Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rempeyek Kacang & Peanut Day

I never know the existence of Peanut Day till I read Mr Goober's post and get to know that today, 13th September, is Peanut Day. So, let's eat more kacang today and let's go nuts. Remember the makan bola, minum bola, tidur bola during the World Cup Season? How about makan kacang, minum kacang, tidur kacang today to celebrate the Peanut Day? I wonder whether the nutty Mr Goober will sponsor us some kacang or not to commemorate Peanut Day.

This is a kacang related post. I hope Mr Goober will enjoy this post, which is specially dedicated to him, commemorating Peanut Day :)

I guess most of us are familiar with Rempeyek - one of the popular traditional crispy Malay snacks which is widely available in the market. Most rempeyek have embedded peanuts and anchovies.

I have eaten several rempeyek in the past but normally there are only few limited numbers of peanuts per rempeyek, unlike this one; the Rempeyek Kacang from Kelantan - with generous serving of peanuts :)



Kenny Ng said...

yummy... kacang my favorite! later go buy some and eat ... happy kacang day!

Mr. Goober said...


jk, thanks for the post chen. Actually the credits should go to Selba, she was the one who started the Ultimate Revelation to Pinkcotton.

so i thought, what the heck, a goober has to celebrate this day!

zeroimpact said...

I want kacang
Doc got make ah
For me???

Chen said...

hehe, eat more kacang today, since today is Kacang Day :)

mr goober,
Hahha, okay :) I wonder besides Peanut Day, is there any other day such as Cotton Day, Sponge Day etc etc? :D

zero impact,
I bought the rempeyek few days back nearby my working place and took the pictures few days ago. Kebetulan hari ini Hari Kacang, so I posted this up. I still have some leftover rempeyek. U wanna? Share-share with u loh :D

may said...

I like peanut butter.

ok, next post!

carcar said...

oh? got happy peanut day meh?

Joycelyn said...

wow,not only promoting peanut day but also kelantan...yeah!

Chen said...

i like peanut butter too !!
that will be the topic for your next post? Cool :D
Dreaming about the chunky peanut butter..

Hahaha, I just get to know about that today, but this day is not celebrated here in Malaysia ;)

hahha.. yeah hoh? u r from Kelantan ;) Promoting your hometown :D

L B said...

Hmm, I missed this out too, during that last trip! Ok, ok, what else did I miss?

See Fei said...

how to celebrate hah? give all blogger a rempeyek? LOL

Daniel Yiek said...

gosh, the kueh is so oily! You eat oily peanuts, you become oily monkey!

Selba said...

What a surprise when I see the word of Rempeyek Kacang.

Being curious as you mentioned it as a traditional Malay snacks,
I made a research about Rempeyek in
So far, I found out that Rempeyek is originally an Indonesian food.

It's even famous in other countries as an Indonesian food.

If you try to find in wikipedia (though there's no special page referring to rempeyek), it will direct you to a place in Indonesia where the people are making rempeyek.

Red Sponge said...

hee...u know? this rempeyek kacang is super yummy when it goes with ice cream.


U can get BOTH at Sunny Hill!! 'x'

mistipurple said...

it would be sacrilegious to say that i prefer more flour on the rempeyek than more peanuts. *bows in shame*

nyonyapenang said...

sei lor, makan kacang, minum kacang, tidur kacang - bisul terus tumbuh liao! LOL

Pink Cotton said...


we ate kacang 2nite :)))

HMM i like this kueh...but never knew it is called REMPEYEK..wahaha..just call it penyek can??? :P

Chen said...

what to do?
Too much nice food for u to savour in Malaysia. Never mind, u can eat this in 10 months time :P

I wish too, but I don't have so many rempeyek with me. Might be it's easier to give each and everyone one piece of peanut.. Err... how about sponsorship from Mr Goober, the Nutty guy? :D

hahaha... i can foresee lotsa monkeys running wild on the street :D

Okie, points noted. The origin of this food was from Indonesia? Is the original rempeyek in Indonesia has the similar size and shape as the one we have in Malaysia?

Chen said...

red sponge,
Issit? Never eat it together with ice cream leh..

aiyah.. I didn't go to Sunny Hill woh.. Next time u must bring me there liao :P

misti purple,
wah.. give me the peanut.. u can eat the crispy rempeyek. Kongsi-kongsi :D Sharing is caring :P

nyonya penang,
muahahha.. if abcess develop, I can offer to do free Incisional & Drainage (I&D) to drain the abscess... LOLOL

pink cotton,
kekke.. what sort of kacang?
got many types of kacang leh..

talking about kacang reminds me of the flying peanut scene in KL, muahhahhaha.. with LB and Carcar as the main actor & actress :P

yeap, this is called rempeyek. U learn new things everyday huh.. good hoh? :D Called it as penyek? wah.. but sounds good also LOLOL

Simple American said...

