Friday, September 08, 2006

Sotong again...

Pink Cotton baru saja asked me whether I posted any new post today... I malas nak tulis, so I pergi post one photo of the nasi lemak with sotong sambal, anchovy and brinjal I had two days ago.. Since Red Sponge asked me yesterday night "U dowan sotong anymore?". This is the evidence that I still love Sotong, and I won't give up on Sotong, hahahah.. Sotong Rocks & Sotong Rules ;)

Any nasi lemak lover here?

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L B said...

Quick Quick CHUPPING the Sotong!! Blur or not blur, dun care!!

Pink Cotton said...


this LB rebut my first place..LOL

nvm..2nd pun jadi lar ;p

OH I LOVE NASI colleague sitting next to me every morning bring nasi lemak to very torturing for me this dieter...whoops 'x'

Pink Cotton said...

hmmm sotong rules hoh???

must think of new sotong place to bring u when u come to kuching again..MUAHAHAHA

Chen said...

nowadays sotong no longer blur..
they are very alert :D
cos they drink chicken essence, hahaha

pink cotton,
cos u busy picking up the fallen teeth mah earlier on.. :P

wah.. every morning eat nasi lemak? nanti kolesterol shoot high high :P
err.. pink cotton on diet ah???
u so thin liao still wanna go diet?

Sotong Rocks & Sotong Rules has a story behind it one.. Aiseh, no need to bring me to sotong places lah, any places will do, green coloured kolo mee will do also, hahahha :D

mistipurple said...


mistipurple said...

i go find food after looking at your sotong. eating porridge now, but chupped earlier! heh.

Chen said...

eat bubur sotong !! I guess sotong porridge is tasty, right? Don't forget to share one bowl with me :D

carcar said...

wah i like Sotong Rocks and Sotong Rules!

long time no sotong chat already.. remember last time our sotong vocab is so sotongful! sot sot sot...

i love nasi lemak, last night one of my coursemate brought me to a famous nasi lemak stall, who knows they will only operate at 9pm, we were there like 730pm :(

if not, i think im gonna blog about nasi lemak, instead of xiao long bao :P

Chen said...

yeah, still remember our motto "Sotong Rocks, Sotong Rules & Sotong Relax"?

Yeah loh, long time no Sotong Chat liao, I still remember our great sotong idea regarding the "Sotong Mind Thinks Alike", hahhahaha.. And all the Sot Sot vocab, and not forgetting the Sotong hug - hugging with all the spreading tentacles :)

I haven't xiao long bao for ages liao.. Time to have some soon :)

_butt said...

me! me! wah.. loyal fan of sotong eh? :P

zeroimpact said...

Aik, then the sotong t shirt must appear again LOL
I like nasi lemak, but I like the other brown sotong
Yum yum yum, last time I had nasi lemak for breakfast everyday for like a year...

mistipurple said...

hahaha what else is new? food glorious food! do you know it is very difficult to find nice fresh sotong to eat here? if have, they are very expensive. the indian rojak man can charge up to S$5 for a fat sotong!

may said...

errr... somehow, I'm more drawn to that brinjal that the sotongs leh. nasi lemak ok lah, all that really matters is how good the sambal is, and how crunchy the anchovies are!

plink said...


I like sambal sotong!

Oh yar, nasi lemak also good wan. :)

Cynthia said...

any sotong will do for me =)

kat said...

Yummm..sotong katak, issit, this type of sotong?? I also like the brown sotong sambal. Aiseh..tomorrow have to go look for nasi lemak! ^-^

Chen said...

Now I recalled the Sotong Club, and I had recruited u as one of the Sotong member in the past too, right? hahhaha... and Zeroimpact even suggested sponsoring us the Sotong club membership t shirt.

yeah yeah, the sotong t shirt :D
I remember u mentioned sponsoring every Sotong Club member one t shirt woh.. the offer still valid, right? :D

Oh, u prefer the brown cuttlefish. The one who always appear in Sotong Kangkung or fruit rojak or pasembur, or grilled sotong :D

cos We live to eat, NOT eat to live, hahhaha.. I saw lotsa fat cuttlefish hanging in the pasembur stalls in Penang, but never bother to ask the price :P I guess it won't be cheap too, but definitely not as pricey as in Singapore :)

Chen said...

I love sambal brinjal too. I just had brinjal yesterday night, but not the sambal brinjal. Slurp at the crunchy mouth watering anchovies and the crunchy kacang.

