Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dimsum Breakfast

I had dimsum (點心) breakfast together with Angel in Puchong in a dunno what name restaurant (cos I forget liao the name) on Monday morning prior to my departure back home to Penang.

Wu Kok(竽角).

Syiok woh eating this Har Kau (蝦餃) (cos ada big prawn hiding inside - playing hide & seek inside the har kau)

Siew Mai (燒賣). I noticed Kuchingites call this as Sio Bi :) Har Kau & Siew Mai are close siblings (are they unidentical twins?? might be). U cannot order one without the other.. or else u will feel something missing ;)

Fish Ball. Frankly speaking, I rather eat fish balls than watching football during World Cup Season :P

Tak nau ini panggil apa.. Don't care lah, Hampalang Sapu :)

Another dunno what name dimsum. Notice the fei ha with the butt jerking outside?

Breakfast for the day, together with a pot of Chinese tea. Didn't order Lormaikai/糯米雞 cos this one manyak filling. If I ate the whole lormaikai, I won't be able to savour the other dimsum liao..

Angel, DYK I didn't eat lunch that day after the dimsum breakie? Cos I didn't feel hungry.. (I guess over makan @ Sunday night which contribute little bit bit kua).


Pink Cotton said...

im back im back!!!


wahhh looks so nice wo!!! better than my mee in a cup breakfast lo...hmmm :P

Pink Cotton said...

btw chen...kl food is quite good wo!!!im glad i took ur advice to eat eat instead of shopping nya..wahaha

i like all of them!!!
nyam nyam nyam :)

a^ben said...

sedap larh` i also want~

Chen said...

pink cotton,
welcome back pink cotton :D
*taking out red carpet*
or should i use pink carpet? lol

mee in cup breakfast also nice mah.. :P I like that too..

wasted mah if u go KL just for shopping only, must savour the nice yummy food too. No regrets, right? Glad u take my advice, kakakka...

now i feel like eating dim sum also :P

lynnx01 said...

So nice!! How much was the bill? A decent dim sum for a typical family here is around Rm50-100.. expensive larh.

Winn said...

wahhhhhhh i wan dimsum.....

looks so yummy i wan har kao........!

Winn said...

wahhhhhhh i wan dimsum.....

looks so yummy i wan har kao........!

Chen said...

the bill for the dimsum we took (as the one shown in the picture) & the drinks (chinese tea) is RM 19. Very reasonable loh..

next time u balik penang, we go dim sum together, okie? i feed u har kau, and u feed me siew mai.. LOL

Cynthia said...

ma ma mia!! Im going dim sum this saturday =) with Kian's boss. ekekekek

free thing is good thing? applicable ah? LOL

Red Sponge said...

WAH WAH....TSK TSK TSK..i just wan the har kao! MmMmMmMm

Chen said...

free things are good things? of course applicable lah.. hahaha.. I still remember up to today, this is your golden phrase :D

red sponge,
i like har kau too :P

next time u mari Penang, i bring u one dim sum place serving nice har kau :D
*culik pink cotton along too loh*

kat said...

Oohh..please recommend places for:
1. dim sum
2. pasembor
3. char kuey teow (wtih duck egg)
4. nasi kandar
5. hokkien mee (aka prawn mee in KL)
6. lobak
7. kueh kak (aka carrot cake)
8. ABC/cendol
9. chee cheong fun
10. nyonya food
11. hoh chien

hahaha...that's all I can think of now. If there are any other special food you'd like to recommend, by all means, pls do so!

I'd ask for a private email for this, but there may be readers who are interested in your list too! I'll just print out your reply and take with me!! Thanks, doc!

Simple American said...

Your dim sum looks very very very yummy.

Wu kok. *pengsan*

Har Kau. *pengsan*

Siew Mai. *pengsan*

may said...

ohhhh... dim sum!! always on top of my list for eats! can't get enough of those har kaus, my absolute favourite!

angel said...

whoaaa! nice liuliu pictures!!! esp. the fei har!!!
who want who want?? cum Puchong lor... :D

oh shucks! SA pengsan jor...

ei, i oso forgot the restaurant's name jor... *LOL*

plink said...

