Friday, August 04, 2006

Rainforest Kayaking Adventure (1)

I went kayaking on Thursday morning. This was my first kayaking experience - the rainforest kayaking adventure in Sg Sarawak Kanan. I have read several post regarding kayaking from fh2o aka unker's blog in the past. Unker is an architect by profession, and also an avid and passionate kayaker.

We reached Krokong, Bau after 45 minutes drive from Kuching (it is located somewhere nearby the Wind Caves and Fairy Caves in Bau). The colourful bright orange and yellow tandem kayak was unloaded from the CRV and carried down to the river - Sg Sarawak Kanan.

Our beautiful two seated bright orange and yellow tandem kayak.. I wore and fastened the life jackets and kept my camera and handphone securely inside a water proof container. I was briefed on how to handle the paddle before we started our journey. Very soon, I was paddling in the river ;)

After few minutes in the river, I manage to get the hang of the correct way to paddle the kayak. It was fun paddling along the river, enjoying the calm and serene scene of the rainforest with breath taking scenery. Something that we won't encounter frequently.

We noticed 3 durians on the riverbank along the way. Hahaha, what a lucky day :P We stopped paddling and picked up 2 of the jungle durians (to carry along inside our kayak for consumption later).

I really had a good time admiring the beauty of mother nature, listening to the sounds of insects and wildlife, looking at the greens and listening to the trickling water sound while paddling the vividly coloured kayak.

Fantastic rocks which rocks !!

Mini Cave. We kay poh and paddled inside the mini cave to have a look...

It's a dead-end cave.

I even touched the wall of the cave.. ;)

We stopped by for a brief duration nearby the zoo in Bau (if not mistaken, the construction was still in progress). We climbed up the slope to have a peek at the zoo. Apparently the zoo was still quite empty..

This was the only animal we spotted inside the zoo - Emu. We continued on with our kayaking adventure...

To be continued.....


eve said...

wahhhh...dem envy man....where got time for all this ar? go shit oso no time la..

lynnx01 said...

The scenery is really beautiful. Some more found durians.. how great is that!

Winn said...

wahh realli nice worrrr

surely no anaconda?

Pink Cotton said...


A zoo in progress???????

eee how come i stay in kch n never knwo abt it :(

wah doc, you no sked ya? when i read abt your experience, it made me recall my ride on the banana boat..boohoohoo so stressful la..
like anytime will fall down de wo ..and u still dare to take photos...if me i will just paddle paddle paddle and quickly reach the river bank


carcar said...

i tot i went to fh2o blog, haha..

kayak. nice!

nice rainforest photo. nice photo of kayak.

got hand sore the next day boh?

see u soon dearie :)

sengkor said...

i hope part 2 wun hv roast emu thingy..

Chen said...

get someone to do locum for u? ;)

yeah.. beautiful scenery. I like the scenic view of the reflection of the trees and rocks in the river. Free durian is a bonus :P

hahha... didn't see any, presume none loh.. :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
that is what i heard lah..
but i presume that is a small zoo leh.. cos so far away :P

Banana boat? LOL
good lah u.. can come up with all these :P Better not let unker hear about this *wink*

aiyak.. term & conditions apply mah when taking photo while kayaking.. DYK i took almost 200 photos? Hahhaha... :P

u r in the correct place, i assure u :P Spent almost 3 hours kayaking.. Towards the end of the journey, I felt so tired liao.. hahhaha... Summore sun burn :P

see u soon :)

roast emu?
but for sure, we had jungle durian mini feast by the river :P

angel said...

waaaa... love it! i only kayak-ed once when i was in pangkor but that wan, kayak in the sea lar... *LOL*
the scenery reminds me of the time i went Kuala Kubu Baru for white water rafting. wah! chi-keik!! and DYK that i'm going there again nxt wkend?? we got teambuilding there and one of the activities will be white water rafting! woohoo!!!
oh, as i was saying, the scenery reminded me of the time when we came near to the hilir sungai (shite, wat's the engrish term for this??), we were 'advised' to float down the river... with the life jacket lar of cos! :P
waaa, so the song! just let the current carry us along the river... very peaceful feelin'... ahhhh...

alamak... tok so much... majiam blog sendiri pulak... *LOL*

See liu sooooon!!!

zeroimpact said...

I like nature
I like forest
But no good in surviving
It must be great to be there

_butt said...


It sure feels nice to get in touch with nature.. :)

That Emu looks lonely eh.. *haha*

a^ben said...

got peng chun or not?? ahahha!!

Cynthia said...

wow! nice onw! how awesoem is that!
msia got so much nice places! =)

Chen said...

kayak in the sea?
more chi kek loh..
no strong wave meh causing peng chun? :P

white water rafting?
wah.. going KKB again next weekend?
syiok lah u:P

cant think of wat is the english name for that.. who cares... as long as i know what u r talking about can liao.. true boh? :P

wah... see u soon liao...

boiboi like nature & forest?
can throw boiboi inside the rainforest river or not?
then boiboi can go near the nature & forest liao... LOL
*jahat I*
kidding lah..

Chen said...

very peaceful...

tat emu ah.. at least we pay him/her a visit mah :P He/she should feel happy leh.. LOL

kakakka... no peng chun lah..
but sun burn got lah..
now my arms become so dark liao :P

Msia has lotsa beautiful resources..
Awaiting for u to explore ;)
Bila nak balik Malaysia? :D

Winn said...

u supposed to go zzz now...

day-dreamer said...

Nice pictures...!

I kayaked before under the scorching noon sun for 3 hours... damn FUN!!

slurp! said...

your nearest in west malaysia would probably taman negara

really good to see such peaceful natural surroundings.

if i ever there (juz dunno when), probably it will be hiking, looking for neps & eating. kayaking??? noooooooooooo ... coz me & my kamrera dun like to get wet! LOLz

izso said...

I wanna go kayaking too!

FH2O said...

Now I know why the cooler box smells of durians! You're really lucky to spot the durians! Glad that you enjoyed the trip! Nice hor? ;)

Selba said...

Whoaaa... I reading this post and looking at the pictures, I really feel like in fh2o's blog, hehehe...

Nice to know that you went for kayaking :)

Chen said...

yes madam :) I went to sleep straight after seeing your comment... I good girl, right? :D

day dreamer,
yeah, it's indeed fun :)
ada kenak sun burn boh after that?

I've never been to Tmn Negara before. Thinking of going there one of these days (but not during the rainy seasons)

Hahha.. my camera don't like to get wet too :P (But I myself don't mind loh..)

Chen said...

Come, come :)

Oopss... :P
He kept the durian inside the cooler box so that the whole CRV won't smell of durian.. LOL

Yeah, the trip was indeed nice. Something that I never did in the past. A new experience :)

Kayaking is fun. U should go kayaking too if u have the chance :)