We have lotsa sotong and nasi lemak lover here :D The Sotong Club is alive again !!

goodie goodie, I like the seasoned, spicy baked sotong snacks. Mouth watering snacks :)

aiyak, I'm not good in identifying the different species of sotong, I dunno whether this is Sotong Katak or not. As long as it is edible :D

Nasi lemak always remain top on the list (besides roti canai) as Malaysians' breakfast :)

mistipurple said...

if like the brinjal cooked like dat, can try the maggi instant small packet mix. got brinjals picture on packet. very nice. easy to cook. just pour mix!
(paiseh i always mention maggi instant packs.)

zeroimpact said...

Yah... that one with nasi lemak... is just so nice...
Now I want nasi lemak, makcik don't go... I want my nasi lemak... makcik...
*runs after makcik*

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

sigh, now i wanna eat sambal sotong...I wonder where to find..

Chen said...

pour & mix.. heehehe, bagus, no hassle of getting or buying or preparing this & that raw ingredients, saya suka :P I will search for that next time I go shopping for groceries :)

makcik? I hope u r calling the makcik who is selling nasi lemak instead of refering to me, hahhahhaha...

hard to find all those foodstuffs in Canada :( too bad i can't DHL to u

ah nel said...

u more than more look like sotong... ;)

zeroimpact said...

Could not catch the nasi lemak makcik :(
But then bought from another pakcik nasi lemak
Yum yum yum
Or doc do nasi lemak for me la... exta anchovies, no sambal, lebih sotong dan kuah, telur setengah

ah nel said...

hehe...previous comment

u more eat it than will more look like sotong...

_butt said...

yeah, yeah.. now that u mention it, I remembered!!

having said that, I still haven't got my Sotong club membership t shirt wor.. the club still active ka? *lol*

Chen said...

ah nel,
apa lu cakap? i sik faham..

as long as u get to eat nasi lemak can liao.. regardless from makcik or pakcik :D

I dunno how to cook nasi lemak leh.. I will buy some for u instead :P

ah nel,
wah.. lagi blur lepas baca ni..
u mean eat more sotong will become like sotong ah? :D

the club is in hiatus status for a while.. but we will soon reactivate it :D I guess zeroimpact is still busy printing the T shirt, cos high demand mah :D

ah nel said...

yeah....thats wat i mean...LOL

soli gua BTC so england no good... ;P

nyonyapenang said...

adoi, soooo pedas the nasi lemak. see oni, tummy pun rasa pedas ledi. ;)

Chen said...

ah nel,
Mmmm.. if that is the case, I guess than, after eating so much steamed peanuts, then u r now nuts??? hahhaa, just kidding lah :D

I like hot & spicy food.
The more pedas, the better.
No pedas, no syiok :D

Joycelyn said...

wah,sotong also drink chicken essence huh??heheheee.....
I love nasi lemak,with sambal brinjal n petai,telur goreng mata kerbau,fried chicken,sambal sotong, rendang beef,what else r?cant think of it liow,my mind full of nasik lemak now....hahahha..

Chen said...

those are the modern sotongs :D

wah... so much side dishes for the nasi lemak :D

Red Sponge said...

i love brinjal

ah nel said...

i owes nuts so need more steamed peanuts made me more nuts...LOL

Chen said...

red sponge,
brinjal is nice hoh..
-steamed brinjal
-sambal brinjal
-fried brinjal
-curry brinjal
-brinjal with soy sauce etc
semua pun saya suka :D

ah nel,
but u didnt eat steamed peanut yesterday night :P

Mr. Goober said...

i used to eat those with my babysitters!!!!

big, fat, juicy sotong with stuffings inside..:P~~~~~~~~~~~~

i' it!!

Chen said...

mr goober,
used to eat those with your babysitters ?? hah? u started eating sotong when u r still a little boy?
u really started since small :D

yeah, perhaps.. sotong for.. dinner, tonight? ;)

ah nel said...

i lazy to go jln song thre tapao coz i was at fartfair in

Chen said...

ah nel,
no other places in Kuching selling steamed peanut? or u only prefer eating that stall's steamed peanut? :D

ah nel said...

got other place selling but after eat tat stall i wil be happy mar???lol

at Expert oso got 1 ahpek selling but i owes go Sin Wan thre buy wit the taukenio even i sit at Expert...the ahpek mia not nice a bit cold the peanut...

dino said...

yer... sotong... i like sotong...
have to look for sotong nasi lemak for lunch liao...

Chen said...

ah nel,
I remember the ah pek selling the steamed peanut in Expert Foodcourt. Passed by there few times :D

nasi lemak with big fat juicy sotong stuffed with sambal.. slurp

Simple American said...

Sotong rules.

Sotong makes me drool.

Though not as much as you, L B and my son. haha

Chen said...

haha, your junior loves sotong too?
I like other seafood as well – crabs, prawns, cockles, stingrays blab la bla :P