Friday, September 15, 2006

Cute Dog in Action

Suara hati my dog, the cute Min Pin aka Ah Boy : "I know I'm cute. U don't have to mention that so many times. All I want is yummy food ..... I don't want to eat bread. What I want is Roasted Pork, Siu Kai Yek (chicken wing), Char Siew, Siew Yok etc etc ..... Can I?? Please, pleaseeeeee "


Joycelyn said...

u give your dog french toast ya?:D

Kenny Ng said...

fuah!!! ur dog having better life than me...

may said...

*sniff*.... what's that, bread? where's the big juicy bone from the butcher?

mistipurple said...

sooooo cuteeeee!!!
come come, i gib you char siew, pork rib, anything you want! i will also try to speak dog language! woof woof!!

ah nel said...

i want to eat dog... ;)

Chen said...

Hahha, that was not french toast; that was bun. I fed him the french toast the other day, and he loves it :P

err.. but my dog is very poor and has no money or any source of income ;)

that's pieces of plain bun :P
can consider as bread also, right? since from the "same family" :D

My dog never eat big juicy bone leh.. dowan to feed him that, cos I scared the little broken pieces of bones with sharp spikes might cut his little stomach :P I only feed him meat ;)

cute leh? kekkee..
He is happy when people praise him cute, but he is even more happy when being praised cute & given food to eat at the same time :P

ah nel,
why u so cruel? :(

NaiveIdealist said...

lol...animal abuse..haha
hey i`m gonna try your french toast any other?
really hungry for easy recipe to learn

Red Sponge said...

pls tell ur dog not to be so choosy...

I eat bread avmorning during school time.


Pink Cotton said...


ur min pin has hiau2 face .. i told ya liao!~~~


y u bully ur dog??waht is that u feed him???looks like shredded doughnut to me...WAHAHAHA

Chen said...

no animal abuse lah :P
yeah.. try that out..
simple and easy to prepare :)

can't think of any at the moment ;)

red sponge,
he eats also lah at the end.. kekeke..
actually hoh.. he was lying down besides the bowl to protect his food.. He scared I will took the bowl away from him, and he was staring at me, kakkaka..

pink cotton,
what lah u :P
he actually very "kan cheong" cos I was standing nearby his food --> he scared I will take away his food mah.. kakkak, that's why he is staring at me one kind :P

itu bun lah... a bit tasteless, that's why he ate it slowly :P

nyonyapenang said...

pour in a bit of char siew sauce and stir the bread up. ;)

mistipurple said...

i love his ears, and eyes, and legs. lol! might as well say his fur also.

ah nel said...

men no cruel women no like... LOL

btw its that a chihuahua???

Chen said...

hahaha, and he will swallow all the bread crumbs within seconds ;) Cannot feed him too much char siew sauce leh, scared later he becomes botak and drop all his fur :P

wah.. Ah Boy feels so elated :)
He licks your face as sign of appreciation :D

ah nel,
aiyah.. I told u so many times liao & yet u cannot remember. My doggy is Miniature PInscher, aka Min Pin, NOT chihuahua :)

ah nel said...

u got tell mer??? size so small n eyes big big lidat seem like chihuahua ler...

Winn said...

wah he gets to eat siew yoke????

so bahagia!

Mr.Goober said...

you eat sanwiches,
and he gets to eat all these cool porks??

Chen said...

ah nel,
got.. i told u few times liao in the past but u lupa.. I even write in this post also mah.. Quote "Suara hati my dog, the cute Min Pin..." :P

he wants only mah..
but he didn't get..
at the end, he gotta ate those roti jugak :P

mr goober,
that is what he wished for ..
but most of the time, his "dream" won't come true :P
unless if i makan the same stuff, then I will give him a little bit :)

ah nel said...

wuahhhh...u dog knew how to speak noe how to bog onot??? ;P

Chen said...

ah nel,
he knows how to press the space bar and press the mouse :P
But I don't allow him to play around with my computer :D

ah nel said...

yeah...his english name goofy rite???lol

cook it if it disturb ur comp... ;P

Chen said...

ah nel,
I will cook u also if u disturb him :)

_butt said...

aiyooo.. so cuute.. once look at the eyes and your heart would just melt..

Chen said...

yeah... that's his powerful "weapon" :P

ah nel said...

i here its thre how can i reach to disturb it??? LOL

*locating whre is it* ;P

Simple American said...

You're poochie is so cute. He knows that doggies want meat meat meat. hehe

Chen said...

ah nel,
go and eat your steamed peanut in Jalan Song lah.. :P

hehee.. he prefers meat but he eats vegetables too.. Bean sprouts, beancurds, carrot, cabbage, potato etc etc.. all he sapu also :D

umami said...

in the time it takes to click the camera button, my dog would have finished all the food in the bowl.

he looks so cute, not fat at all.

Chen said...

My dog is very active.. jumping up and down and running around fast, so he can burn calories and lost weight pretty fast :)

Thao said...

OMG, cute doggy ;-). It would be good to hold him and give him a real kiss heheheh

Chen said...

yeah.. I love to hold him & hug him.. He is such a little darling ;)