 'rumor' is getting full blown...
im sure angel will piak u with UK sotong when she come back

Chen said...

hahaha... have to award u the "Chupper of the month" award liao :)

Kkaka, can open up sotong stall liao. Might be I will compliment with a sotong post later on tonight or tomorrow? :P

This is a Sotong World :D
Sotong Rocks & Sotong Rules..
followed by Sotong Rest,
& then Sotong Relax ....

Can opened up stalls to sell BBQ sotong later in the night? :P

Shhhhhhh... don't talk so loud. Later Angel miak piak u with sotong :D

invites ah? might be the postcard? :P

ah nel,
kekkeke.. might be..
must look carefully at the writing to see whether there is any hidden meanings inside the postcard or not? :P

Chen said...

mr goober,
it's a culture here to piak people with sotong, started by yours truly long long time ago.. hahhaaa... Sometimes if we run out of sotong, we can piak with fish or prawn etc.. I still remember piaking pink cotton with popiah. Pink cotton piaked me with mineral water bottle too :P

After the sotong piaking session, the sotong can be recycled & cooked.. BBQed.. fried... bla bla..

pink cotton,
shhhhh... that is rumours only lah :P Don't talk so loud.

Angeliu came back liao yesterday night leh.. Actually I wrote this post last week liao, but not nice to post up when she's far away.. So I only posted up after she balik kampung to Malaysia. She always wondered how the rumours started mah :P

angel said...

*bawls eyeball out*
Mistiliu!!!! Liu laff summore????
*bawls again*
*no eye see*

Loktor!!! No wait... Plinkkkkk!!!! All plink's fault... Plink, liu are sooooo gonna get it! Liu better go find me a hubby, NOW! And loktor, liu too! Summore publicise like this! Yuen wong ahhhh!!!

*bawls summore*
*goes to tapao all the liuliu geli sea creatures to PIAK loktor & misti & winn & ah nel and and whoever comes and laff later*

ps: sori just saw your call :P

Chen said...

*massage Angeliuliu*
*give Angeliuliu iced lemon tea*

err.. I thought I write clearly there it's purely misunderstanding cos of the misleading statement? :P

Piak those who misunderstanding & laugh at Angel.. Oops.. Does this means I gotta piak myself too?

*searching for sotonggggg*

Cocka Doodle said...

I Cocka Doodle, duly confirm that Angel is not married.
Because I'm dating her this weekend...so how can she be married??


_butt said...

LOL!!!! hahahahahaha!

So when's the piaking season coming eh, eh? hand itchy now.. dont leave me out ar.. hehehehe

L B said...

Listening to iPod nano, and it's the Hawaiian Wedding Song!!! *whistles softly in the hair, pretending not to notice the warm flushes from the angel's wings..* Little angels fluttering soon?.... Yes? Yes?.. LOLOL!!! Liuliuloh!

Winn said...

*tang tang tang tang~~~~wedding bells...

so lomantikkkkk

Chen said...

aiyak cocka, u kahwin liao but still go out dating :P Siapa cakap lepas kahwin cannot go dating? LOLOL

ah Butt, u hand itchy want to piak people or hand itchy cos wanna kena piak? LOLOL

Hawaiian wedding song ah?
so lomatik geh?
little angels fluttering soon?
really liuliu loh..

hahhaha.. later Angeliu piak u with giant octopus then u know..
Might be she will get hold of the giant octopus from the Pirates of the Caribbean..
Liuliu loh.. kakkakka

Pink Cotton said...

uh oh!

this angeliu oredi cry teruk teruk boh!!


*push panic button*

mistipurple said...

i better wear harry pooter's invisible cloak afterwards, when Angeliu comes back in. :O

Chen said...

pink cotton,
no lah.. i called her just now leh & liuliu with her leh..
dia tak menangis pun :P

harry pooter's invisible cloak?
or hairy potty invisible cloak?
itu tak jalan punya...
even though Angel cannot see u but she can smell your presence mah..
liuliu loh..
u forgotten about your perfume liao leh?

zeroimpact said...

Got show to see...
Can see piaking sotong
So many people running

Kenny Ng said...

wakakaka!!! got prove oledi, she can't runs n hides now. I dunno she really married or not la but I'm definately waiting some sotongs to eat... kekeke.

Chen said...

errrr... don't laugh..
u will be piaked as well..
u are not excluded..

