Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rainforest Kayaking Adventure (3)

After a good & refreshing dip in the Sg Sarawak Kanan, it was time to get moving and continue on with the second half of the journey down the river..

Interesting rock design due to longstanding erosions..

View from beneath the rocks as we were now paddling beneath the rocks.

Fallen trees trunks in the river ..

Another breath taking, calm and serene scene of the rainforest..

Another interesting rock design which looks like a rhinocerous to me. Well, it all depends on your vivid imagination. Whatever it is, all these are fantastic rocks that rock !!

So fast time flies.. we had been paddling in the river for almost 3 hours.. and the kayaking trip had finally came to an end. And yeah... my kayak didn't capsize :P

Approaching the final destination..

None other than the Wind Caves in Bau district...

We unloaded our paddles, water proof containers or dry box, mineral water bottles etc from our kayak.... And not forgetting, we need to carry up the colourful bright orange and yellow tandem kayak all the way from the riverbank up the staircase to the CRV. This was tiring especially after paddling for almost 3 hours ... My arm sores, but I managed to complete the task. This was indeed an interesting, unique, fulfilling and unforgettable experience :)

Drying our safety jackets, paddles, parang and kayak under the hot afternoon sun.. Anyone noticed the durian inside the kayak in the last photo? That was the leftover free durian which we picked up from the riverbank earlier on in the beginning of the kayaking journey. We changed our wet attires prior to leaving back home.

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may said...

nice scenes!! hmmm... where did tha liulian go ah? dah telan dalam perut by that time ka?

angel said...

chup 2nd.
waaaa, liu miss me till hv to send 5x the same msg arr? :P
thanks and we'll hv loads of sotongs when i cum bek! :P

mistipurple said...

chup! i chup first read later. working.. shh

Chen said...

hehehe.. u still remember the durian?
I just updated the last paragraph. We only consume one durian earlier on, and there was another one leftover, and the durian was placed securely inside the kayak. U might notice the durian if u squint your eyes at the last picture ;)

hah? send 5x meh? I only press once mah.. Kat handphone outbox also sent once woh.. Might be the message go haywire liao... kekkekke.. that's why jadi 5x pulak :P

Sotong ah? kekkek.. hope it's not for piakking :P I will dedicate a special post to u soon, very very soon :D Stay tuned :)

sure, sure.. no problem :D
Let u have two pieces of french toast as snacks :)

JoeC said...

hehe, you have a very active lifestyle lei, good lor, we can only imagine them. btw, where that cute cute doggie, more photos of that cute doggie plz :) Cheers!

nyonyapenang said...

you take excellent pictures! ;)

mistipurple said...

the liulian nice or not?

mistipurple said...

thankew for french toast. *burp*
got some more or not? :P

Chen said...

Life is short, so must live life to the fullest :D Cute doggie? Talking about my little doggy ah? He is lying on the floor next to me, I will post some of his photos soon :)

The scenery is beautiful, that's why :D

The liulian okie loh, a bit dry..
but since it's free, so can't complaint much, hahaha..

french toast ah? I habis makan liao.. paiseh paiseh :P Might be I will post up the photo for u to have a virtual feast one of these days :D

Pink Cotton said...





Chen said...

pink cotton,
walao.. no need to shout so loud lah, guna caplock summore :P aiyah, I didn't change my clothes in the open area lah.. so u don't have to worry, hahaha :P

mistipurple said...

... maybe loctor didn't change clothes all day all night, and the next day & night...

*runs as fast as my piggy legs can carry me!!!!*

may said...

ahhh... ok ok, no need to squint, can see very big now! I still haven't had any durian this year...

Joycelyn said...

wow,wat a nice place.how i wish i were there

Kenny Ng said...

Very nice scene and very good photo work indeed. The erotion of the lime stone looks so nice n breath taking.

