Thursday, September 14, 2006

French Toast

French Toast is one of the simple & easy to prepare, yet delicious meal (for simple people like me).

Step #1 : Cut cut cut.. ( or should I use Chop chop chop?) Potong ini, potong itu dan buang itu, buang ini.. Apa tu? Cut the slices of Gardenia bread into triangular shape.

Step # 2 : The tired and exhausted bread deserves a warm bath. Dip & soak the poor bread into the mixture of beatened eggs with milk, salt & pepper.. After that, don't forget to give the bread "a good shoulder massage" by flipping them inside the mixture so that both sides are evenly coated. Mesti adil dan saksama, or else the bread will merajuk.

Step # 3 : Since these are angmoh bread, they need sunbath. So, what to do next? Easy lah.. Place the egg-coated breads on the frying pan and cooked until both sides are browned (give the bread chance to enjoy the heat) :P

Step # 4 : The happy & satisfied French Toast...
And a happy me too .... cos this is my simple meal for the day. Hope you all enjoy the crappy cooking session for the day :)


ah nel said...

lucky i just had my

Pink Cotton said...

no chance to b first again

WAHHHHHHHH *SLURP* looks tempting ohhhh..but for once..what u can cook..i also can cook!


oh..need to be adil n saksama hia?? usually first few pieces i will dip a lot alot of egg mixture...then when the mixture left only a bit..the last few pieces paling rugi lar..cos get a little bit of coating only..muahahahah

ah nel said...

i just knew that u not only good at cutting ppl ho...cutting bread oso terrer...LOL

pc :u wana b 1st???i delete my comment now n u cook some toast for me...ok??? ;P

Daniel Yiek said...

Too oily lah. Try this:

Put a cheese slice on a slice of bread and microwave very briefly to melt. Put kaya on the other slice. Slurrpp

Chen said...

ah nel,
so syiok ah :D
milo O or milo susu or milo peng? :P

pink cotton,
aiyoh, jangan merajuk lah :P
u get tau sar pneah to eat woh..
so nice :)

I know u can cook lah..
LOL at your mutton curry episode :P

aiyoh, why u so tai sai chiu one? bully the last few pieces of bread.. Mine, I still have little bit of extra egg mixture.. which I made into telur goreng towards the end :P

ah nel,
cutting bread is much easier than cutting people.. at least no spurting of blood :D

that one sounds good & tasty :)
Just that I don't fancy cheese..
Too bad butter is not a healthy choice :) But eating the roti just with kaya is nice too

L B said...

I mesti try! I mesti try! I mesti Try!!! Next week!! For sure!!! Waaaaaa, drool BIGTIME liao!! WAAAAAA... Mesti TRY!

Joycelyn said...

Chen,u can make many variety of nice food just using gardenia bread...hmmm...well done!
french toast is my favourite too but i only add butter n sugar to the beaten egg only.
have tried some from the cafe.some put the butter n jam as topping.some put butter n kaya(in BM) as topping.u may convert this "angmo" toast to "chinese" style by adding peanut butter as topping too(had this in HK style cafe)...we can globalise n localise food also:D

Mr. Goober said...

ahhh poor breads!! kenak cut, kenak splashed and finally fried with heat..*prays* for them.

eggs, milk, salt???

what does it taste like??

my mom used to make it..eggs + milk + got sweety taste.

Joycelyn said...

Mr goober,
she mentioned pepper also,i really wanna know how it tastes also leh:D

Chen said...

yeah, mesti try, mesti try, mesti try..
can made that into a song or not?
with "mesti try" as the song lyrics..
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

yeah yeah.. we can play around with the ingredients and prepare different varieties of french toast. The peanut butter version sounds good :D

Those bread had finally RIP liao..
and they appreciated your prayer :D

I dunno how to describe the taste, might be u can ask "that someone" who knows how to cook this to cook for u :P Don't forget to add in dash of pepper too

try this out next time and u will know how it taste like... Very hard to describe the taste leh :P

See Fei said...

liddat also can! i like the angmoh bread!

See Fei said...

liddat also can! i like the angmoh bread!

Kenny Ng said...

omg!!! I'm damn hungry now, can have some? DHL to me la... not Delivery Halfway Lost ah! kekeke.

may said...

these things taste heavenly with maple syrup or honey. very the yumyum!!

Red Sponge said...

yum yum!!!! i love this one!!!

13th Panda said...

Oink dulu got do these for me!now no more lur...:-((

Chen said...

Ini dunia semua pun boleh :P

muahahhaa at the Delivery Halfway Lost :D No wonder lah last time I ask my friend to DHL food to me, and somehow the food never arrived, hahhaha...

my doggy will drool at that too :P
(not to mention human lah)

good good :D
This is something simple & easy to make ;)

13th panda,
oh.. Oink can cook too :)
Apa pasal sekarang Oink tak masak ini lagi untuk Panda?

mistipurple said...

i am going to have french toast in the next couple of days. and it is all because of your post. today cannot have because already eaten my quota of eggs.
my style only put egg and sugar and a little water, because the bread soak up quite a bit of the eggs and i don't want to eat too many eggs. sometimes i will put strawberry jam on top after it's done. i also eat all the sides of the bread. partly lazy and partly so liuliu nice eat everything on sight!
DYK i went looking for rempeyek because of your last post?

since on this topic of french toast, savoury toast with chopped prawns on top also very nice. cut bread into cubes and have the minced prawns on top. bagus. but oily.

Chen said...

kam ngam geh?
I was posting comment at your blog and u were here at the same time.. LOL

aiyak, u made me feel guilty pulak.. made u search for rempeyek today :P
*paiseh paiseh*

yeah, i added in little bit of water too to the mixture, but I lazy to include in that earlier on ;)

Wah at the "savoury toast with chopped prawns". Lao hau sui leh.. Liuliu loh..

angel said...

