Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pink Banana

Finally I get the chance to meet up with fh2o, who is more commonly known as unker on Wednesday evening :) I shouldn't stand next to unker, cos he is so tall (6 feet) !!!!!!! We had a brief chat in Pizza Hut before heading to his stylo home.

He has a private jetty next to his cosy home. It was low tide yesterday evening, so the water level was low.

Tempted to count how many kayaks unker owns... Kayak.. *ahem* I will be sitting in one of these soon.. very very soon..

Unker's doggy :) Very friendly dog. She kept on wagging her tail & manja with me... I played with her and pat her head several times and she enjoyed it very much.

What are these pink coloured stuff?

Non other than the Pink Bananas or Musa Velutina Pinkie !!! Finally I manage to get a glimpse at these pink coloured bananas (after reading it in unker's blog end of last month).

I guess Pink Cotton will like this.. Pink coloured stuff.. The picture above shows pink banana flowers.

More pink bananas. Too bad these are non edible. Since Red Sponge dedicated a pink rose for Pink Cotton, so I dedicate this pink banana to Pink Cotton as well (since today is her blog's one year old birthday. ;)

The banana trees look exactly like the normal banana trees except the fruit is pink in colour :)


angel said...

Waa waa waaa... that first wan is unker's house?? waa waa waa...

sengkor said...

the banana edible one ah?

Chen said...

that one is Pizza Hut lah..

sengkor tak baca what i write ah?
give sengkor a new pair of glasses ;)
kekkee.. non edible lah.. too bad...
if edible, i will pluck one liao & makan.. :P

zeroimpact said...

Got jetty some more
I like weh
Must make it a point to go someday
Can ah
Anyone bring litlle boy boy there

lynnx01 said...

It was me who deleted the above comment because I was signed in someone else's account. I wanted to say

The bananas are poisonous? One show I watched on some kids series on tv, the characters made experiment to combine bananas and apples, become banapples.. and it's something like that.. shape of bananas but colour like apples. In that show, it's so acidic it melted off a girl's bicycle. Hahaha.. so silly.

_butt said...

Why kenot eat de?

Chen said...

little boiboi go & make friend with unker loh :)

hahha.. okie :)
I wonder who is that ang moh earlier on :P

The pink banana tree is ornamental plant :) There is one website for this pink banana here

From what unker told me & from what I read from internet, this is an ornamental plant.

angel said...

Hahahaha! No wonder la... I also thot that it looks like a restoran cos so many tables and chairs... :P din see any Pizza Hut sign maaa... liuliu la... :P

izso said...

Quit your job and be a professional photographer la. WAhlau.. nice pics

Chen said...

this angel really liuliu loh.. hahhaa.. remember our date this coming Sunday? *wink*

thanks :) I take photo for fun & self interest only ;) i'm not up to par to become professional photographer :P

Red Sponge said...

Whee...still not yet sit in the kayak?

Got crocodile at that river not?

Erm...unker plant that pink banana or ...?


Chen said...

red sponge,
The writing up there reflects my thinking on Wednesday night mah.. that time still belum "duduk" kayak yet..

walao.. that river I went to no crocodiles lah.. I went to Sg Sarawak Kanan.

Aiks.. dunno ah.. Forget to ask him whether he plants it or.... :P

dino said...

banana in pink.... @_@
it is cute..

Cynthia said...

first time i see pink banana. cute! so bimbo.. paris hilton color. Ekekek

L B said...

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!! Fai tit!! Waaaaaa.....

Chen said...

yeah... it's something unique that we don't get to see frequently ;)

bimbo bimbo.. LOL
i read about pink banana from unker's blog in the past but this is the first time I see with my own eyes... The moment I see it, I quickly take out my cam & tembak :P

cannot be too fai leh..
I haven't finish sapu the food I want to eat in Sarawak yet :P
slow down slow down..
the day will arrive soon :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

u sure thats not edible?? dang..

jonboy60 said...

hmm.. i like bananas o... iz a shame cant eat lo..

Pink Cotton said...

pink banana for me?!?!?


*munch munch munch on pink banana*

eh! did you ask unker can let me eat or not?? ..


Pink Cotton said...

AI SEE lor!
din see the sentence "the banana is not edible"

OMG!!!!...die lor!!!


Anonymous said...

what a feminine-looking banana!

Winn said...

the isi of the pink babnana is pink ?? did u kayak??

cant wait to see you this sunday.did u call me the other day?sorry i missed it:P

Chen said...

yeah... I gather the info from fh2o and from internet as well.. too bad :( The pink banana is very hard.. (I touched it the other day)

Think about it, it's good also the pink bananans cannot be eaten, or else the bananas will go off very fast :P I won't have the chance to see it liao.. hahah..

pink cotton,
walao.. ai see loh.. i really cold sweat leh just now when I read u ate the pink bananas...

bin cheh cheh liao

Chen said...

heheh.. I spent quite some time looking at the banana (including shooting photos as well) ;)

dunno woh..
forget to pluck one fruit & peel off the skin..
oops.. later unker scold me for destroying his pink banana :P

yeah.. I went kayaking liao..
now sun burn liao leh...

yeap yeap.. call u last Sunday (just for fun).. See u soon this coming Sunday ;)

day-dreamer said...

Kayaking is damn fun... do enjoy it if you have the chance to paddle around. And make sure you try capsizing once in very safe and shallow waters... syiok!


Chen said...

day dreamer,
i went kayaking liao :)
Just put up the new post regarding my kayaking adventure..

indeed syiok :D

FH2O said...

My wife is the gardener and interior decorator while I designed the alterations and extensions to the house.

Glad that you're tickled pink by 'em! ;)

Chen said...

great combination :)
I will kacau u again when I go back to Kuching in the future ;)