SA: Canadian skunk... *pengsan*

Mmm... dim sum. So sedap-looking!

It's true! Cannot order Sio Bi without Har Gao wan!

Is it just me or does nobody else like Foong Jau / Kei Khar (Hokkien)?

Yoohoo SA... *waveskunkwaveskunk*

Lrong said...

Mouth start to water leh... looks so good... am returning to bolehland on late august to attack the dimsum alreadeaaa...

Chen said...

haha, long list u have :)
I will answer u in details later tonight.

It tasted heavenly too..
don’t pengsan lah.. pengsan liao how to eat the dimsum :P
*wake up*

Plink suggested to use skunk to wake u up leh..

I guess I should go to attack the Har Kau again this coming weekend (in Penang loh) :P

Chen said...

the sinful fei har, but i like, haha.. aiyak, u also forget the restaurant name ah?
Really liuliu :P

Plink used skunk to wake up the pengsan-ed SA  brilliant idea leh..

Those two are unidentical twins hoh?
Cannot separate them :P LOL

Foong Jau/Kei Khar? I like tat, so does Ah Ben.. Will show u the Foong Jau we have inside Koay Chap soon :P
*heavenly sinful dish*

using skunk to wake up SA? Good idea woh..

late august? That’s very soon liao..
welcome back home :D and do attack all the local food

day-dreamer said...


I like har kau but don't like siew mai, so if har kau doesn't come with siew mai also never mind. Hahahaha!


carcar said...


Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

you are making me hungry...

Chen said...

aiyoh.. how can u separate the unidentical twins? Kejam lah u.. LOL
later the har kau cry then u know… kekeke

TQ TQ..but err.. carcar is shouting here (pointing up.. she is using all the capital letters) LOLOL Guess she gets too excited kua?

let’s go for dimsum when we meet up in the future. In Penang, right? Our next date :D

I made myself hungry as well.. looking back at the picture..
So we are sharing the same fate :P

L B said...

Waaaa, hou zheng your pics!!! Almost like works of art, and to think they're all in your tummy now, or maybe made a quick getaway a few hours later on... Waaaaa, come, come, refill!!!

Pink Cotton said...

*dozing off at work*


Anonymous said...


Chen said...

the food is even more zheng leh.. now i feel like eating the har kau again.. aiks... :(
i will go makan this coming weekend :P

the earlier har kau & dim sum ah...
mmmm.. now in no way land liao.. LOL

pink cotton,
tickle pink cotton..
lenglui, wake up lah..
don't zzZzzZzzz
not sked later boss fried u sotong meh? 'x'

psss... I finally know what is the meaning of 'x' liao, thanks to red sponge :P

i'm hungry too looking back at those pict.. aiks..

Simple American said...

Plinksan needs a spanky maybe. Skunk make me pengsan again.

kat said...

Oh well, doc. Looks like I won't be able to try out your recommendations. Will be leaving for Penang in about 4 hours. Just follow my nose, I guess! :D Taa..

Chen said...

skunk really that smelly ah?
I have no experience though.. (never see a skunk in real life yet :P )

aiks.. u left to Penang liao ah? I thought u r leaving tonight or tomorrow. Hope u enjoy yourself in this little Pearl of the Orient :) There are nice & yummy food everywhere around the corner :)

day-dreamer said...

LOL! I would like to see the har kau cry... :P

How can call them "identical twins"?? They don't even look the same!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Sampai hati u see the har kau cry..

aiyak.. I guess u get too excited liao.. I write there "unidentical" twin leh, not identical twin :P

Red Sponge said...

wah wanna play game again ah?

Chen said...

red sponge,
play game?
I want..
wanna play wat game ah?
batu seremban ah?
the simplest yet nice to play game.. during my primary school time loh..

dino said...

i like dim sum....

Chen said...

Ipoh has nice dim sum too... :P
and their chee cheong fun..

dino said...

chen, come to ipoh lah... hehehe..
then, we can go fot dim sum n chee cheong fan hunting...

Chen said...

Hehhee, now I'm lazy to travel around :P Although Ipoh is not far away though.. but there will always be next time though ;)