I will go and get peanut brittle right now. :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Nuts day.! Yeah I like nuts, especially if they are a pair of 36s. Hahaha!!

pisang said...

if you put some ikan bilis
lagi sedap

_butt said...

happi (belated) kacang day!!!

I loved munching those rempeyek kacang.. but they're kinda oily so seldom eat.. heheh

mistipurple said...

before they turn rancid, they're addictive.

letti said...

Oooo happy tempeyek day! LOL

ah nel said...

no wonder last nite when order stinkray i felt like steam peanuts calling me...i order

Chen said...

That’s nice.. u have peanut brittle in da house too?
Peanut is nice to munch..
steamed peanut, roasted peanut, fried peanut, peanut brittle..

Happy Nuts Day. Did u go nuts on this special day? We can celebrate by throwing nuts at others :D

yeah I agree. The traditional one will have both ikan bilis & kacang.

Everyday can be kacang day too (our own “definition” loh) hahaha..
Those snacks cannot be eaten too frequently.. Once in a while is okie loh :D

Chen said...

misti like rempeyek too?
One packet of rempeyek on the way, to misti’s office :D

Hehehe, how’s life Letti? Didn’t talk with u for long time already.
I wonder if the peanut brittle in US is the same as the rempeyek kacang back home in Malaysia :D

ah nel,
hahahha… yesterday is their day. The Nut’s day :D
That’s why they called u and waved their little invisible hands…
Asking u to eat them..

Selba said...

Well, according to my knowledge rempeyek is original from Indonesia and also from the simple research that I made last night but then as we all know, that we have similiarity of food especially between the traditional indonesian food and malaysian food.

I haven't seen the malaysian rempeyek and hardly to figure it out how's the size of the rempeyek that you snapped because it's a macro picture.

anyway, except the original rempeyek kacang, we also have several other kinds of rempeyek, i.e: rempeyek ikan teri, rempeyek soya bean, sweet ginger rempeyek, thin rempeyek with lemongrass.

Do you also have many variety of rempeyek in Malaysia?

Winn said...

yawor i cant login at all.....

got peanut day one ar? funny. i wish there's a seaweed day i m so addicted to seaweek for the past few days!

lynnx01 said...

Wah I didn't know there is a peanut day. Must tell my peanut friend about it.

mistipurple said...

received the rempeyek. thanks!
the delivery man ate half the packet becos it was so fresh he couldn't resist. life chinchye lah hor. he hungry poor liu. :)

Chen said...

The rempeyek here is round in shape & the size varies, from 3 cm to 10 cm etc. The common & widely available rempeyek in the market is rempeyek with peanut & anchovies.
Others I have not seen so far.
Might be it’s available but I haven’t come across it.

poor Winnliuliu :(
Might be u can write an email to to clarify what’s going on ? :(

Tell u something, I google just now and found out there is actually Seaweed Day too !!! The Seaweed Day is celebrated in Japan, in the month of February.. the date if I’m not mistaken is on 6 February.

Yay yay to Seaweed Day :D Liuliu :)

I had Wasabi Seaweed few days ago.. Nice..

peanut friend? Wah.. u have peanut as friends? Can intro ? :P

Wah.. only half the packet left ah?
At least the delivery man didn’t eat all.. If not I will piak him for eating all the rempeyek :P

Winn said...

hooray to seaweed day!! i love seaweed!!

i'm addicted to this seaweed.. i forget its name think it's ' xiao lao ban'? ..u can find it in KIOSK or 7-11..going at rm2.90 - rm3.00...

i have been eating that 3 days in a roll..scary! scary coz it's so expensive yet ...yet but i like:P hah

Chen said...

hip hip hooray
Long life Seaweed
hip hip hooray :)

wah.. eating for 3 days in a roll?
so syiok ah?
I must go & look for that brand liao..
(after I habis makan my wasabi seaweed ) :P

Red Sponge said...


Chen said...

red sponge,
bagus.. but i heard hoh (can't remember from ah ben or from miracle8, the SunnyHill ice cream no QC one - sometimes good and sometimes not nice :P Depends on their mood one, kakkaka.. :P

Simple American said...

Can we put peanut butter on seaweed?



Also could not find penaut prittle. Had to settle for Snickers bar.

Chen said...

hah? peanut butter on sea weed?
sounds weird, but..
I can always try that out and see how it tasted like :P
Never try, never know ;)

too bad u can't find peanut brittle. Anyway, snickers bar sounds good too..
equally "sinful" :P

dino said...

long long time nvr have this so called rempeyek liao...
it is yummy...

Chen said...

yeah, it's yummy but we can't have it too frequently, cos it's oily & high calories stuff :D