OK lah, french toast 2 keping, prease!

I'm at Apple centre in Regent St... hehe... all the Mackies can use free wan! Best hor? ;P

mistipurple said...

psst.. want second place boh?
the one with wings in london bridge just posted!!! hehehehehe

nyonyapenang said...

i normally use the thicker 'Bangkali Roti' for this. ;)

Simple American said...

I must coax the missus into making some French toast this weekend. Been a while. Though I only eat ang moh Whole Wheat bread. Need all that fiber and other healthy stuff.

Chen said...

no problem.. DHL to Angeliu..
but err.. Angeliu leaving UK soon liao leh.. dunno whether can reach Angeliu in time or not ..

wah.... Apple centre ah? Can play and drool at all the "handsome" & "good looking" Mackie liao :P

kekkee... LOL at the way u describe Angeliu :P
Very creative.
U really made me ponder for a while leh regarding "the one with wings in london bridge"

nyonya pg,
Roti Benggali ah? Haven't eat that for long time liao.. Last time I bought that on & off from the Roti Man moving around on his bike :)

Whole wheat and whole meal bread is good :) More healthy and higher fiber content :) I eat that too on & off..

Joycelyn said...

nyonya penang
wat is "thicker bangkali roti"

kenny ng

your post like got "black magic"...hhehee...we all r liuliu ..

AceOne said...

Yummy..yummy..order 2 keping can anot?

ah nel said...

its milo fuze with high calcium milk... ;)

next time u bring bread to the body u wana cut as it will suck the blood n no more spurting n u still can enjoy ur bread... ;P

zeroimpact said...

I want more pepper
I want more pepper
yum yum yum

Chen said...

no lah.. no black magic here :D
here is very clean ..
There is a origin for the liuliu thingy.. It all started 4 months plus back :D
Long long story…

Bengkali Roti or Roti Benggali is nice to eat when dipped with curries. We bought that in loaf form from the roti man and the bread is cut into the thickness we desired. Normally most people will cut the bread into thick slices :)

okay okay and will DHL to u (DHL = Delivery Halfway Lost, I just learnt that from Kenny) LOL

ah nel,
surgical field has to be 100% sterile and free from unsterile materials. No contamination allowed from unsterile equipments or foreign materials. I guess u don't want an infected wound or abscess to develop if u undergo surgery due to unsterile equipment or contamination. U get what I mean?

zero impact,
u just wanna eat pepper? :P
I give u pepper sweet then?
Or u wanna pepper cookies?

Kristopher said...


since we have Peanut Day... do we have Bread Day? hehehe

ah nel said...

too deep...take mc later... ;P

my working area 100% more clean than hospital... ;)

Robin said...

Yummy Yummy..

Dr, Marvin has done a restoration on the Great Buddha temple at Le Shan.

Do visit my post and give your comments. Thanks

Chen said...

Yes, we have.. The World Bread Day falls on 16 October :D
Let's celebrate World Bread Day by eating bread on that particular day ;)

ah nel,
Hospital is indeed a dirty place – so many germs and bugs everywhere.
That’s why visitors who visit their family members, friends or relatives shouldn’t bring small children or babies together with them to the hospital. By doing this, they exposed the little ones (with weaker immunity system) to infection..

Time for lunch soon :)
Restoration of the Great Buddha temple at Le Shan?
Okie, I will visit your post soon….

pisang said...

wau that was frence toast ....
but how to do english toast?
germany toast?
ar-meh dick ka toast?
sarawak toast?
sabah toast?
malaysia toast?

mistipurple said...

good afternoon dear loctor. i wish liu a great weekend. i on the other hand, will most likely be having a heavy meeting end week. liuliuliu. haiz

ah nel said...

yeah...i agree with docter... ;)

Chen said...

that's just the name for the toast, just like french fries :P
other nationality toast ah.. u can put whatever ingredients u like ;)

eg. Malaysia toast --> can dip the roti inside the kaw kaw kopi O and toasted it :P

misti purple,
good afternoon dear misti :)
Hope u makan your lunch already..
sounds like u have a busy weekend ahead..
but at least it's a "fruitful" weekend loh..

ah nel,
We don't allow small children to enter our ICU for their own benefits (as visitors of course, if they come in as patients, then different stories). But sometimes, the parents don't understand why we don't allowed them to bring the small kids in.. They will say, "just for a short while only lah.." Haii...

ah nel said...

i understand and children oso its better stay away from hospital or cemetery...those parent just too stubborn to understand...oppsss...soli for my rudeness... ;)

carcar said...

pink cotton, is ok... first here also no POINT one :P but maybe a slice of french toast!


hey nice and delicious snack for breakie! i'm having my honey stars now, at night :P

new template? or amended skin for your blog?

Chen said...

ah nel,
hahaha... please convey this info to your friends too.. Don't bring small kids when they visit someone in the hospital. Unless if the child fall sick and needs to seek for medical treatment, then different story loh

no point also never mind one..
just feel syiok mah..

honey star with milk..
yum yum..
is that your dinner or supper? :)

no lah.. still the same skin..
just that blogger sot-sot a bit today.. so the display hay-wired sikit today :P

cooknengr said...

Whatsup Doc, you forgot the Vanila...

ah nel said...

yeah...i will don worry but if they wont listen i also no choice at least i did my part telling them... ;)

Chen said...

*take note*
i will add in vanilla next time :)

ah nel,
it is up to them if they don't want to listen but at least u did your part by telling them :)

day-dreamer said...

I like this thingy. :D

Chen said...

gonna prepare some tonight or in the next few days since u r having hols? :)

Anonymous said...

No cooking facilities here (in PJ) leh...


Chen said...

I thought u will balik kampung for the hols? u didn't?