Chen said...

wah.. siapa cakap i tak tukar baju?

but wake up again in split of seconds..
cos I saw something interesting..
since when misti has piggy legs???
wah.. new discovery :P
can take some tissue to send for biopsy or not?
*blink blink*

woo.. so u didn't scoop durian with spoon this year ah? I still remember u eat durian with spoon :P

That durian was the only durian I had in Malaysia this year (I had some earlier on in Hatyai :P )

any plan to pay Sarawak a visit in the near future? ;)

Yeah, and I really enjoyed the kayaking trip. That was my first kayaking experience :)

L B said...

No crocodiles? No sotong? No stingrays?

Joycelyn said...

ya,wish to go east malaysia long time liow,BUT no $$$...look sponsor for me?hahahaa.
Chen,how u reply to all the comment so fast?u hv any alert available?all u guys leaving comment like "live chatting" leh,pretty FAST.
BTW,your posts r interesting n u got many fans ya.how nice ya:)

_butt said...

*dreamy* wishing I was there now.. so peaceful.. can sleep better.. guarantee no insonmia! *lol*

Chen said...

too bad..
no crocodile,
no sotong,
no stingray..

I only see fishes & dragonfly,
and not forgetting the swimming iguana :P Too bad hoh no sotong, or else I can catch the sotong & have BBQ sotong later on in the night :D

haha? sponsor ah?
might be u can take up part time job during your hols? But likely u won't have time to do so during your hols too.. cos your hols are not long like the other courses, right? :)

For blogger or blogspot, comment notification via email is available :) U wanna join blogger.com ? The features are much better than friendster :)

wah.. yeah, u can lie down on the kayak while looking at the blue sky and the peaceful serene surroundings. But I hope u don't fall asleep in the river leh.. nanti jatuh dan tenggelam, then cham loh... LOLOL

Joycelyn said...

i have a blogger ac but not used to it yet.it's not so user friendly.

Chen said...

Blogger is easy to use. Actually the features are quite simple, might be u r not used to it yet. Once u get the hang, u will love it :)

Pink Cotton said...

mana tau wo..

then u use wat to cover??banana leaves??

Chen said...

pink cotton,
your head ah..
must phik phiak u liao

proven u never been to Wind Caves liao :P Wanna pay that place a visit? Fairy Caves is nearby there too.... Shower rooms and toilets are available & FOC lah.. :P

Joycelyn said...

too much html....i dont really know it...was trying n re-trying so hard to put up a tag board in blogger...but luckily still manage to place it at the correct location.:)

Joycelyn said...

Chen,how to get the notification?which email r u having to get the alert?from blogger?

zeroimpact said...

Kayaking also wet meh, I thought only wet when capsized...
*runs far far a way*

Chen said...

From blogger.com,
go to "Settings",
then go to section under "Comments"
there is a column called "Comment Notification Address"
then enter your email address.
Blogger will email you at that email address when someone leaves a comment on your blog.

I see, I get what u mean :D
Once u understand the html code, things will become easy :)

that was different kind of wet :P
when paddle time water will enter the kayak mah.. and summore if u wanna dip and soak yourself inside the river, sure will get wet one..

if kayak capsized, hahha, I don't mind the wet but i dowan the surge of adrenaline :P

Joycelyn said...

Chen,thanks a lot!!!
BTW do u chat in any messenger?

Chen said...

yeah, I have msn & ym
but I can't put my user id here.
I will add u tomorrow cos i'm going to sleep soon (i saw your id in friendster)

Simple American said...

I loved the rocks as well. Quite interesting looking.

Want to kayak. My missus and kids kayaked in Alaska. I dare not because of my knee injuty at the time.

My daughter and I looked at some this weekend. It would be so nice to have one.

_butt said...

LOL!! I duno how to swim leh!!

Hahahaha! nvm, u watch for me lah.. in case I terjatuh dlm river, u will save me rite? rite? *blink blink*

_butt said...

LOL!! I duno how to swim leh!!

