Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another Crab ( or Crap? ) Post

Crabs and Craps are "close relatives", aren't they??

The angry and unfriendly looking crab. Of course lah.. How to expect the crabs to be happy when both the claws/pinchers were being tied up?

Protruding eyes.. (Ini ketam mengamuk sampai mata pun terbeliak keluar). The crab was constantly staring at me, but who cares ? I tempted to tell the crab "Tengok apa tengok ?! Stare some more lah you! I'm not afraid of you. Later I will cook you and eat you, then you know.. " Anyway I didn't say that out aloud cos I scared the crabs might cry :P

See? I didn't bluff the crabs. I really went & cooked them. They were all being steamed nicely to perfection ;)


mistipurple said...

your stalker is here.

mistipurple said...

hahaaha. when i read your last line, "see, i didn't bluff the crabs...", i burst out laughing!!

a^ben said...

ai si ah u!

hahahhahahhaa but you only steamed the crabs har` nice kar like that` didnt wash the inside meh?? aiyeh``

Kenny Ng said...

oh crab! long time never eat crab oledi... come come, we all eat crab then talk crap, after talk crap ppl clap hand.... kekekeke

ah nel said...

after steamed the crab still looking at u so beware tonite in ur dreams...muhahahaha... ;P

Chen said...

yeah yeah, the beloved stalker is here :D

true mah.. hahaa.. i didn't bluff them :P Just that i didn't tell them straight in their faces that I gonna cook them ;) Crappy hoh?

aiyoyoh.. early morning say "ai si"? choy choy :P

it's only nice if the crab is fresh - the meat will be fresh, juicy and sweet :) We don't have to add any extra ingredients or flavouring when eating fresh seafood.

drinking beer and eat crabs, talk craps and clap hands. very Syiok.

ah nel,
who cares.. anyway, this event happened last week and I took those photos last weekend, so far no nightmare also :P

nyonyapenang said...

'before treatment' and 'after treatment' pics by dr chen. LOL

may said...

I don't like cooking crabs at home 'cos I can't bear to put them into the hot water while they're still "sleeping"... :(

so I just eat 'em at restaurants, where I don't see them get cooked! :P

_butt said...

omg, is that the eye?? still there after you cooked it! :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

I'm gonna borrow your pic, the people here dunno what a real crab look like....

ah nel said...

yeah...u deal with that everyday huh... ;)

Winn said...

they turned into red color when they are cooked. i wonder what color will lucas turned to if i steam him like dat;p

Joycelyn said...

wah,u really cruel la,no wonder a^ben said "ai si ah u"..hehehe....look like u really steam it "directly" leh...
u so cruel,hungry,impatient?SOOOOOO kan cheong to steam it and eat it?your crab doesnt even hv time to take a bath or do business r?so kesian.....AND YIAKKKKSSSSS....

Kenny Ng said...

Oh yeah... i forgot about beer, is a must! very essential lor... kekekeke

day-dreamer said...

Hello, I am back to kacau after a few weeks MIA in preparation for my final exam.

Kesian the crabs, you torture them like that. Hahahaha!!

Psst! What happened to Winn's blog? How come I cannot go there? It said "Blog Not Found"!!

carcar said...

omg!! another crab and CRAP post!


sot sot sot...

long time don't have good crab meal..the last time was out blogger meet then dinner at PJ. remember?

the peanut mtv?

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
hahaha, this is what I used to do for ages liao.. The "Before & After" pictures ;)

u can poke them to death with a chopstick also if u dowan to kill them while they're sleeping.. but hoh. poke them to death sounds more cruel :P

Most of the time I eat crabs at restaurant too, but occasionally I will buy some back home to "play with", especially the flower crabs for flower crabs curry. :P

kekkee.. crabs has protruding eyes.. like the gold fish lidat.. Stare at you one kind punya mata :P

Chen said...

Can, no problem.. ambil loh..
The people there so ko lian or kesian one ah.. never know how a real crab looks like? ;)

ah nel,
I don't deal with crabs everyday :D

Very cute hoh.. like chameleon lidat..
can change colour..
I enjoyed looking at the crabs and the prawns when cooking them..
Just like changing mask show, but this is changing colour show ;)

Eeeee.. don't steam Lucas lah :P
Lucas won't change colour one leh, kakkakka..

Mr.Goober said...

eee you dared the crabs..someone i knew once kenak crabbed by their claws , then even after chopping off their arms they still grab like a crab!!!

but hey, they deserve to be steamed :) since they're tastier that way.

Chen said...

I bathed them already before that.
I gave them a good massage & whole body rub earlier on :)
So they shouldn't complaint :)

Beer & crabs, Good combination ;)

day dreamer,
so u can now enjoy liao after struggling for few weeks for the exam :)

Haha, u say kesian but then u laugh at them pulak :P Ini pura-pura kesian keh or betul-betul kesian? hahahha...

Winn herself also dunno what's going on.. She can't log in her account also. Dunno whether she writes to blogger already or not to clarify & rectify the problem.

