Monday, September 18, 2006

Colourful Pills

While clearing my things a couple of weeks ago, I noticed few packets of expired pills.. Too sayang to throw away the pills just lidat without taking any nice shots of them. Pills in various sizes, shapes and colours are excellent still objects for photography session. I can add these photos into my photo collections which were categorized under objects with subcategory medicine :) Over the past few years, I categorize all the photos I took into different folders - with different categories and subcategories. Up to date, I have 900++ folders just for the photos I took :)

Do you recognise what are these pills? To treat which medical conditions?


L B said...

CHUP!! CHUP!! CHUP... eh? Pills? BC?

_butt said...

Well, they looked like M&Ms to me.. *hehe* kidding.

_butt said...

Eh, the pink one looks nice.. like M&M!! :P

zeroimpact said...

I see antibiotics
Wait wait...
Did I see smarties... I want smarties
Sweet sweet sweet

Chen said...

BC ah? nope nope.. these are not BC pills nor OCP :P

hahhaha, I agree with u ;)
the pink-coloured sugar coated pills indeed look like M&M :P Those pink pills are actually ibuprofen, pain killer from NSAID group ;)

No antibiotics here lah..
Good try but too bad..wrong guess :P

hahhaa.. those sugar coated pink-coloured pills look interesting, right?
U wanna try? :P

_butt said...

Wow! I wonder rite.. since its pink in color, izit sweet? yeah, silly question I know *hehe* and hor, what determines the color for the pills? or just simply letak any color ar? curious..

Cynthia said...

im not quite sure...just a rough guess.

The capsule (green and yellow) is antibiotic.

the white roundish tablet is anti-inflammatory. or could be paracetamol.

pinky one.. not sure. pink table always associated with naproxen..also nsaid, but generally marketed for period pain.


simply hantam sahaja la :)

mistipurple said...

hahaha lemme try.
1. ponstan, the blue white capsules - stronger pain killer, cannot be eaten on empty stomach, will eat up stomach walls.
2. varemoid, for haemorrhoid? - the yellow smooth shells.
3. paracetemol - painkiller
4. stemetil? - motion/nausea, small white ones, actually probably wrong size i see, hahaa.

the rest all placebos!!! hahahaaa aren't you glad i am not your nurse? :P

mistipurple said...

i think the yellow too tiny for varemoid. maybe vitamin B? so fun this quiz. haha. got prize or not? sotong ah?

Kenny Ng said...

got panadol, lai si pil, headache pil, insomia pil, period pil? viagra? estacy?... kekeke just joking ah.

Chen said...

it's sugar coated, so it do taste sweet ;) Not very sweet, but definitely not bitter :P

The colour ah? Depends on the manufacturer. Don't be surprised to see the same drugs has different size, shape and appearance or colour if produced by different drug company or manufacturer :P

hehhee.. the pharmacist is in de house :) Hard to guess the medicine or drugs hoh cos most of them as similar appearance :)

The light blue & yellow capsule is mefenemic acid. The smaller white roundish tablet is paracetamol. The pinky tablet is NSAIDs, but it's not naproxen. This one is Ibuprofen :)

Good guess :D

Chen said...

blue white capsule? Got such coloured capsules meh in the picture? Adjust my spect & look again.. Aiks, those are light blue and yellow capsule leh.. kekkeke.. wrong colour but it's ponstan or mefenemic acid (pain killer).

The small yellow tablet is bisacodyl(laxative). The smaller white tablet is paracetamol or panadol. The bigger white tablet is Gelusil antacid for gastric pain.

keeke.. good guess :)
What prize u want?
Mmmm... how about one week supply of paracetamol? *wink*

u want sotong ah? Can can.. I will write another sotong post soon :P

hahhaa.. yeah yeah.. got panadol pill, headache pill, period pill :D

viagra and ecstasy? Wah wah wah..

kakkakka... Viagra shape is so obvious. If i put that up, sure everyone can identify that. But we don't supply viagra in hospital :P

Ecstasy tu... haram leh.. tak boleh sentuh :)

Pink Cotton said...



nice colorful pillssss O_O

and some PINK pills~~

Pink Cotton said...

hey! instead of throwing those nice pills away..y don u give them to ur boy2...since u said he like pills


*cepat lari*

Chen said...

pink cotton,
hahahha.. u only like pink-coloured things hoh, including pink-coloured pills :D

Those pink pills are NSAIDS; potent analgesia or pain killer. Can eat that during those time of the month :)

sikui, ask me to feed my dog pills?
Must PP u :P

Red Sponge said...

wahhhhh...macam wanto commit suicide like that..

oppss...that is the different point of views for doctor and erm erm watch-too-many-hong-kong-dramas-punya orang.


ah nel said...

u mix all of it into sprite then add some salt then can eat to cut fat from bodi...don wasted it by throw

Chen said...

red sponge,
ini red sponge kena poisoned liao by all the HK drama series :D
Must PP u :)

ah nel,
aiyah, don't play with drugs lah for goodness sake :D

mistipurple said...

hahahaa becoming very drama oredy the comments. like to see the ending become what!

Chen said...

i hope the ending won't end up with something related with food?
That's our favourite topic :P

nyonyapenang said...

dunno la, dr chen. if gua so pandai know what pill is for what, doctors & pharmacists no work ledi.
anyway, ini tak boleh main main mia. nanti 'sek chor yok'. LOL

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
cos most of those drugs are common drugs mah.. kekkeke.. especially panadol. I'm sure everyone here has taken Panadol before, right? :)

LOL at sek chor yok..
yeah loh.. don't play-play with medicine :D

Cocka Doodle said...