Hahahaha! nvm, u watch for me lah.. in case I terjatuh dlm river, u will save me rite? rite? *blink blink*

zeroimpact said...

Boy boy don't know mah
So when we go kayak kayak ah
We get every one to go ok ok

ah nel said...

got such thing in kuching kar???

i only went kayaking at Palm Beach Sematan and that reli tough as the wave so big... ;)

Mr. Goober said...

hey, happy kayaking! how many person can fit into that kayak??


i can't help it but kept laughing because i feel like i'm looking at counterstrike (those games where u run around with a gun infront) *laughs* esp pics with kayak head infront!!

Winn said...

my blogger really died on me leh! canot login at all.

sigh nvm la i'll take a break from bloggin then:P

Robin said...

Nice nice.. and glad your cam did not drop into the river,

like Roti's

Chen said...

it must be an interesting experience to kayak in Alaska, but too bad u can’t join your family for kayaking at that time..

Hope u can partake this time :)

yours truly also cannot swim leh :P
Dunno how to swim can still go kayaking in the river (with reliable & secured life jacket), but not in the sea loh..

Heheh, u get too excited liao till press twice? ;)
*blink blink*

hahah, it’s easier to organize a picnic for everyone than going kayaking leh :P

I don’t have the equipment woh.. But we go & rent, so shouldn’t be a problem :D

Chen said...

ah nel,
There are lotsa interesting events and happenings in Kuching leh.. :P

mr goober,
The one I took was a two-seated kayak, so can fit in two people.

Hahhaa, I know what u mean, cos I have the similar thinking also in the past the first time when I looked at scenery photos with the kayak head infront.

aiyak.. too bad
I think the template might be corrupted..u mean u cannot login into your own account even?

I will definitely miss your liuliu writings leh..

I only took out my camera when I think it’s safe to do so, at least I made sure there’s no drift or we were not going through current :)
Have to make sure the camera won’t drop inside the water :D

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

hmmm different kind of rocks we have here, all smooth and worn over thanks to glaciers

See Fei said...

got buaya or not here? very interesting scenery!

Chen said...

smooth rocks sound interesting :)
somehow it reminds me of the smooth egg shell :D

see fei,
The route we took is free from buaya.
If there’s buaya, I will think twice becos if then, that will be such a close encounter :)

ah nel said...

me are sua pah lau...all duno ler...lol

mistipurple said...

you all pack what type of food hah? put in tupperware and all share share is it? or boil can food?

mistipurple said...

*waiting Winnliuliu's blog to function again* and Angeliu to fly in..

Anonymous said...

Aiks didn't realize..

Yo, not my fault leh! Blogger lah, nowadays connection so off..

ah butt

Chen said...

ah nel,
who say u all duno woh:P
u know how to enjoy steamed peanut & makan kantang :P

hehe, we didn’t go picnic leh.. I brought mineral water and some titbits only. That’s all. And we were lucky that day cos we managed to pick up 2 durians from the river bank, that’s our food for the kayaking session :D

Dunno apa jadi with Winnliuliu’s blog :( Angeliu “flying” back soon… to Malaysia :D

ah butt,
Hahha, I know lah.. I just want to pull your leg only :D Sometimes when I press to fast, I ended up posting duplicate comments too..

_butt said...

yea.. until u sent the same msg to angeliu 5x.. hehe

Chen said...

hahhaa.. I press once only lah the sent button :P Even in the msg outbox also indicated the msg being sent once only..
But dunno how come the msg being sent 5x pulak..
hope I didn’t get charged 5x for that dunno “apa yang berlaku” weird phenomena :D

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Do you go out to the rainforests a lot?

Chen said...

not really.. just once in a blue moon :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I just get the impression that you seem to live a life of constant adventure and eating... Heheh.

Chen said...

hahha, there are other "boring" elements as well including my job, chores etc which I didn't included in ;)