Chen said...

crab is good, and so is crap.
crab combines with crap is even better :P Ichiban hoh?

yeah loh.. I still remember the scenes of licking the salted egg crabs shell and flying peanuts..
LOLOL. Gotta play back the video clips again tonight :D

mr goober,
wah.. that crab must be damn ganas. Died liao or the claws being chopped off liao still wanna pinch :O Must be painful.. :(

Yeah, the steamed crabs is nice, especially if the crabs are fresh..
can taste the original taste of the meat. Juicy and tasty :)

Red Sponge said...



yayaya...steamed crab is delicious if it is FRESH!!!

haiyer..macam already 4 months din eat crab liao o! i wan!!

*steal chen crab away*

zeroimpact said...

I like cook in many many way
Got telur masin
Kam hiong
Nai Yau
So doc when we go crabbing leh

Chen said...

red sponge,
yes, only if it is fresh :D
fresh crab meat is very sweet & juicy.
now thinking back also I lau nuah.

I had that a week ago liao.. ;)
sorry woh.. what u can steal is only the picture leh.. no more crabs :P

zero impact,
I love the salted egg yolk crabs :)

bila nak pergi ah?
*check calendar* :D

ah nel said...

u say mar crab and crap sound familiar...u crap eveliday rite???lol

Cynthia said...


i cant till summer..snow crabs.. =)

L B said...

OMG, I so miss CRABs now!!! *sigh* I miss CRABs more than I will ever miss Sotong, btw.. Bet you didn't know that! Bet you thought I was only in love with Sotongs... *sigh* I wanna me CRAB!

Chen said...

ah nel,
I don't crap everyday either.

snow crabs? Never eat that before :D
Snow crabs only available in summer? very misleading names then :P

hahha.. i dunno about that.
I thought u'r only in love with lormaikai :P

sengkor said...

may mr and mrs crabs rest in peace..

so, do u talk to other food before you cook 'em..?

zeroimpact said...

Yum yum yum
I go Pg then you bring me go k

Chen said...

did u say a pray for Mr & Mrs Craps? ooops.. it should be Mr & Mrs Crabs instead together with their eldest son.

Cannot say I talk to food very frequent leh, nanti orang fikir saya psycho pula :P I use my mind to communicate with them, hahahha

no problem, but u gotta inform me earlier on before hand before u come to make sure i'm free on that day particular day. kekkee..
paiseh if u come but i'm not free pulak :)

mistipurple said...

wah, you got mental telepathy. can talk to Min Pin boh?

Chen said...

I do talk to my doggy.
He understands English.
He understands almost everything we talk :) I'm amazed at his capability.
I dunno where he learns the language. If we dowan him to know what we are talking about, I will speak in Malay language instead :P

dino said...

i like [s]crap[/s]CRAB

mistipurple said...

amazing. no wonder they're men's (women's too!) best friend!
my friend used to tell me her dog senses when she is sad and just goes quietly and sit beside her, or puts his head on her lap.

Chen said...

ponder.. either u like craps & crabs?
or u like crabs but not craps? :P

yeah, dogs are very faithful companions. They will always be with us by our sides. Last time, when I was not feeling well, my dog can sense and he lied and slept next to me all the time :) He was concern and worried when I cough (I can see from his facial expression). So sweet of him :)

izso said...


izso said...

And you eat more crab than I do for the entire year!

L B said...

Have all those crabs ever come back to haunt you yet?

ah nel said...

when u no crap u eat crab so equal...LOL

ah nel said...

btw lokter...

last nite i wana eat Expert tofu rojaks but no tofu so i gv the poh piah a try...wuahh....damn nice oso...lucky the mang kuang not chau sng as that wat i scared when eat pohpuah... ;)

my fren say its sweet ler??? ;P

Anonymous said...


pls take the pic with the protruding eyes away from meeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~

it reminds me of all those crabs i've ever eaten in my whole life...


Chen said...

hah? are u sure?
There are only 3 crabs involved. If u went out for one seafood meal with crabs on the menu, sure u can beat the "record", unless u totally didn't touch crabs this year ;)

They all behaved very well :D
For the past one week, no nightmares And I don't dream of crabs either ;)

ah nel,
I don't do that everyday too, so it's definitely not equal. Wrong equation. Did u take up physics or maths in the past? :)

Chen said...

ah nel,
wah.. got sambungan summore pulak..

yeah, the popiah is delicious :)
it's a bit sweet but i love the crunch peanut chunks inside the popiah. If your friend doesn't like the sweetness, then don't dip so much sauce loh :D

Don't worry, the crabs won't haunt u, it's all in the mind :)
Don't think about it and u will be fine :)

papercrazy said...

I love crabs too, no matter how it's cooked....

Luv it even more if ada telur and paste...yummy.....

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

the crabs here are skinny...

ah nel said...

physics no but math failed n i embarassed a lot of chinese coz i failed math... ;(

*stupidity of me*

Wayne said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wayne said...

crab o crap!
I perfer crap cuz the more crab u eat the more crap u'll be. LOL!

