Friday, August 11, 2006

Kueh Chap (粿汁) Lunch

This is what I had for lunch last Saturday.. Kueh Chap (粿汁) together with Ben Siu.

Ben Siu got pretty excited cos of the Foong Jau/Kay Khar/鳳爪 or Phoenix Claws or u can call it as Chicken Feet if u like :P (This is one of his favourites leh... Shhhhh... Ben Siu likes kaki ayam).

The sinful Phoenix Claws staring at u but being chopped into smaller pieces ( Does this picture reminds "someone" of the amputated foot? LOL... Scary or not?) Ben had a different version of kueh chap - together with rice.

Mine.. The original version. ;) Flat rice noodles served in dark coloured herbal soup together with pork (lean meat and fatty fei chu yuk) and innards (intestines,stomach etc), pig skin, tauhu pok and hard boiled egg. Sinful yet delish :P

Lama tak minum ini liao - Aloe Vera Drink. Tasted like Wheat Grass though..


Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

chup....yummy,,,saliva dripping

Selba said...

cute A^ben :)

Aloe vera.... used to make it at home....

so yummy...

plink said...

Yummy Foong Jau / Kay Khar and Fei chu yuk!

So many things to try, so many places to go!

Chen said...

u like foong jau & fei choo yuk as well? ;) This is not the end yet, hahha.. Many more to come :)

I used to have lotsa Aloe Vera plants in my old house more than 15 years ago. I can't remember how many pots we had.. Definitely more than 5. Initially we don't know the plant can be eaten :D

kekkekke.. there are lotsa foong jau lovers here ;) There was one old chinese sayings --> after eating the foong jau, one can run faster, LOL

so many things to try,
so many nice dishes to savour,
so many interesting places to visit,
and yet so little time..


zeroimpact said...

Yum yum yum

lynnx01 said...

I miss eating kueh chap! Nowadays seldom can find nice keuh chap in Miri. Everything we go to 88, I have to contemplate.. kueh chap or laksa. Usually end up with laksa lor... ahah.

may said...

this time, I'm not distracted by the food photos... I'm very taken by Ben's dimple!! so so cute!! ;-)

sengkor said...

wah, the porky noodles looks so delicious.. especially the intestines!!

Chen said...

boiboi wants to eat as well? :D

hahha.. seems like u like Sarawak laksa a lot. Psss.. I prefer Penang Assam Laksa than Sarawak Laksa leh.. ;)

Ah Ben hear u say this sure he cannot sleep liao tonight.. hahaha...

and the good thing is... the intestine is cleannnnn... Not like some other stalls, the intestines are not cleaned properly :D

Red Sponge said...

doc, how can u say amputated foot = chicken claw??? How ben siu going to eat chicken claw next time? and wat about me? ;p

day-dreamer said...


Ooooh... I like kueh chap, damn nice. Long time no eat liao...

*stomach growling*

*must control drooling, if not doctor catch me go into hospital and put on drip*

Chen said...

red sponge,
aiyak.. can one..
I can eat, sure u both can eat also..
kekkeke... tomorrow u will forget about it liao :P

So scary meh the amputated foot?

day dreamer,
I know u miss your Ipoh taufu fah as well :D

aiyak, drooling only mah.. no need so big deal to set branula & put drip on u. U can still drink mah to replace the fluid loss. Hahhah.. Unless u can't tolerate orally then only i cucuk u :D

plink said...

o.O CUCUK!?!?!

No need Foong jau, show people needle already run faster....

*pinch AhBen mya cheeks*

a^ben said...

ai si ah! my muka big big like that~!!! paiseh~

*looks @ may's comment`* *fainted~~~`*


aiyok! muka kena pinch! T.T

AceOne said...

WUAH... that face looked so familiar wan hor..where i have seen it!!Hmmm..


Cocka Doodle said...

Waah...Ben Siu got dimple! That one use the steel spoon to poke wan ah? LOL

Pink Cotton said...

eeeeeeeee PP ben's face... 'x'



plink said...

Wakaka..! Padan muka a^ben....

Seelar, you so lengjai AhMay also terpesona already....

Psst... pinch gently oni. Sked after rosak your face then AhMay not distracted then how?

chen: See? One wrong photo can cause so much trouble! =D

pink cotton: You've seen amputated feet before? Eeks!

Simple American said...

I love Phoenix claws. I love flat noodles.

I must get to Malaysia. Yesterday. :(

Chen said...

show needle different effect mah..
but somethings hoh, certain people yao semm mou let or wu xim, boh lat want to run fast but unable to do so moh.. :P

don't pinch ah ben's face so hard wo.. nanti orang sakit hati

do free advertisement for u loh..
u say can put up any pict mah that day except that 3 special priceless picture. :P

See? now so many people adore your cutie face and so many people want to pinch pinch u..
*painful or not your cheek after being pinched?* :P

wah.. u see him before? might be when he was in KL last month?

Chen said...

ben siu has dimple,
carcar also has dimple
who else has dimple ah?

steel spoon to poke?
wah.. painful

talking abt spoon suddenly reminds me of spooning LOL

pink cotton,
wat is PP ah? 'x'

The amputated foot the surgeon also amputated it that way hoh? similar right? :P

Chen said...

yeah yeah.. must pinch gently..
cannot pinch too hard.. (cos painful mah)

but... if u want to pinch hard also never mind, kakka.. as long as u r not pinching me LOLOL (but pinch his other cheek - the one without dimple one loh.. so that the side with dimple is still well preserved :P )

the photo is good mah.. kakkaa..

I showed pink cotton amputated foot on my pda earlier on loh.. and she was indeed very interested with that picture.. hhahha.. very deep impression, till now also she can remember :P

Come lah to Malaysia :)
U can eat all the delicious yummy food here :P

But er... what is that yesterday?

Pink Cotton said...

chen chen...PP means PHIK PHIAK!

it was in red sponge's post le..eng eng so fast forget already 'x'

Winn said...

i tried this before. nice. hardly find this in kl tho

Red Sponge said...

hahaha...erm I watched TV last night, and saw this taiwan artist - 林志颖...hmmm somehow this ben siu's face abit look like him...mayb the mouth...hmm dunno which part...smiles...hmmm~ khik! just when i look at the artist, ben siu's face suddenly came across...wah...sound scary! lol!!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
aiyak, she didn't write the abbreviation PP over there lah.. she just write "PHIK PHIAK", mana I tau woh.. kakkaka...

but the most striking one is still 'x' & that "kuali over head" icon, kakkakak..

can I PP pink cotton? 'x'

hard to find in Penang too.. AFAIK, there are two stalls selling this in Penang :)

red sponge,
fulamak, now ah Ben becomes 林志颖 liao? u will made him floats high high leh tonight.. LOLOL

13th Panda said...

EEEEK! kaki ayam!

Chen said...

13th panda,
Hahhaha, u dislike kaki ayam? :P

Anonymous said...

I love kuey chap!

dino said...

me now so hungry...

Chen said...

hi kueh chap lover ;)
Some people are turn off by the innards, but who cares :P

time for tea or early dinner?