Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rainforest Kayaking Adventure (2)

After having a peep at the lonely emu, we continue on with our journey (*side note: Nope, we didn't have roasted emu for lunch :P)

Pushing the vividly coloured kayak back to the river (together with the bright yellow paddle and the bright yellow dry bag & water proof container).. Nice hoh the colour - red, orange, yellow. Very lively.

The journey continued... Paddling nearby the huge piece of weird-shaped rock.

We were now paddling beneath the rocks. I love the reflection of the bright sun ray beneath the rocks.

Another view from beneath the rocks...

Looking up from beneath at the rock above us. The opening on the rocks allowed the sun ray to shine through, giving me the opportunity to have a glimpse at the blue sky and the tree branches located above.

We continued paddling for a while and soon we reached the pit stop located halfway through our journey. We stopped by to have a rest. Azmi took down the durians from the kayak (The durians which we collected from the river bank earlier on) for consumption.

Free stuffs are good stuffs (quoting Cynthia's favourite phrase), hahahha... (Don't you think so? LOL )

First time I had durian in such an environment.. I washed my hands with the stream of cold water from the river and sat on the sand at the riverside - enjoying the durian, listening to the sounds of insects and the chirpings of the birds, and drinking river water bottled mineral water..

My paddle, safety jacket & cap and mineral water..

The bright sun ray was a constant reminder that the hot sun was still shining mercilessly. Oops.. now my skin is tanned.. my forearms, shins and feet. I regretted for not wearing long sleeves that day :P

Chilling my feet. It's time to get wet. Time to soak oneself inside the cool water.

After a good dip in the river, it was time to get moving and continue on with the second half of the journey.

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to be continued...


plink said...


plink said...

Wah, durian and adventure. Living off the land some more!

Pink Cotton said...


get free durian!!! :(

we still hv buy over here oh...

how is the durian?? nice??macam looks too dry...

oh well...cannot hiam too much for free stuff 'x'

Chen said...

chuppie chuppie :D

free liulian, LOL
get to see monitor lizard swimming in the river as well and dragonfly stopped by on my paddle :P

syiok syiok :D

pink cotton,
liulian in the river..
the liulian is indeed a bit dry but taste okie lah.. of course not the superb taste.. anyway, as u say, since it's free stuff, so cincai lah.. hahahha...

may said...

oooh, that looks like a good durian!! waaaaaa, so white and yummy... I'm not a die-hard durian fan, but even that picture is making me drool!

may said...

oooh, that looks like a good durian!! waaaaaa, so white and yummy... I'm not a die-hard durian fan, but even that picture is making me drool!

Red Sponge said...

dry kar? I think it looks yummy!

cooknengr said...

what sup Doc, wah free durian..."how cool is that?" :)

Chen said...

pass maymay a spoon and plate. I still remember u eat durian with spoon :P

red sponge,
some people prefer dry durian and some prefer slightly wet durian.. kekke..

hahha, we were lucky that morning :D
kayaking with durian :P

lynnx01 said...

The water is so clear! So unreal.. hehehe..

Simple American said...

Looks very relaxing. I wish I could have kayaked in Alaska, but my stupid knee killed that idea.

angel said...

Liulian hoh ciak boh? Kekekekek...

*notes the way doc take pics so that i can take some good pics at KKB*

Miss u liao...

IndaiYoyo said...

This trip reminds me of mine , after tiring kayaking we stop and bought durians from the villagers. They were good! After six hours of paddling crazily with bunch of fanatics from the Sematan Scuba Dive, my arms were sore, very sore

Winn said...

wah.,nice adventure..
so...national geographic.


sengkor said...

the place so remote like that? got skinny dip or not..?

Robin said...

wah, welcome to one of my fav trip in Kuching..

I am sure u have enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing

Chen said...

clear water looks unreal ah? Hahha.. nice mah clear water :P
if muddy water, I won’t dip myself inside liao.. hahaha..

Nice hoh your Alaska Cruise :)
Having nice time get together with such a big group of family members, from your side and your wife’s side :) Although kayaking is more fun, but cruising around is fun as well too.. Reminds me of my cruise in The three gorges in Yangtze River :D

actually hoh I brought some durian candies from Sarawak but forget to give u tat day leh..(I know u like durian :P )

Huh, take note of my way of taking picture ah? LOL. U can take shots with your own styles and preferences mah..

Bila u balik from river rafting? Sat night? Miss Angel leh...

Chen said...

Indai Yoyo,
Paddling for 6 hours?
That must be tiring.
I paddled for 2 hours plus and yet I felt tired already :P
Need to stop paddling occasionally to rest my arm.
Although exhausted, but that was indeed a wonderful experience.

U also want ah?
We go kayaking in Penang next time, okie? :P
But cannot bring Liucas or Ah Boy loh.. Scared later they jump into the river/lake then I no eye see liao.. LOL

Chen said...

We went kayaking in Sg Sarawak Kanan. We start our journey near Windy Cave in Bau. Peaceful rainforest kayaking.. Can consider as remote area lah since far away from town.

Skinny dip ah?
With sengkor and his "radar" monitoring around, cannot lah..
Later being made into vcd or dvd then cham..

Yeah, I enjoyed it.. just that I had temporary sore arms for a brief duration after that, but no big deal :)

I heard from Francis u are going to Kuching again soon. Enjoy your kayaking trip once again.

Your 4 months old little puppy has really grown up.. (I didn’t see your puppy but I saw francis’ puppy. Since they are from the same family and same age, so their size will be similar too :D )

AceOne said...

wah..nice and quite place. you didn't get any leeches meh wearing that beautiful sandals. wuahahaha..

L B said...

so wet!!! need to dry up a bit hor? CHUP

Chen said...

leeches ah?
I will BBQ them alive if they come & kacau me, LOL :P

wet is good mah..
cos u don't have the opportunity to get wet everytime, hahhhaha...

Daniel Yiek said...

Kool! Got buaya or not?!!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... wash hands in the river after eating durians?! Tsk tsk tsk... naughty girl, pollute the water!


So... kayak got capsize or not? :D

Chen said...

There'r no buaya on the route we take :) DYK we can even see dolphins in Sarawak? ;) It's the Irrawaddy Dolphins and Sarawak is the first and only destination in Malaysia to offer commercial dolphin watching tours via kayaking. :)

day dreamer,
I wash hand before & after eating durian to be exact. Hahha.. if not how to hold my camera? :P

capsize? choy choy choy..
mana ada :D

hlainghlaing said...

I'd like to go there .
can u share me that food cos I like it

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Wow! The colours in the rainforest! It's really something.

day-dreamer said...

Washing your dirty hands in the river means you are polluting the river. Hahahaha!!

Eh, last time when I kayaked we play capsize leh... syiok syiok!!

Chen said...

hlaing hlaing,
u are mostly welcomed to the Land of Hornbills ;)

Something that we won't get to see in big cities. And the air is fresh, free from pollution :)

day dreamer,
hahhaha.. dunno whether i polluted the river water or the river water polluted my hands :P

Aiyoh.. u are really dare-devil. Played capsize pulak :P