Chen said...

paper crazy,
crabs with eggs are delicious :D
But… too bad those are “sinful” food.. oops.. I mean unhealthy food.
Too bad most nice food are unhealthy food :D

I love crabs with salted eggs.. which is even more unhealthy.. hahha :D

Skinny and puny crabs.. :P

ah nel,
I love maths.
aiyak.. how can u failed maths?
Kekke.. just kidding lah..
Maths might be easy to some but difficult to others.. Maths is not you subject of interest, huh?

wah.. talking from personal experience? LOL

or2ng3s said...

seeing the crabs, remind of a question asked by someone...

"if a green crab and red crab 'run', who will win? " =)

ah nel said...

duno ler as since young i owes failed math...hmmm...

a lot of counting but once u noe the formula it s fun but anyhow i cant...too stupid brain of mine...boh pien... ;)

Chen said...

so hard to type your name, can I type your name as Oranges instead? :P

initially I wanted to answer..
"crab can run meh?
they can't even walk properly..
before they able to run, we will catch them and cook them liao..." :P

but then pink cotton cakap…
"green crab is NOT MASAK.
so green crab will win 'x'
red crab is the crab yang SUDAH KENA MASAK,
sudah masak liao how to run leh?" :P

ah nel,
as long as u know how to count $$$ can liao..
don’t salah kira $$$  this is the most important thing :P

or2ng3s said...

hi hi, sure anyname convenient to u..*big clap to pinkcotton* =)

ah nel said...

yeah..i agree but anyhow if low math ppl like me somehow will salah kira...i find gf later must terrer counting so she do all the counting...LOL

13th Panda said...

My favourite!!yummy! but can;t have them until a few wks later..

must be patient

Chen said...

good good, easier to type oranges than
or2ng3s :P

must clap louder for pink cotton, hahha.. i really want to laugh my heart out just now :P Ooops..

ah nel,
cannot get one who is too genius in maths too.. later becoming too calculative pulak :P hahahaa..

13th panda,
few weeks? don't worry lah.. time really flies.. soon it will be few weeks time liao :) And u can enjoy them soon...

ah nel said...

she calculate other ppl maney for me ok

Chen said...

ah nel,
kakakaka, okie okie :D
we shall wait & see how it goes :)

Pink Cotton said...

hee forgot to tell u this

i m the anonymous

WAHAHHA this morning lazy wanto login in office ma..kekeke

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Sat night u told us u wanna become anonymous blogger, mana tau today u really log on with "anonymous" :P betul-betul jadi anonymous blogger ;) kekeke..
just kidding lah :P

Simple American said...

Ooh. What did the claw bands taste like?

I likes crabs.

Simple American said...

Ooh. What did the claw bands taste like?

I likes crabs.

ah nel said...

anader ten years you can wait kar or maybe 20 years u can sabar o not? ;P

papercrazy said...

Aiyoh.....I'm hungry liaw......I can never resist seafood boh..

Just had crabs last saturday and that was the 1st time I had crabs (not softshelled hah) deepfried and cooked with sambal....quite nice except that it was a bit oily and the flesh became harden because of the deepfrying.... And it was cheap some more...Only RM15 per kg....

Those who wants to try esp RedSponge & 13th Panda, u can go to the restaurant next to Dua Puluh Sen Supermarket 3rd mile.....Heard the offer price only valid for limited period only....

*saliva drooling on my workstation....better take some of the pinky pills to stop the saliva*

Chen said...

I steamed the crabs without any seasoning :)
Since the crabs were fresh, the flesh is very tasty :D

ah nel,
hahha, I’m not sitting here doing nothing just to wait for that.
Life still goes on :)
When the days come, we will see :D

Seafood is so delicious :)
Kuching has wide range of cheap & delicious seafood ;)
The price for the same item is much more expensive in Penang.

Wah.. RM 15 per kilo? So cheappp…
Here the price for the raw uncooked crabs is almost double that amount..

ah nel said...

i mean you doing all those saving life but u will wait patiently to see my future kar???hehe

my future no interesting eh...i can predict... ;)

Wayne said...

Eh don't eat Sri Lanka CRAB!
cuz the crab was fed by Dead bodies.

In sri lanka, they are poor and no place to bury the corpse so they throw nearby seaside or into the sea to fed of the crabs.

now see u dare eat BIG crabs or not?

Chen said...

ah nel,
Hhahha, what I mean is... life still goes on while waiting mah. No harm seeing what's going on while we still continue on with our lives :D

talking about dead bodies, it all depends on how you view it.. Just like although cockles and fresh water fishes eat shit, but most of us still consume them :)

Simple American said...

Chen make the 69. kekeke

I did not ask what the crab taste like my friend. I ask about the claw bands. Tasty or no. ;)

Chen said...

hahahaa, I didn’t notice that :P

The claw bands ah?
itu ah..

Thao said...

;-)) hehehe they look as cute as tasty when they were cooked

Chen said...

hahhaha.. the cooked ones looks better.. the colour is nicer :D