Saturday, September 16, 2006

16th September 1963

Today is September 16th, and it seems like just another ordinary day in Penang. Anyone remember the significant of this date 43 years ago (16th September 1963)? Today is Malaysia Day, this day marks our beloved nation's 43th birthday. The day whereby Malaysia was formed 43 years ago. Seems like not many realised or remembered this day, unlike 31th August 1957.

16th September 1963 marked the milestone for Sarawakians and Sabahans as this was the day the British colonies of Sarawak and Sabah joined Malaya to form Malaysia. I will fly the Sarawak flag together with the Malaysia flag/Jalur Gemilang on this day, cos today is the "real" Independence Day for us, folks from the Land of Hornbills and the Land below the Wind.

p/s: Anyone here realised today is Malaysia Day? ;)

Happy 43th Birthday, Malaysia


mistipurple said...

chuppp!! wow, i feel like your personal stalker! hee hee

mistipurple said...

Happy Malaysia Day!

chup cannot read fast wan. paiseh. anyway i come from kiasuland. :P

ah nel said...

i reli duno that today is wat

Kenny Ng said...

fuahhh!!! i think u scored ur history very well. I really forgot bout it. I just know today is saturday... kekeke

Cocka Doodle said...

If got malaysia day how come they didn't declare public holiday geh? *sigh*

Mr. Goober said...

gee, you made me feel like flipping my history books once again..

now, where are my books..*oops*, they're history!

happy Malaysia Day to you~!!

Chen said...

misti purple,
hehhee... u really have the chup spirit ;) haha, u wanna stalk sotong? :P

no need to paiseh lah :P

ah nel,
aiyoh.. why lidat one?

haha, but that was history liao..
The last time I studied history (in school lah) was during my SRP time..
Now SRP itself also became history already.. taken over by PMR :P

they themselves also forget kua? :(
dunno leh...

mr goober,
your history book ah become history liao.. very patriotic hoh? My history books also became history as well.. so we are in the same boat :P

Selamat Hari Malaysia :)

nyonyapenang said...

ah nel : today is paktor day la. LOL

nyonyapenang said...

Not much prominence given, so not many people remember.

ah nel said... sejarah fail mia...

nyonya :i'm in ofiz just now n suddenly internet line hang i cabut n now at colleague house on9...;)
how to pak tor if i don have gf???nyonya wana intro???

Daniel Yiek said...

yep, today is the real msia day. I like the flag at the top right corner.

Anonymous said...

It is most regrettable for S'wak to join Malaysia. Do we deserved to be marginalized by this Malays Nationalist? Do we deserved to accept the islamization of our whole country?
Looking at our schools and you could have all the answers to what is where we are and where we are heading, is a total shame that after 49 years schools like Penang Free Sch once consider similar class as Raffles institution of S'pore fall to today's state. I am not too sure how many Malaysian can rationalize the situation of this two institution at our present time.
In 1969 the ratio of Chinese to Malays is "4 people work for the other 5 to enjoy" but when 2020 comes it will be "1 person work for 8 persons to enjoy??" more like "1 person work and 8 person fight" you believe this is sustainable?

Who pays for the Son-in-law to Oxford? Tax payer? Who pay the tax? The Malays? Now he is coming after the Chinese, the one who pays his school fees. The dog is biting the owner who fed him!

The country is going to the dogs and I have left the country but on 01.01.20 12:00noon I will drop my sarong on Merdeka Square if Malaysia is to achieve Wawasan 2020.

may said...

ok ok, I admit I'm the ignorant one, I didn't know! Happy Malaysia Day to all, then!

plink said...

Happy Malaysia Day!

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
I guess if 16th September is a public holiday, then it's different story :D

ah nel,
sejarah fail never mind mah..
at least today u get to know a little bit of history :P

I just added in the flag today :)

Hehehe, but at least after reading this post, u know today is Malaysia Day. It's still not too late ;)

Selamat Hari Malaysia

Happy Malaysia Day to Plinkie too :)

ah nel said... important day i were in ofiz...hooray...LOL

13th Panda said...

EEE?ya hor..


NaiveIdealist said...


_butt said...

yeah, though 16th is not as commercializable as august 31st.. with the flags and all.. fireworks.. *hehe*

Kenny Ng said...

chen, SRP? wow!... I was the 1st year student for PMR... hahaha, can consider as history or not? :P

Pink Cotton said...

history class 2day~

can i not bring out my chair n popcorn for this session??


Chen said...

ah nel,
your time is well spent then, doing something fruitful ;)

13th panda,
yeah loh.. u forgotten liao leh :P

Happy Malaysia Day :)

got fireworks at your place ah?
here very quiet leh.. :)

during my time, it's still SRP :D
u r the first batch sitting for PMR? Yeah.. that's history. Hari itu dalam Sejarah..

pink cotton,
eating inside the history class?
must bring out rotan liao..

carcar said...

wah so special, like your corner banner edition! and the beautiful Jalur Gemilang!

ah nel said...

yeah so many fruit...blogging and comment blog... ;P

Chen said...

hehhe.. u noticed the jalur gemilang :) The flag tengah berkibar megah at the upper right hand corner.

ah nel,
indeed very fruitful :)

_butt said...

no la.. satu bayang pun tak de.. looks like ppl oni remembered 31 August as National day and Malaysia day as well.. but then again, not so big difference la hor.. :)

Chen said...

so sad hoh?
such a "significant day" but being "neglected" :P

Robin said...

interesting read.

I didn't know this.

ycfoo said...

chen, u penang lang or just stay there for certain reasons? Tonsssssssss of claps for u if u were originally penang lang!!

Simple American said...

I did not. I did not realize they were all seperated. I thought Merdeka was the Independence day. I need to catch you on IM and get a history lesson.

Simple American said...


Happy Independence Day to you and your countrymen.

Chen said...

it’s never too late to know :D

I am not Penang lang but I stayed and worked here since 2000.

31 August 1957 is the independence day for Malaya. Malaysia only existed after 16 September 1963 (combination of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore). Singapore left Malaysia two years later on 9 August 1965. Heheh, this is the brief and simplify history of Malaysia :D