*flying sotong*

u wanna eat sotong?
more sotongs on the way ;)
This is such a sotong world :D

mistipurple said...

ya ya, i poot poot inside cloak, Angeliu sure can smell my kentut a mile away. i shouldn't have eaten so much onions today.

Red Sponge said...


so little angeliu is on the way to the world anytime?


Chen said...

Onion still not so bad mah..
if u eat sambal petai with onion, then even more liuliu :P

no need to put on invisible cloak ah :P U go & massage Angeliu, whilst I pergi ambik one glass of liong char and one piece of black forest cake for her, sure she won't marah liao ;)

wai wai.. u cakap lidat..
u not scared Angeliu comes & piak u with gigantic sotong ah? :P
sure I will kena piak-ed together as well..
liuliu loh :P

Red Sponge said...


but honeymooned liao wo...


Chen said...

red sponge,
itu rumours only mah..
honey with the moon :P

mistipurple said...

ya ya good idea. *sits on small stool wait for Angeliu to massage her feet*
loctor, i think this idea very cool. sure Angeliu cool down oso.
(but just in case, i wear basket over head...)

Chen said...

I guess this time u gotta do whole body massage leh :P muahahhaha at wearing basket over head :P Trying hard to imagine how u look like with basket on your head leh..


Simple American said...

So who is the internet connecting hubby. Just answer that angeliu and all will be good. Or worse.

Depends on your answer. Hee!

_butt said...

eh I oso need to get ready to piak balik maa.. hohohoho

zeroimpact said...

Why I...
I just sit and watch wor...
Aiyak, so big the sotong

may said...

hmmm... as long as I get invited to the real wedding, I'm still ok with the missing postcard... LOL!

Chen said...

hahhaha.. i don't dare to say that out aloud.. Or else I will sure kena piak non stop by Angeliu lioa :P

Sotong fight :P
Must stock up more sotong liao :D

cannot just sit & watch woh..
at times, there are flying sotong..
so sengaja keh atau tak sengaja..
adik akan kena piak jugak :P
no exception :)

the postcard won't hilang lah..
Might be it's sitting comfortably on the shelf waiting for u to collect leh.. UK punya service is reliable, not like the liuliu China service.. and all the missing postcards from Beijing :P

Bila tu tarikh untuk real wedding?
*pasang telinga*

angel said...

waaa! i want to piaks everyone liao! woohoo!
*use the sotong from the latest entry*
*aims & throws*

But I must muak muak Cocka!
*muaks to Cocka*

*grabs L B's brack iPod nano*
*donwan gib him bek liao*

ahhh, at least pink cotton realised that i bawled my eyeballs out!
*sayangs to Pink Cotton*

SA, there's no hubby whatsoever connecting to me! grrrr!!! But OMG! That sounded so scandalous! *LOL*

Last but not least, mistiliu! Liu can run but liu can't hide... *evil laughter*

Waaa so penat... as tho like my own blog hv to reply to comments... liuliuliu!!!

plink said...

O.O Hoii!! That komen right, I meant sudah lama kawin mya! I thought there was already a Mr. Angel that we were never told about before....


After kena piak nanti....

Chen said...

Fulamak.. Angeliu chasing everyone with sotong :O

Earlier on I tot u want to grab LB’s ipod nano to throw at ppl leh..
hak sei ngor

Angeliu, take a short break..
Drink some cold 100 plus to replenish your energy..
Before u continue on with the piaking session :P

hahhaha… true also hoh..
that’s why she didn’t go honey with the moon, cos sudah lama kahwin hoh?

*cabut bersama*
*hide underneath the table*

ah nel said...

sure got hidden letter n lokter go check it out as i dont have the wedding invitation postcard... ;)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

I long time no come so miss the beginning, middle and now see the end *scratching head* so the angeliu not married ah... drat tot can collect angpow already...

Chen said...

ah nel,
I screen in and out, up and down, left and right but couldn’t figure out the hidden meaning inside the postcard woh…

it’s long long long lonnnnnggggggggggggggggggggg story :D

Up to date, till this hour, I guess Angeliu still not yet married loh.. The next hour punya cerita I dunno :P

ah nel said...

send for x ray... :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
u wanna check whether there is any bony element inside the card ah? :D

ah nel said...

maybe she plant it inside... ;P

Chen said...

ah nel,
implant ah? LOLOL

Robin said...

hmmmm.. sotong..?


Did u know sotong refers to some part of man's anatomy?

Chen said...

issit so? I'm not aware of that :)