Err....pill tahan lama, pill keras dan kuat. All for your hubby wan la! LOL

angel said...

ting tong!!!


Chen said...

kakkakaka... semua salah
u never take Viagra or Sildenafil meh?
issit that's why u dunno how the blue pills looked like? :P
i don't believe u :P

yeah yeah.. angeliu is finally back home :)
*open door*
spreading out red carpet to welcome Angeliu back to Malaysia :)

mistipurple said...

*hurries goes grab bandung water from loctor's fridge and serve angeliu. quickly massage her liuliu leg oso!!*

angel said...

waaa! got bandung water!
thanks mistiliu... oh, no nid massage today cos din really walk much in bangkok... *muaks*

yes loktor, i liuliu tired...
thanks for liuliu me *muaks*

Simple American said...

I recognize none of them. Phew!

I must be healthy.

900 directories!!! My wife things I am bad. Not that it is bad. But quite a bit.

ah nel said...

sayang mau buang mar... LOL

may said...

mmm... panadol... ponstan... c a n d y ...
*reaches for a handful*

Mr.Goober said...

let me gess...
the flat round shape must be panadol soluable..
and the pink..must be...
'monthly' panadol?!

sengkor said...

the yerrow karer one looks like those biji jagung..

Chen said...

hahhah… good lah u :P
how come u know there’s air bandung inside my fridge?
There’s cheese cake as well..
Ambil dua-dua sekali bagi Angeliu :)

finally our dear angeliu is back from her long vacation :D
Still waiting for the liuliu postcard, LOL

Are u working today or liuliu at home?
We all liuliu u :)
There will be a liuliu post for u… soon, very very soon :)

*knock knock*
errr… there’s panadol or paracetamol inside there as well..
Wow.. SA is so healthy, doesn’t even need to take panadol all these while?
That’s good :) Good sign :D

Chen said...

ah nel,
if things needed to be throw away, then it should be thrown away..
No need to sayang or berat hati :)
Just like the expired food. It’s better to throw it away than to consume it. If fall sick after consuming the expired rotten food, then the $$$ spent will be more

ya ya, panadol & ponstan (the two popular and widely recognized drugs)

LOL at the candy.
Those candy-like pills are indeed very misleading :)
I guess little kids would like to take those pills voluntarily without being forced… hahahaa

mr goober,
The smaller flat round-shaped is the normal panadol (not water soluble)
The pink one is painkiller as well, but not panadol. It’s Ibuprofen or profen from the NSAIDs group.. can use for that time of the month :)

hahaha.. the smaller version of biji jagung for little ones? :P
looks like candy too :P

papercrazy said...

Wah...the pinky pills looks so cute and delicious...Can send to me ah?? Then I campur with M&Ms and give to Pink Cotton when she's naughty..

Got lau sai pill boh??

*grinning from ear to ear*

ah nel said...

fall sick no good mer?coz that the time i can

eve said...

brufen , ponstan , neurobion , dulcolax , pcm forgot photographic memory sucks la..

King's wife said...

My my! pills have never looked so delicious. If only they were all candy...
I only recognise the blue/beige capsule...ponstan.

JoeC said...

Hey, lovely post on your cutey doggie, can't get enough of him, thanks again. Cheers!

Chen said...

kakkaa…. Pink Cotton also likes the pink pills very much :P (those are pain killers)
Seems like she likes all the pink coloured related stuff
Kakaka.. imagine Pink Cotton eats that thinking those are M&Ms :P
I threw away all those pills already several weeks back since those pills were expired for years already :P
At the moment I only keep panadol at home :)

lau sai pill ah? The yellow coloured small pills is to promote BO and can make ppl lausai :P
u wanna give that to who? LOL

ah nel,
that means u haven’t really fall sick. What u have in the past is just mild sickness or minor sickness whereby u can enjoy the time relaxing.

If u really fall sick time, u won’t like it.. Once u experience it, u will know how it feels like and u definitely won’t want to go through that phase again.

Chen said...

the pink colour sugar coated pill is brufen to (it looks similar as neurobion), the others are correct.
Err.. u missed out Gelusil :P

king's wife,
yeah yeah.. u get it right. That's ponstan aka mefenemic acid :)
Nowadays ponstan come in capsule and tablet forms as well.. Even for capsule, they come in different colours.. Very confusing :D

Imaging those are candies, and the little kids will fight for it. No more hazzle to ask the small ones to take medicine :P

Thanks :) He is such a little darling :D

ah nel said...

i hardly to get sick and duno y...hehe...

i noe how those heavy sicks ware as i once into it while i was in school time... ;)

papercrazy said...

I'm gonna start a slimming business by offering people the lau sai pills lor...kay kay say it got cleansing effect to clear the bowels and intestines before one can go slim slim like me (eh, salah) like project runway punya models

On 2nd thot, is that not how the slimming tea works??

Chen said...

ah nel,
it's a blessing u seldom fall sick :)

paper crazy,
wooo... then I will promote Fleet. This is the solution for bowel preparation that we use in the hospital to cleanse the bowel prior to colonoscopy or bowel surgery :D Drink liao sure lao sai kaw kaw :)

Slimming tea ah.. I dunno leh :P

ah nel said...

not normal ler as human smts will fall sick but me really rare till duno how it felt... ;)

Bernard said...

Aiks, dat one not the morning-after pill ah?

Chen said...

ah nel,
good loh if like that :D
it's such a blessing to have healthy body and good immune system :)

haha, there's no contraceptive pills no morning-after pills inside the picture :D